We walked back up to the restaurant and shared a salad, some lite bites and a bottle of chardonnay from Burgundy. It was refreshing on a hot day and awakened my palette of what might come next. You were acting a little coy and looked a little nervous as you said you had a surprise for me that afternoon. My mind was spinning. Was it getting together with the couple that toasted us from the balcony? Were you going to let me enjoy your virgin tight ass? My imagination was running everywhere, and my heart started pumping faster.

When we finished and went to our room, you pulled out the ties I used on the boat. You wanted to tie me up as I had to you. You had a little experiment in mind and promised that if I submitted, it might be an experience to last a lifetime.

You told me to undress and lay down, as you slipped a knot around each wrist and tied them to the bedposts, then you tied my ankles to the two posts at the bottom of the bed. I laid there splayed open for you to do with as you wished. But I was nervous, as had never ever been in this position before. I was always in control of, not only love making, but every aspect of my life.

As I watched you slowly undress and I took in your luscious body, the combination of the urge to fuck you and fear of my helpless position was maybe exposing a part of my sexuality I have never understood. You glanced over at the nightstand and saw the two sleep masks that the hotel provides in every cottage. And within seconds, grabbed one and slipped it over my head, completely shutting off my ability to see anything.

As I laid there, I heard shuffling and wondered what you were up to. And I wondered what I was doing here in this position. I had only met you by chance, exactly three weeks ago. Wednesday November 4th. Were you into some heavy S & M? Not my thing! Were you bringing the other couple in to have their way with me...also definitely not something I would enjoy!

But as I sensed you moving around, it felt like you might be positioning yourself. I now had your sweet scent lingering near my nose and mouth...and something soft tickling my lips. When I realized it was your pussy hairs just within inches of my mouth, I needed to taste you and lifted my head to get closer. But you pulled away and giggled. As I strained my neck and my tongue to reach you...you finally lowered your pussy on to my face. I could feel my cock starting to swell. As I licked every fold and tried to find your clit, I realized that I couldn't breathe. I turn my head right and left , but your pussy was locked on my face and I was helpless. But there are much worse ways to die.

But you slid down and I felt your hand checking the readiness of my cock. It was at full attention, as I was hoping you were going to slide your wet pussy down on it. But that wasn't what you had in mind...yet! You then started licking and whispering in my ear. I love that voice, that accent, hearing you breath as you start to tell me what you are going to do to me. I know it from and audio file you made for me, that I cherish. And now you were kissing my neck, then my chest. What was that I was feeling? You were nibbling on my nipples as you ran your hand along my flat hard stomach...just slightly touching my head of my cock. I was enjoying every second, but my desire to fuck you was uncontrollable, but so was my situation.

I felt something warm on the tip of my cock. Was it your pussy or mouth? It was soft, warm and inviting...but I couldn't tell. But when your tongue slid down to the base then back up and circled its swollen head, I thought I would explode. But then you stopped, but I felt your breath still there, blowing maybe whispering to my cock..."not yet my love". The next thing I felt, was that you managed to have my balls in your mouth. You sucked them softly, gently rolling them in your mouth as your finger explored that secret spot that made my crazy, between my balls and my ass ...and the absurd thoughts that went through my head. I was happy that I kept everything trimmed down there...manscaped! But what I really wanted was for you to suck my cock and to cum. I needed to cum, I had to cum, I wanted to get fucked or suck off so bad ..it was painful.

In those moments I never needed anything more. I never wanted anyone more. And I think you sensed that I had reached that point of no return. I had to fuck you, I needed to fuck you. I was getting a little agitated until I felt the head of my cock in something wet and warm. Was it your mouth, your pussy, it wasn't tight enough to be your virgin ass? I raised my hips to explore, and my cock slid in your pussy. And it felt amazing. But you lifted up and just kept the tip in. Then you did something that you had used on me when we first met. You used the muscles in your pussy to squeeze it and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release. And now I started to hear you moan. Maybe you were done playing with me. Maybe you needed to come as bad as I did, and I thrust my hips up.

And this time you let me all the way in as you lowered your amazing pussy and lovely hips, taking my cock as deep inside you as ever before. And you laid down on my and I enjoyed feeling your naked body on my skin. And when you started kissing my neck, ears and I could hear you moaning. I tried to control myself as I listened for a signal that you were ready to cum. But I lost control as you were grinding your clit, maybe fingering yourself to catch up to me...and I exploded inside you. And I felt your pussy gush and you collapsed on me. As we laid there, completely spent, I was enjoying your soft, warm lovely body laying on me.

You slipped the blindfold off and as my eyes adjusted to the light. I saw your face.. and you had a huge smile, that wonderful smile, your perfect teeth, lips, neck, and the purple highlights in your hair glistening in the sunlight. I needed to capture how it felt right there at that moment in time. I don't know if mere words will ever be able to fully explain those feelings. But I knew I must try.

The accommodations at the Moorings were wonderful and the sex was even better, but I need to get out of the room and I wanted to show you Islamorada. It is such a eclectic little Island town with fun restaurants and a handful of art galleries. I asked you if you saw the movie "Bloodline" on Netflix (hint to check it out) as it was shoot in and around Islamorada. Our first stop and one of my favorites is the Old Road Gallery. Where they have indoor and outdoor displays. But their specialty is pottery. You had a short black linen dress that we had picked up at an earlier stop. And when you stood up as the sun shown through the dress I was enjoying seeing the outline of your body. And as you bent over to observe a large pot on the floor, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be black panties. It was such a lovely view that I caught myself staring.

We made our way down to the Michelle Nicole Gallery. And you were delighted to chat up Michelle and talk about how she made a career change to follow her dreams of painting sea life in watercolors. You told her that you about a work you did on two symmetrical fish in a Koi pond. And I found listening to the passion in your voice when talking about art was very sensuous. It added another layer to my lust.

The last gallery we visited was Galley Morada. It features crafts by local artists and loaded with little treasures. It's a great opportunity to support our local talent and pick up some unusual pieces. You were especially intrigued by a collection of painted driftwood on the floor. You leaned over to take a very close look. With that short whimsical dress, as you bent over, I had a wonderful view of your ass and those black panties slightly revealing your inviting pussy. I said "that is just exquisite". As you continued to examine the piece you realized that I wasn't talking about the artwork. And you leaned over even further, readjusted your stance to reveal even more of your luscious labia. I needed to take in that wonderful view and commit it to memory for the rest of my life. And all I could think of was how I wanted to taste it, devour it, and slide my cock deep inside of it. But there were a few to many people in that part of the gallery. It was crazy, but I felt like a dog in heat.

They also had an outdoor garden in the back, but had very few pieces on display, so people rarely wander back there. However, they did have what looked to be a sturdy table. Old anchors that the artist had found, welded together with an oak top firmly attached. I took you by the hand and led you over to it.

I turned you around and started kissing the back of your neck and ears and whispered that I need to, no I had to fuck you right there. Then I bent you over the table, and I got on my knees.. I lifted up your dress and pulled your panties over to the side...and stuck my tongue, no my whole face in your awesome ass and pussy. I loved the taste of you, the smell of you, you were so warm, wet and inviting. And I was so hard and worked up, at that point that I needed to fuck you immediately.

I stood up and with your panties pulled over to the side, slammed my cock into you. I little rougher than I had in the past. You gave out a little yelp, and at first I thought it may have hurt, but with your pussy so nice and lubricated from my tongue and your desires, it went in pretty easy. But I was a little out of control this time. My carnal instincts were winning the battle over my mind. And I grabbed your hips and pulled you back toward me to get as deep as I could. I fucked you harder, faster, harder...almost like I was a jackhammer. I licked my thumb and rubbed it around your asshole. And I was delighted when you relaxed those muscles and invited my thumb in. I had one hand on your hip, my cock deep in your pussy, ,and my thumb massaging your ass. Experiencing that double penetration, were starting to moan so loudly, I was sure someone was going to catch us. But I was insane with lust, and I exploding in you. And as I was coming, you joined me. I could feel the muscles in your ass contract with every uncontrolled orgasmic spasm. When we were finished, my heart still racing, maybe at 130 bpm, and I was drenched with sweat. You pulled yourself together and started laughing when you saw that I was soaked. I laughed too and thanked for the best workout I had in ages.











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