"How did you find out about it?"

"After you graduated from the academy, The Commander immediately sent another female recruit for me to train in the after hours. I had been training her for about two weeks when she sprained her ankle and had to go home. I packed my gear and headed for home. I noticed a black SUV parked on the street but figured someone was visiting a neighbor. When I entered my back door, I heard screaming coming from the bedroom. I drew my weapon and ran toward the bedroom. The door was standing wide open. In the middle of our marital bed, Angela was on all four, butt naked, and the Commander was kneeling behind her fucking her doggy-style in the ass. I didn't even know she liked it in the ass. I was such an idiot."

"Oh, you poor darling. I know that had to be very traumatic for you. I guess they are lucky you didn't blow both of them away."

"Believe me. I was very tempted, Lucy. But I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of knowing I was that devastated."

"Tell me you at least kicked his ass."

"No. I quietly left by the backdoor and parked down the street and waited for the asshole to leave. I parked where I knew the SOB would see me on his way out of my neighborhood. I enjoyed the surprised expression on his face when he realized I was aware of the situation. I enjoyed more the shocked look he had when I gave him the finger as he drove by. He knew I had him by the balls, and there was nothing he could do about it."

"That's all you did? You didn't report him to Internal Affairs?"

"I didn't want the whole department to know I had a slut for a wife. Not after all those years of being the police officer's envy of every officer in the police department because I had such a stunning wife. Angela was so beautiful and sexy. I even noticed women looking at her with lust in their eyes. I used to secretly gloat to myself when I saw officers drooling over her, and I was the lucky one getting to fuck her."

"Well, what else did you do? Please tell me you were able to even the score with those two."

"I think I did, but they probably don't realize it yet. Angela wasted little time letting the Commander's wife know about their affair, and he is in the middle of a divorce. I understand they are living together in a shoddy apartment in a less than desirable part of town."

"It serves them both right, but what else did you do?"

"The very next morning, I went to Personnel and requested a transfer and a thirty-day leave of absence. I then returned home while Angela was at work and moved all of my possessions to the apartment I am living in now. I left her a note informing her to expect divorce papers.

"Again, I am so sorry, Mike. Is there anything I can do?"

"I appreciate you being such a good friend and patiently listening to my sad tale. I should ask you if there is anything I can do for you?"

Lucy blinks. "You can take me for a drink after..."

Lucy bats her eyes and gives him a knowing simile.

"Go on, after what?"

"After you take me to your place. Okay?"

It was Mike's turn to blink. It takes him a minute to connect the dots, but then he grins.

"No argument here, Lucy. The moment I saw you walk through the door, I started thinking of a way to get you to my apartment."

"I don't want to wait another minute longer to be alone with you than I already have, Mike. I want to be alone with you the way we both wanted to be together in the academy."

Mike doesn't say anything. He gazes into her eyes like he is in a trance or is daydreaming. Lucy begins to feel uncomfortable with his silence. For a moment, she is horrified at the thought she may have misread specific signals.

"I didn't misinterpret your feelings, did I, Mike? You did want things to happen between us. Please, tell me I am not so stupid that I assumed things that weren't there."

"No... no, it wasn't your imagination, Lucy. I felt the same things as you, but we knew it couldn't happen without destroying my marriage and your career."

Nothing remained to be said. Mike and Lucy finish their coffee and then stand. Mike touches her forearm briefly, and then they walk toward the back of the precinct house. Lucy finds the Lieutenant's office and tries to focus on what she is there to do. Upon completing her meeting, she walks out of the Lieutenant's office, practically vibrating with anticipation.

It's true. Lucy has waited a long time to fulfill her desires toward Mike, and she decides drinks can definitely wait a while longer. Lucy tells Mike in no uncertain terms that she wants to be alone with him. She wants to follow Mike's car with hers, but he insists on driving her.

"I'll take you, and I'll bring you back here after we are through, okay?."

"You mean I ride with you, in your car, like a date?"

"We can call it a date if you wish, Lucy.

Lucy smiles and lets Mike open his car door for her. Mike's apartment is only about five minutes from the precinct house in a small red brick building. Before he opens the door to the main entrance, he takes her hand, leans over, and kisses her.

"You have no idea how many times I wanted to do that while you were going through the police academy," he whispers.

"Hopefully, as often as I wanted to kiss you," she answers.

Mike has to duck into the apartment manager's office to retrieve mail. When he comes back with it, she notices an enormously prominent bulge in his pants. Mike isn't even trying to hide it, and he just smiles when he catches Lucy looking at it. Mike leans in and gives her another quick kiss on the lips. Lucy's body is nearly buzzing with excitement because she will finally fulfill the pent-up desires for Mike. His lips are soft, and his tongue darts out to touch hers, making her pussy pulsate.

"Come with me, Lucy. I can't wait any longer. I've had wet dreams about you for months. And then you just show up out of the blue at my precinct house. The universe can be amazing sometimes."

Lucy follows him up the steps two levels and through the front door of his small apartment. The glow of a nightlight cast a low light in the living room, and Mike turns on a table lamp. Mike unbuckles his police utility belt and hangs it on a wall hook. He walks into the kitchen and gets two wine glasses, and sets them on the breakfast bar.

"What do you think of my apartment, Lucy? It's not much, but it's home until the divorce is final. After the settlement between Angela and me, I plan to buy a small house."

"I have a similar Apartment on the other side of town, and it's more than enough for me."

Mike thinks to himself, "She is more attractive now than she was in the police academy."

Lucy catch's Mike staring at her butt, legs, and breasts; she smiles. Mike gets embarrassed at being caught staring and blushes slightly.

He mumbles, "You look great, Lucy."

It is Lucy's turn to blush. She whispers, "Thank you. You are kind."

Mike pours wine for Lucy and himself.

He raises his glass and says, "To a new beginning."

Lucy nods and clinks her glass against his. They each take a sip then stand silently gazing at each other. It seems longer than a few minutes but is more like seconds.

Mike leans forward and kisses Lucy first on the cheek, and when she turns to offer her lips, he kisses her on the lips; Lucy yields and thrusts her tongue into Mike's mouth. The kiss lingers. They stand and hug, with Lucy's arms around Mike's waist. Lucy feels Mike's hard cock on her belly, and she giggles.

A short while later, Lucy still has a flushed face and says, "I have to go to the bathroom. I will be back soon. Is there a powder room I can use?"

Mike directs her to the bathroom in his master bedroom. He decides to use the guest bathroom in the hallway. He returns to the living room and is watching a baseball game without sound when Lucy returns. She sits about a foot away from him on the sofa. Mike can smell freshly applied perfume, still delicate, and not overpowering. He also notices that Lucy applied a fresh coat of lipstick and unbuttoned another shirt button, exposing her cleavage more.

"You don't have to sit way over there by yourself, Lucy. We are no longer classified recruit and instructor. We don't have to maintain the distances required at the academy."

Lucy gets up, smiling, and says, "In that case, I think I will sit in your lap and talk."

Lucy practically launches herself at him. He catches her in his arms, cups the back of her head with one hand, and kisses her deeply. Lucy sits in Mike's lap, throws her arms around his neck, and plants her mouth on his in a long juicy kiss. Mike almost hypnotizes Lucy with a reciprocally passionate kiss while he runs his hand under her knit shirt and drags a finger down her spine over her bra strap to just below the waistband of her jeans. Lucy's skin tingles at the chill of his hand on her naked flesh and the excitement of him touching her that way finally, after all this time.

Instinctively, Mike grabs her waist and slowly rubs her back. He feels Lucy's firm tits pressing into his chest and smells her enchanting perfume. After the kiss ends, Lucy smiles and touches Mike's face. Then Lucy surprises Mike by reaching for his crotch and briefly stroking his cock bulge. She giggles and whispers sexily, "I see that you like me very much. It's ironic that just a few months ago, when I was your student in the academy, this kind of thing was strictly forbidden. Mike just nods, caresses her hands, arms, neck, and face; occasionally, he squeezes her waist and hips savoring Lucy's feminine curves. Lucy notices that Mike's eyes are frequently darting from her lips to her ample cleavage.

She continues in her sexy whisper, "I have not dated anyone seriously in a while. It will take me some time to get used to you. Don't be too rough with me at first."

Mike nods again and says, "I have not dated anyone either. I have been busy taking care of business, starting with my divorce. You are a beautiful young lady, and you are also a sexy woman. You set the limits, and I will follow them. But, remember, we are both adults who care for each other."

Mike buries his face in Lucy's cleavage, starts kissing and nibbling it, and then begins kissing her neck as his passion increases. Lucy reacts by first squealing, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, enjoying Mike's passionate kisses for several minutes.

"Tell me what you want, Lucy. I want to hear you say exactly what you want and how you want it. Please be very descriptive with your requests. I love dirty talk."

Mike gazes seductively into Lucy's eyes. He kisses her on the forehead, the nose, and her lips. He whispers in her ear some of the things he wants to do to her. His words make her shiver. Lucy has never been much for dirty talk. She's usually shy and reserve, but she's wanted Mike for so long she finds herself whispering, "Eat my pussy, Mike. I've always wanted to know what your tongue would feel like on my pussy."

"I will do anything you ask, Lucy, but you have to talk dirty and tell me what you want and how you want it," he replies.

Mike sticks his tongue in her ear as he pushes her back and gently lowers her to the sofa. He removes her sneakers and unzips her jeans while she wrestles off her knit shirt and bra. Lucy lifts her hips as Mike pulls her jeans down and off. Her panties go next. He kisses her mouth and then heads downward, pausing to suck each nipple until she gasps. Then he rakes his teeth down her belly and nibbles along her navel. Lucy thinks she might lose her mind. She's pretty sure she stops breathing for a moment.

"Please, Mike," she moans in desperation. "I need to feel your tongue on my pussy!"

"Patience, Sweetheart. I'll get there, and when I do, I want you to tell me how it feels and how I can make it feel better. This time belongs to you, and I want you to enjoy it fully."

But even as he says the word, he pushes a finger inside her vagina, and she melts into the sofa. Mike skims his lips across her pubic mound, bites her labia gently, and then finds her clit. Lucy's entire body goes rigid. Mike's tongue is hot and wet and extremely talented as he flicks that sensitive nub of flesh.

"Oh my god, Mike. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I don't see how you can make it feel any better. Just keep doing what you are doing."

Lucy finds herself cradling Mike's head, her fingers stroking his soft hair, as she raises her hips to meet his mouth. His tongue draws patterns on her sensitive clit as he finger fucks her. Then he nips her clit gently, and she urgently whispers.

"Harder, Mike. Please suck my clit harder."

Mike does her bidding, and her first orgasm strikes fast and intense. She clutches his head as he laps up her juices eagerly. Lucy sits up fast, and her head goes fuzzy. She reaches for Mike's belt buckle, and he steps back, shaking his head.

"I'll do it, Lucy. You just tell me what you want, and I'll see to it that you get it."

Lucy watches, mindlessly twirling her hair around a finger as Mike whips off his uniform shirt and then unbuckles his belt. His uniform trousers make a whooshing noise as he pushes them down, and Lucy sees his long, hard cock stressing his navy blue boxer briefs. He pushes them down, and his hard cock finally springs free. Being the first time Lucy has actually seen his cock in the raw; she thinks it is beautiful. Lucy sucks in a breath and makes a "gimme" motion with her hands.

Mike steps closer and slides the tip of his cock along her lower lip. Lucy darts her tongue out to lap at him, and she tastes his salty-sweet pre-come. She sucks him into her mouth, just the tip at first, and then drives her mouth down his shaft. Mike's hand cups the back of Lucy's head, and that controlling but gentle gesture turns her on immensely. She wants to be dominated by him. Wants to be made to do all the dirty nasty thing she has fantasized about since meeting him.

Lucy wants that hard cock inside her pussy now. She wants him to fuck her any way he wants; missionary, doggy-style, sideways on the bed, upside down. It doesn't matter. She just wants him inside her. Fucking her. She strokes his cock with her fist and gently sucks the head. She bends to suck his balls into her mouth as she jacks him, sweeping her thumb over his sensitive tip. He groans and clutches at her long hair, tangling a length of it around his fingers. He clutches her hair, controlling the movement of her head up and down the length of his rod at his will.

"Do you like that, Lucy? Do you like me forcing my cock down your throat as far as it will go?"

Lucy gasps and tries to shake her head in the affirmative, but Mike has total control of her head. She can feel him pushing deeper into her throat and is finding it hard to breathe. Shifting, Lucy tries to get air. She panics when her throat closes on his cock, causing him to shoot a load of hot cum down her throat. Her whole body shudders when her orgasm shakes her from her head to her curling toes.

"Enough of that," Mike says, pulling his cock from her mouth.

Lucy gazes up at him with a dazed expression. She has never been treated that roughly during sex and realizes she likes it that way. Mike grabs her wrist and hauls her up. Before she realizes what he is doing, he dips his big body and catches her up in a fireman's carry to take her to his bedroom. Lucy lets out a yelp, and then they are both laughing, as much as two aroused-on people can laugh when all they really want to do is fuck. Mike drops her in the middle of the bed and then lands on it next to her.

"I want to fuck you, Lucy," Mike says, nibbling at her collarbone. "I want to fuck you, and probably before we go to get that drink, I promised, I'll want to fuck you again and then maybe again."

Lucy whimpers and pulls him toward her for another kiss. His hard cock presses against her thigh as he kisses his way along her neck and across her shoulders. Mike heads downward, pausing at her breasts. He bites one of her nipples, and she squeals. Then he settles himself over her, and his cock presses against her soaked slit.

"Yes... oh, fuck me, Mike. Oh nice and... Oh my god, Mike."

Lucy moves her hips up to meet his as just the tip of his cock slides into her grasping vagina. She holds her breath as he pushes in, causing all the nerve endings in her vaginal walls to come alive. He kisses her roughly, nipping her lower lip.

"Oh nice and hard, just like... just like... mmmmmmm that," Lucy almost growls out each word between moans.

"Spread your legs wider, Lucy. Let me in all the way. I want you to feel as much of my cock as possible. It may not be the longest cock in town, but it is thick and should stimulate all the little nerve endings in the walls of your sensitive pussy."

Lucy does as ordered. She parts her legs wide. Mike hikes them up against her chest and slides into her balls-deep. His gaze never leaves hers as he begins fucking her. She purs as he gives her long slow strokes.

"I've thought about this a lot," Mike growls. His tempo increases, his long cock pounding her most sensitive places with every thrust.

"The whole time I was training you, I kept wondering what it would be like to fuck you like this. I almost asked you to fuck me that day we were working the Judo maneuvers."

"Me, too. Me, too!" She holds on to him tightly and tosses her head back as he rakes his teeth down her throat. She wraps her legs around Mike so that he can pound her as deeply as possible.

"I swear, Lucy if you had given the slightest indication you wanted that, I would have fucked you crazy right there on the gym floor."

"I wanted to, but I was afraid you would reject me, and that would have destroyed the fantasies I had each night when I masturbated thinking about us together.

"Cum for me, Lucy," Mike whispers as he slides a single finger in her tight little asshole. He can feel her sphincter close tightly around his finger.

Lucy's orgasm comes as easy as you please. Mike swallows her cries with a kiss before pulling out of her before he cums. Mike rolls to his side and angles her so he can enter her cunt from behind. He slides back into her pussy while she is still feeling the effects of her orgasm.

"Touch your clit, Lucy."

Lucy does as he asks, already feeling the approach of yet another intense orgasm.

"That's so sexy, Lucy," Mike whispers in her ear.

"I love watching my cock sliding in and out of you, stretching you, while you're stroking your clit. I want you to cum with me. I want you to cum on my cock again. I want to feel that pussy quiver around my dick."

Mike starts hammering her with all his might. Lucy strummed her clit with her fingers and pushed back hard against his cock each time he thrusts hard into her vibrating pussy.

"Oh my god, Mike. Fu, uh, uh, uh, uck. Me, me, har, har, harder," Lucy studders with each inward thrust of Mike's cock. "Don't stop! Don't stop. I'm going to cum again, Mike."

"Oh, I love your delightful filthy mouth, Lucy," Mike sighs.

She gives him what he asks for, stroking herself, making her pussy undulation, and gripping him tightly. Lucy's cum coats his cock as Mike growls, collapses her onto her soaked cavity, and continues to enter her from behind. But his full weight is on her this time, his mouth on the back of her neck. Lucy's eyes drift shut as she soaks in the pleasure of him hammering her cunt. Mike covers her body with his like a blanket. He finally cums, and murmurs her name against the back of her neck. Goosebumps spring up along her shoulders. Mike lies there a moment before pulling out, rolling her over, and kissing her again.

"What did you think, Lucy? Did you enjoy your first time with me? Was it as good as you'd imagined?" Mike asks, his lips sliding along her salty sweat-covered skin.

"I never knew sex could be so satisfying," She whispers. "What about you?"







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