A long walk on the beach filled much of the afternoon, Jenna continually probing about what was in store for the evening. Robert was solid as a rock, giving out no hints despite Jenna's offer of sex on the sand. She couldn't keep from giggling when she said that, wondering what she'd do if he accepted as the beach wasn't deserted. Jenna had done things the last few days that, just a week ago, she could never have imagined doing. But public sex might stretch her a little further than she was willing to go.

Lars and Astrid joined them for dinner in the courtyard.

"Lars had been a total jerk," Astrid griped. "He won't give me a single hint."

"Likewise," Jenna replied. "Just says to make sure my ass is ready."

"I didn't even get that. Should my ass be ready too?" she giggled.

"More than just your ass," Lars said, nodding at Robert.

"Guh," Jenna grunted, taking a big swallow of wine.

They ate, talked, and drank wine, Jenna sucking down a little more than usual, hoping it might relax her for whatever lay ahead. She was beginning to buzz, so she backed off just a little. The wine was delicious, and she enjoyed the buzzed feeling, so backing off was a challenge.

They heard the crackle of the PA, and two ladies knew whatever they were in for was about to begin.

"Hey, everyone. Welcome to the final night of the week. Are you all ready for the last of our activities?"

Cheers and applause from everyone gathered in the courtyard. It didn't look like many were skipping tonight.

"As usual, we're separating you. Men to my right, women to the left."

"See ya," Robert said as he and Lars headed to the other end.

The usual count-off took place to ensure there were equal numbers of men and women. Forty-three of each. That confirmed, the loud voice continued.

"We're passing out small pieces of paper to each of you. On each paper is one-half of a famous saying. Some may not be as famous as others," he laughed. "When the bell rings to start things, everyone is to begin shouting out their portion of the saying, the men all going to the lady's end. Now, here's the second part. Every thirty seconds, the bell will ring, and everyone will shed one article of clothing. Oh, shoes and socks do not count. When you match up with the other half of your saying, you're off to the gentleman's room."

Jenna looked at Astrid. Each had on shorts, a thong, and a shirt. Nakedness would be happening quickly.

The bell sounded, and men were running, everyone shouting. With eighty-six people crammed into one end of the courtyard, the din and chaos were nearly overwhelming. Of course, it was almost impossible to understand what anyone was shouting, and soon, nearly everyone was naked, bumping into each other, milling around, ears straining to hear the matching words.

Jenna felt hands on her body more than once and could see she wasn't the only one experiencing that. There was even an occasional squeal as someone was grabbed. She saw a couple of pairs headed toward the building.

Jenna was shouting, "We have nothing to fear," and listening for, "but fear itself." She thought she might have heard it behind her. She turned and came face-to-face with number one from the beach this morning.

"But fear itself," he said, smiling at her.

"We have nothing to fear." She hoped that saying was appropriate for tonight.

"Do I have anything to fear from you?" she teased.

"Not a thing," he assured her, his eyes roaming over her from head to toes.

Jenna's look had drifted to his crotch. She had noted his partial erection at the beach, but now it was moving a little past partial as he stared at her. Maybe it was the wine working, but she felt a warmth spreading through her that she could cause that without doing anything.

"Let's get our clothes and head upstairs. Oh, I'm Brandon." He held out his hand.

"Jenna," she replied, shaking his hand. "And we better hurry," she encouraged, looking at his erection.

"Shit," he said, shrugging. "You've got the magic."

That his cock was protruding straight out from his body didn't seem to bother him in the least.

They found their clothes and headed indoors, the din behind them continuing.

Brandon led her up the steps, along a hall, and into his room. Jenna looked around, searching for any clue as to what might lay ahead. All looked normal.

"About this morning," he began. "When you two showed up with no men, there was no way we could keep from talking to you. The other three won't believe I was lucky enough to get you. Holy shit!" He licked his lips.

"My turn," she said to the guy who had "gotten" her. "Our guys wouldn't tell us anything about tonight, just to have our ... ourselves ready." She grinned at her near slip.

Brandon bit his lower lip. "How many years have you been coming here?"

"My first."

"Me too. Hell, I guess it's up to me so, here goes. The special thing tonight is ..." He paused, a huge grin on his face, enjoying Jenna's obvious anxiety. "You sure you want to know before it starts?"

"Brandon, just tell me."

"Bondage and BDSM. Does that scare you?"

Jenna took a deep breath, hoping it would stop the trembling that had begun with his simple explanation and question.

"I don't know much about it," she ventured, looking questioningly at Brandon.

His face took on a knowing look as it reddened slightly.

"I know a reasonable amount," he said softly. "Listen, if you want to call the whole thing off and just, I don't know, talk or ... Shit, help me out here."

Jenna was amazed at how flustered he'd quickly gotten and wanted to help him out.

"I don't want to do that, not call anything off. My husband told me I'd have to be tough. I don't know if I can do it, but I sure as hell want to try."

Brandon's expression immediately brightened. He closed one eye and grinned at Jenna.

"How about you? Have you peeked at all, on the net?"

It was her turn to blush slightly.

"Yeah, a couple of times," she admitted.

They were sort of beating around the bush, and Jenna decided to suck it up.

"I think I trust you," she ventured. "I'm ready for whatever."

"I'm not going to hurt you, but ..."

"Some things may hurt."

"I guess that's, well, the point in some cases."

Before she could ask, Brandon answered her question.

"How about 'Yukon' as a safeword? You can beg me to stop all you want, but unless you say Yukon, I may not stop. Deal?"

"Deal," Jenna answered, chewing her lower lip a little more vigorously now. Safewords? She wondered where this might be going.

She noticed Brandon's deep brown eyes looking at her a little differently.

"I'm going to say this, and then I'm done. I haven't seen anyone this week that I'd rather be with on this, our last night."

Jenna could see him biting his tongue, wanting to say more but restraining himself.

"Thanks." She smiled, accepting his compliment. "How do we get started?

"I've got it," he replied, quickly running into the bedroom and returning with a moderate-sized bag. He removed something small and black. " Gonna blindfold you to make it more interesting. I'm going to make it as realistic as possible."

Jenna wasn't sure why, but that made her a mite nervous. She reminded herself that she trusted Brandon, and she hoped all his hormones and endorphins didn't foul things up. But the blindfold was in place and working correctly. What now?

She was being led across the room, then bent over something that felt like a small table. Her wrists were tied, her arms stretched over the edge of the table and tied in place.

"Spread your legs," he said softly.

She could feel his breath against her butt and was sure he was getting a good look. That thought made her tingle, and she spread her legs as requested.

"A little more."

She complied, wondering what he saw now as she felt a drop of liquid meandering down her inner thigh. Whatever he was seeing, he was tying her ankles to something, keeping her legs spread. Only her stomach was on the table, her breasts dangling. Jenna was ready, but nothing was happening.

"I said I was done, but I lied. I could stand here all evening and look at your ass."

The ass compliment again. She was going to have to ask Robert about that.

Then she felt a hand on each breast, squeezing gently, then a little harder, kneading over and over. She could feel her nipples responding — it was clear Brandon could feel it too. He was pulling on them, then a little harder, twisting one and then the other until Jenna squealed. He released them, but just for a few seconds, then was back, just pulling them this time until she gasped. He massaged each one, almost with loving care, before grabbing the nipples again and pulling hard.

Oh, shit, oh shit," Jenna exclaimed, not sure she could stand much more. He released her, and she quickly felt his tongue caressing one nipple, then the other, followed by kisses for each. It was amazingly soothing after the pain they'd experienced.

She'd done it. She was ready for more.

"I need to keep those primed," he said excitedly.

Jenna was wary, wandering what that might mean.

"Stick out your tongue."

No way was she about to do that at this point. She heard him chuckle.

"Stick it out, nothing's going to happen to it," he assured her.

Cautiously she extended her tongue and felt something smooth, maybe plastic swipe across it. Then she felt it against her breast and knew what he was up to as her nipple was sucked into a plastic tube. She groaned. She'd seen that on her internet venture. She wet her tongue and stuck it out once more, the same feeling and then it was on her other nipple.

"That should keep them in good shape," he said, chuckling as he gave each of the tubes a tug, testing their security.

She'd seen one of those suction devices put somewhere else too, and wondered if that was next. She was afraid to imagine what that might be like, but if it happened it would be one more experience in her portfolio. Was that, or something else next?

It was something else, as suddenly she felt a hard slap to one butt cheek. She winced, beginning to breathe a bit harder. When Brandon had said BDSM, this was the first thing that had come to mind. Spanking or paddling of some kind. She wondered if he had a cane or leather strap to increase the punishment. As she thought that, there were five more hard slaps to her butt. If he liked her ass so well, why was he punishing it so severely?

"Did you see some of this when you watched?" he whispered in her ear before probing there with his tongue. She jerked her head away with a squeal.

"Yes, sir. I did."

"Ah, I see you did, and learned proper etiquette too." he replied. "Did they use a leather strap?" he whispered in the other ear as she flinched, anticipating his tongue.

"Yes, sir, they did." She felt his tongue and squealed again.

"Ah," he said, and she could hear the laughter in his voice.

She felt his hand grasping her hair, then his breath on her ear. He wouldn't. But he did. His tongue was in her ear as he held her in place, more squeals and squirming, thrashing about as best she could. Jenna thought it was as awful as being tickled. Mercifully, he stopped.

"My wife hates that. Thought I'd share it with you."

"I hate it too, sir," she managed to get out, trying to catch her breath.

"I'll remember," he chuckled.

In a few seconds, she felt something being pressed against her fingers..

"A leather strap for my ass, sir?" She asked rhetorically.

"Yes, it is. And it has an excellent handle so I can maintain a good, solid grip.

She knew Brandon was supposed to enjoy this evening and what was happening, but decided he was a little over the top with his enjoyment.

She squealed and jerked as his tongue probed her ear again.

"Stop that," she begged. "I'm going to hurt myself on these ropes, jerking away when you do that. Not surprisingly, his tongue went to her ear again to one more squeal and jerk.

"Asshole," she hissed

Almost instantly the strap slapped across her ass. She grunted, not ready to grit her teeth yet.

Such talk," he chuckled again, not offended by her name-calling. "And I believe it's asshole, sir. I'm going to need your help though. I'll give you one smack with the strap. You'll rate it one to ten, ten being the hardest you think you can stand."

"Yes, sir," Jenna answered, curious about how much she could stand, knowing that her competitive nature could get her into trouble.

She felt the strap rubbing gently on her butt. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she felt the strap leave, then smack against her."

"Shit, shit, shit," she groaned. It stung like hell, leaving fire on her buns. But how to rate it. How brave was she? It had hurt, but ...

"Six," she said bravely, finally exhaling.

"You sure?"

"Yes, sir." Came the humble reply.

Okay then. I'm going to vary how hard I hit and you call out the rating. Next question is, how many hits do you want?

Want? That word didn't seem to fit here. Allow might be better. But how many?

"If I give you a small number, you'll think I'm a wimp and I think you know I don't want that." She took a deep breath. "If I give a big number, I'll be tough, but sore as hell, right."

Brandon nodded, then felt foolish. "Up to you," he replied, unable to take his eyes off the ass he was about to punish. "Up to you to count and rate." He rested the strap across her cheeks.

Jenna was debating. Ten or fifteen? No more than fifteen nor less than ten.

"How many will it take to keep your tongue out of my ear?"

"More than you can stand."

"Shit," she grunted. "Fifteen."

"Whoa, I was thinking eight. But fifteen on that gorgeous ass. I can handle that."

She was sure he'd be able to handle it. The question was would she?

It began.

Brandon smacked, and she counted and rated. Several with less impact than the first and she was at five. Then one with a screamed "eight" rating and six count. She was at the point of dreading what a ten might feel like. She knew the fifteenth would be a ten ... or more.

Seven, eight, and nine were much easier. Ten received a shouted nine rating. Four more moderates and she was ready, holding her breath.

Something new was happening. His hand slid down her butt, one finger between her cheeks, caressing the puckered pink opening as it passed, then slipping between her legs. The finger was sliding up and down the wetness of her slit, then pushing between her labia, finding that highly sensitive nub. Her body jolted when he touched it.

"You've been so good with the first fourteen, you deserve a reward," he said as his finger rubbed her clit. She couldn't stop her hips from moving in time with his rubbing, nor could she stop the moaning. The rubbing stopped.

"One more, and then more reward," he said.

Before she was ready, the leather struck. She screamed -- the sting was incredible. But she was receiving her reward, and the pain and pleasure were struggling for control of her body. It was outrageously wonderful.

"You okay?" Brandon asked quietly, close to her ear.

She wondered if she would suffer the ear tonguing that she had before, but that didn't happen.

Brandon rubbed some soothing cream on her butt, occasionally slipping a finger between her legs. Jenna was certainly enjoying her reward, at the same time wondering what was next. She was about to find out.

"You ticklish?" He laughed lightly.

She was ticklish, something that Robert loved to take advantage of at every opportunity. It was unbearable while, at the same time, highly erotic, something she had never understood. But, how to answer Brandon. She knew it didn't matter — he'd do whatever he wanted.

"Yes," she admitted, wincing in anticipation. She felt his hands lightly touching her ribcage, then pressing harder, dancing across her skin. Almost instantly, she was laughing hysterically, her body twisting and turning, hopelessly seeking to avoid the torment. She felt his tongue in one ear, her squirming increasing. Suddenly it stopped, and Jenna was gasping for breath.

She felt her breasts being caressed again, the tubes being pulled, then twisted until she squealed.

She knew Brandon was in front of her. Something smooth and warm bumped her lips, only taking her seconds to recognize what it was. Time for his reward, she thought as she opened her mouth, and the head of his cock was inside, her lips closing around it. She sucked hard on the head, her tongue caressing the underside, then working its way around the ridge that was barely inside her mouth. She opened her lips wider, sending him a message.

Brandon got the message, pressing forward easily, sliding his cock over her tongue, waiting for her lips to close again. She waited, enjoying the groan she could hear just above her head. She felt the soft underside of his cock slide along her tongue. If she was going to reward him, she wanted it to be a worthwhile reward. As she was anticipating, the head bumped against the back of her throat. Despite being ready, she made a soft, gagging noise.

"You okay?" he grunted.

Unable to answer, Jenna simply pressed forward, gagging again but keeping her tongue extended so she could take his full length, the head dipping into her throat. She closed her lips and pulled hard, holding him in place as her tongue continued to work.

"Shit, Jenna," Brandon gasped.

If there was going to be more action, it was up to him. He seemed to understand as he worked to withdraw from the tight hold of her lips. She released him, and he pulled back, then pressed forward slowly, slipping down her throat again. Then out and in, out and in. She was being face-fucked, and it was setting her on fire, gurgling and sloshing sounds filling the room with each of his thrusts.

There was a small pop, and he was gone. Now what? She could hear him moving beside her, then behind her. He was gently rubbing her ass. It was super-sensitive from the working over it had gotten earlier, but his touch was soothing. Still, she was anticipating, the possibilities endless.

His finger was pushing between her labia again; two or three hard rubs on her clit had her body shaking. One of his fingers pressed inside her, wiggled, and then exited. Her breathing was increasing, faster, and shallower.

Inside the blindfold, her eyes opened wide. His wet finger was rubbing the puckered opening between her cheeks. Those cheeks were being spread, and she felt pressure against that opening.

"Brandon," she gasped, wondering if it was time for "Klondike." He wasn't stopping, so she had to decide. Too late as the finger was inside.

He didn't respond to the calling of his name. She felt his legs against her inner thighs. A deep breath, waiting for his next reward. She didn't have long to wait as his very hard cock slid easily into her dripping pussy.

"Aaahhhh," he groaned as she felt him bump against her butt. His cock was moving in and out of her pussy, and his finger was matching the movement in her ass. With each thrust, he banged her against the table, driving the air from her lungs, forcing out a grunt each time. This was a new feeling, or maybe the same feeling combined with a unique experience. Either way, she felt like she might explode.

Through her euphoric haze, she could hear a change in Brandon's breathing. His finger was no longer probing her ass since both hands were gripping her hips, pulling her against him with each of his thrusts. His fingers dug into her flesh as he suddenly stilled, groaned, and she could feel her cock spasming inside her, filling her with his ejaculate.

He collapsed on her back, his chest moving in and out with his distressed breathing.

"I told you before," he said softly, "that you were going to be the best. Still, one more thing to do."

As his weight lifted and his cock left her pussy, Jenna's mind was working. More pain ... or more pleasure. With the brief time she'd spent with Brandon, she was sure she had the answer. At least she was getting her breath back.











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