Our perverted odyssey continues; The twins play together and Katie gets teased; Adrian learns how to fucklick.

The Cast of Characters:

ADRIAN: Our hero.

KELLY: Fiancée-to-be

KATIE: Twin sister


MAE: Mom


The next day, Mom and Dad had to go out, leaving us twins with the run of the house.

Of course, the first thing we did was have sex, right in our parents' enormous bed. We fucked Missionary Style, 69ed, everything except doggy-style. I could see that she wanted to let Dad, as the more experienced male, teach her how to enjoy that one, and no doubt he would also teach me how to do it to her.

As Katie rode me to completion for the second time that day, I heard the key scraping in the lock. Soon enough, Mom and Dad walked in.

"I see you're putting your newfound skills to practice!" said Dad. "Mind if we join you?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, please do!" said Katie.

"You bet!" I added.

So Mom and Dad got naked before us once more. "What do you want to do first, sweeties?" asked Mom.

"Well, I'd quite like it if Dad - if he could teach me how to fuck doggy style this time? I think I'm ready." said Katie.

"Of course, Honey." said Dad. "First, why don't you and Mom bend over, then I can teach you and Adrian the Tip Game?"

"Anything you say, Dad."

"I love the tip game." said Mom. "You two are in for a treat!"

"OK, the first thing is that this can get quite frustrating for the man, so why don't you go behind Mom, and I'll get behind Katie, OK Ade?"

"Sure Dad" I said and knelt behind Mom.

"Now first you want to start not with your cock, but your tongue. Tongue fucking her should get her in the mood, and get her used to this angle - as your tongue isn't as long as your cock, there's no chance of it hurting too bad, like last night." And with that Dad bent down and licked at Katie's' warm, wet clam before finally putting his tongue inside her, and I followed suit.

Mom's pussy wasn't as juicy as Katie's' yet, so I had to work on her clit a little longer, but when I put my tongue inside her it was all worthwhile - her taste, musky and feminine and wonderful, exploded into my mouth as I licked away at her throbbing cunt. Both women gasped and panted at the attention we were giving them until finally, Dad took his tongue out of my sisters' cunt and said "OK, they've probably had enough. Now: The Tip Game!"

"What you have to do is this: Take your cock, and just start to put it in - but only the tip. Put your fist around the base of your cock if it helps" he said as he eased himself just inside Katie's throbbing pussy.

"No further... if you feel yourself getting in too deep, take it out again. You see, women like to be teased... a lot. And we like to tease ourselves - it's really nice to rub your cock end just inside a woman's cunt... Oh wow!" he trailed off.

I slipped the head of my dick inside Mom's pussy and steadily pushed it in, as described, then started to slide it back out, then in... established a rhythm. "Ooh you dirty fucker!" cried Mom, frustrated.

"I want it deeper, Daddy, put it in deeper!" demanded Katie, to no avail. In fact, Dad took his cock out instead.

"OK Son, now you try. Remember, don't put it in deep. If she wants more, she'll let you know herself... but right now I just want to fuck your mother hard, I need to feel my cock deep inside her. So let's swap!"

"Oh yeah, fuck me honey!" yelled Mom as I slipped my cock out of her cunt.

"Remember, as soon as you feel any resistance, or it goes in past the head, back off!" Dad reminded me as we switched positions.

I brushed my cock against my twin sisters' dripping wet, throbbing pussy and she instantly backed up into me. But I wasn't in yet, so my penis brushed against her clit instead, giving her shivers. Then I backed out too... and slipped it in, just a tiny bit.

She pulled a face and started to back up onto my cock again, but I was faster and it stayed in at the same depth. Katie made a frustrated noise, so I relented and pushed it in, just a tiny bit, and then out, then in, much to her frustration and delight.

Finally she could take no more "Please stop teasing me Adrian - just ram it in me!" she almost yelled and after a few more teasing strokes I started to gently, slowly ease myself inside her.

My cock slid all the way into my sisters' dripping wet pussy like a hot knife through butter. She gasped and said "OH MY GOD!" as my cock plunged deep inside her, then went "MMMMMM!" and purred and smiled smugly.

It felt amazing. Katie's' pussy was completely wrapped around my hard cock, and as I fucked her she groaned and purred some more.

"Oh my God that's so fucking good, that's SO fucking good!" she moaned. "OhmyGod Daddy I'm fucking Adrian and it feels so GOOD!"

"My pleasure" said Dad shyly as he fucked Mom.

"It will be! Come and fuck me as soon as Ade's finished, I want to feel your cock inside me this deep, it feels so AMAZING and I want to do it with you, too! Oh, oh, OH!!" this last as I came, her filthy talk really getting me going.

True to his word, as soon as I hit the bed, de-spunked and exhausted, Dad took his cock out of Mom's pussy, saying "Sorry Hun, I gotta fuck Katie" turned around, and plunged it into his daughters soaking wet cunt, dripping with his son's cum.

"OOH THAT'S SO GOOOOOD DADDY, IT FEELS SO FULL!!" She squealed as he fucked her while me and Mom looked on.

Watching my sister get fucked was hot enough to get me turned on again in record time, and the sexy sight gave me some interesting ideas. I was already lying close enough to her to be able to whisper in her ear: "Can I lick you out while he fucks you Sis?"

She nodded and said "Yes please" and then Mom said "And can I frig you?" to which she also consented, so we both kissed her and Mom stretched a hand out to frig her as I grabbed a pillow and got under Katie and Dad's heaving bodies. I kissed my way down her body, licking and sucking her nipples while Mom frigged her clit, then I finally reached her pussy. Mom moved her hand to make room for me, and I put my pillow under my head and lapped at Katie's' pussy and Dad's cock as he fucked her, enjoying the two opposite sensations; his hardness and her softness, both of them completely soaked with cum and pussy juice.

Mom must have been at a loose end at that moment, because that's when she straddled me. She picked up my cock and stuffed it into her cunt, then sat down on it hard enough that I sat up a little, burying my face ever deeper in my incestuous siblings' heaving, well fucked cunt and my father's rampaging, stiff cock. I licked the shaft of his prick and moved onto her clit, provoking moans of pleasure, and kept lapping at them as Mom fucked me cowgirl-style.

After a while, Dad took his cock out and let me suck it, and I enjoyed the delicious taste of pussy-juice coated cock once more... it also had dollops of my own cum on it, which I lapped up greedily before sucking his cock into my mouth.

It. Was. Heaven. My own cum, Katie's pussy juice, and Dad's precum all blended together to create a beautiful taste, the taste of love... As I sucked his cock, I heard Katie gasping as Mom leaned over and finger-fucked her again in an attempt to keep her on the boil... I must have really given Dad a good time because soon his precum was flowing like water and he was moaning and groaning just as much as Katie... I felt his cock begin to throb and realized he was about to cum.

I didn't want to monopolize Dad, so even though I loved swallowing his cum I was happy for Katie when he slid his cock out of my mouth and back into my sister's pussy... I went back to lapping at the two of them and that's how I got to be there when they both came.

She was groaning and moaning, and his cock throbbed as it released each great pulse of cum, causing Katie's to squeal with delight and clamp her cunt down hard on his cumming cock, making sure she got every single drop of his cum. A deep groan escaped her lips, and then they slowly separated... leaving a huge amount of spunk for me to lap up!

I sucked and licked Dad clean, then drank as much of our cum as I could from my sisters' pussy as Mom continued to fuck me... soon I could take no more and came as well, causing Mom to gasp and shudder herself, the chain of pleasure riding through our family like a nuclear reaction... and so finally, our session came to an end.

"And you went on like that?" my girlfriend and hopefully soon-to-be fiancée asked, "You all kept having sex together, living in an incestuous polycule?"

"Yeah! It was great!"

"But didn't it stop you meeting other people? Weren't you all too busy with each other to look for anyone else?"

"Not at all... in fact I got to suck my second ever cock, and confirmed my own bisexuality, through my sisters' first boyfriend. But that is another story!"











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