The story is written from a female's point of view to her Male Supervisor/boyfriend

I'm bored walking around the shop; the hours seem to drag, as they do every Sunday. I see you in the distance, those tight pants hugging your arse just how I like them. You know how much I love that body, as I frequently tell you, often whilst your fucking me to high heaven. I was wearing a low cut top, possibly a little shameful for work, but I hope to give you a show of what was to come later.

I slip into the stockroom, a little surprised to find you in there, and brush past you in the narrow space. The instance you brush against me I feel like I'm on fire, and from your reaction I know you didn't miss the gasp escaping my lips. You push me against the shelves, hard, my ass digging into your crotch as your chest presses to my back. I feel my pulse raising, as you whisper just what you'd like to do to me in my ear. My nipples harden as I feel your cock start to pulse against my back. I spin round and place my hands on your chest. I lean up to your ear, intent on whispering exactly what I'd like to do to you when footsteps are heard. In an instance your gone, out the door, leaving me hot, wet, and aching for more.

I catch your eye throughout the day, and the minutes are dragging by more slowly than ever. I walk into the lift, only to hear the doors shut behind me, and you're there. I press myself against you instantly as you slam me into the wall. All the day's frustration is released and your kissing me, hot lips pressed to my neck and I'm grinding against you like there's not a second to waste. The lift moves you and you throw the doors open, stopping the lift with only a wall of concrete between us and the world.

You look me up and down as I'm pressed against the wall, chest heaving, nipples hard and pussy wet. I feel my clit pulsing as I'm aching for you to be inside of me. We shouldn't be doing this, but neither of us can resist the taste of one another. I sink to my knees looking up at you, opening your pants and taking out that thick, stiff cock.

"I've been waiting to do this all day," I moan at you, and your moans goes straight to my clit as I take your cock in my hand. I lick along the underneath, before wanking you and sucking on the end. Your bucking into my mouth and I let you slip it inside as you groan from the feel of hot & wet on your cock. I'm intent on spending as much time licking at you, hoping to make you come in my mouth.

It doesn't last long before you pull out and sink down to my level, pulling at my shirt and licking at my nipple. I let out a long groan and push for you to go further, I'm aching to be pounded by you, and I feel your hands sliding down past my waist and into my underwear. I spread my legs, more than happy for those fingers to slip inside me, and I scream as they do. My clothes are all over the place and I start panting in anticipation as your lips travel down my body, before groaning as you lick at my clit. Harder and faster, and I'm almost begging you to stop as I want it to last longer before I feel the waves of orgasm wash over me, I groan and hoist with so much pleasure I never want it to end.

Still enjoying the after glow of the orgasm, you recapture my interest as you position yourself to fuck me.

The look on you face as you enter me is beautiful, I feel every inch of you, of that slow slide into me, my back arching and pussy wet. You move in and out, faster and faster, harder and I hear you pant and groan, calling me a dirty slut and I respond, god your so bad it makes me want to scream. You push in deeper and I can't help but cry out as you hit hat spot inside of me. From your breathing I can tell that you wont last much longer, a red blush across your face and your tense, moaning and calling to me, as you come with your cock buried deep inside of me.

Finally you collapse on top of me, both of us spent. Softly, I push my hand into your hair.

"Love you" is all I manage to whisper, and you respond, making me sing inside. Dressed again, and with a cheeky but guilty look on that face, you close the door as we carry on upwards.

A Sunday at work has never been so enjoyable.

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