"3..2...1... cum!" Katie shouted. It was like a chain reaction. Both her and her Mom fingered each other's pussies as they came on the spot. Lily heard this and her pussy convulsed around Josh's cock, which sent him shooting spurts of hot cum deep into her. She latched hard onto her Daddy's cock, sending him into a shuddering orgasm, shooting his seed into her throat. Danny felt the vibrations and soon he was filling up Lily's ass with his seed, then pulling out and shooting jets on her ass and back. The room filled with moans and screams. Lily yelped as she swallowed her Daddy's cum, then feeling a hot jet hit her face. She squirt on Josh's cock as his cum leaked out of her pussy. They all came down, panting hard as Lily fell off her brother's cocks and collapsed on the bed.

"Yeah, sis!" Katie cheered standing up and recording her with her camera. "How do you feel? I'm making a home movie. This one's called 'Lily's first fuck'," She said grinning, looking over her sister. She was covered in cum from her pussy and ass all the way up to her face and hair, her makeup smeared.

"Like I just died and went to heaven," Lily breathed looking up at the camera. "How do I look?"

"Like a total slut sis. So just perfect," Katie said leaning down and kissing her passionately. The rest of the family stood watching and smiled. Katie turned the camera toward herself.

"Well that's a wrap. Happy birthday sis!" She said, panning around the room at her siblings and parents.

"Happy birthday Lily!" They cheered. Lily's head rest against the fabric, the cum dripping from her whole body.

"Happy birthday to me," She smiled softly, the first of many she would knew she would enjoy.


24 years later


Emma stormed into her room, carrying her heels in her hands. She was wearing a sparkling red dress, her long blonde hair that was done up perfectly earlier that night now messy, mascara running down from her face. She slammed the door hard behind her, throwing her heels into the corner and hastily taking off the dress. She bent over, now wearing just her panties as she sat on her bed and cried.

"Emma! I'm sorry!" She heard as the door opened. Her brother Dave was wearing a nice suit, his dark hair combed and held in place with gel. He shut the door and approached his sister carefully.

"Go away! I can't believe you did that!" She cried.

"I'm sorry! I just couldn't help it... the way you looked under the lights... you were so beautiful..." He said, sitting beside her and putting his arm around her bare shoulder. Her slim body was small compared to him, his hand wrapping all the way around his arm.

Emma couldn't help but get soft at the comment, although she was still angry.

"You can't go kissing me with people around. They all probably think we're freaks..." She pouted.

"Nobody saw. Everyone was dancing, and it was quick. No one was even looking," Dave said, patting her shoulder. "Still, I'm sorry."

"If I forgive you, you have to promise to never do that again," She said softly. "I know it's hard."

"I promise," Dave said kissing her cheek. "It just sucks, we're forbidden from being in love," He frowned.

"I know. But I still love you," Emma said. He gave her a long kiss on the lips, tasting the saltiness of her tears.

"I'm sorry I made you cry," He frowned.

"I'll get over it," She sniffled. She stood up and gave him a hug, sniffling. "I'm gonna go get ready for bed." She walked to the door and gave him a final glance before leaving the room. As she shut the door and turned, she felt a pair of large breasts bump into her bare side and she yelped. She turned to see her Mom, wearing a silky nightgown and long black knee-socks. Her hands were draped over her belly; she had been expected for 6 months now.

"Ooh, I'm sorry honey," Lily said seeing her topless daughter and holding her shoulders. "How was the dance?"

"It's alright Mom, it was fine..." Emma said crossing her arms over her breasts.

"Have you been crying? Tell me what's wrong sweetheart," Lily said concerned, noticing Emma's running makeup. She wrapped an arm around her daughter, squeezing her.

"No, nothing Mom. I'm not dressed..." She said crossing her arms tighter. Lily patted her back.

"Oh sweetie, don't worry about that. Tell Mommy what happened," She said brushing a tear from her cheek.

"No- nothing. It was just some guy. I- I thought he was into me but turns out it wasn't going to work out," Emma said, quickly thinking of a lie.

"Oh honey, I understand. But you find love in the most mysterious places sometimes," Lily winked, hugging Emma tightly.

"Thanks, Mom. I'm fine, really. I'm already over it." Lily kissed her cheek.

"Alright, well come talk to me if you need anything. Love you."

"Love you too, Mom." Lily gave her another hug and stepped past her.

"Try to get some sleep now, we're going to grandma and grandpa's in the morning."

"I know. I will, goodnight Mom."

"Goodnight sweetie," She said taking another look at Emma and stepping into her room.

Emma rinsed herself off in the hot water. How could Dave be so dumb? If anyone found out she was kissing her brother... oh god, what if her parents found out? Luckily it sounded like no one saw. But they'd have to be more careful in the future.

She couldn't help that she loved Dave to death, even if he was her brother. It was just so natural to her. They were twins, and they'd always been there for each other. She couldn't see herself with anyone else.

She heard the door open and looked up. She heard the sound of clothes dropping on the floor, and then a hand pull back the curtain. Dave was standing nude, his muscular body glimmering in the soft light.

"What are you doing?" Emma said punching his shoulder. He stepped in and stood behind her, wrapping his large arms around her bare chest.

"Relax. Everyone went to bed already," He said. They stood in the water, as she felt safe in his arms. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," She said squeezing his arms. His semi-erect cock pressed against her bare ass and she sighed.

"Let me make it up to you," He said, his hand moving down her breast, settling on her pussy as she parted her legs slightly.

"We have to get up early..." Emma said, not denying she loved the feeling of his fingers against her lips.

"I know. And we won't get to do this for a few days," Dave said spreading her lips and moving his fingers over her clit.

"God that will be awful. Three whole days and grandma and grandpa's," Emma groaned. She loved her family, but it was always so boring at her grandparent's. Most of the time her other family members spent time down in the basement anyway, drinking and playing cards. Or whatever they did.

Dave flicked her clit faster as her knees bent slightly. He kissed her, turning her head towards him.

"I love you," He said, sliding his fingers faster. The farthest they'd gotten was hands only, as they both agreed to take it slow, being brother and sister. Although Emma thought Dave would take it further if he could.

"I love you too," She breathed, pinching her own nipple as she closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure. Her knees buckled and she lost control of them, but Dave held her up as he continued to rub her to a shuddering orgasm.

"Fuck..." She moaned, her voice dampened by the shower to her parents. She came around his fingers hard, her brother holding her up for support. She kissed him passionately and turned around, breathing heavily. She went to grab his cock, be he stopped her.

"That was just for you. I'm the one apologizing, remember?" He said kissing her.

"How sweet of you," She grinned. "I promise to repay you times 100 next time," She giggled as she kissed his chest. He grinned back at her.

"I'll hold you to it. Come on, let's go to bed," He said turning off the water.


"Come in, come in!" Emma heard as she stepped into the large house, along with her parents and brother. Her grandmother's arms wrapped around her. Her hair was greyed but showed the traces of fading blonde which used to be the same color as Emma's, and she looked great for her age. "Look at you, turning into a fine young woman," She said grabbing Emma's shoulders and looking her over.

"Thanks, gram," Emma smirked. "Hopefully I age as well as you do," She laughed.

"She's a good liar, this one," Gram joked to Lily. She patted Lily's belly.

"Another one? You two have been busy," She said to her and Danny, who took a look at her and blushed.

"That we have," He said rolling his eyes, hugging her. "Good to see you." Emma entered the living room and saw her Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh standing up, giving them a hug along with her grandpa. Her cousin Sarah was sitting over in the corner on her phone, and she smiled when she saw her. They had always been good friends since they were kids. She even shared the same birthday as Emma and Dave.

Sarah had long dark hair, and usually wore matching black clothes. Today she was wearing black stockings and matching short shorts and a low-cut top, black mascara around her eyes.

"Hey cous," Emma said hugging her along with Dave. "You ready for the snoozefest?"

"Please," Sarah said, faking a yawn. "Not this time. I've got a little something to pass the time," She smirked, leading them both to the kitchen. She unzipped her purse, showing them a baggie of green flakes and an amber bottle.

"No shit! You're the best cous," Dave said excitedly patting her back.

"I figured we deserved to have a little fun," Sarah smirked as she quickly hid her purse, just as Aunt Katie came into the room.

"Alright you three, looks like you're all sharing my old room. A bit tight of a space, but the family just keeps getting bigger," She said shrugging her shoulders. They all said they didn't mind, but Emma and Dave shared a bit of a disappointed glance, knowing they'd have to keep their relationship a secret in front of Sarah. "Come on, dinner's been ready for an hour!"

They sat down to eat, her grandpa commenting like he did every year about the uniqueness of all their birthdays being the same day, which happened to be tomorrow.

"I know, gramps," Sarah said rolling her eyes. "19 is a big year for sure," She snickered.

"Of course it is! In our family, 19 is a coming of age of sorts," Gram said grinning. "But you must know that by now. Lily, you remember what we got up to on your 19th birthday? I have the tape somewhere around here..." she said going to get up.

"Mom!" Lily exclaimed, grabbing her arm, turning red. "They don't want to see what I looked like 20 years ago," She laughed nervously.

"Sure we do, Mom!" Dave said enthusiastically.

"Well, I don't for one. We'll save it for another time," Lily said quickly. Her eyes shifted suspiciously, Emma noticed. Must be something embarrassing, she shrugged.

After dinner, Emma and Dave sat by Sarah messing around on their phones. Everyone else was getting ready for their card game and drinks. Distantly from the other room, they heard a conversation between Aunt Katie and their Mom.

"You still haven't told them either? I didn't even know how to approach it, she never got to experience well... how we are. We all knew what we were getting into when we were kids," Katie was saying.

"How do you know they'll even be open to it? Maybe we shouldn't..." Lily said.

"Are you kidding? Think about how close it made us, still today..." Katie replied.

"I know. I just don't know how to even approach it," Lily said nervously.

"Just put it out there. They'll come around eventually," Katie said in a hushed voice. "It will work out."

"I hope you're right," Lily said before they emerged, taking a long look at the three of them before heading downstairs.

"That was weird," Sarah said looking up. "What do you think they're talking about?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe you're dying. Or we're all part-alien," Dave joked.

"I wouldn't be surprised. My Mom always says weird shit like that," Sarah said.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked.

"Like on the phone with your Mom. 'Have you told them yet?' Stuff like that," Sarah replied.

"Well if I turn into a werewolf tonight you have permission to show me no mercy," Emma laughed.

"The only thing you're gonna be turning into tonight is a drunk slut," Sarah grinned, pulling out the bottle from her purse.

"Careful! What if they come upstairs?" Emma said looking around.

"Please. When's the last time anyone came up from their precious card game?" Sarah laughed, opening the bottle and taking a swig. She passed it to Emma.

"You're right. I guess I'm just paranoid," Emma said.

"Well, then you're gonna hate the weed," Sarah laughed, starting to roll a joint. They all chuckled.

An hour and a few shots later, they were laughing and passing the time with a game of truth or dare.

"Dare," Sarah said, taking another gulp. She was just wearing her bra and panties now, the subject of Emma's last dare.

"I dare you to run downstairs like that," Dave laughed. Sarah's eyes widened.

"No way am I going in front of everyone in my underwear!" Sarah exclaimed.

"You're already in front of us," Dave shrugged. "Plus, if you lose you have to drink the rest of the bottle and I don't think you can handle that," He laughed. Sarah narrowed his eyes at him.

"Go to hell," She spat, getting up. Getting up the nerve, she held the basement door and began to turn. She pulled, but it didn't budge.

"Ha. Figures they wouldn't want to be disturbed for anything," She laughed, giving him a middle finger.

"I can't believe you were actually gonna do it. Dare," Emma said.

"You underestimate me, cous. Anyway, I dare you to kiss Dave." Emma's face was stunned as they shared a glance.

"No way! He's my brother!" Dave blushed, trying to feign a look of disgust.

"The dare is the dare," Sarah laughed. Emma turned red and turned to Dave. They shared a glance before she puckered her lips and kissed him on the lips, holding it for a few seconds.

"Oh, ew!" She said, wiping her lips, trying to act.

"Wow. I wouldn't have done it, good job cous. Better brush your teeth good," Sarah laughed. They both looked at each other nervously.

"Anyway, dare," Dave said quickly. Emma though, seeing a box of videotapes on the shelf.

"Hmm, I dare you to play that tape Gram was talking about. It seems like Mom was hiding something," Emma thought.

"Yeah, it did. Let's find out!" Dave said grinning as he went to look through the box. The labels were all faded and dusty.

"This must be it," He said, pulling out a tape labeled 'Lily's 19th'. "Here goes nothing," He said putting the tape in the VCR. "Anyone know how to work these things?"

"Let me do it, you zoomer," Sarah said grabbing the remote. She hit play, and some black and white static flashed across the screen as she sat down. It cut to a view of the living room, the same they were in today. 'April 19 1997' appeared in the lower corner. The camera turned, showing a girl's face with light brown hair.

"We're almost ready for Lily's 19th birthday! Happy coming of age sis!" She said excitedly.

"Oh shit, it's Mom," Sarah said pointing.

"Wow, she looks young," Emma said.

"See you on the other side sis!" Katie said on the screen. The screen cut to black and then flashed. A view came up of a girl with red hair, on all fours, one cock in her ass and one in her pussy, sucking on one contently.

"Oh my god!" Dave laughed. "Someone recorded porn over the tape," He said unable to contain himself. Everyone broke out in laughter.

"It was probably gramps, that old bastard," Sarah howled, watching the girl get fucked by three cocks. "Wait... isn't that the living room?" She said, looking at the familiar surroundings around them.

"Yeah..." Emma said. "Hold on. Is that... Mom?" She said staring in the girl's face carefully. Emma's face turned to shock as her eyes widened.

"Oh my god..." Dave said, staring at the screen. He couldn't see who the cocks belonged to, but he could tell for sure it was a younger version of his mother. He stared fascinated for a while, noticing himself start to get hard. He quickly grabbed the remote and shut the tape off.

"Holy shit," Sarah said staring at the blank screen. "So your Mom... recorded herself in a porno over the tape?"

"She must have," Emma shook her head. "That was weird."

"But why would she use one of their home movie tapes? Someone must have seen it..." Sarah said.

"She probably thought no one would ever watch it again and forgot about it," Emma proposed.

"Then why was she so embarrassed at dinner?" Dave asked.

"She must have just remembered it. You know she didn't want anyone to see the tape," Emma said.

"Fuck, that was weird," Dave said. "Go Mom," He said staring off, thinking about seeing his mother's young body, covered in cum and being fucked by 3 cocks. The boner he had wasn't going away either, he thought embarrassed. Sarah took another shot, passing the bottle around, as they finished the last of it.

"Well, I think it's time for bed. I don't think I can unsee that," Sarah shook her head standing up and heading for the stairs.

"Yeah same... right behind you..." Emma said, walking with Dave to their room.

Their Aunt Katie's old room had a large queen bed, which they figured they were sharing. They'd shared beds before, so it was nothing new. Emma and Sarah striped down to their bra and panties while Dave slept in his boxers, hiding the erection he still had from their mother's video. They laid down with Emma in the middle and Sarah and Dave on either side. Dave's cock was twitching under the sheets.

"I don't think I can look at your Mom the same again," Sarah said looking at the ceiling. "Wonder how it felt to get fucked by 3 guys though... I've never even been fucked by one," She admitted.

"Me neither, cous," Emma sighed sharing a glance with her brother.

"Really, a pretty girl like you?" Sarah said surprised.

"You're pretty too," Emma blushed. "But I'm just waiting for the right moment, you know?"

"Same," Sarah said. "How about you Dave?"

"I uh- I'm in the same situation as you two," He said turning red.

"Well shit. Good luck to us I guess. Goodnight guys," Sarah said turning over.

"Night," they told her. After they heard her snoring, Emma put her arm around Dave's bare chest, holding him tight but hesitantly. They held each other for a while, afraid to do anything more.

Emma woke up in the warm embrace of Dave, not having remembered falling asleep. Sarah was cuddled up against her as she turned to the opening door.

"Good morning sweeties," Aunt Katie said, dressed in a nightgown as she brought three cupcakes into the room. Lily followed closely behind her.

"Happy birthday babies," She said smiling, leaning over to kiss Dave who awoke. Emma slid away from him quickly. Sarah rubbed her eyes.

"Oh hey. Thanks Mom and Aunt Lily," She said smelling the sweet cupcake. She sat up, the sheets falling off as she licking some frosting off.

"Oh hey. Thanks Mom and Aunt Lily," She said smelling the sweet cupcake. She sat up, the sheets falling off as she licking some frosting off.

"Breakfast is ready when you're ready," Lily smiled, turning and leaving the room in front of Katie. Emma jumped up, still in her underwear as she chased after her.

"Hey Mom, can I talk to you?" Emma said meeting them in the hallway.

"Of course, sweetie." She looked at Katie who smiled and turned walking downstairs. "What is it?"

"I uh just... can we talk somewhere private?" Emma blushed.

"Sure honey," She said taking her arm and leading her to her old room. She shut the door and sat on the bed next to Emma, holding her belly.



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