The Lostmoon Chronicles

Chapter 1

By Aer Snow96

* Thanks for reading this little project of mine. Thing is, I haven't been able to put out a story in many months now, stories I made all just ended up being too big for me to handle revising and editing them. They just ended up collecting dust in my Desktop folders.

So I started this here little project in which I try to write a story a day. There would be character development and sex scenes. But if you are looking for a quick fix, this opening chapter doesn't have that yet.

This chapter is just to set up our main characters and such, so there won't be anything spicy just yet.

**All characters participating in any sexual activity are above 18 years old.


Donnie flicked through the pages, easing into the artificial productivity of the lab. While some people spend their time relaxing to the sound of pop music, he enjoyed the constant but near whispers of the inner workings of the lab, the silent drone of machinery and quiet humdrum bubbling of the chemical sets. Which made him an ideal research assistant. Demure, quiet and manageable. Or so he overheard Doctor Lindermann the other day.

"That and the young man doesn't have any distractions like women or any other nonsense that lies rampant with his generation."

He couldn't' help but feel stung by that remark. Doctor Lindermann meant well, Donnie told himself.

"Uuuggh....this is boring," uttered Rhylee, his supposed fellow research assistant.

He chewed on the insides of his cheek, watching her from the corner of his eye. Ever since arriving for her shift, she immediately sat down and plopped open her phone.

She hasn't moved. And she wasn't even wearing proper dress code! Wearing nothing but a tanktop that left little to the imagination and a tattered jean that even Donnie knew suited her well, even he wasn't that out of the loop to know that much of the young men, and even older men, considered her to be one of the most attractive young ladies in campus.

Fearing a stern scolding From Doctor Lindermann, the best he could do was remind her, that in the likely event that the temperamental doctor would find someone to blame, he could say that he did his duty.

"U-uhm....R-Rhylee...h-have you checked the computer for those s-samples Dr. Lindermann asked you to?" Donnie stuttered.

He could feel her staring daggers at him. He could not deny she was pretty and being the receiving end of an attractive person's scorn was something different than an ordinary sort. Her gaze darkened but did as was told although pushing herself up, nearly toppling her chair causing it to skid and echoing throughout the lab.

Thankfully it was just the two of them for now.

What was taking Doctor Lindermann so long? Donnie wondered.

Finally having somewhat of a solid reason to go somewhere else and leave the sulking Rhylee, he moved away. He had heard that there would be a shipment of some great artifact for the University and it was the Research Department's task of cataloguing and studying the artifact.

And he could see it! Well the commotion that it caused anyway. People mulled about as he went to the large adjacent building which housed the Departments' receiving area for large machinery. Now it housed the newly arrived artifact.

He swallowed as he took in the immense size of the thing.

It easily reached two stories tall!

It was a savage looking mirror, as wide as the great doors to the library. Seemingly constructed of bone, that was evident or made to look like bones, with the same shade with that of obsidian. The peculiar thing was, this "mirror" was only called that because it had the very same glossy appearance of that of a regular mirror. And yet it had no reflective property. All it showed was a darkness unlike anything, darker still than the material that held it.

Like looking at the abyss itself, Donnie thought. As he stared into that glossy abyss that no light could pierce, the drone of the world around him grew muffled, as if he was underwater. Almost transfixed by the shadows within.


Huh? He turned around, glancing this way and that.

What was that?

He had heard...something.

But he saw no one, it was soon to be closing time for the lab. And people were already packing away the mess that the shipment had caused.

"Hey, Dorko! Dr. Lindermann's looking for ya!" yelled Reilly from the other lab. Some of the logistic people that handled the shipping of the artifact glanced at her, what with her exposed thighs peeking through the tears of her jean and those unmistakable little dots of her nipples that prominently poked through her tank top, highly evident for the world to see.

Was she not wearing a bra?

He merely shook his head at the lack of decency and decorum at the girl. This was a respectable research lab of an esteemed University!


Doctor Lindermann had him finish up some paperwork and documentation for the artifact. Eventually as people got on with their lives outside of the lab, he had not. It was a little safe haven where he actually knew what was going on and how to solve the problems it presented. Be they numbers or computer errors.

The silence of the night and the peace that it afforded him, was the reason why he liked to stay back than everyone else.

First to come and last to leave, that was Donnie.

He was only reading up enjoying the serenity of his solitude what with the topic of Doctor Lindermann's research into the artifact.

It pertains to the myth of the Lostmoon, what the Doctor's search for legends had named Eaggotha. Though that was entirely inaccurate. And quite unlike the moon now probably rising over this very night.

For it was a world of its own, it said in the research.

Relishing the quietness of his reading he could even hear the tiniest symphonies from the state-of-the-art lab. The rustling of the paper. The humble whirring of the computers and....

Donnie abruptly stood up.

He wasn't going crazy, he was coherent and he knows for a fact that he wasn't dreaming.

It came from the warehouse! It-It couldn't be....the artifact?

Slowly he followed towards it and noticed that a cold drift in the air was pushing him past forth. A cold tinkling in the atmosphere, like the onset of a coming storm.

He gulped down and started forward. He pushed the doors open. And there it stood in its grand horrid, majesty. The gigantic obsidian mirror.

It had more in common with a gigantic gate than a mirror really, Donnie thought.

He walked towards it until he was a mere foot away from the glossy surface. He craned his ear towards the artifact.



One second became ten.

Then thirty.

After what seemed like an eternity, reason and logic slowly crept through the fog of his mind.

Surely he must've imagined what he heard?

He must've stayed up too late this time. He breathed out a sigh he hadn't realized he was holding. As he turned to face the ridiculous mirror that had lit up his imagination, what he saw made him catch his breath and take the air out of him.

She stood mere inches, and she was staring right into him. And...she...wasn't human.

Eyes too large, holding near liquid orbs of such emotion and depth. Her skin, a pallor edging to a lilac hue. And ears long and pointedly sharp that they protruded. There was the unmistakable curves of her breasts that were bound together by a faintest silk the flesh of her nipple peeking through.

Before he could break into a run, she reached out.

The seconds crawled to an infinity as Donnie watched the lady reached out with her arms.

The logical part of his rumbling mind told Donnie, she could not touch him. This was a mirror...wasn't it?

Like folds of a sheet of cloth, the supposed surface of the mirror warped around her arms, falling into folds and clutching him by the shoulders. He didn't know why but Donnie expected it to be cold as the darkness that laid within.

But it wasn't.

What it was real.

He could feel the pressure. And it pulled him towards her, like some lover's embrace.

"...what?" he stupidly muttered.

The survival instinct that has been engraved in every human flicked inside of him.

He tried to dig his heels, push the ethereal mirror-wraith away.

But it was no use.

Donnie was pulled into the mirror.

Into the shadows within. & u=1529938,42966567.html

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