Elks, Maine is located in the northern part of the state. There are two seasons, winter and mud. There's not much to do there except to grow potatoes and gossip about who's fucking whose wife. Every year in September they have a Potato Day Parade, with a marching band, various potato themed floats and of course the Potato Queen. It is also the day of The Contest. It is held after the parade in the Swallows Barn. The prize is $5,000 and it is funded by ticket sales. Each of the tickets have a number on it from 1 to 4.

The Contest is between the reigning potato queen and her three runners up. Each contestant is assigned a number 1 to 4, that line up with the number on the ticket. It's the 5th Annual Cum Drinking contest. Basically, the men must jerk off into a beer mug the girl whose number he has, must drink it. The rules are that there can be no touching, but the girls can talk the customer into cumming faster, hopefully. There is a judge standing behind each woman who is sitting in a chair on the stage and the judge is responsible for doing the counting.

The contestants this year are Amy, the current Potato Queen and the runner ups Alafia, Jill and Kelly. Also, in attendance are the winners of the last 4 contests.

Amy, a blonde with a nice figure, is wearing a tank top with the number 1 pinned to her chest and a short jean skirt. Alafia is from India and she wore a sari. She was shoulder length black hair and a dark complexion. She was thinner than the other girls and was given number 2. Number 3 was Jill. She's known around town as a heavy beer drinking and she has a bit of a paunch to show for it. She wore overalls with no shirt underneath. Finally, there was number 4, Kelly. She was in the best shape being the local and only yoga instructor in town. She was dressed in her yoga outfit that was so tight she looked naked.

The women were called up to the stage, introduced and then sat in their chairs. The men were lining up on each side of the barn waiting for the starter gun to go off. Bang, the gun went off and the men started walking up the stairs on either side of the stage and proceeded to the girl who had his number.

The first man went up to Amy. He jerked off as she held the beer mug in her hands. It didn't take him long and squirted a good size load into Amy's mug. Amy raised the glass and poured into her mouth, swished it around and swallowed.

The next man went up to Alafia and started masturbating.

"That's it honey, cum for me." said Alafia.

Once he came, she lifted her mug and slowly emptied it into her mouth and swallowed. She let out a little cough.

Jill's man was jerking like crazy and shot into her mug. Jill didn't drink any of it. It was her strategy to fill the mug up with cum and then guzzle it all down at once.

Kelly smelt the cum first like it was a wine tasting and only sipped the cum out of the mug. She wiped her lips with a napkin after. She was very dainty.

The men were coming up four at a time and cumming into the mugs. Everyone was doing good except Kelly. She was just sipping too slow and everyone was pulling ahead of her.

Amy's next participant was jerking wildly, and Amy had a hard time keeping the mug underneath the head of his cock. If he missed it wouldn't count. He was losing control and pointing his dick everywhere. Finally, he aimed high, shot and hit Amy in the face. She didn't have time to wipe her face off before the next guy was there.

The next man to climb the stairs to the stage was Silas. Silas was a huge over weight potato farmer. He must have weighed over 300 pounds. Everyone at the contest knew he was a problem because his wife had been telling everyone that he's impotent. This would be a problem for the girl he went to because he could take up a lot of time and the girl would have nothing to show for it.

All the girls dreaded seeing him lumbering across the stage. He held up his ticket and everyone saw that it was number 1. Poor Amy everyone thought.

He pulled down his overalls, exposing his stained yellow underwear. He pulled out his small flaccid dick and started stroking it. Amy knew he would need some coaxing if she was ever able to get her cum.

"Come on big boy. Stroke that cock for me. Yes, that's it. Come on. Mmmmmm. Yeah. It looks so good. Can you cum for me baby." She said.

She got up real close to his cock, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and started making up and down flicker motions. She couldn't get too close because she knew she would be disqualified if she touched his cock.

His cock started to twitch. It was slowly filling up with blood and growing. Everyone in the barn could see what was happening and they all started shouting and clapping.

"Come on Silas you can do it." They yelled.

Between Amy's flickering tongue and everyone cheering for him, his cock really started to grow. 6 inches. 8 inches. 12 inches. Finally, he was finished growing at 14 inches. The crowed was really cheering now. Some women gasped.

Silas was so happy he let out a scream "Yaaaaaaa!!!!!!" Then all hell broke loose. He grabbed the back of Amy's head and tried to thrust his huge cock into her mouth. She fought back. This was definitely not allowed, and the contest came prepared by having Moose be the bouncer. Moose grabbed Silas around the waist and tried to pull him away from of Amy's mouth. Other people climbed on the stage to help. Silas was really big and he had no intention of budging. He continued to pump until Moose finally stepped back wound up and kicked Silas in the balls from behind. Silas let out a scream and fell to the floor holding his balls.

The contest was going on for about a half hour and the girls consumed large quantities of sperm, except Kelly who was still sipping. Kelly wasn't having fun at all. Men kept missing and hitting her in the face and on her hands holding the cup. Even her napkin didn't help anymore as it was saturated with juice.

"Stop missing the cup! It's gross." She exclaimed.

Jill's cup was getting full. The men had to search the barn for another mug that she could use. They couldn't find one, so the judge told her to drink what was in the mug now and then she can start filling it up again.

She was a little hesitant after all she hadn't drunk any cum the whole time.







She chugged it down like it was a cold Bud on a hot day. When she finished, she licked her lips, then wiped her lips with her arm and let out a small burp. The next man came over and started filling her cup all over again.

Alafia started to slow down. She had to tell the guy the was just about to cum to wait a minute. Then she stood up. She was kind of woozy. Her stomach looked bloated from all the semen she drank. She got down on her knees and the laid down in the fetal position. The judge said that she would be disqualified if she stopped. She then rolled over on her back, opened her mouth and waved the boys over. The first few men stood above her and tried to shoot into her mouth. Instead of reaching their target, they were splattering cum all over her face and hair. The judge said that misses don't count so the men after that would have to kneel to aim for her mouth. This worked better but there were still a lot of misses. Her face was covered in cum. Her hair was all matted, but she kept on going and asking for more.

Kelly's hands were so covered in jizz that she couldn't hold the mug anymore and it slipped out of hands and broke on the floor. Unlike Alafia, she wasn't going to let men shoot into her mouth with the possibility of missing, so she threw in the towel and gave up. She got up from her chair to a chorus of boos. She went around to the back room and was looking for a place to shower, but she was told there wasn't one and that she'd have to take a shower when she got home. She was fuming. She took a towel and wiped her face and hands. She had to walk through the crowd to get out of the barn and to her car. Everyone was booing at her. When she got to the door she turned and looked back at the stage. There was Amy sitting there drinking her cum, Alafia still on the floor with men jerking off into her mouth and Jill sitting at the end another mug almost full again. "Disgusting." she said under her cum smelling breath.

It had been quiet for Amy since the Silas drama. She stayed in the contest and continued to drink. She's had the least except for Kelly because of all the time taken up by the incident.

Alafia was still on her back. It looked like her eyes were about to roll back in her head. Then she passed out. The host came over and looked at her and decided that she needed to go to the hospital, so he called an ambulance.

The ambulance came and the EMT's came through the crowd carrying a stretcher. When they got to the stage, they looked for signs of breathing and they took her pulse and shook their heads. Then very carefully lifted Alafia off the floor, put her on the stretcher and strapped her in. As they were carting her out of the barn, the crowd erupted in cheers, kind of like when an injured football player gets cheered when he gets up off the playing field and walks to the sideline.

Amy was winning at this point because Jill hadn't drunk her second mug yet. The hour was almost up so the girls really started to encourage the guys to cum quicker so they next guy could have his turn.

Whenever a man came up to Amy, she would dip her finger in the cum, take it out then spread it on her lips. It looked just like lip gloss and it was driving the men wild.

Jill undid the clasp on her overalls and let the top fall exposing her breasts. She started kneading them.

"Come on boys. When this is over, I'll let you squirt on my tits."

There was just 5 minutes left in the contest and Amy was in the lead. She drank 145 loads of cum. Jill has more, but they won't count until she drinks the while mug.

"Well, here goes." She said.







Jill finished just in time. The host came over and raised her right hand and declared her the winner. All of a sudden, they heard...


Rumble, Rumble

Jill grabbed her stomach. Then she went down on all fours and started heaving. Out came all the cum like a fire hose. It was even coming out of her nose. When she was finished, she stood up and then Amy and Jill embraced and gave each other a good hard kiss on the lips. The crowd applauded approvingly.

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