I hurry to the baths to rinse before Arlon takes me down to the dungeon again. He turns the globes to a high glow, chasing the murk from the large room. He takes me to a wooden x-cross rests against one wall.

He backs me up to it, pressing his chest against mine to pin me lightly, though after my punishment, I'm not about to struggle. He takes my left wrist and straps it to one wooden arm before he does the same to my right. He uses thick leather belts to secure me, wrapping them around my wrist and just under my elbow to immobilize me. Two more straps go on each of my legs, around my ankle and over my thigh. A last one wraps around my waist, leaving me pinned and splayed against the cross.

I shiver with anticipation as I wait, watching Arlon go to his own cabinet of supplies. "Conduits choice," he says as he grabs two small leather cases and a bottle of alcohol. "The familiar or unfamiliar first?"

I try to stamp down my nerves. "The familiar first, sir. Please," I say, finding the politeness that I've been lacking today in the face of getting poked full of holes.

Arlon grins as he carries the supplies back over to me. "As you wish," he says as he slides eight focuses over my fingers. "I'll be using forty needles. Ten to each arm, five to each thigh, and ten on your chest."

I can't stop a quiet swear. That's more than twice what I did the last time I tried corpimancy. "That sounds daunting, sir," I admit.

"I will stop the second you say so," he says. "But I would never have suggested it if I didn't think you could do it."

I let out a long breath before I draw in another and sink back against the cross. "Right. I'm ready, sir."

Arlon kisses my head before I hear the glug of alcohol. The wet rag cleans the soft flesh of my underarms and thighs before he cleans my chest, right over my heart. I keep my eyes closed as I hear him open the little leather case.

I feel him gently pinch the skin of my underarm and brace just as the needle slides through my skin. I groan at the sting, and maybe it's just because he's targeting the underside of my arm instead of the top, but it seems to take longer to fade. Eventually it does, and I try to relax as the pain dulls to a throb.

Another pinch, another needle. I wince, but just focus on my breathing, inhaling deeply before letting it out slow. I do that after every needle, and by the fifth, I'm floating, feeling that euphoria start to warp the sensation of pain into something just adjacent to it. Arlon slides the last needle into my arm, and I can't stop a quiet moan.

His hand cups my cheek and I find myself leaning into it as I open my eyes. My vision is already floating. "Are you alright, Dom?"

"Yes, sir."

He presses a gentle kiss to my forehead. "Good boy."

He moves onto my other arm, and I feel the focuses crackle with charge as he slides the first one in. The needles feel foreign under my skin, cold at first before they warm to my temperature, the flesh around them throbbing in time with my heartbeat. Another ten are pierced through me before he moves onto my legs.

The skin on top of my thigh can't be pinched like my arm can, and I feel Arlon slide the sharp point of the needle over my skin before piercing through. The needle goes through almost an inch of flesh before it exits again, and I can't stop a shout as my eyes fly open. The pain goes straight to my head, and I lean back against the cross with a groan, feeling a little dizzy.

Arlon pulls the second needle from his kit, though he waits as he strokes my thigh. I draw in another steadying breath before giving a wordless nod. Only then does he pierce the second one through me. It feels like he takes forever to finish with my leg, and yet another eternity passes as he pierces five needles through my other one.

I'm shaking by the time he's finished, grateful that the straps are there to hold me up. Then, he moves onto my chest. The focuses crackle again as he puts his hand over my heart, feeling the steady, yet elevated thud. Keeping my breathing even is harder now as every touch sends mixed messages of pain and pleasure. His fingers feel like ice against my heated skin as he cleans my chest again.

"You're almost done," Arlon promises as he kisses my forehead. He pinches a bit of skin on my chest, just around my nipple, though he waits until I nod before he slides the needle home. I let out a desperate little groan and let my head fall back as he slides another home.

He makes a circle on my chest, angling every sharp point to aim at my nipple. I'm limp against the cross, trembling with the shock of it even as I float halfway out of my body. But Arlon's hand on my cock gets my attention.

I'm amazed to find that I'm half hard, and I remember what Galiva said about corpimancy requiring a particular brand of pervert. Maybe I am that, because when Arlon starts to stroke me, I come crashing back into my body with a desire so hot it shocks me. Despite the needles in me, I strain against the straps to roll my hips into his hand.

Though my vision's gone hazy, I can still see Arlon grin as he strokes me to full attention. When he lets go, I can't stop a wail of disappointment. "Sir, please," I moan.

Arlon chuckles and plucks the focuses from my fingers before putting on eight fresh ones. "In time," he says. "Let's see if you can earn it."

I hear him open the other case and get my eyes to focus long enough to see what's in it. A row of shiny metal needles with rings looped through one end rest in a neat line. Arlon pulls the smallest one out and holds it up for me to see.

Up close, I can see that it's no needle. It's far too blunt and far too long. A little thicker than a leather awl, though there's a little bulb at the end that's even thicker. "This will be new for you," Arlon says. "So if at any point it is uncomfortable, tell me. The needles that are supposed to hurt are already in you."

I nod, still not sure what he's going to do with it. He drops a large glob of lotion onto the very tip of my cock and massages my head until I moan. Then, he puts the blunt tip of the needle to the little hole of my piss slit, and it breaks through my haze like a bucket of water.

"Woah, hold on." Arlon freezes. I look at him with wide eyes, and he must see my barely contained fear. He gives me a gentle smile.

"I promise you it won't hurt," he says. "It's... intense, but it is not painful. If you don't like it, I will stop."

I draw in a steadying breath. If I didn't trust Arlon so much, I don't think I'd even be considering this. One slip, and my cock could be ruined from the inside out. I bite my lip, trying to decide if closing my eyes would be better. I settle on keeping them open and nod.

Arlon moves slow, and I feel the head of the pin slide into the tip of my cock. There's definitely a stretch, but the lotion eases the smooth metal as it inches deeper. "Aah, fucking hell," I gasp, trying to decide if I like the unique sensation or not. But then Arlon pulls the pin up a little before slowly pressing it in further.

"Are you alright?" he asks gently.

I whimper and try to keep my hips still. "Yes," I breathe. Arlon lets go and the pin slides in the last half an inch until the ring at the end settles against the tip of my cock, stopping it from going any further. He strokes my length gently, slicking lotion over it, and I can't stop a gasp. With the little pole inside of me, it feels like I'm being stroked from the inside out.

"Fuck," I gasp as Arlon lifts the pin up by the ring and lets it slide back in again. The sensation is overwhelming, and it almost feels like I'm building to an internal orgasm, though I don't know how I can cum with the thing plugging my hole. I trust Arlon to know what he's doing, and he must because the focuses around my fingers spark as they start to charge.

"You're doing wonderfully," Arlon says. He fucks my slit with the little metal pole for a moment longer before slowly pulling it free. He grabs another from his kit, and I see that it's a little thicker and a little longer, with gentle ridges down it's length. Judging by the hole that runs through the center, this one is also hollow. "I won't go bigger than this today," he promises even as he drops another glob of lotion onto my slit.

I take a steadying breath but nod before Arlon guides the pole into my cock. Even though it's not that much bigger, it sure as hell feels it. My slit is stretched gently as the rod slides into me, and the soft ridges wring a gasp of pleasure from me.

"F-fucking hell." The tremor in my voice is getting worse. I don't know how to handle this new kind of pleasure. It's so different from what I've done before, and as the rod slides deeper, I can't stop a shout of ecstasy as it pushes past a spot inside of me. It almost feels like Arlon hitting that spot in my ass, except it's radiating from the wrong end of me. I let out a long, shuddering moan as Arlon fucks me with the rod, pulling it out an inch before gently guiding it back in.

I strain against the straps as I shudder with pleasure. I feel every needle still under my skin, feel the bite of the leather straps around my limbs, every little ridge in the pole that fucks my slit. "Sir, please!" I shout.

Arlon grins before he unlatches the straps from my arms. "Move carefully," he cautions. "Stroke yourself."

I don't need to be told twice as I grab my shaft. It feels incredible as I stroke over my length, the gentle ridges of the rod enhancing everything my hand is doing. Arlon takes my right hand and guides it to the little ring of the rod. "Move slow," he says. I do as told and slide the rod almost all of the way out before gently guiding it back in. Each ridge massages me from the inside out as the rod treks steadily down. It hits that spot inside of me, pushing past some unseen barrier, and I shout as I cum hard, my orgasm taking me by surprise.

My seed rushes out of me, and even that feels more intense. Some of it makes it out through the hole in the rod, but the intensity of my orgasm is enough that it pushes the rod back up, making the ridges drag through me all over again. I scream as the force of my orgasm pushes the rod free to clatter against the floor. Blearily, I see Arlon watching me, his arms folded across his chest as he grins.

When I'm finally finished, I slump against the cross, shaking with the aftershocks of pleasure. Arlon murmurs quiet praises in my ear, though I barely register them as words. His fingers are gentle as they ease the needles out of me, and I whimper when he cleans the holes with alcohol. He doesn't unstrap the rest of me until he's finished bandaging my arms, legs and chest.

I fall against him, my legs turned to water. He's talking to me again, but it's not until he grabs me chin and makes me look at him that I'm able to focus. "Are you alright, Dom?"

I'm sore and exhausted, but I can't stop a whimper of pleasure as I lean into his hand. Arlon's proven, once again, that when I'm in the right headspace, I'll let him do anything to me. Yet I've never regretted it. "Yes, sir."


Arlon lets me go to dinner dressed.

I'm still floating when he sits me down at one of the long tables, settling me between Olbric and Cancassi. He whispers something into Olbric's ear that makes him chuckle before heading to the front of the room.

Olbric cups my cheek and turns my face towards him. I'm powerless to stop him, but for a second, I'm afraid of him seeing me like this. The last thing I want is to stir up jealousy again. I reach up and put my hand over his, squeezing his fingers as I lean into his touch automatically.

"Doing alright, Dom?" he asks gently, a smile on his face.

I nod even as Cancassi scoots a little closer and pulls me against their shoulder. Their long fingers feel amazing as they start to play with my hair. Olbric catches my lips in a quick kiss before he says, "I'll get you a bowl."

"If I could have your attention, please," Arlon says and folks at the front start clanking their silverware against their glasses until the chatter dies down. Olbric returns a second later and sets down a bowl of vegetable stew over rice in front of me. All eyes turn to Arlon as the room goes silent.

The grandmaster looks around the hall to be sure he has everyone's attention before he speaks again. "I have received notice from King Thermilious about the fate of the rogue wizards Lucien Carter and Jaret Voss." The room seems to collectively hold its breath, waiting for him to continue. "Tomorrow, they will be executed at noon in the city center."

His words hit like a sledgehammer, and I feel the ripple of shock travel around the room. Cancassi gasps, and they're not the only one. Olbric goes stiff next to me, and even though I knew it was coming, Arlon's words send a jolt through me, chasing away the last of my haze.

"I requested their Quietus be private, and I was denied. As it stands, I will be attending the public execution," Arlon continues. "Your choice of whether or not to attend is up to you. As always, you are allowed to decline for any reason and without judgment."

His eyes scan the room, and he lets out a small sigh. "I will be in the courtyard at second bell to leave for town. For anyone who wishes to join, I would like us to show a unified front in condemning the actions of these wizards who have hurt some of our own. We need to remind the people of Straetham that we are not like them. We are not kidnappers and rapists."

His words hang heavy. Across the hall, I hear someone's shuddering breath. Arlon seems to meet every eye in the room when he says, "We are healers. We are guardians. We are servants. The work we do here is as important as it is misunderstood. Unfortunately, we are judged by the actions of the worst among us. Diran, Jaret and Lucien's atrocities reflect on us all. I hope I am wrong in thinking that the next couple of months will be difficult for us. But as a precaution, I have tightened security around the Crux by instituting a guard rotation. I request that if you cross the mote or go into town, to go in pairs or more."

Arlon sighs, and he seems weary beyond his years. "Never forget that we are doing incredible things here," he says. "Never forget that we pursue the study of magic not just because we want to, but because it is important. We exist in a position to create positive change in the world. But remember that you are important as well. Make sure, especially during times like this, that you take care of yourselves, and you take care of each other."

He looks around the room with something like pride on his face. He gives a wan smile. "As always, my door is open to any one of you, should you need me."

Arlon nods and steps away from the front of the room. The chatter picks up almost immediately. I watch Arlon grab dinner for himself before he walks over and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Are you alright, Dom?" he asks.

I nod, and his hand gives my shoulder a gentle squeeze. "There are others who will need you tonight. Take care of them," he says. He presses a gentle kiss to my head before he unlatches the collar from my neck. "Thank you for today."

I blink when I realize I've been dismissed for the night. Arlon walks across the hall to the door, and Alix pushes to his feet to follow him. Apparently others need him tonight, too. I watch them go as I store my collar in the pocket of my robe.

Being collared means being under his command, both inside the casting room and out. I never expect to be thanked because it's my duty and pleasure to do it. Arlon makes his gratitude known in other ways, but hearing his quiet thanks warms me from the inside out.

Yet when I look at Olbric and Cancassi, I realize he's right. Arlon needed me today, but others need me tonight. This order is an easy one to obey.






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