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We have been married for 28 years and my wife, Cath, is 58, 5'3", 135lbs (9st 7lbs), 32G, blonde, very shapely and all natural (nothing added, nothing taken away). We have two grown up children.

I love a bit of risky exhibitionism and Cath is very accommodating. We enjoy walking and, in the warmer months, I'll often ask her to put a dress or skirt on and sexy knickers as I have something in mind. This was one such occasion.

It was a warm Summer's sunny afternoon. At my request, Cath put on her dark blue dress which ends just above the knees with buttons up the front (one of my favourites for this type of activity).

We have a bird reserve not far from us that has a remote bird hide overlooking a lake. To get to it you have to park in the car park, walk alongside the canal for about half a mile, then on a raised wooden walkway over a small area of marsh to the hide.

We arrived at the car park and started to make our way along the canal path. We were followed by a family a little way behind us and we passed another couple on the path. I was looking for a suitable place for my next move. Then, I spotted a slight clearing next to the path with a gate looking into the adjacent field with a nice view. I suggested to Cath that we stop to look at the view for a while, so we leaned on the gate chatting.

The family behind us walked passed, talking to each other. As soon as they were out of sight I said to Cath, "Don't move" whilst I moved behind Cath, bent down, put my hands up her dress and pulled her knickers down. She was a little surprised at my boldness and quickly looked around to see if the other family were still in sight. She knew I would have checked anyway. I pushed her knickers all the way down to her ankles and lifted her sandalled feet, one by one, to remove the knickers altogether. I then said "I'll have those" and put them in my pocket.

"Come on, let's go" I said. Cath looked at me surprised that I was expecting her to continue walking in a short dress with no knickers. I just smiled at her like 'of course I expect it.'

We walked along the rest of the canal path, passing a few other people, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling as we both knew something that our passers-by didn't. I could tell she was enjoying the sensation of the Summer breeze around her lower regions and the naughtiness of being knickerless. She seemed to give others a slightly wider berth walking passed and walked quickly, thinking that somehow if she hung around they might somehow guess she hadn't got any knickers on.

When we go to the beginning of the wooden walkway, there was a man with a dog coming the other way. My wife likes dogs, but we don't have one ourselves. The dog came up to Cath and she couldn't resist bending down to greet it. I saw the opportunity and asked stopped to ask the man about the dog. I involved my wife in the conversation as I wanted her to talk to the man. I just thought it completely erotic that I was encouraging my wife to speak to a handsome stranger whilst standing just 6 feet from him with no knickers on!

We talked for couple of minutes whilst the dog sniffed us both, taking a slightly greater interest in my wife. It's probably because she likes dogs, but it might have been something else that the dog could smell.

When we finished talking, we moved along the walkway to the hide. We passed a middle-aged couple coming along the other way, but when we got to the hide and opened the door, we were the only people there.

As we opened up the hide shutters view the birds, I just went over to Cath and put my hand up her dress and on her pussy. She was dripping wet. I looked at her surprised, as I thought she had been a bit embarrassed by what had happened so far. She told me that she had got more and more turned on with every encounter since we left the gate where I took her knickers off. She then told me that she was desperate to come.

I figured, with the number of people that were around, that it was too risky for us to fuck in the hide. We wouldn't be able to hear others until they walked in the door and we could get arrested! So, I suggested to Cath, "Why don't you lie on the bench and masturbate to climax whilst I keep a lookout.

I moved to the door and opened it, standing so I could see along the walkway and I could look back to see Cath. She had wasted no time to lie down and was already rigid and tense, rubbing her clit vigorously with the palm of her hand. She was gasping and moaning straight away. She had been ready for this for the last 15 minutes or so. I watched both ways as she quickly released in orgasm and relaxed all her limbs in pure relief. So much sexual tension dissipated.

I closed the hide door, went over to her and presented her with her knickers. She put them back on and we settled down for a few minutes bird watching (the feathered variety).

Just a minute or so in, the door opened and an older couple walked in. My first thought was 'I wonder if they can smell anything in the air' but they didn't seem to react so. They sat on a bench at the other end of the hide and we exchanged pleasantries. Little did they know that, if they had been a few minutes earlier, they would have could my lovely wife flicking her bean in full view!

I do like bird watching.


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