When I asked how I was to blame, Jan whined in her little girl voice that she knew turned the closet "dirty old man" that I am, "Well...it is, you know. My 'babies' haven't been sucked hard in weeks, and now they're so sensitive and achy. And with you laid up and not able to move or stress yourself...you have been neglecting my nippies...and me. Hmmph! "

"Hmmm, I'll tell you what you spoiled little brat, what don't you bend over from the waist with one hand gripping the bed headboard and the other hand on the other side of my head. That's it. Dangling of your small pointy boobs in my face with your big fat salty nipples by my mouth. That's the way. Now, all I have to do is..."

"Oooh yeah. Suck them, baby...suck my whole tit into your mouth. Oooh, shit, yeah! Watch your teeth...shit...oooh...lightly, honey...bite my nippies lightly. They're so sensitive...oooh, that hurts...but I love it. Yeah, baby...suck and nip my nippies good. Oooh, pull them from my chest...yeah...just like that...

"I'm so horny...look how wet I am..." With that Jan took my hand that was milking her other breast and had me cup the drench crotch of her gym shorts. "That wetness is not just sweat..." she whispered after a deep kiss. "I've been a 'naughty' little girl...and got something to show you. Wait until you see my surprise." With that, she pulled back and turned around, and then with a great amount of fanfare and teasing, began to shimmy out of her seemingly painted-on exercise shorts.

However, the real surprise was when she turned around and with her hands on her hips and legs parted brazenly displayed a pussy completely shorn of pubic hair. My mouth must have dropped as I openly ogled the top of her now hairless pussy slit and protruding cunt lips.

"Do you like?" giggled Jan at my obvious reaction, "I did this so that I could 'finger' myself better..." Her fingers drifted to her nether region as Jan began to subtly stroke herself. "However, it only made me more sensitive. My stiff little clit kept rubbing against the crotch of my exercise shorts...and...drove me crazy tonight!"

"Come here, little girl," I said in a soothing seductive voice. "Straddle my face carefully. That's it. Put your knees on either side of my head...and grab the headboard... while I hold your buns. hat's it. Now lower yourself...ummm...what a delicious cunny you have? So sweet and salty...so juicy...so tasty. Ummm, this dirty old man will take care of his bad little girl's problem...ummm. I love squeezing your firm butt...oh yeah!"

I devoured Jan's cunt like a starved man, drilled my stiff tongue into her juicy love box, slurped the resulting gush of her sexual excitement, nibbled on her stiff extended nether petals, before concentrating on licking and then sucking her throbbing love pearl from her fleshy oyster.

Jan lap danced my face, gyrating her hips and moaning as she clung to the headboard. "Oh, yeah, babe. Just like that! Eat this bad little girl's hairless twat! Oh, yeah! This is much better than me playing with myself. Keep doing that! Finger me...yeah, shove a finger in me. Oooh, are those that two fingers up my tight little snatch? Oooh, a little faster... harder... yeah! You've got the right spot...right there. Frig me, baby, frig me! Faster... oooh...I'm so goddamn close! Just a little more...and...arrghh!...,arrghh!!... arrghh!! Jan suddenly exploded in a welcomed climax, grinding and furiously cunt-humping my face in the throes of her carnal release before falling forward against the headboard in obvious physical relief.

"Jeez," Jan sighed as she got off my face, "I really needed that...you pervert... taking advantage of a horny little girl...making her do all kinds of nasty things. Now...I suppose you want me to suck your big weenie...don't you? Look how long and thick you are...so hard. You want me to kiss it...uhmm...put it in my mouth...uhmm...to suck it...uhm?

"Oh, you make me feel so slutty...to jerk it like this...yes... uhmm...do you want me to suck you off...like before? Uhmmm...to fill my mouth...with your hot creamy spunk... uhmm... to swallow it all? Ooh... the naughty things you make me do...you nasty old man...down my throat...uhmm...uhmm...uhmmm..."

To say that my recuperation posed a perplexing dilemma. I wanted something more than a blow job. Yet, I couldn't exert myself in my favorite man-on-top or doggy positions, and I still couldn't chance her collapsing on my chest after riding my cock to a mind-shattering orgasm.

Yet, leave it to Jan to come up with the solution after she had sucked me into rock-hard rigidity. "Baby, it's been over a month since I've had your cock in my cunt...and...it's been driving me nuts. As much as I love giving you head and swallowing everything you can pump into my mouth, I need to feel your sperm shooting into my cunt and filling me up until I overflow..."

With that Jan straddled my hips but facing towards my feet, knowing that I would love seeing my dick sliding in and out of her hairless snatch. She then reached between her legs to grasp my swaying shaft and press my flanged head into her vaginal opening. Jan slowly pumped up and down, slowly but repeatedly impaling herself on my fleshy pole. I held her hips when she leaned forward to grasp my knees and change the angle of penetration, spreading her buns, and giving me an unbelievable view of me sliding in and out of her tightly stretched pussy.

My eyes were, however, riveted to her anal orifice that with every downward thrust of her hips spread open ever so slightly. With her sexual juices flowing freely to seep around her irresistible winking brown asshole. No longer able to resist the overwhelming urge, I quickly pressed a saliva-coated middle finger into her alluring brown rosebud, bringing a startled yelp from Jan's lips.

Jerking involuntarily at the sudden anal intrusion, Jan whimpered, "What the hell?" and squirmed uncomfortably to dislodge my digital presence, casting me a startled pouty look over her shoulder.

I ignored her subtle protest and continued to spread and ream her puckered butthole with my thumb, using her copious pussy juices and a generous squirt from a tube of K-Y Jelly that I kept next to my bed when Jan wasn't sufficiently lubricated. Between the reaming of my cock firmly embedded in her tight twat and the perverse thumb probing of her anus, I soon had Jan moaning and groaning in escalating ecstasy.

"So, Jan has been a naughty little girl? Do you know what Santa does to especially bad little girls?" I teased even though I knew that Jan would be unable to respond coherently. "Well, he finds a misbehaving sassy bitch...she gets what she deserves...something that is wickedly special...and do you know what that is?"

By this time, Jan had stopped any movement as she leaned forward to grasp my knees, her slender body trembling as a second slippery finger was slowly eased in her butthole besides the first. Whimpering pitifully as her bunghole was thoroughly reamed, she leaned forward slightly and then pressed back to reseat my fingers, causing her buns to twitch irresistibly.

"Well, Santa takes out of his pants his big old candy cane...the one that long, thick, and long...and fucks that naughty slut...right here...in her small virgin asshole. He gives it to her until she is good...really good at taking it up her ass...willingly and lovingly. Does bad little Jan want to have her sweet little ass fucked? Do you want to be Santa's a good little Jap 'ho?"

The look Jan cast over her shoulder loudly spoke both of her wavering uncertainty and unbridled desire. "I don't know, Ken," she whimpered childishly. "A lot of guys have done a lot of nasty kinky stuff to me 'cuz I was an easy lay. Some meanies have tried sticking their dick where your fingers are but never succeeded. Yet... those damn fingers of yours...have made my anus...itchy and hot...something I've never felt before." Then after a pause, Jan whined in her baby-girl voice, "Ohhh, Santa, I have been a naughty little girl and should be punished..."

I nudged her forward so that I unplugged from her churning twat and felt her liquid sexual excitement that drenched my lap. Withdrawing my dick, l slowly pulled her hips back with one hand as I held and pressed myself into her puckered asshole. I admired her glistening brown pucker before my flanged cock head was pushed against her slightly dilated anus.

"I want you to squeeze your butthole...that's it...tighter. Try to stop my dickhead from entering your ass. Squeeze tighter while you press yourself against my dick. Harder... squeeze harder!ยด I knew that her sphincter muscles couldn't stay tight forever, and once fatigued, her anus would open. Sure enough, Jan let out a whimpering mewl as I watched in amazement as my slime-coated dick head spread and slip into her loosened hole.

A shudder ran up her spine as Jan threw back her head to groan deeply. I held her hips allowing her spasming rectum to grip and cling to my penetrating presence. "Finger yourself! Come on...do it now! You're such a horny bitch...come on... do yourself. I know you want to...finger that stiff little clit of yours...like you've done so many times before...you nasty little Jap whore!"

I felt the light scrape of Jan's fingernails against my tightened scrotum. Before long, her hips began to twitch and then gyrate slowly to a steady droning from her lips. To my utter amazement, I watched my cock gradually disappear between her buns as she slowly started rocking back and forth. I knew by her quickening pace that Jan was rapidly building towards a mind-shattering climax.

"Oh, fuck...baby! You're stretching me out. Fill me up with your big fat cock stuck up my virgin ass. Shit, I can feel you throbbing...God...butt-fuck me, honey. I'm jerking my hot little clit like a good fuck-slut. Ooh yeah...I'm going to come while getting my ass reamed... for the first time! God, how I love riding your dick stuck up my asshole! Ooh, yeah, I'm going to cum. Cum with me. Ooh please...shoot your hot white cum in my hot burning butthole! I'm such a fucking cum-dump! Make me your whore! Ooh fuck... oh fuck...I'm cumming...arrghh!"

And with that Jan burst with one hell of a fantastic gut-wrenching orgasm. As she convulsed violently, I felt my entire body tighten and then my nuts being squeezed. Her climax squeezed my fleshy excruciatingly tight nuts and before I knew it, I was spurt ropes and ropes of pearly sperm deep into Jan's squirming bowels.

Was I fearful of another heart attack? Definitely! But, fuck, what a hell of a way to go!











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