"Deidra, you still look damn sexy. Remember that quickie at the conference?"

"I remember."

"It's been awhile... I really need it."

"Need what?"

"You know, some nook-nook. Can I see your tits? Can I touch your...?"

"No! FUCKING NO! I'm married! And don't make me slap you."

"You were married last time—and you loved it!" Brock pushed his hand under my skirt, shoving his finger in me. I was stunned and couldn't move as his naughty finger probed my pussy, and his boner lump pressed against my thigh.

After a minute, I slapped his face off, straightened my panties, and stormed out of the classroom.


Later that night, sleeping next to my snoring, boring husband... I couldn't stop thinking about Brock's naughty finger and throbbing lump. My pussy burned. It'd been months since my husband touched me.

The next day I caught Brock in the teacher's lounge.

"Okay Brock, let's go."

He looked up, dropping his coffee. "Ha, you're joking."

"I'm not joking. Let's go to the nook-nook room, like we used to."

Inside the storeroom, Brock unzipped, releasing a very large boner. "Gosh Brock, it's even bigger than before!"

Brock ripped off my clothes, and moved his huge cock to my wet, quivering pussy. His big hands gripped my tits and pushed into me. I was surprised to feel my pussy getting stretched. It'd been too long.

We both held our breath as our bodies merged. It felt so good when humped into me. Oh yes! Soon I was drowning in fuck-lust!

His pumping prick ripped my pussy walls and tried to think of my husband, Andrew, but I couldn't. All I felt was feral pleasure, Brock's stiff prick grinding deep into my pussy. I used to call him Brock the Brick...and he was.

Brock sucked my tits, and I felt his prick swelling. I coaxed it on, tugging with my pussy muscles. Just as I jolted in orgasm, he erupted too. Brock grunted loudly, and his body arched up.

I waited to feel him spew in my pussy. But he pulled out

A long white jet of cum flashed across my chest, another cum jet hit my face, and a third spurt landed in my hair. I watched more slimy cum ooze out of his prick, onto my nose.

"Dammit Brock, why did you splooge me? You know I have a fucking class in ten minutes."

"'A Fucking Class?' Really? Can I sign up?" He laughed and stroked his prick until he grunted and spewed again -- shooting cum across my forehead.

With a sheepish grin, Brock looked down at my goo-covered face. "Sorry, you're gonna be late."


That night we met at the beach and fucked in the backseat like horny teenagers. We screwed so hard the car rocked.

Then we ran along the deserted beach—two naked bodies in nature—running and laughing. I loved the sea air caressing my soft tits and hard nipples, and tickling my pussy lips.

It was all so erotic. Nakedness. The wind. The sea. The screwing. Brock laid me back in the surf.

We fucked, faster and faster. As Brock picked up speed, so did the waves. The waves splashed against us, and I laughed as they hit my pussy. The surf crashed higher, covering our bodies, making my nipples point up in the water like pink bobbers.

After the fuck Brock spooned me in the surf. "Deidra, I love fucking you. Want another one, sloppy and hard?"

I did. But first I had to get the sand out of my twat.


The next morning I woke up next to my husband, and felt guilty as sin. I called Brock to break up. "We need to talk about last night."

When I waked into his apartment Brock yelled, "SIT." So I dropped into a chair without a word. "Coffee, tea or me Deidra?" He started to unzip.

"No Brock. I only want to talk." He flashed a wicked grin, then buried his face under my skirt, nibbling my clitty through my panties. I squirmed. " Ohmygawd—stop that!"

His naughty mouth knew how to drive me crazy! Pulling my panties aside Brock licked and nibbled my clit until I had a crushing orgasm. "Oooh My Gawd!"

Brock's smiling face looked up through my trembling thighs. "You came here to break up, didn't you Deidra?"

I panted. "Ohhh...yes but... WOW! You make my twat burn like a forest fire. You horny bastard." He kissed my wet crotch. "Brock I need it. I need You. My illicit lover."

His hands clapped. "Say that again?"

"You heard me bastard. I want you lover. Let's fuck like porn stars!" I tore off my blouse and threw my wet panties in his face.

"Whoa Deidra."

Laughing I ran to the bedroom. Brock chased me, struggling to get out of his clothes. I jumped on the bed, laughing. Two seconds later he was nude, with a brick erection.

I giggled at his eagerness.

"Oh yes, big boy!" I grabbed his prick. "Give it to me big boy." I spread my legs and he whistled, looking down at my naked body.

"Admire me later. It's time to screw!"

"Deidra, I can't believe how lucky I am."

"Yes, cum here you lucky prick." I kissed and sucked his balls. Brock moaned as I kissed up his shaft, engulfing his cockhead in my mouth. He moaned, slumping at the knees.

After the suck he jumped in the bed. I moved into a sixty-nine position and Brock kissed my dripping pussy. I squealed when he dug his tongue in, lapping at me like a dog.

I almost forgot about the throbbing prick in front of my face. It twitched, and I sucked it again. We sucked and licked each other like hungry animals, and I orgasmed hard, grinding my spasming cunt into Brock's face.

I sucked Brock faster, eager for his prick to spurt out a mouthful of cum.

But Brock growled like an animal and pushed me down, gnawing my lips and tits. My skin tingled as his wild hands groped my body. His stiff prick rubbed along my thigh, arousing my fuck urges.

I spread as wide as I could for the man. Brock guiding his stiffy to my hot cunt. His cockhead rubbed slowly along my trembling crack.

"Hurry up dammit. Screw me!"

Brock grunted. And in one swift motion, he was inside my hole. We were one, in fuck heaven. Wrapping my legs around Brock, I pulled him inside me. Twisting my hips I screwed my pussy onto his pole.

My body yearned for a break-the-bed pounding. Brock reared back and punched into me, twisting his big dick around, penetrating every secret place in my pussy.

With a guttural scream, my head flew back and I orgasmed again. My body trembling as the waves of electric passion ran up and down my spine, until I collapsed.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Brock staring at me. "That was amazing Deidra! I've never seen you climax like that! You're a fucking tigress."

"Go on Brock! Keep fucking until you cum!"

Brock laughed and pounded my pussy so hard his balls slapped my ass. I was filled with cock.

"Com'on. Screw me— cum in me big boy!" Brock plunged in and his body jolted. I held him close as he spasmed inside my burning fuck-hole, then he collapsed on my tits, panting.

Brock finally rolled off, and we shared a cigarette. "So Deidra, we can do this every day?"

I burst out laughing. "Sure, just keep your ass quiet, okay?

"Speaking of asses..."

"Yeah, I know. Mine's great."

"I'd like to spend some time admiring it."

"Well, that's what it's here for." I wiggled my butt. "Admire away."

Brock rolled me over, groping and kissing my butt. His strong hands squeezed my butt cheeks, and I moaned. The man parted my thighs and slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy.

After a while, he slipped a wet finger into my asshole. As he finger fucked my ass, I rocked between his probing fingers.

"Deidra? Do you and Andrew have anal sex?" I nodded. "So can I?"

"Hmm? Can you what? Oh, fuck my ass? No just your finger."

Pushing Brock on the bed, I mounted his prick. And rode him like a horse, rode him all the way to my climax. And I kept riding until he spewed. My pussy loves the feeling of convulsing cock.


Brock watched me dress and got another boner. "Deidra, can we do this again?"

"You're not going to get stuck on me, right?"

"Not stuck ON you. Stuck IN you!"

I gave him an exasperated look. He took me into his arms. "Brock, you know I'm married... but we can cheat." I added with a wink.

He laughed and hugged me. "So we'll screw later?"

"Maybe..." He reached around and grabbed my ass. "Such a beautiful ass. I just love to fuck it."

I patted him on the cheek. "Well big boy, in my bag there's a stack of Algebra exams waiting to be graded."


"You can grade them. I'll trade algebra for ass."

"Hey! That's not fair! So I have to work for it? "

"Yep. You have to earn my sweet ass."

"Fine. I'll grade the papers. But Deidra, you're going to be okay with Andrew, right?"

"Oh definitely, Brock. In some strange way, fucking you makes my sex life better with Andrew." I blushed. "My husband will get banged when I get home, even if I have to tie him down."

"Today? Haven't you had enough screwing for today?"

"Never Brock. Because of you I've never been so horny. Hell, I could probably screw the Seventh Fleet."


Brock was my lover, and we had terrific fuck fun. Noon-ers in motels, coffee breaks in his backseat, and quickies in the classroom. But on the last quickie, we almost got caught by a shocked student.

"We were just practicing CPR, go back to class Cindy."

Brock and I carpooled to and from college every day. And I hadn't had so much backseat screwing since I was in high school. It felt a bit awkward, walking in my front door and kissing my husband with Brock's cum still on my lips and dribbling down my legs.

But Brock aroused the tigress in me. I made sure Andrew got plenty of pussy. Now, every night I slut fucked his brains out.











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