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A Woman's revenge.

By loveofmyLife75

I decided to make a move on Wednesday night while my husband, Richard, was making love to me has he called it. He had just given me again a weak orgasm and shooting all his spunk into his condom. He rolls off me and removes his dam condom, dropping it onto the bedroom floor, turning over to go to sleep.

Let me explain, my, name is Chris Lonsdale. I married Richard 6 years ago the first four years our sex life was good. Richard had been a good lover we made love every other night. He was able to have four ejaculations every time me sometimes up to six orgasms our sexual activities were good.

Whilst making love, Richard always started giving me oral sex, making sure I received a good orgasm. We made love in missionary position; we would change to doggy style and back to the missionary position. I always finished him off with a blowjob.

Richard was 6ft tall, good-looking 13 stone reasonably built. He was one of the directors at a well-known manufacturing company, still having the possibility of two more promotions.

As for myself, I am male and female surgical staff nurse at our local hospital. I loved my job. I am 5ft 10in tall, nine stone 36, 24, 36 curvy figure long legs with short brown hair. I was hoping for a middle management appointment. Moreover, little did Richard know, I was on the contraceptive pill. I did not trust condoms.

When we got married, we had decided not to have any children we both going to concentrate on our careers. The six-bedroom house we moved into was Richard's mother and fathers whom both had passed away. However, for the last two years, our sex life had gone downhill slowly. I was fortunate, working at the hospital. I was able to get information about the possible reasons why my husband was losing interest in our sex life. I did some research in the hospital finding out some men after a few years of having good sex it tends to dry up. Then sometime in the future return to normal. With all this information, I was willing to wait.

Our sex life now was on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I was getting his loving wife reasonable, orgasm but not like, they use to be. He always shot his load of hot spunk into one of those dam condoms. He rolls off me removes the condom, turning over to go to sleep not very satisfying for me.

After that Wednesday, I started to think of any reason I had done to change our sex life. I could think of anything was amiss. I turned my mind to Richard what might be changing him. I started to think about the last two weeks and remember he was coming home late from the company Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Then I realised he had been going on for months. I could only think he was cheating on me. How could I find out without Richard knowing?

Thursday the following day, I was on my lunch break thinking of ways to find out.

Thursday night Richard home two and a half hours late straight into the shower and changed his clothes he had been doing this regularly.

Friday night, Richard, came home two hours late. Showered and changed his clothes. I was thinking about the months before about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights all the same. The man I loved so very much was cheating on me.

The following day Saturday afternoon, I was in the shopping centre having a coffee and approached by a woman. Saying hello, its Chris Lonsdale may I join you. I looked at her for a minute did not recogniser straight away. It is Margret, remember Richards secretary. I invited her to sit down. Chris, you seem to be in another world Margret said. Sorry, I am turning things around in my head. Margret said to want to talk to another woman. I might be able to help. Why you have been crying let us talk.

I looked at Margret and said you do not, what to know about my problems, Margret said trouble shared is a trouble halved. Now please tell me what in the hell is troubling you. Remember we have known each other for a long time and spoken about things in the past.

I said to Margret if I tell, you promise me you will not say a single word to Richard. Margret promised. I then started to cry. Margret promise, you will not say a word to anyone Margret please promised me.

Richard is cheating on me and has been doing it for months every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. I do not know what to do. Come on now dry those tears. Margret called over the waiter and asked for a bottle of red wine and two glasses Margret was very concerned about Chris.

By the time the wine arrived, it had given Margret time to think about what she was going to say to Chris. Chris was looking at Margret. Then Margret said I am going to tell you something. Please will you promise me you will not tell Richard? It must be a secret between us.

Margret went on saying YES. He has been cheating on you for about two years. Sorry, I did not have the heart to tell you I was hoping you would find out in due course by yourself. Chris, please will you forgive me. Chris then said how you could know he has been cheating on me for two years. Margret replied, you know I only work for Richard well all his calls come through me before I transfer them we have an intercom between his office and my desk, Yes Chris said.

Margret picked up her large glass of wine, which was half-full and drank half of it. Well, he gets telephone calls from different women on those days all calling themselves Chris. All use the same name but all sound different. Richard sometimes closes the door between him and myself and makes a telephone call to someone. One day I accidentally touch the intercom switch he was having a sexual conversation with some woman. Sorry, Chris, I wish I were not the one to pass this news onto you. Please remember, do not tell Richard where you got this information from it is secret between us. Margret finished off the glass of wine and refilled our glasses.

Margret can you help me, I love Richard with all my heart I would do anything for him. How can I help give me your mobile telephone number? May I have yours then we exchanged numbers. Margret, you can get in touch with me anytime if you get ant more information for me.

Chris, saying I am glad you called in the coffee shop today. I know now I have to do something soon for sure. Margret said what you are going to do. First, hire a private investigator. Then act normal so Richard he does not suspect anything.

I had booked a day off on Monday. It was going to visit my family that will have to wait for now. Sunday looked for a private investigator on the internet in the town. Monday morning, I telephoned the private investigator, which I had found on Sunday. The office secretary made an appointment for me in 2 hours. I was sitting in the private investigator office asking him to check out if it was true, my husband was cheating on me or not. I gave him his full name, place of work, a photograph of him the type of car he drove with the registration number.

I asked how to pay him without my husband ever knowing. He replied we have a company, which sells clothes just for women. You take some clothes home he will think they are expensive, sorry they are cheap. Show the clothes to him within a week he will have forgotten the cost. You keep on repeating this until the bill paid. He said I would get in touch on Wednesday with an update.

On Monday and Tuesday, Richard home two hours late. Showered and changed his clothes. I knew he was cheating on me now for sure. Wednesday morning, I received a text from my private investigator.

It read, please get in touch as soon as you finished work.

I went to the private investigator office before going home. He gave me a quick update Yes it looks very much like he is cheating on you with two different women. The private investigator said I know which room he uses. I get photographs of them, entering and leaving the hotel. He said he would check it out on Thursday and Friday. Can you call in on Saturday morning for an update?

Saturday morning in the private investigator office, he repeated yes it looks very much like he is cheating on you. However, this time two more different women and I have photographs of them entering and leaving the hotel.

The private investigator said, how do you what me to proceed. Before you answer, I know the hotel manager he has been most helpful in the past, allowing us to install video cameras in three or four positions in the room. How do you what me to proceed?

I said to install the cameras ASAP. I will get them all installed on Monday well before your husband arrives. I will give you a full update next Saturday morning with a written report, photographs, and two copies of DVDs.

Monday, Tuesday, Richard comes home late straight into the shower, changed his clothes.

Wednesday night, Richard was making love to me. I a semi-good orgasm he came in his condom, rolling off turning to go to sleep.

Thursday and Friday night Richard comes home late straight into the shower changed his clothes.

Saturday morning at the private investigator office, I received the written report, photographs, and copies of DVDs. I now had evidence of my husband cheating on me with four different women. I now had to watch the DVDs Richard fucking these four women I was not looking forward to it at all.

Disc 1 Labelled Monday

Richard and the woman both were on the bed. The women, legs wide open. Richards head licking and sucking her pussy, giving her oral sex. Then switch into missionary position he fucked her. He turned her over on her knees down on the end of the bed in doggy position Richard stood up he fucked her backwards. Back into missionary position and he fucked her, she then gave him a blowjob.

If I did know any better, it could have been me.

Disc 2 Labelled Tuesday

The woman was doing a striptease for Richard every piece of clothing she removed. Both stripped Richard, sitting in the bedroom chair. She mounted Richard facing him Richard was playing with her tits she was fucking him. Then she remounted backwards and started fucking him he was playing with both tits. Then on the bed, missionary position and he fucked her. He turned her over she knees down on the end of the bed in doggy position Richard stood up he fucked her backwards. Then gave her oral sex, she then gave him a blowjob.

Disc 3 Labelled Thursday

The woman had Richard on a dog leash around his neck, leading him around the bedroom floor on all fours. The leash comes off. Leash goes on her neck doing the same to her, leading him around the bedroom. Both were naked on the bed with her legs wide open. Richard's, head goes between her legs licking and sucking her pussy giving, her oral sex. Then switch into missionary position fucking her. He turns her over with her knees down on the end of the bed in doggy position. Richard, then standing up fucking her backwards. Back into missionary position and he fucked her again she then gave him a blowjob.

Disc 4 Labelled Friday

Different the woman she had a holdall with her she opened it up on the bed what falls out a blindfold, mouth ball gag, arm, and leg-restraining straps fall out. She stripped and lay on the bed. Richard secured her arms and legs at full stretch, and then he blindfolds her and fits in her mouth a ball gag. He gave her first oral sex then mounted her and fucked her. Then released the straps turned her over rescued the straps and then fucked her face down on the bed. Richard released her then she secured Richard with the arm and leg straps blindfold on and ball gag in his mouth. She mounted him and fucked him the last thing she did was give him a blowjob still secured to the bed.

After watching the four videos, he was becoming kinky. All I wanted was good satisfying sex for the rest of my married life.

I called off at the coffee shop, Margret dropped in I order a bottle wine for the two of us; Margret said I have some more information for you. What is that I said?

The telephone system at work shows the incoming telephone numbers. I made a note for you of the number of the four women calling Richard; here they are great thank you very much.

Now I had to find a divorce attorney I wanted to get revenge on my husband and the four sluts.

I went back to the hospital to see if I could find any information about the four women via the confidential, computer security system I was trusting to luck. I entered each telephone number turn. Much to my surprise, I had all their names and address and one piece of medical information I could use, all on the contraceptive pills. I was thinking quickly, how I could get them all pregnant if all were of the dam contraceptive pills. The only answer I could come up. I had to gain entry into their homes and replacing the contraceptive pills, with something else.

I knew Bill he was the hospital locksmith, I went and found him saying Bill could you loan me a copy of your skeleton keys a friend of mine is having trouble with her locks at home. What type are they, he asked, I replied not got a clue? Here take these spare set of skeleton keys. I have extra sets tell her to go slowly, wriggle them about, and turning at the same time. Let me have them back when she has done. Thanks, Bill. I called off at the chemist and purchased 200 aspirins I was going to use them to replace their contraceptive pills.

On my way home, I decided to take a chance on the first address. I knock at the door three times no answer. Skeleton key went into the lock. I opened it walked in looking for the bedroom, praying she used a daily pillbox. Looking in the drawers found her pillbox it was a 28-compartment pillbox organiser and the only one used. I emptied the pills down her loo and refilled with 27 with my new replacement pills.

I laugh to myself you are off the pill now. I made a note when I was to return in 27 days.

I left the house I decided to check on the addresses to see if I could do the same. I call off at another of the three homes on my way home with only slight detours. The second address no one at home lucky again. I found her pillbox I could not believe it another 28-compartment pillbox organiser and only one used. I emptied the pills down her loo and refilled with 27 the new replacement pills I then made a note.


I was driving to the third house. I prayed for the same result. Into the house eventually, I found her pillbox in the bathroom you could have knocked me over with a feather. She had taken three pills the rest down the loo refilled with 25 the new replacement pills I then made a note.

I left the house, praying that God was on my side. Off to the forth house nobody at home straight in looking for her pills, yes God defiantly on my side today, found 28 compartment pillbox organiser and only one used. I emptied the pills down her loo and refilled with 27 with my new replacement pills. I left the house driving home, laughing my head off. I was laughing so much nearly, causing an accident.

I had to return and do the dirty deeds again making use of my notes. I did not care two hoots for the four of them.

On my way home called off at the fish, mongers purchased six oysters, salmon and sardine us both loved seafood. That was to become the dinner every other night from now on to increase his sperm count.

At home, I made dinner and was very pleased with myself. I did not mind Richard making his so-called love to me on Saturday and Sunday nights.

I now had to wait for months to see who was going to pregnant. In the interim, I change my bank, opening up a new account, had my salary paid into my new bank account, opened a safety deposit box. Withdrawing small amounts of money from Richard and I accounts. I removed all my expensive jewellery and put them in my safety deposit box.

I had a problem with how to pay up the private investigator. I pawned a few items that I had found in the loft, that both of us did not like much.

I managed to pay him up in the following two months that was a headache gone.

I found my divorce attorney and asked to prepare papers for the divorce. All I wanted was the house. Richard could keep all his income. He was going to need it if my plan worked. The attorney asked what date to serve the papers. I said I would tell you when I am ready.

Months passed by one Monday afternoon, I received a text from Margret all it said.


Inside the coffee shop, I had a bottle of wine ready. Margret walked in, picking up her glass of wine and had a good drink. Chris, I had four phone calls today all were asking for Richard. The first one to Richards his reaction was shit. Second one holy shit and his head hit the desk. The third one good calling out God, you must be kidding me standing up walking around the office stamping his feet. The last one he came out with what the fucking hell am I going to do thumping his desk in anger.

I burst out laughing, Margret said what is it you laughing at I drank half a glass of wine, looked back at Margret and said. I bet their all pregnant. Margret said you do not know that. I was still laughing and said I replace all their birth control pills with aspirins for the last three months or so.

Margret and I now were in uncontrollable laughter, tears pouring from our eyes. Margret is there any high profile meeting going on this week. Margret replied yes this Wednesday afternoon at one. Margret please gives me a minute or two while I ring my divorce attorney. I just managed to catch him before he left. I was able to speak with my attorney. Margret listened. I asked the divorce attorney could he serve divorce papers this coming Wednesday prompt at 12:45 at the company where Richard worked. I thank him and put the phone down.

I picked my glass of wine looked at Margret a toast to divorce.

I asked Margret tell me his reactions when divorce papers served Margret said sure will.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, when Richard got home, he was in a real bad mood. I could not wait for Wednesday night.

The papers serve on time on Wednesday, Margret told me, if the floor could have opened up and swallowed him up, and he would have accepted it there and then.

Wednesday night. I was in the kitchen, making, dinner calm and collective. Richard walked straight into the kitchen, screaming, shouting, and waving the divorce papers. What the fucking hell is this all about you is divorcing me. I turned around, saying quietly and calmly that is right, you do not have to shout. Richard said for what reason are you doing this. I said infidelity, you cheating on me with four other women most probably all slags. Richard, saying I love you so very much you cannot divorce me, YES I can read the papers. Richard said; please let me explain it has only happened in the last two weeks.

I burst out laughing you said two weeks sorry Richard it has been for the last two years. If you read the papers, you are waving it says you must leave this house within 24 hours and you got until one tomorrow if you are not out, I will call the police they will remove you. I have packed most of your clothes and things you had better check the rest of the house for anything I may have forgotten. Nearly forgot sign the papers if you do not you will come worse off. See you in court.

Richard checked the house for items I may have missed loaded his car and drove off.

I left it for two weeks. I contacted each of the four women posing as a social worker. Saying my job was looking after unmarried women expecting a baby from men whom they could no marry. That was pure bullshit. I only wanted to make sure; all knew they were entitled to family support in the way of money from the father. All four without any pressure told me the fathers name Richard Lonsdale, my husband.

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