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"David. Get up. We really need to talk." Five more minutes? "David get your ass out of bed now."

What the Hell. I had the weirdest dream last- Wait.

There next to me is Chelsea. Does that mean... Oh shit! I think I fucked up my entire life in one night!

As I'm going into full panic mode, Chelsea starts to stretch and wake up.

"How'd you sleep?"

"Extremely well. Like a baby. Wonderfully. The best night's rest I've ever had! It was superb!"

"Okay. You're getting a little worked up. I'm guessing it's about the incest stuff?"

"Oh God Chelsea. What did I do?"

"You fucked your sister. Then your sister's friend. Then your sister again and maybe your mom? I couldn't tell through the wall..." She giggles and it occurs to me, Chelsea is such a positive person to be around. Her vibe is incredible. She somehow gets me to calm down just by stating facts.

"Well when you put it like that" I fall back onto the bed, and Chels sidles up to rest her beautiful face on my chest. "How is it that the one I didn't fuck is the one with me in the morning?"

"The one I didn't fuck? Is that my new nickname?"

"Ah I thought my breathe was bad this morning, I've got foot in mouth."

"You should get up anyway. Your mom didn't sound happy."Chelsea stands, still in that bombshell purple dress. How does she manage to look great even in the morning?


"Hey... Mom..." There she is, and unfortunately I'm still finding her to be extremely sexy. She has on her morning yoga outfit, and goddam does she wear it. A sports bra and spandex booty shorts, I want to fuck her silly over the breakfast she's cooking. Her hair is up in a ponytail, but her usual morning smile is not there.

"I made your favorites, blueberry flapjacks." She coldly puts the plate on the counter and stands opposite them. "Eat. We need to talk about last night young man."

"Yeah... It got a little out of hand didn't-"

"More specifically," She cuts me off, "We need to talk about the fact that last night never happened. Understand?"

I look at her chest as it rises and falls dramatically. She's nervous about this I can tell. She didn't put on makeup, but her face looks like a pale Gal Gadot. Her shoulders are slim, and her chest is perfect for her petite frame. Her stomach is flat, and her ass juts just like her daughter's. She's honestly one of the sexiest women I've ever seen.


"Yeah mom. Sure..." Except, I think I want to fuck her again.

Just as I'm thinking that, Emma skips in. Her hair is up in a ponytail too, and she's wearing a loose tank top and panties. Her ass is easily the nicest ass I've ever seen. Her thighs have more to them than our mom's too. Fuck. When did I become so depraved? She skips right up to our mom and kisses her cheek. "Morning mom" Then she skips to me, and basically eats my face "Morning daddy." Shit. I'm hard.

"Emma! I was just telling David this needs to stop!"

"Oh good!" Emma just beams back. "So I get my big brother all to myself?" She looks at me like a piece of meat and licks her lips.

"No Emma! He's your brother! I forbid you from fu- from having sex with David."

"But I woke up kinda horny! Please can't I fuck you David? please can you take my body over and over and-"

"Go to your room!" Emma pouts, but grabs a pancake and heads upstairs.

"Where did I go wrong?" As she says this, I do see her running her hand up her body sensually. Maybe she just needs- Suddenly I hear it too. The music from last night... Someone's playing it? Chelsea leans into the doorway with her phone playing the music.

"Hey. Just thought we could have some morning jams?" She giggles and hops over.

"Sure Chelsea. Good morning. I was just... I was just..." She's clearly getting turned on, and so am I. I start groping Chelsea's ass when my mom suddenly turns to leave. "Just think about what I've said young man!"

As she tries to go, I grab her arm.

"Wait." I stand and walk up to her. Leaning down I stroke her face as I whisper to my mother, "Are you sure? We could have some fun before you go?"

"No David, it's wrong... We shouldn't..."

"But mom..." I press my hard groin against her body, "Can't you see what youre doing to me?"

Her face becomes red, and she idly strokes her tit with one hand. "No! I have to go to the store. Stay out of trouble!" And just like that she sprints out of the kitchen.

I turn around to find Chelsea bent over the counter top with her dress hiked over her thighs.

"Please David!" I rush to get my morning breakfast and start eating her pussy on my family counter.

She tastes sweet as I explore her body with my tongue. Her body shivers as my tongue explores just the entrance of her sweet hole. I start venturing on as I push my tongue a little deeper inside her, "Oh David! That feels sooooooo goooooood" I grasp her by her thighs and pull her onto my face. I don't want any centimeter of this woman left untouched, untasted, unsatisfied. I probe gently through her folds to find her clit. When I do, she jolts suddenly and giggles, "Not yet. I need to be more worked up for that or it tickles a little!" I start moving up her body and flip her around to face me. I bite her nipple and a little causing her to squeal, before looking into her eyes. "Chels... I'm so hard. I need-" She just winks and takes my cock in her hand guiding it to her pussy. Just as I'm about to start entering her, I hear Emma in my ear "Are you gonna fuck another one of my friends, daddy?" I turn startled to find my baby sister pumping her fingers inside herself with one hand and flipping me with her other.

"Hey!" Chelsea is not happy to have been interrupted. Emma takes my hand and thrusts it down her panties. She's absolutely soaked.

"See how wet you made me David? Are you gonna fuck her? Even though you know what you did to me? I need it daddy! And with mom gone. I wanna take it." She drops her panties and wraps her arms around my neck. Hopping up she's suddenly in my arms with my cock aimed at her pussy.

"You're being naughty Emma. Don't you know you should share?" I tease, but Emma just smiles wickedly and sinks onto my cock.

"Ooooooooooooh Chelsea! You would not believe how good David's cock feels!" Emma begins moaning and groaning as I slowly thrust into her in the kitchen. As I start to get lost in the movement I hear some whimpering. Chelsea's fingering herself, and theres a puddle of her own juices at her feet.

"David. I need you to fuck me. Please stop fucking your little sister. Just for a little. I really need it." I start to place Emma down, but she launches at me once her feet hit the ground. Pushing me back against the counter she raises her leg to my head and uses her weight to fuck herself with my cock.

"Fuck! David! You feel so good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't-" I lift her and bend her over my lap.

"Bad girl!" I say as I give her perfect ass a spanking, "Can't you tell Chelsea needs my dick?"

"But daddy! I need it too!" I spank her a few more times before deciding what to do. I push Emma off of me, and stand behind Chelsea. I move her so she's now bent over the counter, and gesture for Emma to follow.

There they are, two perfect pussies bent over waiting to be fucked. I line my cock up at Chelsea's entrance and start to put just the tip in. As I do I spank Emma again.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK!" Chelsea lets out a scream of pleasure as I push the head of my dick inside her. I have no patience this morning, and she's so wet that I immediately start thrusting in and out. Giving her a little bit more of my cock with each thrust.

"FUCK. ME. FUCK. DAVID. THAT'S. SO. GOOD. DON'T STOP. DON'T STOP. FUUUUUUUCK YES I'VE NEEDED THIS ALL NIGHT. FUCK ME. I'M YOURS!" She screams out in our kitchen as I fuck her. Emma's ass starts to wiggle and I realize I've been neglecting her needs so I push two fingers inside her.

"Yes big brother. Right there." She looks at Chelsea as our bodies gyrate together ebbing and flowing with each thrust. "Chels? Do you like my brother's cock? Doesn't it feel wonderful? Milk his cock. Take his cum, because if you don't I will!"

"Fuck me David! Fuck me David!" Chelsea's tongue rolls out of her mouth as I bottom out inside her and feel her walls clench around my cock.

"FUCK ME DAVID! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! FUUUUUUUUUUU" Chelsea slumps forward a little and off my still hard cock.

"Is it my turn daddy?" Emma asks as she wiggles her ass for me.

I grunt like an animal and begin fucking my sister again next to the properly fucked body of her friend.

"Yes! Daddy! I love it! Don't stop!"

"Fuck. Emma! you feel so good!"

"Do you like my pussy daddy? Who's pussy do you like most?"

"Chelsea's pussy baby. If you want daddy's approval, you have to earn it!"

Emma smiles wickedly at the challenge and starts rolling her hips against my cock.

"Oh! Yes! David! Right there! Right there!"

I hang on to her hips for dear life as her pussy clenches and pulses on my dick.

"Emma! Baby! You feel so good. The way your hips go! Shit Emma I don't know how much longer I can last!"

"That's okay David! Just fill my pussy! It's empty and incomplete without your cum dribbling out of it. Fill me up! Fill your baby sister up with your nasty cum Daddy!!!" Emma, and I start groaning in unison as I start pumping load after load of cum as deep in her cunt as I can.

We fall to the ground to join Chelsea.

"So?" Chelsea asks as she starts fingering the cum out of my sister and into her own mouth. "Who's pussy was better?"

Out of breath I just laugh, "Shut up."

"OOOOOOOOOOOH" We all look to the sudden outburst to see my mother, also collapsed, having fingered herself to orgasm watching her children fuck in her kitchen.

"David, you should spank mom later today too." & u=167877


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