# Chapter 1:

## Startling

That groan. He loved the sound that she made.

On hearing it he felt his cock tense that little bit more. Any further and he was worried that cock wouldn't be able to take it.

But he carried on - caressing her breasts. Sucking her erect nipples. Stroking that soft part that sits the underside of her voluptuous breasts.

Holding her across the throat with just enough pressure to make her squirm whilst he kissed and sucked on that part of her neck.

She groaned further. Rocking with each thrust from his friend.

His friend was pounding her with his thick and bulbous cock.

He could hear her juices sloshing on his friends cock. Looking down he could see her cum gleaming on his friends cock as it went in the out.

Just at the moment she tensed. Grabbing his back with her nails she held on, bit into his hand and her breath stopped for a few seconds. Then she released a little and exhaled before inhaling and grabbing him again. He knew that she had another orgasm on his friends cock.

And he loved watching her cum. He knew that she was just his friends cock to masturbate. She loved him and only him. His friend was just there to be used by her.

He thought about what it will be like when he can fuck her later and talk through her orgasms as he describes how her bold contracts and releases with each one.

But for now he concentrated on her - and she started to pull him up the bed to get his throbbing cock in her mouth.

There she was - his woman - with his cock in her mouth, his friends cock pounding her cunt and her vibrating butt plug up her arse.

He knew how satisfied she will be - and this turned him on even more.


# Chapter 2:

## Inception

She laid there thinking - how did we get here. How did we get comfortable enough for him to let her fuck another man.

She remembered the time that they watched that programme. That time when she was so turned on she had to fuck herself. That first time that watching two men fucking excited her so much.

Talking to him about it just turned him on. She saw his cock grow, his breathing change and body tense as the spoke.

They fucked so hard and so passionately that night. She loved how much he needed her, how much he had to have her and much cum he deposited in her dripping cunt.

Over the following few months, whenever they spoke about it, they had the most amazing sex. Passionate. Raw. Hard. Her three favourite fucking methods.

A few months later they stumbled across that film. That's where the fun really started.

The men fucking each other. Passionately kissing. Sucking. Stroking. Taking each other. Introducing the other man to his wife - and both taking turns to fuck her. Her fucking both at the same time. One cock in her soaking cunt and one in her gapping arse.

This film turned them both on more than they could imagine.

They fucked several times during the film. He laid there finger fucking her, stimulating her arse and eating her cum filled pussy.

She did not stop cumming through the whole film - and after.

She woke up that night, found her rabbit and fucked herself whilst he slept.

She needed to cum. Over and over again she needed that feeling.

They watched that film several times. Each time fucking passionately.

They watched other movies with similar storylines. And each time the fucking was beyond what they had ever achieved before.

The men and his wife were on her kind all the time. Whenever she closed her eyes, she could see them. Whenever she heard a sound of a similar note, she could see them. She felt constantly turned on. Constantly needing to fuck herself.

She knew she wanted to try this with him - but would he want to?


# Chapter 3:

## Momental

The first time, they were both nervous. How would they feel with someone else in their bed. Someone else touching her. Someone else fucking her. Someone else being fucked by her.

What would he do? Could he touch her? Could he touch himself? Could he watch? Could he join in?

They were desperate to find out.

When it happened - it just happened.

They settled straight into their roles.

She loved giving herself over to his friend. To feeling his touch on her body. His friends hands felt different to his. His friends lips felt different to his. And his friends cock was different too. Not much bigger, but his friend just used it different.

Whilst she was busy with his friend, he was caressing her, holding her, nipping her nipples and grabbing at her body.

She knew he was extremely turned on. His cock was rock hard. He had a constant state of pre-cum on the end of his cock.

Once his friend had cum and she had several small friends, it was his turn.

His friend lay there, pulling his filled condom off his resting cock.

He put his cock in her gapping wet cunt. He could feel how wet she was.

He turned her onto her hands and elbows and fucked her from behind.

He used her juices to shove his thumb in her arse whilst he did it.

As he fucked her - she fucked his friends cock - licking the remains of his cum of it.

They both orgasmed at the same time, collapsing on each other.

The three of them lay together until breakfast in the morning.

She laid there all night. Cuddled up to him - with his friend cuddled up to her from behind, his cock poking through her arse cheeks.


# Chapter 4:

## Experimental

That was the first time. Now they get together every couple of months to replay.

But tonight was different.

They would be trying something new.

They had watched that movie again. And every time she was excited to imagine herself as that woman - with one cock in her cunt and one in her arse.

And tonight that's what they would be doing.

They had warmed up using a cock in her cunt and her vibrating butt plug in her arse.

But tonight she would be having both cocks and she could not wait.

They had condoms ready. They had lube ready. And they had two hard cocks.

They started with passionate kissing, cunt eating and arse rimming.

Then it started. His friend started on her cunt - and he started in her arse.

She had never felt anything like it - it was all consuming. It released things in her she had never felt before.

She knew at that moment - she would be doing it again.


# Chapter 5:

## Energised

He fucked her so passionately.

Her arse was still gaping from last night.

He had been so turned on - he knew that he needed her. And he took her.

His cum filled her pussy. And he loved the fill of it.

He could fill the cum surrounding his cock. As he pounded in and out, he could see him cum and her cum covering his cock.

They both slept that night - exhausted and unable to move with the smell of sex filling the room.

Although they never replayed that night, nor had his friend join them anymore, that year had spiced up their life forever.

They used the stories every few months when fucking. It still turned them on - and it continued to add spark and sexual energy to each other.











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