I had read about them and I'd been told about them So I knew a little about them. I had given it lots of thought. My wife Carla and I married just out of high school. She is the most beautiful, sexy female I have ever known. A guy I work with put it in my mind. He told me Carla belongs in Boystown. That is how I first learned of it. He had flirted with Carla since the first time he met her. And the next day he told me he was going to fuck Carla. I ask when he planned to do it?

He grinned and told me to watch him do it. I actually gave him the go ahead to try. That had been nearly 6 months ago and I couldn't say Brian hadn't made some head way but just a bit.

Carla is 32, 5', and maybe 120lbs, which is maybe just a tad bit more than most men would want, but she carries it perfectly. Her breasts are 34c cups and her hips maybe an inch or two more. Short cropped brown hair and a tiny spot just above her clean shaved sweet vagina.

Now Brian has seen Carla several times in her swimming suits and even in her skimpy one that is three tiny strips that barely cover her nips and lips once. I have teased her about letting him see them bare. And she has ask if I am serious? I told her sure let him get an eye full. She just grinned.

Brian told me about Palo and his Boystown club just over the border from our favorite place to eat just this side of the border. He told me Carla was perfect for Boystown. We have been there a couple dozen times to eat but had never seen this Palo there. Brian told me he is only the on Friday night and we had only gone a Saturdays. I ask Brian lots of questions about Palo and his club. He answered then all. I finally ask the important question. I ask why he felt she was perfect for Palo's club.

"You know the answer to that."

He was right I did. And finally I told him.

"You know you are getting very close."

"You think she's going to let me? Give me a chance?"

"The company party this Saturday I am going to be called away. You ask her to stay and if I don't make it back to it you'll give her a ride home. We will see?"

"You will do that? And what do I do for you?"

"You know it won't be a one time thing."

"Ya I know it won't be."

"Talk her into meeting Palo and going to his club."

"He will take her you know."

"Yes I know."

The week went by quickly and Saturday came. Carla and I were having a good time ,but about (pm I got the call. Brian happened to be standing close by so I turned to him and ask if I couldn't get back before the party was over could he give Carla a ride home? He of coarse said sure.

Carla had heard me and I explained in all likely I would not be gone long. She said it was fine. They had been dancing together lots. I left at just a little past 9pm.

The party broke up at just about 2am. I had sent her a text at about midnight telling her I'd be out all night and not to look for me til about 10am in the morning. I watched them leave the party at 2am. I followed them toward our house. I knew she was having him take her home. They pulled in our drive. They stayed in his car.

Several minutes passed and soon twenty minutes. We have a light on our garage that lights the drive up really well. I finally slipped out of my car the block away and went down the alley. When I got to our back yard I knew our bedroom light would be on and she would be there and his car gone. It wasn't on and his car was still there. The hedge that runs down the side of my drive is about 3 feet from her side of the car and I slipped down to where it sat.

I peeked over the hedge and into the side window of his car. Carla was turned facing Brian away from me. I watched for several seconds before I came to realize my wife's back was completely bare. She turned back to the front and her beautiful right breast came completely into view bare. Then his hand came up to cover it. They were kissing. As they pulled apart I saw her nodding and the car started and backed out. It disappeared down the street.

I knew Brian had finally worn my wife down and he was taking her back to his apt to fuck her. I walked back to my car and drove over to his apt. His car was parked out front. I walked over and looked inside the car. Carla's dress lay on the seat. So she was naked. I walked up the side entry walk way to the window looking into his bedroom. The curtains were wide open. They were naked in the middle of his bed and she sat astride him. His big cock firmly up inside my wife as she slid smoothly up and down on it. His hands were busy working on her bouncing bare breasts.

I watched their mating for several minutes and then left them to their fun. Brian told me each time she then met him to make love after that. After the fifth time she was with him, he told me he had told her to have me take her out for dinner the next night and she to meet Palo.

"I had her naked in your drive after the party and she was going inside. I saw you in the hedge beside the car. I told her you gave her to me to fuck that is why she nodded and agreed to go home with me. I left the curtains open so you could watch us fucking. I told her you ask me to get her to go to his club. She has told me she'll let him fuck her and to become one of his whores."

"She told you that?"

"Yes she has agreed to do it."

"Why did she agree to do it?"

"Because I told her we both want her to do it. And she admitted to me that it excites her."

"She actually understands what Boystown is about?"

"Everything I explained it all to her. She is ready to go Friday night to eat. She knows Palo will be there to invite her to his club over the border."

"Does she want me to take her or you?"

"I know Palo will prefer you bring her to his club. And by the way I am going to fuck your wife tonight."

Carla didn't get home til later so I knew Brian had told the truth. She had been fucking him.

Friday night came and we got home from work. I had said nothing about going out for super that night, but Carla went right up and showered like we were going out. So I in turn did the same. When I came down she was ready to go out. She was dressed in a short sleek dress that was skin tight and showed no under ware lines so I guessed she had none on. Nothing was said about going or even where.

I drove to our favorite place to eat and we went in. We had a great meal as usual and were just finishing up when the large black man sat down beside Carla on her side of the table.

"Hello I am Palo and I have never seen you here beautiful, Lady."

"I am here lots for dinner."

"But never on Friday nights?"

"No, never my husband and I come on Saturdays."

"As I thought, I would have seen one as beautiful as you other wise. Pardon my intruding on you. As I said I am Palo. I own the Palo Club just on the other side of the border. I want to invite you down to my Club. You come as my guests and you pay for nothing. Please come it is a very safe short walk from here."

Palo walked away from our table And left. He is a very large man 6' 3" or 4" tall and huge at maybe 300 pounds and maybe more. His shaved bald head shined and a grey go T was around his wide mouth.

I guess I can say that I could see how any woman could find Palo sexually interesting. And knowing my beautiful wife as well as I do, I could feel the sex from her for him. We finished our meal and desert and I paid the bill. We walked out and started toward our car. Carla had stopped on the steps and stood.

"Are you ready to go Honey?"

She was looking down the street towards the gate that entered The way to cross into Mexico.

"I thought maybe you'd walk me down to Palo's Club?"

"Carla are you sure you really want to do this? You know what he wants and what he'll do with you."

She smiled at me.

"David it makes you hard to think about my doing this doesn't it? Brian told you about Boystown and planted the seed in your brain. Partly to fuck me and partly because he wants me to do it too. You gave me to Brian to become his lover. I have given myself to him completely. He's ask me to do this completely. I am to give myself to Palo and then to become his whore in the Club."

"So you have fallen in love with Brian?"

"NO. Yes. I don't know for sure? I love his cock being up inside me and his hands pulling on my breasts. You both want me to do this. It excites me. Take me down there David so I can be what he wants."

"Walk to our car Babe, and get in we will go home and forget this all has ever happened."

She stood there for a long time. Her nipples suddenly hardened and she took my hand.

"Come walk me down there."

We walked down and over the border and down to the door of Palo's Club. I nocked on the door. It opened and a large Mexican looked out at us.

"Awe, come Palo waits for you."

We were shown to a table near the stage. We didn't wait long until Palo appeared and sat next to Carla. He took her hand and smiled down at her. A very pretty woman appeared beside me and sat down.

"This is Virginia and she'll take care of you. Anything you want and I do mean anything."

I could tell She was American and likely a married housewife from over in Texas. We chatted and I looked her over as I could hear Palo And Carla talking quietly across the table from us.

Palo with Carla's hand in his got up with out saying anything and lead Carla off with him.

We watched them walk slowly toward the rear. They were headed toward a stairway.

"Is she your wife?"

I nodded.

"When she goes up the stairs with him your lives will be changed forever. In five minutes she'll be nude for him. In less than ten he will be up inside her and he owns her."

We watched him lead her up the stairs and disappear down the hallway.

We sat quietly for several minutes saying nothing. Finally she looked at me and smiled.

"Well she is his now, just one of his whores. You can watch her on stage in a couple hours fucking the blacks. He has that black monster up in her little pussy now."

So Carla had now committed to be one of his whores. Virginia led me up the stair Carla had just gone up with Palo. A room at the end was open and we entered, As we undressed the walls were thin and we could hear the sex in the last room. And I heard Palo say.

"Yes, My little white whore use that pussy so good on my big cock. You will bring many cocks up here tonight my little whore."

We could hear Carla's moans as he fucked her. Finally she cried out.

"Oh God Palo fuck me Oh I love your cock!"

Virgina and I had been at it for over an hour when they left the room next to us. Several minutes passed when we heard the door close again and I heard Carla's voice again in the next room. And then a man's voice telling her how great she looks naked.

"Palo didn't waist anytime putting your wife on her back for his customers. Her pussy is already making him money. She is going to be a very busy girl." We could hear them fucking next door and her cries of delight of his black cock. We heard his climax in her.

"On my God, your pussy is the best. Are you going to be here as a regular or is this a one night fling for you?"

"You come back anytime Sweetheart, My pussy will be your. It is going to be here for the next year or maybe longer?"

Before Virginia and I left our bed Carla returned with another customer and was fucking him.

Virginia and I sat next to the stage drinking a very high priced bottle of wine and watched my wife climb the stairs several more times.

Carla disappeared for several minutes and then she walked out on the stage and came to the edge and sat down just a few feet from our table. She opened the white robe she wore and spread it wide displaying her beautiful naked body for all to see. Young blacks joined her at the edge of the stage and her public display as Palo's whore began in the orgy they began.

Palo sat down as we watched them enjoying her body completely.

"When you are finished enjoying yourself feel free to return home. Your wife will be mine for the next couple weeks making me a lot of money. Thank you for giving her to me to use."

I went home alone an hour later.











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