Life at St Trinian's settled down after the canings, indeed, one might even say they were beginning to look up.

Miss Monica discovered that she and Miss Sinn were soulmates, although it was not perhaps their souls which did the mating. I let them have the key to the punishment room before breakfast, which gave them a solid hour to cane and whip each other. Miss Monica discovered the delights of the American way of doing things, whilst Miss Sinn was always up for some extra discipline before class.

'Ma'am, it is, I have to say, a real eye-opener.' Miss Mons seemed so happy. 'There is something about being strung up by your tits and whipped which has to be experienced to be believed. And her way with the bull-whip, well, Ma'am. You couldn't rub my cunt could you Ma'am, it feels in need.'

I never liked Mons to be in need, and was happy to get her to raise her skirt, lower her red silk French knickers and stimulate her clit until she came. One could tell where her mind was by the way she gasped

'Oh whip me harder, harder, real pain at last.'

At that, she came, throwing all she had at it. Fortunately, I had two large bath towels to hand, and Emm's lips, so Mons' needs were fully dealt with.

'You know, tiny tits,' Miss Sinn said when we spoke over coffee, 'that Monica has real potential, she caned my ass so good, I loved looking at the stripes. You should try it some time, you never know where it will take you.'

'I gather it leads you and Mons down to the Chatzy Academy,' I said, pointedly.

'Lots to be said for that, Pix, you ought to try it,' she said, looking at me equally pointedly.

Angie was so classy, I thought. Looking at her striking blonde figure, one easily saw the dominant presence she had by nature, but once one got to know her, another side emerged.

'A softer one?' Asked Laura, who had, to my delight, been promoted from general teaching assistant to my personal assistant, a post which gave her a chance for her caring and nurturing talents to have free rein.

'No, just another one my dearest,' I said, kissing her, and telling her that Angie was quite a toughie in any role she adopted. Her sex education classes were legendary for their introduction to lesbian submissiveness. The core text, 'Slut Academy 3: Utter Depravity,' by the great ChrisM, was a great favourite with the girls, who all seemed to see themselves imitating the Emmanuelle character. Our own Emm's demonstrations of some of the positions were generally regarded as five-star work; so talented that one.

'Emm, is it true that you have been nominated for an Oscar,' I heard that fun girl Julie ask her, as I sat drinking coffee with Laura.

'Yeah, they made a film of "Slut Academy 3" and the judges thought my portrayal fitted the subtitle perfectly,' Emm said with typical modesty.

'Remind me of it,' said Julie, whose attention seemed to be focussed on Alicea.

She giggled, 'utter depravity darling, how could you forget?'

'That's not acting,' said Alicea, 'that's you being you, you slut!'

'Oh my God,' said Annie, our Australian Rhodes scholar, who had just won the participation award, 'that's so cool, Emm. You know they don't allow you to take the actual Oscar home?'

'Don't worry Annie, I have my plan to confuse them. I have the perfect hiding place.' Emm grinned.

'Where?' Asked Annie.

'Well,' said Emm, 'let's just say I have the perfect hiding hole for something that shape.'

The girls giggled. Darling Emm, such a tonic. Miss Susie seemed very excited by the news about Emm and said there was a chance that Lady Sonia, Our Chair of Governors, would take a school group to Hollywood for the great event.

This was, I told her, the cherry on the icing on the cake. Things were looking up at the School - and that was not just Cyril the gardener who always stood at the bottom of the open plan stairs as the girls walked up them.

'We are defying the national trend,' I told her, 'numbers of students are up, we have new staff, and more funding. The Nigerian Ambassador is so impressed that he has given us a very large donation. I think that Julie and Alicea had a lot to do with that. You should get them in and thank them Miss Susie.'

'Fuck Hoffy, you lick cunt so well.'

I took that as a sign she wanted me to concentrate on the task in hand, so to speak, and did so.

One of the many wonderful things about Miss Susie was her inventiveness, and I thought it particularly good of her to decide to telephone Lady Sonia, Our Chair of Governors just as I inserted two fingers and began to gaze her clit with my finger nails.

'Yes, Sonia,' she said, throatily, 'Hoffy's confirmed it, the Nigerian Ambassador coughed up. What's that you say, Julie made sure there were pictures? God she's a clever little ... fuck Hoffy, that's the spot, yes, there. No, it's okay Sonia, it's just Hoffy, hitting the spot again ... excuse me, talk later, oh fuck!'

And before she could break off the call, she came, loudly.

I could hear Lady Sonia saying:

'Lucky bitch, don't suppose you could lend me her for a week-end?'

'Sonia, I need to end this call, oh fuck, Hoffy, stop it!'

The phone went dead.

As I cleaned her up, paying particular attention to that gap between her stocking tops and her cunt (she did hate having wet stocking tops, they chafed she said), she finished her comments.

'That was bloody clever of Julie to make sure she got photos of the dirty old man, Alicea took care of Mrs. Ambassador, thus completing the mother and step-daughter double. Make sure I fuck them both Hoffy, and remind me if I forget. God, Julie's tits really are something else. Sorry Hoffy, insensitive, I know, given the size of yours, fuck though, you make me horny.'

I giggled.

'Thank you Miss Susie, I aim to please!'

'Stop sounding like Mons, Hoffy. Now wipe your face, bugger off, and send Annie in. I loved her performance yesterday.'

'Yes Miss Susie,' I giggled, 'generous as ever.'

'Did she fuck you Hoffy? Better not have, not having the girls taking the 'Hoffy's whores' crap personally.'

I denied everything. The less Miss Susie knew about such matters, the better. Wiping my face, I sent Annie in. She smiled:

'Thanks for recommending me, Miss Hoffmann. If I can help in anyway, just let me know,' she winked at me.

As I adjusted my dress outside, to the evident interest of Miss Cummington, I could hear high-pitched giggling from Annie.

'Miss Susie, that is so, oh my, Miss Susie!'

I thought I'd better shove off.

'What's up Miss Hoffmann, not jealous I hope?'

I looked at her, with my best imitation of the Rebecca the Head Girl stare, and walked on.

Mel was in a very good humour when I bumped into her on my way to the Ref, where I was lunching with Laura.

'Miss Hoffmann, thank you so much, I shall be the best liaison officer ever.'

I smiled. Her leadership talents were shining through, and she was bonding with our new applicant teacher Moll Flanders, who had said Mel was already 'showing me the ropes.' That made me giggle and think, rather naughtily, that it was usually Angie Sinn who did that.

'The new applicant teacher is nice, but I will let you make your own mind up. If you appoint her, I've arranged for her to take care of my needs this evening, but no pressure.'

'So kind Mel, and are you seeing Susan as well?'

Susan was our newest student, having come from a Catholic boarding school, and she had a lot guilt issues. It was not, I had told Miss Natalie, helpful to say: 'I'll give you something to really feel guilty about you lesbian slut.' Mel was helping her though these in a more guided manner.

So, as I said to Laura over a salad lunch which somehow did not get eaten, things were indeed going well with St Trinian's.

'Ignore her darling,' said Laura, looking into my eyes, as I gazed into hers.

'Who, my love?' I asked, pulling away briefly from her divine lips.

'The little bitchlet who muttered "get a room," she is just jealous.'

I had to confess that I was so in the moment that I had not realised there were others in the Ref. I carried on ignoring whoever it was Laura wanted me to ignore; it was so easy to do that in her company. She was so easy to be with. I could forget my cares for a moment, an endless moment, and drown myself in her beautiful eyes. But of course, duty called. However, on this occasion rather sweetly.

'Well, we'd better interview the prospective new teacher. She spent this morning with dear Mel, who speak very highly of her, and says the other girls like her too. Mel said that she was very receptive to new ideas, and very empathetic, said she reminded her a bit of darling Mons.'

Laura was so positive, and her enthusiasm encouraged me. Another Mons was just what the girls needed. What, between helping out Miss Sinn and Miss Susie, I had begun to worry about the strain on the darling, so if we had another teacher equally gifted to share the load, that would be excellent, I said to Laura. She smiled.

'I thought so, sweet cheeks,' she said, patting my bottom so nicely as we left the Ref.

In Rebecca's absence, Julie was helping out, and had shown the applicant to the interview room.

'Hi Miss Hoffmann, I think Mrs. Flanders will do just great. Did Mel tell you we all loved her?'

I looked across at Mrs. Flanders, and thought to myself how right, as usual, dear Mel had been.

She had a classic beauty, a serenity, but withal a sense of fun which, one sensed, had not had enough exercise of late. She smiled.

'Miss Hoffmann, delighted to meet you, I'm Moll Flanders, and have to say your girls looked after me well.'

Julie asked if I had seen the fascinating blackbird on the lawn, so I turned to look. Laura told me later that she had giggled. Dear Julie had noticed that Moll's blouse was undone, and she was distracting me to give her the chance to do it up; how thoughtful of her.

I introduced Moll to Laura, and they got on well, so well that I asked if Laura could take over, as I had had an urgent text from Miss Susie.

'Hoffy, we're going to Hollywood!'

She looked exultant.

'It is useful having Lady Sonia as my bitch, she's letting us use her private plane. We fly out the day after tomorrow, so gather together a group of girls and any teachers you think would be useful. Oh, and pack my private case, the one with the monster dildo in, I want to make sure Emm is ready to secrete her Oscar if need be, Oh, and another thing, get a room, you and Laura, okay Hoffy? That's it, jump to it, there's a good girl.'

With a great smacking kiss from Miss Susie, I did indeed jump to it.

When I got back to the interview room, Moll had clearly dropped something, as she was under the table between Laura's thighs. Silly me, I thought, it was just the usual oral. By the huge moans coming from Laura, I could see it was going well. I leaned over and kissed her. That was all I had meant to do, but my hands found their way to her gorgeous breasts, massaging her nipples.

'Move the chair out a bit darling,' she said, 'you can sit on my lap and suck while Moll continues with the oral.'

Moll proved entirely amendable to the idea, which meant my darling had both her cunt and her nipples seen to. I loved sucking her nipples and playing with her breasts, and she was clearly loving Moll's ministrations. She gave a final huge moan - and came. She held me tight, my mouth still clamped to her nipple.

It took a few moments for the earthquake to subside. She kissed me, passionately. I was lost, but remember my manners and turned, to see Moll wiping her face and looking like the kitten who had got the cream. She looked like she could almost have purred, which was just how I felt.

'You are hired, Moll,' I said, smiling at her and darling Laura, ' and pack your best frocks ladies, St Trinian's is going to Hollywood!'

Things were, indeed, looking up. & pageUrl=1 & userid=20453015

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