This is a story of my wife and I visiting a porn theater several years ago. My wife has always been very sexual and always willing to try new experiences. Over, the years we have talked about going to a porn theater, and we finally made the decision. This wasn't about going to watch porn movies, but to have some fun while we were there.

I remember the night we were discussing and making plans to go to the theater. I was lying next to my wife in bed. I leaned over and started kissed her, and played with her nipples. My wife gets turned on when we kiss passionately. I placed my hand on her belly and moved my hand under her pajama bottoms and then into her panties. As I did she spread her legs wide and welcomed my fingers. She was already wet and creamy. Using my index finger I gently rubbed her clit. I looked into her eyes and asked her if she remembered us talking about going to a porn theater one day?

She said, "Yes I do, and I hope it's soon".

I asked her if she was going to suck another guy's cock and maybe jerk off some other guys.

"Yes, I want to do it all," she said.

As we talked, I could see she was getting turned on. I inserted two fingers and started to finger fuck her. As I did she lifted her hips higher so I finger her deep.

I said to her "I want to watch you with all those guys, sucking on their cocks, jerking guys off, and maybe even licking some guys butt hole".

Went I said ' lick butt holes' she started to cum very hard. It was one of the hardest orgasms I've seen her have in a long time.

Well, the plan was now in motion. At that time there were several porn theaters in our area, but we decided to travel to another town which was 50 miles away. We did this so we won't run into anyone we known. Both of our boys were in Boy Scout at the time and we knew they had a Scout camping trip planned for the first week of June, so we made plans to do it that weekend.

We were going to leave in the late afternoon. As we were about to leave the house my wife came out of the bedroom wearing a bright yellow sundress with spaghetti straps. She lifted her dress and showed me she was not wearing any panties. She then pulled down the top of her sundress and I could see that she had no bra on either. She loves to be nasty sometimes.

We had also made a decision to go to the theater around 5:00 PM thinking maybe it won't be so crowded. Arriving we entering and found a lovely young girl selling tickets. She had this devilish smile on her face when she saw that it was a man and woman buying tickets.

"Enjoy the show." the girl said.

As you probably know, theaters are fucking dark when you first walk in. After moving the dark curtain over we stood there to allow our eyes to adjust. Finally, I was able to see well enough to make out about 5 people sitting in different places in the theater. Taking my wife's hand we moved down the side aisle about halfway down, then went in 5 or 6 seats and sat down.

The movie on the screen we found out was just ending.

I leaned over and whisper in my wife's ear. "How are you doing."

Holding my hand tightly she said. "really nervous."

As the movie ended the lights came up just enough to see the other people. They were all guys, and I was sure they were all looking at us! After about 30 seconds some loud rock and roll music started to play. From upfront, a curtain open and out came two young girls dressed in only their thong panties on. They started to dance with the music and then moved around the audience. The girl closes to us danced up to this guy in front of us and put her tits close to his face and then turned around and moved her ass back and forth. I watched as the guy reached for her ass, but before he could touch her, she pushed his hand away and motion with her head, no.

Moving away from this guy she saw us and started to come our way, When she did my wife almost broke my hand holding it so tight. This was something that we had not planned for and we were both caught off guard. As the girl got closer I could see she had this huge smile on her face, and she was looking right at my wife.

As she passed me she stop, turned and lowered her ass onto my lap, and wiggle it back and forth. I felt my cock starting to get hard as she did. She then stood up, turn and step right in front of my wife. Spreading her legs a little and placing her hands on her hips she smiled and said to my wife. "Want some of this?"

Thinking that my wife was probably freaking out about now, I looked at her and she was starring at this girl's tits. Her eyes were opened real wide and she once again held my hand even tighter.

This girl had small baseball size breasts, very firm with nipples about the size of a dime. But the most striking thing was, her fucking nipples were hard as a rock and sticking out a half-inch. Still smiling, she turned around and placed her ass on my wife's lap. Moving it right then left very slowly, then she moved it up over my wife's belly and onto her breast, still moving her ass in the same way. She turned her head and said.

"You can touch it if you want to."

After what this girl had done to this guy and had not allowed him to touch her I was a little surprised. My wife looked at me and with this expression on her face and I could see she didn't know what to do.

The girl said. "it's okay if you want to touch me."

The girl reached back and took my wife's hand and placed it on her right ass cheek. My wife moved her other hand up and cupped this girl's ass. I watched as she moved her hands all over this girl's ass. Squeezing it and even slapping it.

But as my wife was getting into it, the lights dimmed and the music stopped. The girl turns and with the motion of her lips, she sent my wife a kiss and headed back behind the stage.

I only wish that I could tell you that the girl returned, but we never saw her again.

Then the next movie came on the screen. This movie was mainly about a girl that liked to be DP. It was something that has always turned me on. While my wife and I had never experienced this I knew she would enjoy watching it.

In the first scene, this girl on the screen had was with a black guy and a white guy. And this black guy was hung like a fucking horse. She was laying on the white guy fucking him and the black guy came up onto the bed and slid his whole huge cock right up her ass.

Watching the movie I leaned over and asked my wife if she would like that black cock up her ass.

She said. "I don't think I could even take that thing in my pussy."

I started to kiss her cheek and neck and then cupped my right hand over her left breast, I could feel her hard nipples in the palm of my hand.

As we were watching the movie I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye getting up and moving in our direction. He stopped 2 seats away from us. I could tell he was an older gentleman about 60 or so. He sat down and right away unzipped his pants, reached in and took out his hard cock, and started to masturbate.

Stroking his cock he would watch the movie and then look over at us and then back to the movie. He did this over and over again.

Well, I thought to myself, this must be showtime. I moved both of my wife's spaghetti straps down her arms and pulled down the top of her sundress. After having two boys my wife's breasts were very big. Her areola was very big and her nipple huge, about the size of your thumbs. I cupped her breast in my hand and felt her breast all over. I then took my fingers and started to pull on her nipples to make them nice and hard.

Now instead of watching the movie, the guy was watching us.

And then I heard two more guys coming up behind us in the next row back.

I knew my wife was turned on now, she was breathing deeply and loudly and moaning every few seconds. Looking at her I saw that she was watching the guy next to her jacking off.

"Why don't you ask him if you could do that for him," I asked her.

"Really," she said. "Yes, just tell him you would like to stroke his cock for him, go ahead," I said.

A little nervously and quietly she said. "I'll do that for you if you want."

The guy got up and moved to the seat next to her.

As he did. I saw one of the guys behind us reach around and take my wife's breast in his hands. As he did, he also pulled and stretch my wife's nipples. I turned to look at this guy and what I saw surprised me. This other guy he was with had unzipped and pulled down this guy's pants. He was now stroking his cock and playing with this guy's balls.

Looking back I now saw that my wife was jacking off this guy sitting next to her. I reached down and moved my wife's sundress up. As I went to rub her pussy I felt something wet on the back of my hand. I spread her legs farther and I saw that the seat she was sitting on was all wet, and it was from her pussy. She was so excited that her pussy juices were leaking out and onto the seat.

I then stuck two fingers, then three fingers into her sloppy wet pussy. I also unzipped my pants and took my cock out and started to masturbate. I pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy and offered them to the guy next to her to smell and lick her pussy juices off my fingers.

I watch my wife's stroking this guy's cock when I saw that he had taken out a tube of KY jelly and was squeezing it onto his cock and my wife's hand. My wife now sloppily stroked his cock up and down, stopping every so often and playing with the head of his cock with her fingers.

I stood up and turned to face her. I pulled my pants down and moved closer to her. She knows what to do without thinking. I felt her warm mouth and tongue take my cock deep. Sucking it in and out of her mouth.

As she was sucking me off I watched the guy still playing with her tits. He had also reached down and was now rubbing her clit with his fingers. I lifted my wife's legs higher and placed her feet on the back of the chair in front of us, giving this guy full access to her pussy.

But what I also saw was this other guy with him was now sucking him off. He had this guy's cock deep down his throat. I could also see that he was finger fucking this guy's ass at the same time.

About this time I heard the guy next to my wife moaning loudly and saying he was about to cum. With a few more wet strokes of her hand, this old fucker shot a load high into the air. What the fuck, I thought to myself, I can't even cum that much myself.

After the guy got done cumming he did something I don't think I have ever seen. He used his fingers and scooped up his cum and swallowed it. It was all over his t-shirt and it took him four times to clean it all up. He then took my wife's fingers into his mouth and cleaned them off.

As he was sucking her fingers to clean them it caused my wife to go over the edge. She stopped sucking my cock and started to scream.

"I'M FUCKING GOING TO CUM." And with that, she screamed louder and louder. She was shaking and bucking all over as the other guy rubbed her clit harder and harder.

As this was happening I took my cock in my hand knowing I was also about to cum. Stroking it I pushed it closer to her face and then watched as my hot cum splashed all over her face.

When I was done cumming all over her face, I told her to turn around and look at what was going on behind her. The guy had stopped playing with my wife's tits and was now holding this other guy's head as he pushed his cock in and out of his mouth. To my surprise, my wife reached over and started to play with this guy's balls. When she did this it was enough for this guy that I heard him say to the other guy.

"I'm going to fill your mouth with my cum."

He held this guy's head and pushed his cock deep down his throat. He just keeps cumming and cumming. I then heard the other guy starting to gagging, he had to open his mouth and let some of the cum leaks out of his mouth onto the floor.

And as soon as it started, it was over. Leaving the theater, my wife looked at me as we walked down the street and said.

"That was cool and a lot of fun."

Hell yes, it was. I think I have the best and most wonderful wife in the world. How many women would do this for their husbands?

Oh, I almost forgot. We went home and she fucked my brains out.

If you like, let me know. I have many more tales I can tell you about my wonderful wife."

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