That remainder of week at work was filled sexual tension every time I was near Al. He made body contact often and made passing references to what was going to be in store for both me and my Chinese boyfriend. For my part, I locked up Steve's cock every day for work and released him when we got home. I know that it tortured him not to be able to get an erection. And, it tortured him even more knowing that Al got a kick out of seeing the key necklace no longer hidden. I left it hanging out all week for everyone to see. I often wondered if there were any other cuckold couples at work that knew.

Steve and I had dirty sex every night and he used the big black dildo on me so I "wouldn't be as sore with Al"...that was Steve's suggestion. What a loving, caring boyfriend!

The night before we were going to meet Al at his place, my hung black lover texted me, "Make sure steve grooms u. i want u bare" My pussy ached with those words. Matty had done that with me and Malcolm, and I simply got a thrill having my cuckold boyfriend shave my sex for my alpha stud. I figured Steve would be just as enthusiastic, and I wasn't let down.

I took a long shower and my boyfriend was waiting for me upon my exit. Of course, I had him wear his cage to exert dominance. To add to the sexual depravity, I had him bring in Lex's dildo so I could suck on it and rub it all over me while Steve attended to my wet pussy.

My boyfriend was meticulous, getting every stray pubic hair. He even lapped at my dripping hole. As he did, I let the dildo drift down so to block between his mouth and my sex. He reflexively licked it and rubbed his face on the large phallus and my cunt. At one point, I pushed it deep into his mouth and he moaned while I gently fucked his face with Lex's cock. He looked so submissive with a caged, dripping cock, and worshipping that black dick while my newly shaved pussy glistened in the light.

Eventually, I pulled him off and thanked him for his service. I told him that I thought Al would appreciate his craftsmanship. I walked out leaving Steve caged and holding that black dildo.

That night, I had him wear the cage while we slept and fooled around a little. I wanted to save myself for Al and didn't want Steve's seed to ruin any fun.

In the morning, I got another text from my black bull. "Can't wait to see u both tonight. tell steve to pick out something that i would like for u." God, he was so arrogant and dominant. Steve saw me looking at my phone and I handed it to him. He thought for a moment and got a sly smirk.

He went to my closet and picked out the shortest, tightest dress I had. Overall, I have a petite body with not much fat. My B-cups are proportional to my size and have nice curvy hips. I definitely have a typical Asian ass that isn't what you'd call "phat" or "thicc" but it does the trick! The dress was my go-to for feeling sexy, and frankly, slutty.

Steve laid the white dress on the bed, got my 4-inch high heels, and smiled back at me. I looked at him and asked, "I think Al wanted you to pick out everything. What about my bra and panties?"

"That is everything." My pussy got aroused with my boyfriend's confession. He wanted me to be a true black cock slut. A tight dress without anything under except my dark, erect nipples and hairless Chinese pussy would definitely be well received by my bull lover.

The day unfolded and the sexual tension in the air was choking at times. I had to do everything I could not to take Lex's dildo and fuck myself silly. As the afternoon was winding down, we took separate showers. I loved the feeling of a bare pussy as warm water and soap washed over it. Steve went last and by the time he was out, I had the dress on and fully made up with hair and a bit over the top makeup. I wanted to play the part of a whore and certainly looked like one.

I had let Steve out of his cage for most of the day but promptly put him in his place after he was dried off from washing. With a quick kiss on the metal, I stood up and had my boyfriend put on his pants. I had him go without underwear, too. After all, what's good for me is good for him! I put the chastity key necklace on. I just had the dress, the key, and 'fuck me' high heels on. I was ready for some big cock.

We stopped by a wine store and I had Steve buy expensive champagne for us to enjoy. Arriving at Al's upscale condo, we knocked on the door nervously. An Asian couple entering a single black men's home with a bottle of liquor seemed pretty obvious what we were about to do. Perhaps, his neighbors had seen him with other cuckolded couples.

Al greeted us with a gentlemen-like approach. He shook Steve's hand and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and hug. "You look fabulous." His eyes went down and up my body. "Good call, Steve." He winked at my cuckold boyfriend knowing that he was the one that picked my outfit. My nipples stood out so much that the boys couldn't miss them. My pussy tingled slightly with Al's remark.

As a pleasant surprise, Al had fixed a wonderful meal and we enjoyed every bite along with the conversation. There actually wasn't any sexual talk and we felt like friends as the dinner wrapped up. The champagne was readily consumed and I was definitely feeling a little tipsy.

We made our way to his living room. Al turned the lights lower and played some R & B music. Steve sat on a single chair and Al was on the love seat. I had no choice but to sit next to Al or be alone on the other chair. The mood turned much more sexual. My arousal was evident for anyone that touched or smelled my pussy.

Al put his arm around me and I felt electrified. He turned to Steve who was gawking at me. "Just to set your mind at ease, Steve, I have no intention with your lovely girlfriend other than to enjoy her body. I know you both are truly in love. I could sense it the first time I saw you together. You make a wonderful couple. But, you know what else I could sense?" Steve shrugged his shoulders in response. "I could tell you liked watching us dance. I've seen that look many, many times with the couples I've been with."

My pussy was aching at this point. I could only imagine Steve's dick oozing pre-cum as Al asserted himself. "Are you locked up right now, Stevie?" Al started using a new name for my boyfriend, just like Malcolm did with Matthew, and Stevie just nodded yes. "Good boy. And, did you properly groom your beautiful woman's pussy for me?" God, I was soaked by his dominance. Stevie nodded again. "That's what I wanted to hear. You're a good cuckold, Stevie. You know what a cuckold is, right?" My submissive boyfriend nodding again.

Al stood up. His erection on display again. He began to undress. All eyes were on him as his shirt came off exposing his thick muscles and he pulled his pants and underwear down. I was in awe of how dominant he was and impressive his cock looked. Stevie's jaw was practically hit the floor staring at that big black cock. It was the first time, at least to my knowledge, that my boyfriend had seen a black cock in person. I was rubbing my legs together, stimulating my Asian pussy even further.

Al stroked his long, thick manhood. His eyes had not left mine as his lewd display in front of Stevie continued. I wanted to be taken by him so badly. I needed that big black cock. He took a couple of steps towards me and I stood up grasping his impressive penis. "Let's go to my bedroom. I need you to be my slut again," he commanded me. Turning to Stevie who was about to stand up, he added, "Give us 10 minutes, Stevie." My boyfriend looked aroused and defeated at the same time. "But, before we go, take off your clothes, too."

This was really becoming humiliating for Stevie but he did as he was told, nonetheless. Once he was naked, Al gestured for Stevie to stand next to him. All the while, I was holding and slowly stroking our bull's big cock. Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed Stevie's locked dick and gazed back and forth from my Chinese boyfriend's thin, caged penis and the mighty alpha ebony cock. I could feel juices run down my legs and my nipples stuck out like erasers as I compared my two lovers. Stevie's cock easily fit into that cage but there was no way in hell even soft that Al could be put into that metal device.

With that, Al led me back towards his bedroom. We left my horny locked up boyfriend waiting and wanting to watch. It added so much more to the situation.

Once we got to his room, Al left my dress on and spun me around. He pushed me on all fours, apparently his favorite position and proceeded to eat my ass and shaved pussy without mercy. I came twice with his expert oral sex. "Goddam that pussy is hot. You are definitely my little black cock whore." I only moaned in response.

"Please Al...please. I need your cock. Fuck me, please." I was begging this black man loudly to enter my sex. I was certain that Stevie could hear me and it turned me on even more thinking it put my boyfriend into a further submissive place.

"If you need this big ol' dick so badly, let me give it to you, bitch." I was in ecstasy as he called me names and began to fuck me. I screamed in pleasure making sure that Stevie could know what was going on. "Damn, bitch. You're even wetter than before. Take it all, you whore!" Now, Al was the one being loud for Stevie's benefit, though it did get me off, too.

After what seemed like hours and several orgasms later, Stevie appeared at the door. Al had purposefully positioned me so I could make eye contact with my boyfriend as soon as he came in. Stevie looked hapless as he witnessed this black stud fucking his otherwise conservative Chinese girlfriend in her dress. I was still on all fours and felt even sluttier still wearing that dress and high heels.

"I think she's enjoying my big black cock. Isn't that right, bitch? You a black cock slut now?" Al demanded a response and I couldn't hold back.

"Yes! Yes!" I cried out. "I'm your slut. I love your big black cock!" Stevie's caged cock was dripping even more pre-cum. All three of us loved my response. Al picked up his pace and soon I was cumming again looking at my boyfriend right in the eyes.

As I eased back down, Al slowed his pace and withdrew has cock. He laid it on my ass and it must have been a sight for Stevie to see what a large shiny cock Al had. "Come here," Al ordered my boyfriend. "Give her a taste." Stevie went over immediately and got on his knees. My gaping hole was obscenely on display. I felt the warmth of his tongue as he swirled around my pussy. He gently sucked and licked every part of my sex until Al told him to stop. Our bull was firmly in control.

Al had Stevie sit on the bed near the headboard and then had me lay on my side with my face in my boyfriend's lap. I played with his metal entombed penis as Al got between my legs and began fucking me again. Every thrust by this alpha stud pushed me into Stevie's lap and dick. I came hard again and I was being fucked without stopping. Al finally pulled out and had Stevie lay down opposite of me. He tapped my leg and I knew what he wanted.

Lifting my leg up, I sat just above my boyfriend's face. My head was hovering over his caged cock. I felt Al's cock start to enter me and knew that Stevie was getting an amazing view. Al fucked me for only a stroke or two when he ordered, "Lick my balls, Stevie." My boyfriend arched his hips, clearly very turned on. "Ah, that's it. Just like that. Make me cum in your girl."

Al picked up the pace and I could tell he was getting close. "Unlock him, bitch," he barked while maintaining his thrusts. It was difficult but I managed to unlock my Chinese boyfriend's thin penis and he instantly got erect. "Suck his little cock." The humiliation was almost too much for Stevie and I could tell he would cum soon but I held him back until Al was also going to ejaculate. I had never had two men cum in me at the same time and wanted that desperately.

"That's it, Stevie! Suck those nuts like a good cuckold! I'm going to fill your girl now!" With that both men came into my body. I swallowed the copious amount from Stevie's small penis and Al's seed overflowed from my cunt into Stevie's mouth. Al finally pulled out and I could hear his cock hit my boyfriend in the face. "That's it. Clean up my big dick." Slurping sounds came from under me and I moaned knowing what was happening. Stevie was our cuckold.

Al broke loose from Stevie's mouth and I rolled off of him. Still being a bull, Al told Stevie to go get us some drinks. He had to go naked and his fast recovering erection gave way his true feelings.

I laid there with Al and gently played with his limp cock. Even in this state, it was much larger and thicker than Stevie's erect penis.

Once my boyfriend came back, Al told him to wait in the living room until we were finished with another round. Stevie was so submissive and did as he was told. But, before he did, I grabbed the cock cage and locked him up again. Al gave his dominant approval smirk as Stevie fought back getting an erection. It must have been over an hour more until Al was finished using my pussy. I loved serving his big black cock in every way and enjoying his body.

That night was the first time I rimmed anyone. I just felt like I had to show my absolute submission to this alpha male. Licking his ass seemed like one of the last things to show my sub side. He loved every inch of my tongue as I swirled, licked and sucked on his asshole. While he didn't cum while I stroked and rimmed him, he moaned appreciatively and acknowledged my services.

We came out of the bedroom together after a good recovery time. I still had my slutty dress on and Al was buck naked. His proud, confident dick was swinging with each step. It was clearly a bull move to openly show off his large cock. Steve had gotten dressed himself and he stared at Al's dick openly. I suppose all taboos had been broken and we all knew which place each of the men were in.

He thanked Stevie for bringing me over and then gave me an incredible deep kiss goodbye. In fact, we started to make out right in front of my cuckolded boyfriend. Al's cock even began to get hard and I stroked it while Stevie watched. It must have been quite a sight and any cuckolded male would have loved to be in Stevie's place with this alpha black man fondling and kissing his used girlfriend.

Al groped my ass and my tits, squeezing the nipples and getting my juices flowing. His cock was fully erect and my cuckoldress side came out.

I turned around so I was rubbing my barely covered ass on Al's large cock and put my arms up so my hands clasped behind his neck. I looked up at him and he kissed and licked my neck. I was incredibly aroused and looked right at Stevie who was fully engrossed in his voyeuristic state. "Babe, I just need Al one more time. I promise to make it up to you tonight." I was practically out of breath telling my boyfriend that I needed to be fucked one more time. I pointed to the chair as I pulled my ebony lover towards the love seat.

Knowing Al loved me from behind, I assumed that position. Not having any panties on turned out to be one of the best decisions of the night...thanks, Stevie! Al wasted no time in slamming his hard dick into me. I could hear Stevie feverishly rubbing his caged Asian dick with the wanton display in front of him. I came at least twice before Al was ready to cum. I begged him for it and heard Stevie moan loudly. As Al ejaculated once again into my Asian pussy, I heard Stevie cum while still locked up. I loved being the center of all of this sexual adventure.

Al pulled out and I thanked him for a final time with only a quick peck on the lips. I could tell he was spent. I simply lowered my dress and grabbed Stevie. My boyfriend stood up and his shameful wet spot was clear for all of us to see. I didn't even think a guy could cum without an erection. It was quite dirty to go home with so much cum all over us.

My love for Stevie grew exponentially that night and I had thought of marriage. It would be a perfect cuckold relationship and something I knew couldn't be ignored by me anymore. I desired an alpha male with a large cock to pleasure me into submission, and I desired a beta husband that would be faithful and love me unconditionally.

I had both with Al and Stevie.


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