22:55 - In about 15minutes I'm in your asshole.

22:55 - You will leave the door open, waiting on all fours with the bathrobe belt on your back, do you understand?

My answer was of course "yes sir". At this point, I've spent about 3 hours playing with my ass and unsuccessfully browsing gay hookup sites for a dominant top. Just as I was about to give up, this holy man's first message to me was: "Hey bitch, show yourself properly." I didn't hesitate one moment and I've immediately sent a few pics me, sticking my shaven ass in the air.

His second question was about my address, to which I'm usually very reluctant giving answer to on the internet, however you can't imagine how horny I was. So I gave him my address, we exchanged a few more messages about how he wants just to fuck me, no talking, nothing, which was actually my favourite setup.

His profile said he was on PrEP. I never got fucked bareback, though it was amongst my biggest fantasies. I asked him about it, even though I already knew exactly what does it mean. He sent me a pic of his hand, holding some slightly purple pill and mentioned the bareback sex is safe when taking those. I said respectfully that it is a big fantasy of mine to have a man breed my hole, however I'm gonna pass this time. I was just not sure about it, still it is a stranger from the internet. He mentioned that it's not a problem and asked me if I have anything to have my hands tied with, to which only a bathrobe belt came to my mind.

Then he finally sent those two magical messages and went quiet after my reply. A lot of stuff was going through my head, one of which was if he will come at all, there is a lot of big mouths on the internet but then nothing happens. But I got totally naked, put my jockstraps on, put my lube, bottle of poppers and condoms beside my spot on the bed. I waited for a bit longer than 15 minutes, when I heard the doorbell. My heart started rushing as I went to ring him in, opening the apartment door and rushing back to bed, getting on all fours, sticking my ass out and putting the belt on my back.

I heard him going in, took his shoes off and stepped into the bedroom. I was going to turn around to look at him, when I heard him say "Fuck, stay in position!" So I waited on all fours, praying in my mind, he's gonna rim me. He immediately tied my hands with the belt and then indeed he started to lick my ass. Since it was already a bit loosen up by my dildo, he had no problem going a bit deeper with his tongue.

Then his fingers came, kind of rough but not painful, just digging them deep and deep, one, then two. Finally my favourite thing in the world happened, I heard him open the bottle of poppers, taking deep huffs then I felt the aroma stronger and stronger until the bottle was just under my nose. No hesitation from my side, I took a few big hits and was going to turn around to suck his cock. But he stopped me mid-way, turned me back, face-away from him and I felt more lube on my hole. He opened a condom, putting it on and surprisingly slowly entered my shaved hole. He kept moving in and out slowly till he pushed it all the way in very hard one time, second time, third time and then he just started fucking rough like a bitch.

After a few minutes he turned me to my back (with my hands still being tied behind it), put the poppers bottle again under my nose to huff a bit and then he pulled out looked me in the eyes and slowly took the condom off. He kept looking in my eyes, huffed more poppers and I, still high from the poppers rush with my eyes slightly open, just slightly nodded. He entered my hole slowly and got a bit aggressive again.

He put his hand and on my neck, spitted in my face, slapping it lightly, I started getting extremely horny and I say to him "Harder!" He slapped me harder, lifted his ass so he can pound me harder and started to drill me like a whore. He kept going for a few minutes like this until he started moaning loudly. I grunted: "Come on!" and he finally buried his cock deep, pulsating inside my ass, pumping me full of his cum. He was breathing heavily, laying still on top of me for a while, then pulled his cock out and told me "Push it out bitch." With no experience with being bred, I didn't know how easy will it be, however after a slight push, I felt his cum flowing out of my hole, through my crack and ending on my bed sheets. "Well shit." I thought. And there I was laying, river of cum coming out of my asshole as the proper cum dump, I am."











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