Tracy was the most beautiful girl imaginable, a pure, innocent thing who only wanted to help her patients at the hospital in their time of need. And as Dr Stone powered into her ass with his thick cock, while the new doctor; Travis, fucked her hard in her vagina, and her boyfriend; Steve, dragged his huge black cock in and out of her pretty, yet tiny white mouth, she felt empowered by the fact that she could help relieve the stress of so many people all at the same time. Add to that William, a sexually starved married man, was also gratifying himself over live-stream as he often had, getting off on the action of Tracy's antics, and she felt like the best nurse there had ever been.

Dr Stone was a much older man, deep into his 60s, so packing his cock into the ass of someone so young and so pretty, all while her boyfriend watched him, was an amazingly hot, sensational experience. He'd been seeing her for a while now, whenever he had the chance. At first, her boyfriend hadn't known, but Tracy was easy like Sunday morning, and it soon became clear to him that she was the kind of candy guys loved to share out.

She was still fully dressed up in her nurses uniform of course. There was no point in fucking the shit out of a nurse but taking off her uniform. Banging her in uniform was half the deal and Tracy's sure was a pretty one. It wasn't white like the usual style but pink instead. A one-piece with a tiny skirt at the end of the shirt that hung scantily over her ass and Dr Stone had wanted to fuck her ass from day one as soon as he saw it.

So, at her first introduction, in the confines of his office, he did just that. He hadn't expected her to be so easy, but within minutes of entering his office, she was bent over his desk, and before fucking her pussy, he slid straight up her ass. Cumming in her ass, his sixty-year-old body, shaking from the shock that he was back inside a woman in her early twenties. He was even more shocked when she told him she had a boyfriend waiting for her back at home. His cum seeping out of her ass, she had needed to call him because while Dr Stone was delivering his wad up her ass, she had realised that she had forgotten to stuff the chicken that they were going to have for Thanksgiving, so while she was getting stuffed with Dr Stones cock, she realised he would need to stuff it instead.

By far the hottest nurse in the hospital, her legs were to die for and her breasts were the fullest firmest, hottest chunks of heaven he'd ever seen. The moment his eyes had caught a glimpse of her, he had imagined his cock packed firmly and deeply up her ass. And right now, it was.

Travis was one of the younger and newer doctors at the hospital and when he'd hit up a friendship with Dr Stone, who almost treated him like a son, Dr Stone couldn't help but introduce his prodigy to the party in Tracy's ass. Tracy was a good girl and just accepted anything her superiors told her. So when he told her to slide her ass onto his cock as he sat on his desk and let Travis fuck her pussy while standing at the desk, she didn't even flinch.

But this time, right now, was the first time the three of the guys had gotten together and teamed up on her. It was her twenty-third birthday and her boyfriend Steve, had promised to do something special for her. Surprising her at the hospital with a bunch of pretty flowers was the most romantic thing he had ever done for her, she thought. He'd even bought her the prettiest necklace and ear piercings she'd ever seen. The necklace, a thick stone-studded bracelet/chocker style thing was the sexiest thing imaginable as it clung around her neck. And the diamond ear piercings that dangled from her ears made her look like a million dollars or some kind of beauty queen or princess.

As they all got ready to deliver their other presents to her various holes, in unison for the final celebratory ejaculation of cum, at the end of the live-stream, William, watched the party by remote. Jacking himself off to the hot foursome, it wasn't the first time. He'd been in on the wildness for a while and watching Tracy get the shit banged out of her by so many different guys was his weekly thrill and jerk-off session.

As the guys realised they were all ready to shoot their cum into Tracy at the same time they counted down and made the final thrash dash into her various holes, and then, BOOM! Her boyfriend Steve shot his load into her mouth and straight down the back of her throat, while Travis powered her pussy and hit a home cum straight into her wet vagina. Meanwhile Dr Stone likewise shot his goody bag into her ass resulting in the biggest orgasm of Tracy's young life. Of course, William, listening in and watching the main action as the camera honed in on her rear end from the floor, had shot his own load a long time ago. He couldn't remember the last time his wife had let him inside her, so watching these wild live streams was the best action he was gonna get.

William had desperately wanted to have a go on Tracy himself too, but because he was a pretty lame lover - the fact that his wife, Sarah, hadn't given him gratification since their honeymoon, was evidence of that - the guys wouldn't let him in on the deal. Hell, he hadn't even seen her face, that was the way the cameras were set up. Unknown to William, there was another simple reason for keeping him out of the deal. As the guys were coming in Tracy's holes, filling them up with their cum, Williams wife Sarah - who was also a good friend of theirs - had been busy herself in her own little sordid affair. Totally unknown to William, his wife had been cheating on him ever since their honeymoon, after realising that he was the worst fuck imaginable.

And so, while William was jerking himself off to Tracy's antics, his seemingly innocent wife was off somewhere cheating on him with another guy and it was, in fact, the perfect ploy for her to get her husband busy while she enjoyed herself too. Overall, it seemed like the perfect solution to a difficult problem. As the video call closed, William got the relief he needed, and somewhere, his wife was getting the relief she needed.

As the three men pulled their cocks out of Tarcy's holes, their cum starting to drip out of her, it was the hottest feeling ever. Owning Tracy like that was out of this world and they all knew it.

Kneeling down on the floor at their feet as they all splashed the last drops of their cum over her beautiful face for a final golden shower of bukkake, her pretty ear piercings sparkling in the light, and her hot choker wrapped around her neck, it was like coming over the face of a royal princess.

"You know guys, having every one of my holes filled up with your cocks, and cum-filled, is the most orgasmic feeling imaginable. But by far the best part of all is cuckolding my lame ass husband. While he jerks off his tiny little cock to us." Sarah smiled.

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