All characters involved in sexual activity are over 21 years of age or older.

It was an average summer Friday afternoon. Ben during his lunch break headed over to the commercial centre to prep for the weekend. Instead of just popping in the store to pick up weekend essentials like snacks and beer, he needed some car maintenance too.

He pulled up into the Rapid Lube parking area and headed inside. For a moment he waited patiently in the intense AC and then he peered to left hoping someone might notice his presence. After tapping his foot then ringing the bell, he pushed the door open in a huff. Conjoining the office, were two open-air maintenance areas split by a wall. Somewhat annoyed he was wasting precious time, he stomped over to get a mechanic's attention.

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Can I get some help here?" Ben hollered over the sound of music on the radio.

A figure emerged from behind the vehicle. Everyone at the Lube joint wore a uniform but for some reason, the figure in the distance looked quite feminine. A greasy rag fell to the floor and the employee looked up and headed towards Ben.

"Hi, can I help you? I'm Nina." She said smiling as she put her hands in her pockets. As she did, it only accentuated how her grey trousers tightly hugged her prominent hips.

Ben was stunned. Such a loud, greasy place for a woman to work, let alone an attractive woman. She wore a company baseball cap that said Rapid Lube and wore her sleek raven hair in a long ponytail. His eyes lowered to her grey uniform top with her name embroidered. Despite her boxy top being buttoned all the way, Ben's eyes couldn't help but slowly linger across the full mounds that rose and fall like smooth hillsides beneath the heavy starchy cotton. Ben blinked and tried to return to reality.

"Ummm yes," Ben muttered hesitantly. "It's really hot today, isn't it?" He bumbled.

"We can go in the office no problem then," Nina replied with a welcoming grin.

"Sounds good," Ben chimed in.

As Nina let him back towards the office right around the corner he couldn't believe there was a woman in front of him. It felt like a mirage in the heat. How could a beautiful, young woman be working in this place? He pondered.

The way Nina walked drew Ben's eyes to fixate on her body. Her hips rolled and swayed from one to the other smoothly. Each footstep caused a temporary tension around the back of her trousers causing evident strain around her plump full backside. After I moment he raised his gaze realising his inappropriate glances. Once in the cool of the office, Ben hoped his thoughts would return to a more business-like manner.

"So, just the one lube job for today?" Nina asked as she peered up from the computer.

"Sorry, what?" Ben asked feeling a little flushed.

"Just an oil change for today or anything else?" Nina clarified.

Ben couldn't understand why everything Nina said was ringing in his ear of sexual innuendo. He wondered if he was suffering heatstroke.

"What do you mean anything else?" He asked somewhat anxiously.

"Well sir, I'm not trying to sell you anything. I just wondered if there was another necessary maintenance. You know we're a multicare service provider." She said in a bemused tone.

"Oh, I see," Ben muttered while annoyed at his mind's ability to turn something innocent into something filthy.

"How soon do you need her?" Well, I have to be back at work in an hour and a bit.

"No worries. Come show me your ride then." Nina gestured while her intoxicating smile.

"So this is it nothing fancy," Ben stated as he passed her the keys.

As Ben reached over to give Nina the keys, he felt his fingers make contact with her palm. Just the small touch caused a jolt inside him which made him stiff. Nina smiled as he seemed hesitant to let go of the keys.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of her." Nina said and walked off.

Ben stood for a moment unable to tell if she had winked at him or not. Honestly, he needed to get away from the beating sun. He walked across the parking lot to the bank and grocery store to do his necessary tasks. It was a relieving feeling to be surrounded by refrigerated and frozen cabinets everywhere after Ben had experienced such high blood pressure earlier. Ben glanced at his watched and headed back over to Rapid Lube since it had been 40 minutes. He placed the groceries down on the floor by the chairs and rang the bell. No one came to attend to him. Instead of waiting comfortably in the waiting area with a magazine, Ben couldn't help but want to find Nina. Again he threw open the entry door and walked around the side. He spotted his car getting lifted up.

"Hey there!" Ben called out.

Nina stepped back from the wall and turned to face Ben.

"Back already huh?" Nina raised her voice.

Ben couldn't help the overwhelming desire to be a little flirty with Nina. He walked forwards Nina against the wall to avoid his car above him.

"Well you know, I couldn't really rest easy knowing there was a woman handling my car," Ben said in a seductive way with a raised eyebrow.

He couldn't help but notice a change in her appearance. Nina had unbuttoned her boxed grey company top several buttonholes. Underneath there was a white deep neck tank top. Ben couldn't believe his eyes. The grey company top was unbuttoned just beneath her bust and her white tank clung to her shape like a second skin. The display of cleavage was rendering him speechless. Never had he seen such smooth tanned skin exposed before his eyes.

The way Nina's breasts began just below her collarbone created such soft, smooth fullness to commence and then increasing to form such tender breasts filling her tank top. At Ben's height, he could look down over Nina and see everything. The gorgeous sight in front of him gave him palpitations...

Nina didn't know what to make of this. Normally she would have slapped the guy for such a sexist remark but there was something unusual about the charge in the air. Ben scanned Nina's confused face as she readjusted her cap.

"You know what? I bet you're just jealous I know more about cars than you. Think about the money I save since I can do my own maintenance." She replied coyly.

Something about her demeanour, her body and the way his words challenged him made me feel electrically charged.

"Oh yeah?" Ben retorted somewhat childishly. "You're just disappointed you're not a man."

Nina burst out laughing having to wipe a tear from her eye.

"Not a day in my life," Nina replied through the laughs. "You men can be dumb as shit but you sure do know how to make the right toys."

Ben's mind began racing. Toys? What does she mean by toys? Is she lesbian or something?

"I don't follow," Ben said flatly.

"You know? Men's toys? Fancy cars, fast motorbikes and large boats?" Nina tried to resume her composure.

"Oooh, those kinds of toys," Ben said as he finally understood.

Nina furrowed her brow. "What did you think I meant?"

"I don't know, maybe like lesbian toys?" Ben said rather embarrassed.

Nina couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. First, he was sexist thinking she couldn't handle her own job and now he assuming I'm lesbian for doing a traditionally male job? Holy fuck this guy is stuck in gender norms...

"No, no I'm not lesbian," Nina replied completely unimpressed.

"Oh, I see," Ben replied awkwardly since he was relieved to know she might be interested but also realising how badly he's messed up with the conversation.

"I don't have time for this conversation," Nina replied rather disappointed.

Ben was a tall attractive white guy but he seemed very closed-minded. She couldn't imagine how he'd lose interest and become even more judgmental if she told him about her Lebanese heritage.

"Nina! Wait! I'm really sorry.. Please don't go yet." Ben pleaded with her.

"What now?" She asked totally finished with this guy.

"I'm sorry I've come off like an asshole. It's just.. you're really pretty and I didn't know how to not treat you like one of the guys. In all honesty, it was just my really shit attempt at flirting since you seem so badass." Ben said looking really hopeless.

"Just your pale eyes rimmed in the dark liner are so eye-catching and your smooth sleek hair just needs to escape that hideous cap." More and more Ben's words get slower and smoother.

"Even though you're really badass and smart, I can't help but see you're a really beautiful woman too. Well, sexy too." Ben said bashfully wondering why he said all of that out loud...

Nina grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward for a kiss. Ben's eyes widened with the unexpected kiss. Feeling heady, Ben was tugged by his shirt back into the office. Nina opened a drawer and fumbled for the keys. She pulled a set out and flung open the manager's door. They stood together kissing as Nina tried to shut the door. Hurriedly, Nina pushed Ben into the armchair as their lips locked hungrily. Nina broke the kiss and sat on the edge of the desk.

"Okay so listen up. I don't just have sex with anyone. You can't be one of those 'I don't give a shit about anything but my dick' type of guys. If we have sex, it's on my terms, my rules, my pleasure comes first. Got it?"

In a matter of moments, Ben couldn't believe the tension building in his trousers. The way Nina laid everything out so clearly and so in command of her values was unbelievably arousing. She was so feminine, attractive and in control. Just watching her beautiful lips move made him want to listen to anything. With the growing desires affecting his mind and body, his eyes found their way to Nina's breasts.

She looked so petite and so appealing with her great posture. Ben couldn't help but grin as he saw Nina's hardened nipples very clearly beneath her tank top. He was scared he might start drooling. Losing track of everything Ben blurted out:

"Yes, anything for you Nina..."

Nina walked back over to the chair and sat on Ben's lap. Her thick thighs wrapped around him. She placed one hand on his back and the other on his cheek. They began their passionate kissing again and Nina gently began rocking her hips across Ben's significant hardness. Ben couldn't help but groan as the deliciously sexy and tan woman on top of him was rubbing herself on his hardness and moaning into his lips. Nina wrapped both her arms around Ben's neck and carefully picked up the pace. She was deeply arching her back and undulating her hips full of desire.

Nina had wanted Ben since he arrived and she wanted him, even more, when she thought how fun it would be to teach him a lesson and break him in. She knew that she could train him to become interested in their mutual pleasure. Nina rocked harder and faster on Ben's sizeable erection as they tried to kiss between moans. Ben was losing his mind trying not to completely explode with such a beautiful woman kissing, moaning and her gorgeous bouncy breasts right in his face. Nina gripped him tighter and then yelled:

"Oh my god!" And then pulled Ben's lips to meet hers as she dissolved into orgasmic pleasure on his hardness.

"Oh god Nina, that was incredible." He said breathlessly. I'm late for work and when will I see you again?"

"I'll get to that lube job right now!" Nina giggled as she grabbed the keys.

Ben lay back in the chair his hardness throbbing with the urge for relief and wondering how he could possibly drive being this aroused. Nina eventually called out to him that his car was ready. Ben repeated his question:

"When will I see you again Nina?" He asked urgently.

"Tonight Ben. I will arrive at your house in the evening okay?"

They exchanged wanton glances and they needed to return to work with the lingering thoughts of what might happen later that evening..."

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