"If you say they did, then I believe it, but my past experience at strip clubs makes it a hard sell. Men holler and say all sort so things to the women. They want them to shake their tits and asses and who knows what else."

"Exactly why are you so angry at me, at all of us?" questioned Jan.

"Now that I think about it, I'd say that your lack of trust in us is a big problem as well as the sneaking around you did because you thought we had lied to you. Showing the world your bits and pieces is a bit disturbing, too," admitted Drew.

"I hate to say this, but I agree with Drew," stated Betty. "We owe these guys a huge apology for not trusting them, thinking they lied to us and for that half-baked idea for revenge. We were wrong."

"We were wrong. We never should have embarrassed or humiliated you men. We love our husbands," declared Heather as she wiped away her tears. "Our stripping will cause a lot of embarrassment at work and with our friends."

"It may not be that bad," reasoned Tom as he realized how concerned Heather was. "Godfrey may not show those pictures and videos to everyone. The guys at my work don't even know Godfrey."

"Tom's right," agreed Bill. "No one where I work or where Betty works has anything to do with that damn Godfrey. We may be making too much out of this situation."

"Tom, I'm so sorry, but a few of the men you work with were at Pussy Galore last night," confessed Heather nervously.

Before Tom could formulate a response, Betty spoke. "A couple of the men from our work were there, Bill. One guy even squeezed my left boob. He's the one who runs the forklift. Since we both work at the same place, we'll be the subject of all kinds of nasty comments. This is not going away. All our friends and family will know about it before long."

"I just saw where Godfrey Fucking Jenkins posted some of the milder stuff on YouTube," added Drew. "He edited out your nipples, but not your faces. That dickhead is going down!"

Tom and Bill were both still struggling with the revelations of their wives. Some men they knew quite well had seen their wives strip at amateur night. Bill and Betty worked for the same company. Everyone there had probably heard about it already. He dreaded going to work Monday.

"There were signs stating no taking pictures or videos. He wasn't allowed to do that," complained Betty.

"Here's a news flash for all three of you. In this day and age, you can bet any time your tits are out in a less than private setting, there's going to be pictures taken. There are a few people out there who do not follow rules, or laws, if you can imagine," stated Drew sarcastically.

"Are you going to divorce me, Tom?" asked Heather softly.

Tom looked into his wife's sad eyes and realized he loved her more than he thought possible. He was upset, but the woman standing in front of him was everything he had ever hoped for and probably more than he deserved.

"No, I love you way too much," admitted Tom as Heather embraced him in a tight hug.

Bill knew that Betty was wondering the same thing as Heather. He also knew that if Tom could forgive Heather, he had no options. He loved his wife and couldn't imagine life without her. He held out his arms to her.

"Oh, Bill! I love you so much. I'm sorry about this mess and I'll do everything I can to make it up to you," promised Betty as she hugged her husband.

"Do you really think I'm a whore, Drew? If that's the case, I'll file for divorce next week. I can't live with a man who thinks so little of me," stated Jan as she stared at her husband.

"Aw, Jan. You know I was mad. I never thought you were a whore and I'm sorry for saying that in the heat of the moment. Will you forgive me?" asked a contrite Drew.

Jan smiled and hugged her husband as Heather voiced what the others were thinking. "I don't know how you do it, Jan. Your husband came home furious because Godfrey Fucking Jenkins sent him videos of you topless and then posted them on the internet. Drew just apologized to you for being so angry about it. You're amazing."

"What's amazing is how much we love each other," responded Jan as she remained in her husband's embrace. "Deep down, he knows I'd never betray him. I made a serious mistake. I admit that, but I love this guy and I know he loves me. I'll show him how sorry I am tonight and for some time to come. He'll be getting a lot of makeup sex to help take the sting out of my stupidity."

The next weekend found the six friends sharing dinner at Bill and Betty's house. Once the meal was finished, the main topic of conversation was the reaction to the previous weekend's antics.

"Work has been a bit tense," admitted Betty. "Surprisingly, it's mostly the other women who make snide remarks. The men have been treating me very well, although I have been avoiding that jackass who runs the forklift.

"Since Betty and I work for the same company, I've been able to see the reaction from a different perspective than Betty's. Some of the female employees are asking how Betty found the nerve to strip and how I became so secure with my marriage to allow it. The one guy who was at Pussy Galore and didn't squeeze Betty's tit was very complimentary about the girls' performances and their physical attributes. The fork lift guy fell of the loading dock a little while later and badly twisted his ankle."

"One of the girls had to deliver something to the warehouse and saw Bill talking to the guy a minute or two before the guy fell," revealed Betty with a grin. "I don't think he'll be disrespecting me again, at least as long as I have Bill."

"Six of the guys I work with were at Pussy Galore the night the girls danced," revealed Tom. "They've been telling me what a lucky guy I am and asking if Jan and Betty are married. There have been a few nasty comments but, it's been far better than I expected.

"One asshole, Zane Dunlap, announced he'd pay good money to see my wife's tits," Tom told the group. "We were in the break room, along with four or five other guys. I felt like smacking him in the mouth."

"Did you let him get away with it?" asked Drew. "The guys I work with know what would happen if they talked about Jan like that."

"I had been reading a flyer on the bulletin board before the other guys came in. You know we manufacture modular homes and have about forty men working at any given time. One of the guys at work, Ralph Lassiter, was hit by a drunk driver while taking his six year old daughter to school. The kid's in the hospital with some broken ribs and a concussion. The guy's wife is fighting breast cancer. He had been working two jobs to try to pay the bills, but suffered a broken arm in the accident."

"That's awful. He's sure having a terrible time," offered Heather. "I met him and his wife at the company picnic last summer. They're a nice young family."

"The flyer was a plea for donations and financial help of any kind. They bought a small starter home two years ago and he's behind on his mortgage. It looks like he may lose it," explained Tom.

"That's a tragic story, but what does it have to do with that asshole offering to pay good money to see Heather's boobs?" asked a confused Drew.

"It got me thinking about a fund raiser for Ralph," stated Tom. "This asshole is willing to pay good money to see my wife strip again. I bet there are a lot of guys who think the same way."

"No shit," retorted Drew. "I'm one of them."

"Since we have such sexy wives who apparently like showing off the goods, I was thinking they could indulge their exhibitionist tendencies for a good cause."

"Are you out of your mind?" demanded Drew. "The last time they did that it almost caused three divorces!"

"We discussed why it was such an issue. They did it because they thought we were lying to them, so they made a really dumb attempt for some kind of revenge," replied Tom calmly. "This would be with our knowledge and encouragement, as well as for a very good cause."

"Just a minute," objected Bill. "I'm all for helping out a family down on their luck, but Betty isn't some professional stripper. She's a housewife and mother. She's not showing her breasts to strangers again."

"I think the fact that our wives are housewives and mothers but not strippers, would cause more people to cough up some money to see them," reasoned Tom.

"Do you guys really believe these intelligent college educated women were just uncommonly stupid when they stripped at Pussy Galore that night?" asked Tom.

"If it wasn't stupidity, or insanity, what was it," challenged Bill.

"It was three gorgeous women making up for the excitement they missed in college," offered Tom. "These girls were self conscious and felt unattractive ten years ago. They've spent considerable time and effort to become more attractive, confident and sexy. I'm not sure if even they realize exactly what motivated them the other night, but I don't believe it was anger or revenge. Their husbands going to a strip club isn't something that would make them crazy with anger or feel the need for revenge."

"I see why you might think like that," admitted Drew as he looked at his wife. "These ladies have been very quiet about Tom's suggestion. I didn't hear a lot of protestations. Do you ladies want to do this strip idea of Tom's? No bullshit. Just tell me what you're thinking."

"If Tom wants me to do it, I will," revealed Heather to the surprise of the others. "I have to admit what a rush it was when we performed and how alive it made me feel. Men never thought I looked very good back in college. I was dumpy and never dated. I wasn't even asked.

"I love Tom even more for suggesting I could help raise money like that. My husband thinks I have what it takes. It makes me proud. I'm not just a wife and mom. I'm a woman in my prime and I'm embracing it."

"I'd do it, if Bill told me he was okay with it," added Betty. "My marriage means more to me than the excitement of performing like that. I realized that when I was so worried about Bill divorcing me after the last fiasco."

"I feel the same way," allowed Jan. "It was an amazing experience, but I'll never risk losing Drew and having a broken family. I don't think Drew will go along with it, but I'll be there cheering you girls on if you do it."

"Are you going to let Betty do this?" asked Drew of Bill.

"It isn't a matter of letting Betty do something," corrected Bill. "We have to agree on big things, but I don't tell her what to do or not do. I'm quite surprised that she'd be willing to do this, but I guess I shouldn't be. Tom made a great observation. These women aren't stupid or vindictive. Deep down, they wanted the experience, the appreciation of their beauty and bodies. I'll go along with Betty on this, but I worry about the fallout. We're still dealing with the problems created last time."

"That's the beauty of my plan," countered Tom. "I told Dunlap I was trying to talk Heather into performing again in a fund raiser. If I was successful, he's get to put his money down, just like everybody else."

"I seem to be missing the so-called beauty in that plan," admitted Drew. "How in hell would that be a good thing?"

"We've all been hearing about how we don't keep a close enough eye on our wives. People assume we didn't approve of their impromptu performance because we weren't there. It's a reasonable assumption," admitted Tom.

"I'm telling these guys at work that I'm trying to talk Heather into stripping again. That gives the strong impression that I approved of her first night on stage," explained Tom. "Now they guys think I'm proud of my wife's looks and body. The truth is; I am."

"Oh, Tom! You're the best husband ever!" declared Heather as she once again hugged her husband.

"You two guys are going to go along with Betty and Heather stripping as a fund raiser? I can't let Jan do it, but I'll be there to cheer your wives on," promised Drew.

"That's damn magnanimous of you, Drew," stated Jan with more than a little sarcasm. "You'll stop me from showing my boobs, but you're willing to go stare at Betty and Heather's hooters? Are you against women bearing their breasts for a good cause, or not?"

"I'm certainly not against seeing Betty and Heather topless," replied Drew. "I just don't want anyone to see your ti... breasts. That seems pretty normal to me."

"It sure does seem normal for you," quipped Jan as she shook her head and quickly left the room.

"What the hell did I say that was so terrible?" demanded Drew to those remaining.

"I'll stop at Pussy Galore and see if they're willing to allow a fund raiser at their facility," stated Tom as he ignored Drew's stance on the matter. "I think Heather and I will start the donation pot out with a thousand dollar donation. Ralph's a good man and he's really having problems. He needs friends to step up and help.

"If Pussy Galore goes along with it, I'll make up some posters to advertise the event. I think I'll let it be known that we're looking for more volunteers to perform to take some of the load off Heather and Betty."

"That's a great idea," agreed Heather. "Betty and I would be a lot more comfortable if there were some other women performing. Maybe men won't be staring at our chests quite as much."

"I hate to disappoint you, but men are going to taking long looks at you both, or all four of you, depending on how you look at it," declared Bill. "You two are sexy as hell and men are going to really like what they see."

"Bill! You say the sweetest things," stated Betty as she hugged her husband tightly.

Tom was pleased with the reception Jack Diamond, the owner of Pussy Galore, gave his idea. "I remember those women. They all had nice tits and the crowd was quite appreciative, as I recall. I'll give you Friday night, four weeks from tomorrow. Every penny we take in will go to the fund raiser. I'll give my girls the night off, so you'd better find enough women to fill the dance card."

Tom, with enthusiastic help from Heather, began making posters to place around town. They created a Facebook group dedicated to the event with the knowledge that information always spreads fast on the internet.

Tom was leaving the break room three days after placing two posters on the bulletin boards at work when he was stopped by a woman who worked in the office.

"Tom, are you the one who posted those flyers about a fund raiser at Pussy Galore?" asked the woman without any preamble.

"I have permission from the owners," countered Tom as he prepared himself for a verbal assault from woman. "Let me guess, you don't think women should objectified."

"That's true," replied the woman immediately. "However, a tasteful striptease for a good cause isn't my idea of objectification. I know Ralph from work and I met his wife at the company picnic. They don't deserve the problems they're having. I'd like to sign up to perform."

"You would? That's great. You're very attractive. I'm going to be posting names of the ladies performing on our Facebook group. Is it okay if I tell people you're on the list?" asked Tom.

"Sure, you need to get as many people to attend as possible. Do I just tell you I want to perform, or do you have to see my boobs to be sure I'm suitable?"

"God, no!" responded Tom quickly. "I'm sure you're more than suitable. I'm not doing this to get women to show me their breasts, although on some level, the idea is very appealing."

"That was exactly the right answer," replied the woman. "When I told Mr. Barnes I was going to ask you if I could perform, he told me to get my impression of how you're doing this. He made it clear that if it was some sort of questionable or demeaning situation, he'd shut it down in a heartbeat."

"The boss said that? I hope you'll report back that this is a serious fund raiser, even if it's an adult themed event," added Tom.

"I'll do exactly that. By the way, do you think I'll help draw in more donations?" asked the attractive blonde woman.

"Are you kidding? The guys on the floor will give a week's pay to see you on stage," assured Tom as the blonde beamed.

"It's funny how this is working," stated Tom to his friends when they gathered at Bill's house the following weekend. "We started with Betty and Heather. It took a few days, but a couple more ladies signed up. Now I've been getting quite a few calls from women. They ask a lot of questions. The main one is if Heather will be showing her nips and will they be expected to do the same."

"What do you tell them?" asked Betty with interest.

"I tell them it's a strip club. Heather will be wearing a g-string and that's all, at least by the end of her performance. I don't think the people donating money to see the show are going to want to be teased. I explain to them how I think it would be best if they skipped the whole thing if they are too shy to let it all hang out."

"How do the women react to that," asked Bill.

"I think it relieves them. It gives them a reason to skip the whole thing, but two surprised me. They called back and told me to sign them up," revealed Tom. "I'm starting to see a trend here. Good looking women, often married, like to reinforce that they still appeal to the opposite sex. Some just want a good excuse to strut their stuff."

"You don't think all women want to strip if given the excuse, do you?" asked Drew. "I find that hard to believe."

"No, not all women, but more than I would have guessed a month or two ago," replied Tom. "Many don't, while others would like to but their significant others aren't comfortable with it."

"How come you're so supportive of Heather doing this?" questioned Jan as she glared at Drew.

"When I found out that she stripped that night we guys went fishing, I began to see her in a different light. I had been simply thinking of her as my wife and the mother of my kids, but not as the attractive sexy woman she is. I may be strange, but knowing other men so obviously approve of Heather's face and body makes me proud as hell. I'm not the kind of guy who'd like to see her with another man, but I do enjoy that my wife is seen as a sexy desirable woman. It adds to my tremendous appreciation of her many finer points."

"The whole world will see those fine points pretty soon," quipped Betty. "Heather really is beautiful. By the way, Bill and I have decided to donate a thousand to the fund raiser, too. We want to help that family, but we also want to be able to say Heather and I had the drawing power to make the event a success."

"I almost forgot to mention that I'm telling all the ladies taking part in the evening they'll be expected to spend at least fifteen minutes mingling with our donors after they perform, and they'll be doing it in the outfit they wore when they ended their performance," announced Tom. "You said you had to do that at your debut, and I thought it had some merit."

"You're telling them they'll be talking to people in nothing but a thong or something?" marveled Bill. "They're going along with it?"

"So far, although they all insisted they will have a male friend or husband with them, just to keep things from getting out of hand," answered Tom.

"Or getting my things in their hands," responded Betty immediately. "Bill, you need to stay by my side in case that asshole tries to fondle the girls again."

"It would be my honor," responded Bill as he wagged his eyebrows several times.

The night finally came for the fundraiser at Pussy Galore. Bill and Tom had arrived before the scheduled performances to be sure everything was as it should be. As they spoke to Jack Diamond, two topless women approached them.

"You're the guys in charge of this amateur stripper fund raiser, right?" asked a young woman who Tom thought couldn't be more than twenty.

"I guess we are," replied Tom. "We came early to be sure everything was ready. Jack told us he was giving the girls who work here the night off. We'll start our show around seven. Jack's clearing the place out before then. Anyone coming in after that will be asked to donate a hundred dollars. It'll be like a cover charge, but for a very good cause."











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