He kicked his jeans away and unceremoniously dropped his boxer briefs to the floor. I didn't want to look. I was SO embarrassed. But standing before me was the most perfect specimen of a man I'd ever seen, displaying the most magnificent penis I'd ever seen. It was impossibly thick, long, and veiny. He turned to face me and the massive weight of it caused it to swing back and forth. He made no effort to hide himself. I was mortified but couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"Your turn!" He laughed. I rolled my eyes and started removing my clothes. It's not as if he hadn't already seen me naked. Like a gentleman, he turned his back when I got down to my bra and panties. I quickly removed both and was left standing totally naked. I scanned the room for my robe and saw it hanging by the door. Without me having to ask, Terrance walked over and grabbed both of our robes. He walked back over to me and handed me my robe before putting his on. I was much more comfortable once we were both covered.

We filled our remaining time with small talk, then we were called to the set. Annie and Pete met us there. Pete addressed both of us. "Look guys, I'm going to attempt something today I've never done before by combining these two jobs. I think it's safe to say you'll be asked to do some things today that take you out of your comfort zones. I really need to nail these shoots because they could lead to some huge professional opportunities down the road. Let's get to it." And with that, Annie took possession of our robes. Terrance was instructed to stand behind me. "OK Terrance, reach around Kim and cover her breasts with your hands," Pete said.

Terrance did as instructed and suddenly his hands were touching my bare breasts. "Perfect," said Pete as he starting clicking off his pictures. "Kim, I'd like you to reach your left hand behind you as if you're holding his penis. You don't have to actually do it because nobody can see it anyway. Just make it look like it."

So with Terrance holding onto my breasts, I reached back as if I was holding on to his penis. Except, when I reached back there, I inadvertently did grab on to his penis. It happened in the blink of an eye. I think Terrance could sense I was flustered, because he whispered in my ear, "It's OK, Kim." I didn't panic, I just tried to play it cool while my hand held on to his dick.

It was mildly comforting knowing he and I were the only ones who knew of my mistake. It was impossible not to notice the girth as we stood there. My little hand couldn't reach all the way around it. It was also impossible not to notice it was becoming erect and growing in my hand. I didn't blame Terrance. This was a natural human response. Just as the growing wetness between my legs was a natural response. I prayed it wouldn't drip down my legs. I was surprised with my physical response. I assumed I'd be too nervous to become lubricated.

"OK Terrance, now I'd like you to relax you right hand and cover both breasts with your left hand and forearm. Perfect! Now with your right hand, reach down and cover Kim's pubic area by cupping your hand over it. This shot can't show any nudity." Terrance reached down and cupped my pussy, blocking it from the camera's view. Which would have been no big deal except for the fact that I could feel one of his fingers touching my soaking wet vagina. When he made contact with my vagina I inadvertently squeezed his cock. I wanted to die. There was no way he wasn't aware of my arousal. His hand was about to be covered in my juices.

His cock was straining against my hand to point straight up. I offered him relief by adjusting my grip and guiding his cock upward. Because of our height difference, I could feel his cock pressing against my entire bare back.

"These are amazing shots, guys!" Pete said. "Kim, go ahead and move behind Terrance now." I moved away and Pete said, "Wait. I see Terrance is aroused. Let's use that for this next shot. This next photo shoot is a lot more provocative than the first one."

*gulp!* What the hell did that mean? "OK, Kim. Get on your knees as if you want to pleasure Terrance.... Grab hold of him with both hands and bring him toward your mouth." I did what Pete asked and he started clicking shot after shot. I had to admit it, this was hot!

"Kim, if you feel comfortable kissing the tip, I'd really like that. If not, just open your mouth as if you're about to take him." I didn't want to kiss him. I opened my mouth and brought him to me. I acted like I was going to suck it. The head of his penis was so large, my mouth accidentally closed around it.

"Perfect Kim! Just the tip, though. Any picture with more than the tip can't be used." So there I was with my lips around the enormous head of his cock. I instinctively slid my tongue across the tip and softly sucked on it. Pete was clicking off dozens of shots.

"Ok, Terrance, please get on your back. Kim, go ahead and straddle him as if you're going to mount him. Here's the tricky part; I need to get some shots of the moment just before penetration. And please keep in mind, I can't use anything that includes more than the tip." Oh my God! I was so uncomfortable. I straddled his hips while standing on the ground. I couldn't put my knees on the ground and still give Pete the shot he wanted. I had no choice but to squat over Terrance and lower myself to him from that position. Once I was close enough, I reached under me and guided his cock to my vagina and held the tip about an inch away.

This was an incredibly difficult position to hold. My arm was getting really tired and I didn't think I could keep going. I decided to lower myself far enough to brace the tip of his cock against my vagina. Once it was secure, I let go with the throbbing arm. Just the tip stretched my opening to the point of painful pleasure. I was incredibly wet, so I offered his cock very little resistance. Pete kept clicking away. My legs were getting tired and starting to shake. I knew I couldn't hold myself like this much longer.

Suddenly I started losing my balance. In an instant, I fell straight down. I slid all the way down his huge cock. He bottomed out so incredibly hard! The pain was excruciating. I screamed and rolled off of him. I'd been completely impaled. I fell into a fetal position trying to endure the unprecedented deep pain. Tears were rolling down my face.

Annie quickly ran to my side to comfort me. "I'm taking her to the green room, Pete!" She said. We got to the green room and she laid me down on the couch. She covered me with a blanket and brought me a bottle of water. She asked me if I needed anything, then said she'd be back to check on me. I thought I was going to puke. Annie walked out and I just held my stomach, trying to process the pain and everything that had just happened.

There was a knock at the door. It was Terrance. He came in, wearing a robe, to check on me. "How are you doing Kim?" He asked. "It hurts." I moaned.

"Look, Kim, I've seen this before. You have a bruised cervix. A really badly bruised cervix. It happened to my ex girlfriend."

"It's really, really painful," I said. "How long does it hurt like this?"

"Well, I'm afraid it's going to be like this for about a week. You should also expect cramping and severe nausea." He answered.

"Oh my God!" I can't go on like this." I said. There has to be something I can do."

"There is." He said. "But you're not going to like it."

"Anything will be better than this." I said. "What is it?"

"OK, the cervix has a smooth, hard muscle in the middle of it. It's impossible to penetrate it, so when you slipped and fell, I slammed into that muscle and bruised the shit out of it. "OK," I said, "Where are you going with this?"

"My ex girlfriend and I stumbled onto the remedy purely by luck. Basically, if you can reach a cervical orgasm, the cervix muscle will contract and most of your problems will disappear."

"I've never heard of that," I said. "What is it?"

"It's when the cervix is stimulated during sex. Usually only when the guy has a really big dick. Either that, or you can use an extra large dildo and knock it repeatedly against the cervix until you cum. It's pretty intense."

"Fuck," I said. I don't have a dildo and my boyfriend won't be able to help."

"Then I recommend ibuprofen and an ice pack." He said with a laugh. I had to do something. I felt like I'd done internal damage to myself. There was no way I could do this for the next week. And what would I say to Don? There was no way I could be honest with him about what had happened. Even though it was a total accident, I already knew I'd be taking this shit to the grave.

There was another knock at the door. This time it was Pete. "Oh good, you're both here." He said, "We're about to break for lunch. You guys were amazing out there. Kim, are you OK for the rest of the shoot? It will be a fast one. I got most of what I needed this morning."

"Yeah, I'll be fine," I lied. "OK, great! You both have an hour for lunch." And with that, Pete was out the door.

What was I going to do? There was no way I could continue this shoot.

"Terrance," I said, "Are you sure about that being my only option?"

"Yes," He answered.

"Do you think you could help me out? I'm desperate."

"I'd love to help you out Kim, but I didn't plan on having sex today. I don't have any lube or condoms."

"I'm on the pill, so as long as you're sure you're clean, that's not an issue. And I've never needed lube before. I'm sure as long as I'm aroused, it won't be an issue either. You just have to promise to be really gentle."

"I promise," he said. "But I'll need a little help getting going." He walked over to me and eased off his robe. He stepped forward, putting his cock right in front of my face. I reached out and pulled it to my mouth, opening wide to accommodate the head. If it wasn't for the deep, excruciating pain coursing through my body, this would be my biggest fantasy. I sucked away on his cock and he slid his hand down my body to my waiting pussy. I was already getting wet, so lubrication wasn't going to be a problem. His dick was quickly getting harder and I started stroking it as I sucked. Even after taking as much of him as I could manage into my mouth, it still left 2/3 of it for my hand to squeeze and stroke. He was fully erect now, and feverishly working my clit with his fingers. We were both ready.

"OK," I said, I think we're ready. What position should we use?"

"Doggy-style allows for deepest penetration, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to bottom-out in any position." He said.

I slid off the couch, turned away from him and got on my knees. He took his position on his knees behind me. He gently eased me knees apart and moved forward. I instinctively pushed my butt back toward him, feeling the massive head of his cock push against my slippery opening. Terrance put his strong hands on my small hips and pulled me to him. His cock stretched me open as it began to penetrate me. It was heavenly. I pushed back, hoping for more. He pushed more of himself into me. He was filling me up as no one ever had. He pushed more and more. I was scared but desperately wanted more.

Make no mistake; this was very painful, but the pain was delicious. He pulled out a bit, pushed in a little further, then slid back again. Over and over he pushed, stretched, and pulled back again. He pushed in a little more each time until finally he bottomed out and hit the source of my agony. As soon as he bumped my cervix, the pain ripped through me again.

"Be careful Terrance!" I pleaded. He did as I asked and carefully slid back and forth, gently knocking on my cervix. The pain was significant.

"Just stay with it, Kim. It will stop hurting soon," said Terrance. I was determined to see this through and end the agony. Terrance was so deep inside of me, it felt like he was in my stomach. Over and over he knocked. Over and over the pain pierced me, but I held on. I could feel the pleasure coming. With every thrust against my cervix, the pain lessoned. Until at long last the pain was replaced with pleasure.

"Oh my God, Terrance! Fuck me!" I was starting to lose myself in the moment. Deep, deep inside of me I felt something building. My whole body started to tingle. "Yes! Harder!" I wanted it to hurt! I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he'd ever fucked anyone. It continued to build. "Oh yes! Fuck me, Terrance! Hard!" And suddenly, I felt an electric shock go through my entire body. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. This was a full-body orgasm and I felt paralyzed to do anything but experience it.

Would I pass out? I didn't know. Terrance continued to thrust hard, burying his huge cock into me each time. Once I was able to regain control of my body, I started bucking wildly to meet each thrust. "Don't stop! Harder, harder! Fuck me, Terrance! Oh my God!" I could feel my pussy gripping him like an angry fist. The orgasm simply wouldn't end. Wave after wave washed over me.

Terrance leaned forward and whisper in my ear, "Can I finish?"

"YES! Please! Fill me up!" I wanted him ti fill my belly with his cum. I was totally out of control. Terrance sped up his rhythm and started fucking me harder. Somehow, my orgasm still wasn't over yet. As he slammed his huge hard cock deep inside of me, I would occasionally be overcome with another wave of orgasm.

"Arrgh! Oh God!" Terrance yelled as he emptied his load inside of me. My pussy was squeezing his cock SO hard! It was like my body had taken over and was trying to milk his cock of every last drop of cum. I swear, in that moment, I wanted him to stay inside of me forever.

"Thank you, Terrance. Thank you so much!" I gushed.

The rest of the photo shoot went off without a hitch. The only problem for me was dealing with the periodic waves or orgasm that kept hitting me without warning. These waves kept me highly aroused throughout the shoot. Pete seemed incredibly pleased with how things went.

On my way home my mind was spinning. What was I going to tell Don? I obviously couldn't tell him I'd fucked Terrance to a mind-blowing orgasm. I'm not a cheater. I loved discretely showing off my naked body, but I'd never cheated before. But was this actually cheating? I say, no, but I doubt Don would see it that way. And what was up with this orgasm that wouldn't end? I couldn't tell if the wetness between my legs was from Terrance's cum or my extreme arousal.







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