It was good after our bike ride; I find myself in her home. The bitch tried to take off of her heels but I stopped her.

"Bitch I am going to call you LT. Keep the fucken heels on and remove the cloths."

She looked surprised yet started to remove her cloths. "I named you LT meaning large tits. I own tiny tits and soon I will own your ass so I have the best of both worlds."

It didn't take long until she was naked except the heels and jewelry. I was pleased she just put her hands behind her back being totally on display.

I view is good but that fucken pubic hair sucks. I demand she takes us to the master bedroom. I ask for scissors, shaving cream and a razer, plus a bowel of hot water.

I have LT lay on the side of the bed her husband sleeps on. I love the look of the heels, knees bent and legs wide open.

I strip and sit down getting ready to get rid of that fucken hair. As soon as I sit, I feel a hand on my cock. I don't know if she even realized she graded it.

Then she involuntarily starts moving her hand on my erect cock starting to stoke me. I take a pillow putting it under her waist to raise it and taking the scissors cutting always the long hair. I look into the bitch's eyes smiling. I know she feels shame as her eyes close but don't give up the cock in her hand keeping it tight as she continues rubbing it's the head and moving her fist on the length of it. I am in heaven. I'm going to shave the hot submissive Indian bitch. She is lying before me with her legs wide apart and her hairy cunt is on clear display before my eyes. As I cut away tell it is all short. I apply shaving cream, then take the outer cunt lips in my hand parting them to reveal their inner pinkish flesh, as I start shaving her cunt gently. The sound of moving razor is erotic. I enjoy the feeling of cunt as I gently move my fingers on the outer lips. I take her clit in my fingers as she jumps with joy. A big moan comes from her mouth. She is whimpering and low moans escapes those full lips. I keep caressing her erect clit, in the pretext of shaving her properly.

Occasionally I'm moving my fingers on the outer lips. Her cunt is getting so wet, that the inner lips and the pinkish flesh are glistening with cunt juices. She is so horny and wet. Shamla or LT as I call her is enjoying the feel of manly hands of the man, no biker she only met a few hours ago. The cunt, and even the tiny asshole that was fucked less than an hour ago are leaking down the crack which she feels, making her more humiliated yet excited. She is watching me shaving her. With every move of razor more and more of her cunt is becoming move clear in view. The inner pinkish flesh of cunt is clearly visible. LT is moaning softly and her fist on my cock has tightened as her movement on my cock have speed up. Now the whole of her cunt has been shaven, I have her us her free hand to pull up her legs so that I may also shave around that leaking asshole. I put a finger in the hole as I shave around it. The moans are increasing, yet tears are flowing as the mixture of lust and humiliate hit her. Putting the razor down, and rubbing my hand on the clean shaven pelvic, I say better. Taking my finger out of the ass I offer it to those lips and she puts it in her mouth. "LT! See how much better you look after being shave. You really have a nice cunt." Saying this I take her other hand put in on the freshly clean cunt. She rubs her hand and shyly smiles. As I stand LT remove her hand from my cock grabbing a tit. "My god I look like a whore. Heels in bed, clear shaven cunt all wet. I'm a whore."

As she keeps playing with her tits and cunt, I grab a hand full of her long black hair. Bring her back in the moment she looks up seeing my phone in hand recording everything. The look on her face is priceless. It is a look of dread that she is crossing a line which she wishes to never do. Yet is too weak stop the lust the deep inside her.

Removing her right hand from her tits she grabs the cock to help control the thrust in her mouth. I tell her to use her left hand. As she switches, it hits her, he doesn't want to not only record an Indian whore sucking his cock. He wants to record a married Indian whore sucking his cock, seeing how the wedding ring will be in clear view. The crazy thing is she not only doing it, but opens her legs more pushing 4 fingers in her cunt and forcing as much cock in her throat as she can.

After about five minutes of the blowjob, I pull her off of my cock. She falls back trying to catch her breath, yet still fingering that cunt hard. Almost as if she is punishing herself for becoming an Indian whore.

"Bitch are you ready to have that cunt fucked?"

The finger stops fucking as if she is trying to decide. Slowly she removes the fingers leaving a wide-open cunt. A cunt I am sure in time she will be able to fist herself. Turning putting her ass in the air head down on her husband's pillow. Tears streaming "Sir fuck my asshole please."

I kneel behind her smiling with phone in hand. I am going to fuck that ass again, knowing it is only a matter of time tell that cunt will be mine also. & start=210

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