This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend's friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes my roomie for six weeks.

This story contains blowjob, butt plugs, anal play, ass fucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the series where Rachel and I have all sorts of dirty things going on.

If you're under 18, please close this site and leave. Note: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you've enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


I woke up early the next day after the nice evening at Alfedo's.

I decided to head out early and left the apartment a few minutes later.

As I entered the office floor, I saw Linda was already at her desk.

"Good morning, you're early!" I greeted her.

"Good morning Mr. Davies, yes I was up early today," she responded.

"How was your evening?" I asked with a grin, thinking about the video she sent me, trying to impale her young ass on the suction dildo.

"It was...great!" she embarrassedly replied.

"How did you like my response?" I asked, looking for her reaction to the selfie video of Vanessa taking my cock in her ass from behind, filming herself.

"It was, very hot..." she murmured, her cheeks blushing.

As I sat down in the office, Linda was standing in my door soon after.

"How can I help love?" I asked innocently.

"I wanted to ask, if, maybe you could, you know, I thought I'd like to try to do what you and, Vanessa, yesterday in the video," she stuttered shyly.

I figured she was aroused by the video I sent her last night and wanted the same, but it was too early for that 24 year old bombshell which never had a cock up her butt.

I thought I'd embarrass her a bit with my words.

"You saw me plowing away Vanessa's whore ass and saw her enjoying it so you want me to drill that tight asshole of your's too?" I spat.

She first looked shocked at the nasty words coming from my mouth but clearly got aroused by them too.

"Um, yes, kind of," she whispered, looking away shyly.

"I think it's a bit early for that, Linda, why don't you get over to my couch, stick that fine ass out for me and we'll see what we can do?" I asked her.

She slowly started to walk over to the couch.

Wearing a light blue pencil skirt and a black ladies shirt, her glasses hugging her pretty face, her red hair tucked into a bun.

She knelt on the couch, arching her back, the skirt being stretched presenting her beautiful peach to me, her head tilted to the back looking back over her shoulder deep into my eyes.

I stood up and walked over to her, my eyes on her the whole time and sat down next to her on the couch.

I caressed her ass with my hands through the fabric of her skirt.

"Tell me all the details of last night, Linda." I asked her erotically, massaging her cheeks with my hands.

"As soon I as I reached home, I undressed and placed the dildo on the head board of the bed," she started, pushing her back into my hands.

I pulled her skirt slowly up, revealing her black thong, partially covering her plug snuggly sitting between her cheeks.

Linda hissed on that move as I started to caress her bare cheeks with my hands.

"Uhhh, and then, I put a lot of lube on my ass and the dildo and started to push myself backwards, thinking about what happened in the office before," she panted, as I pulled her thong down to her knees.

"What happened in the office, Linda?" I teased, again caressing her cheeks, slightly touching the plug.

"Ahhh, eh, you, you licked me and I had a strong orgasm," she hissed.

"Where did I lick you Linda?" again teasing her.

"You licked my ass," she shyly replied.

"And you liked it?" I continued.

"Yes, a lot!" she admitted.

"And then, what did you do next?" I pushed her.

"I, I pressed backwards and the dildo went into my ass, and first, it hurt a bit but then, the pressure became good and," she stopped as I pulled on the plug inside her ass.

"Like that, Linda?" pulling the plug to the broadest part.

"Ahhh, yess, uh" she yelped as the plug popped out.

"Continue." I asked her.

"I, I started to push back and forth on it and it, it felt so good," she moaned as my finger started to push into her asshole.

"Oh my, and I continued to push back," as she pushed her ass on my finger.

"How far did you manage it to go?" I asked, putting in a second finger and slowly moving it in and out of her beautiful asshole.

"Uh, about half," she panted, adjusting to my two fingers in her ass.

"Did you cum?" I asked, fucking my fingers deeper into her hole.

"Yes, ahh, I did." she panted.

"How long did you do that for?" I asked.

"Uh, my god, oh god, eh, the whole evening," she shyly admitted.

"How many times did you come?" I teased, fucking her ass more and putting in a third finger.

"Uh, ehm, I don't know," she lied.

"Common Linda, be honest with me!" I said dominantly.

"Uh, uh, seven..." she embarrassedly admitted.

Wow, seven times I thought, this girl really started to like that.

"Good girl, and what did you do once you came?" I teased further, knowing the answer already.

"I, ehm, I..." she panted.

"Don't be embarrassed Linda, just tell me!" I calmed her.

"I, I sucked it..." still embarrassed, her cheeks glowing as my fingers continued to invade this little girls tight anus.

"You sucked what?"

"I sucked the dildo after I came, ah!" she hissed.

"And where has the dildo been before you came?" I teased her.

"In my ass..." she whispered.

"Does that turn you on?"

"Yes, ahh" she exhaled deeply.

I removed my fingers from her ass and guided it to her mouth which she accepted immediately, her lips and tongue swirling around my fingers.

I got close to her ass and started to lick her puckered ring slowly, causing her to let out a deep groan:


I started to lick harder, occasionally pushing my tongue inside her ass, going deeper with each turn.

"Oh my god, yes, please..." Linda panted.

I continued, becoming quicker with every minute and Linda was truly close to an orgasm.

"Oh my, yes, fuck, please, push your tongue in deeper, yes, ahhhhh" she moaned while pushing her ass on my tongue.

As she was reaching the point of no return, I noticed a shadow crossing the open office door.

I glanced over but couldn't see anyone and continued to relief Linda.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm coming, oh my god, ffffuuuuuuuckckkkk!" she moaned loudly as her orgasm let her legs shake and her anus throbbed around my tongue.

I quickly took the plug and pushed it in back inside her ass.

She turned around, giving me a deep kiss and then whispered:

"Thank you so much, that was amazing! May I suck your cock please?" she asked.

I nodded and she got down on the floor between my legs and started to undo my pants, her thong still at her knees, skirt pushed up to her waist exposing her bare ass as she started to suck me deeply.

"Uh, uh, my god, Linda, you're great!" I applauded at the sensational blowjob.

"Mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, gulp, gulp, gulp" she deepthroated me now eagerly.

At these sensations I soon was close and as my lower body started to tense, she gripped my cock hardly with her lips and I started to shoot my huge morning load into her pretty mouth.

She swallowed good but some of it was left on her lips and chin, where once she finished her job, left it untouched.

"Once you manage to accept the whole rubber dick in your pretty ass, I'm going to fuck that pretty butt of yours!" I added.

"Yes, Mr. Davies!" she nodded with anticipation in her eyes.

"Just make sure I get it on video," I grinned.

She smiled shyly and left my office.

A few minutes later, I heard sharp high heels on the floor outside my office and shortly after, my boss was standing in the door.

"Darren, would you have a few minutes for me, I need to discuss something with you?" she asked politely.

"Oh, Hi Ellen, yes of course, come in!" I replied.

"Ehm, I'd prefer it in my office," she said.

"Sure, no problem, let's go" I politely replied, and we were on our way.

She was walking in front of me when I realized, I have never noticed how sexy she was.

Maybe that was because I generally never had a look out for older women until Ann, but now, I just couldn't take my eyes of her full ass and hips.

She was wearing a tight red skirt, black tights and matching red high heels.

A white shirt completed her outfit, her blonde long hair falling nicely on her back.

As we approached her office, her hips seemed to wiggle her ass a lot, but maybe it was just me, I thought.

Once in the office, I sat down in the guest chair across her desk and I started to blabber about how well the project with Rachel's firm went and that I planned a campaign with them in Vancouver next week.

"Yeah that's great, but I didn't want to discuss that," she added.

"Wait, Vancouver?" she asked.

"Yes, it's good for us to advertise more there since our customer base there keeps growing," I improvised.

"I see, good!" she answered with a grin on her face.

"Ok Darren, I wanted to speak to you about yesterday afternoon and this morning, your office." she calmly started the conversation.

"What about it?" I innocently asked.

"Oh, don't be stupid," she added.

I started to panic but gave a last try:

"I, I don't know what you're talking about Ellen."

"Oh, so you're telling me, that you completely forgot about your secretary on all fours, your tongue deep in her ass?" she asked me with a slight grin.

"Ehm, I, I, no, eh..." I stuttered.

"You know I could get both of you fired for this, right?" she added.

"Ehm, yes, I suppose, but Ellen, it's not like that, I," again stuttering.

"I want that!" she strictly said, looking directly in my eyes.

"I'm, I'm sorry?" I muttered.

"You heard me, I want that, and you are going to provide. I won't tell on you, but you're going to lick my ass a lot for my silence!" she commanded, slight sexiness on her face as she stood up, walked around her desk and stopped between her desk and me, leaning her upper body on the table, sticking her ass out into my face.

Wow, I thought, am I being forced by my boss to play with her ass?

"Well, go on then?" she said.

I hesitated, staring at that big curvy ass, stretching the fabric of her red skirt.

"Don't be shy Darren, just do it!" she encouraged me.

I slowly put my hands to her skirt and started to lift it. What came to my sight were her shapely legs, then the end of the tights just below her ass cheeks.

Whoa, she's hot, I thought, kicking myself for never noticing before.

As I pulled further up, a white thong appeared, shaping her cheeks in a peachy form, exposing the bare skin.

I carefully pulled on her thong as they fell down and rested on her ankles as she reached for her ass cheeks and spread them for me.

A tight little anus came to sight, meticulously shaved, it looked very tasty as I was staring at it.

"Come on sweet cheeks, I don't have all day!" she encouraged.

Slowly, I placed my full tongue on her hole, not moving it, just pressing it on her anus.

"Uhhhhhh!" she let out a moan.

I waited a bit and then started to slowly make circles with my tongue around her most intimate hole, licking the puckered ring.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Oh my god!" she exhaled deeply.

Then, I carefully pushed my tongue inside her asshole.

"Uhhh, ohhhhhh my god, yes, do that again!" she applauded.

I started to fuck my boss in her tight ass with my tongue rhythmically.

She tasted amazing, and her ass cheeks were just gorgeous, so full, so firm.

"Oh my god, oh my fucking god, yes, fuck my ass with your tongue, ahhh" she was now pushing back her ass against my tongue.

"Uh, uh, don't stop, I'm close, fuck, yes, yes, uh, ahhh, ahhh, aaaahhhhhhhhhh" she screamed as her ass orgasm rolled over her.

While she was coming back to her senses, I noticed she'd stepped out of her thong while enjoying my tongue in her ass and I quickly grabbed them and let them disappear in my pocket.

"All right, so you know what our deal is, when I call you, you show up and you bring your tongue with you for my ass, is that clear?" she tried to sound strict but clearly wasn't.

I had to tame her, I had to have her ass, I had to have her begging me for my cock.

"Yes, Ellen, whenever you want!" I agreed.

"Good, oh and one more thing, if you fuck your secretary's ass, make sure your cum stays in her ass and let me know!" she commanded.

"Ehm, sure, I guess," I replied and walked out of her office confused.

What was that all about, I thought and made my way back to my office, and put Ellen's hot thong in my top drawer.

Phew, what a start into the day I thought.

As lunch time arrived, I decided to take the rest of the day off and also told Linda to do so, giving her a wink while doing so.

Arriving at home, no one seemed to be around.

Also, a look into Ann's and Vanessa's apartments didn't reveal an opportunity for me to bury my member in any tight holes.

As I needed to get some relief myself, I decided to go the old way and soon enough was sitting on the couch, stroking myself to the memories of today's morning, where I licked not one but two fantastic asses, right in my office.

I was close soon, when I remembered something.

I stopped the stroking immediately, stood up and went to find my jacket.

Fiddling about in the jacket's pocket, I found what I was looking for.

The business card with that pixie's number on it from last night's visit to Alfredo's.

Even though I didn't exactly know what I was going to say, I called the number.

"Hello, Sandy speaking," I heard her voice.

So, her name was Sandy.

"Hi Sandy, this is Darren, I, uhm, was at the restaurant you work for the other night..." I greeted.

"Oh, I remember you, you're the guy who filled that hot milf's ass with your spunk in the bathroom stall!" she straightforwardly said.

"Did I now?" I stupidly answered, overwhelmed by her directness.

"Well at least that's what I heard standing on the other side of the stall. Also, I had to mop the floor afterwards after she messed it up with your cum dripping out of her used ass all over the place..." she smirked.

"Oh well," I muttered, my dick hard as a rock as the image of Ann on all fours on the bathroom floor passed my brain.

"And now, let me guess, you're calling because you want to drill me up my butt?" she sheepishly asked.

"Ehm, well, I..." I stuttered.

"Stop choking and bring that cock of yours over here, oh, and bring that plug this whore milf missed to bring last night!" she instructed sexily and hung up.

Wow, I was perplexed from what just happened.

But quickly on my way over to Alfredo's.

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