This story may contain elements of forced / non-consensual sex or things like unwanted degradation.

It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: In the real world, these acts would be terrible and unacceptable.

Personally, I assume that these characters are all aware of the fact that they exist in a jerk-off story. They are all in on the joke, and that's why they treat these situations as embarrassing or gross instead of horrifying.

If these acts upset you, please do not read this story.

The rest of you, enjoy, and try not to be too ashamed after you take care of business. Please give feedback and criticism, it is most appreciated!

* * * * * * * *

Tally and the Ogre [Non-consent] [MF] [Fantasy] [Ogre on Elf] [Exhibitionism]

"Okay, Tally, this is a simple process," Chirpy said. "I want you to sit here and watch what I do, then we'll review. Okay?"

"You got it, Chirpy," Tally said. Tally was a young elven woman, a fresh recruit for the HORN Unit, the magical police that keep the peace in Chaste City. She was slender and pale, as were most elves, and her once long and luxurious blonde hair was just starting to regrow after it had been shaved in HORN training. Her standard dark blue HORN uniform hugged her body, from her slender legs to her small but perky breasts.

Chirpy and Tally were alone in the underground Control Room for the Dangerous Beasts Department. At a glance, it would seem like a boring place. As you came down from the main HORN Unit hall, the first thing you would see is the standard HORN desk.. The desk was covered with binders of emergency protocols for the various magical beasts the department held.

In front of the desk was the observation window. You could see directly into a magic beast's cell. Right now, the observation window simply showed an empty cell.

Next was the cell door. The door was made of metal forged in the Chaste City's most renown Hell Forges, and it was covered with blue and gold runes. It was said the cell door was capable of withstanding even dragon's fire.

Lastly, next to the cell door was a small metal dial, with dozens of notches along its sides. Currently, it was pointing straight up.

Chirpy approached the dial and twisted it. As he did, the observation window whisked by several cells. Tally could see glimpses of the dark creatures, some of which she knew, like shadowhounds and embercats, but some shapes looked so dark and sinister, she almost had to look away. Finally, Gork's cell came up.

Gork was an Ogre. He was nine feet tall, with bright green skin, and rippling from head to toe with muscle. He was naked, save for a simple lion cloth around his waist.

Chirply grabbed a tray of food from the desk, supposedly Gork's favorite, a slop of meat and cheese Chirpy together. Chirpy opened the cell door, and slowly walked in, placed the tray on a small table right in front of the observation window, and left. At no point did Gork seem to even acknowledge him.

After placing the tray, Chirpy exited the cell, letting out a sigh of relief as he locked the door behind him. He looked over at Tally.

"Now, tell me, what did I do?"

Tally thought for a second. "You walked slowly, you avoided eye contact, and you made no sudden movements."

"Exactly! Word for word from the handbook. Now, meet me back here in a few hours, and you'll bring Gork his dinner.."

* * * * * * * * * *

Tally took a deep breath. She was holding the food tray, standing before the cell door. Chirpy was standing to her side, hand on the cell door handle.

"Just go nice and slow, it's no problem." Chirpy said.

"Nice and slow," Tally repeated, clutching at the tray.

The cell door swung open, and Tally was blasted with a smell of Ogre. Her face scrunched up, but she quickly regained her composure.

From the corner of her eye, she could see Gork in the corner, hunched over. He seemed to not pay her any attention, just like Chirpy.

Encouraged, Tally slowly walked into the room. She turned her back to Gork, and gently placed the tray on the table. She glanced up to see Chirpy looking behind her, a panicked look on his face.

Sniff, sniff

Gork's breathing was so loud, she could hear him sniffing the air, long before she heard the rustling. She slowly turned around to see Gork, no longer hunched, instead, he had moved right next to her, all nine feet of him towering over her.

Tally let out a shriek as Gork swiped out with one of his massive hands, grabbing her by the waist and effortlessly lifting her off her feet. He pulled her close to him, so close that her face was practically touching his brutish, smashed up Ogre face.

He took one long deep breath, taking in her scent, then he looked at her and opened his mouth.

"Pretty. Want." Gork rumbled from his thick lips.

Uh oh, though Tally.

Gork carried her over to the table. He used his other hand to swipe the food off the table and turned Tally over, so she faced the observation window. The Ogre dropped her on the table, then put his hand on her back, keeping her locked in place. His other hand grabbed at her HORN pants, ripping them off her body.

She could feel Gork rustling behind her. She maneuvered her head just enough to see him pulling off his loincloth, exposing his massive Ogre cock. It was easily thirteen inches long and almost as thick as her wrist.

That thing is too big, it won't fit inside me, she thought.

Gork pressed his cock against her body, grinding against her soft thighs, his thick precum dripping down onto her leg. Her white panties were the only thing protecting her from his raging erection. Protecting her, that is, until Gork reached down, ripping the delicate fabric and exposing her naturally hairless elven pussy.

She moved her head, hopeful that Chirpy could get her out of this mess. He was frantically looking through the emergency protocols, but he looked helpless, and the moment Tally and Chirpy locked eyes, Gork pressed his massive cock into her equally helpless pussy.

Tally let out a shriek of pain and pleasure as Gork impaled her on his thick cock. Surprisingly, the Ogre didn't just slam it into her at once. He slowly and surely pressed his manhood inside her, letting her tight elven pussy adjust to his size.

"Oh, Goddess," Tally muttered as she was filled with Ogre cock. Before long, Gork had pressed his entire cock into her, and he sat there for a few seconds, enjoying having this HORN officer's tight pussy wrapped around his dick.

Tally turned her head back to Gork. "O-okay, Gork, I hope this felt good, but we need to st-"

Gork pulled his hips back, pulling his cock out until just the tip was buried inside her, then slammed the entire length back into her in one hard thrust.

"G-godesss!" Tally moaned as Gork rammed into her, filling her completely. He thrust into her over and over again, grunting as he fucked her with an animalistic lust. With each thrust, she could feel his balls slapping against her exposed ass, knowing that she couldn't do anything to stop this Ogre from emptying those balls inside her.

Gork then grabbed her head and pressed it firmly against the glass of the observation window. Each thrust caused her head to pull back from the glass then bump against it, over and over, as he impaled her on his cock over and over.

Tally saw some movement in the Control Room and was shocked to that Chirpy was no longer alone. Three other HORN officers had joined him, including her Boss, Captain Clocker.

Tally's face turned red. Not only was she being used as an Ogre's personal fuck toy, but her boss was sitting there, watching her get railed by this wicked beast.

At least this can't get any worse, she thought.

At that moment, Gork reached up and grabbed her HORN shirt, and ripped it off her chest. Her small but perky breasts tumbled free, bouncing wildly as Gork slammed his cock into her. Then Gork reached up, grabbed at her breasts with his clumsy but strong hands, playing with her soft body just a little too hard. It was too much. Tally could feel something building inside her, ready to burst.

"Goddess, oh Goddess, YES!" Tally screamed, her face red, and she came, her pussy squeezing down on the massive cock inside her as her legs spasmed beneath her. Gork, not caring, continued to fuck her through her orgasm, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her clearly willing body.

As Tally came down from her orgasm, she looked into the observation window again, and this time saw twenty HORN officers watching. Her boss and coworkers had just seen her cum, hard, while impaled on an Ogre's cock.

None of them seemed concerned for her, in fact, most of them seemed aroused. A few were taking advantage of the situation, such as Chirpy, sitting at the desk in the back, pants down around his ankles, hand wrapped around his small cock, watching her...


She should feel ashamed, but, instead, she felt so wonderful. It felt so right to be used like this. She looked back at Gork, spreading her legs to let him get deeper inside her. "Take it, take me, take what's yours" she said to him, not knowing or caring if he understood.

He did seem to understand something. He grabbed her with both hands, pinning her arms to her sides and lifting her off the table. He held her in the air, with his cock still inside her, and started to raise and lower her and on his manhood, while his hips thrusted up into her wet pussy.

The Control Room could now see her entire naked body. Her breasts bounced wildly as Gork slammed her down onto his cock, again and again. She could feel him, his excitement building. His cock filled her so completely, she could feel it twitch and throb inside her.

"Oh Goddess, oh Goddess, yes, yes, do it, cum for me, cum for your little elven slut!" she cried out.

Gork roared and pulled her down onto him hard, holding her down as his massive cock fired it's thick load into her. She could feel it, a flood of warmth filling her insides, as his Ogre balls emptied inside her. The feeling sent her over the edge, and she came with him, squeezing her legs together and squirming and whimpering in pleasure as the Ogre finished inside her.

Gork held her for a second after cumming, then, unceremoniously, dropped her on the ground. Her legs failed her and she fell down to the ground. As Gork's cock slipped out of her, his warm cum started to run down her thighs.

"Not Bad," the creature said. Gork stomped over to the desk and pulled up her ruined HORN shirt. He used it to wipe his cum and her juices off his cock, then threw the soiled rags onto the Tally's back. His task complete, Gork rolled over on the floor and went right to sleep.

After a few minutes, the HORN officer's came in. Chirpy brought a blanket for her, covering her slightly as she was whisked through the Main Hall to the Med Bay, though she leaked Ogre cum the entire walk.

All in all, she just had some light bruising. Worse than that, though, she was informed she was to be punished due to violating rules for fraternizing with prisoners. Clocker talked with her after she was checked out. Told her that she should take a day off, and that HORN protocols dictated that she couldn't serve in the Dangerous Beasts Department for at least three months after a violation.

Tally nodded, and told him she would be eager to return once those three months were up.

After all, Gork needed to be fed again.

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