Penny reached her breaking point; enough is enough; pressure has built up so much in her young nineteen-year-old body something must give. Semi-reluctantly, Penny, aka Lucky, succumbs to sexual blackmail, transforming overnight from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, spreading her new wings (and legs) in a frenzy of lust as she falls down the rabbit hole.

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This ten-part series contains peanuts; if you're allergic to blackmail, force, reluctance, submission, domination, oral, incest, anal, non-consent, cuckolding, or sex in general, please do not go any further. All characters are eighteen or older.




"This Girl is Only Going to Break Your Heart"

"Morning," Dan said, kissing his wife on the forehead. "Ready to move?"

Lucky exhaled with relief. This time the kiss that woke her came from her husband, not his papa. The memory of Dan's papa blackmailing her last night into letting him fuck her was still fresh in her mind and her cunt.

"Yes!" Lucky screamed in excitement, throwing off the light cover. "I can't wait!"

At last, the moment arrived, she would finally be free from her husband's evil mama and the confined space she was forced to live in.

Dan laughed at Lucky's enthusiasm. Each time he saw his wife naked, he said a prayer for how blessed he was to have such a beautiful, sexy, desirable wife. It turned him on to have her dress in skimpy clothes and have other men wish they were fucking her.

He noticed her body had multiple bruises, especially on her breasts; it must have happened when he got rough with her yesterday. He was about to apologize when she attacked him.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she bubbled, kissing his lips repeatedly. "I can't wait to get to our new home and fuck you!"

"Me too!" he laughed before turning serious. "Papa said he would help us load up, but poor mama is crying in her room."

Lucky almost told him what a wicked witch she is but didn't want to spoil her excitement! "It's for the best," she said, kissing his cheek then smiling sexily. "Honey," she purred, "If I promise not to scream, will you suck my pussy?"

"Will you be quick?" Dan asked. He didn't want to disappoint his wife, but the last time he went down on Lucky, her screams embarrassed him as they radiated throughout the house. "You promise to be quiet."

"YES!" Lucky exclaimed, dragging her fully clothed husband onto the bed. She mounted him, sitting on his face, trapping his shoulders and arms under her skinny ass. She couldn't help smirking; her husband was about to suck out the cum from two men, his papa's fresh cum as well as Bubba's from last evening. It was evil, pure evil; she knew that, but she didn't care. Using her husband's face like this was payback for all the times he took his mama's side and not hers.

Dan gagged, as a strange lump made its way into his mouth. Lucky's pussy still tasted off, not like her usual self. Her grinding on his face was obscene, he tried to move, but Lucky's legs had him trapped. Another slimy glob slipped into his mouth, making him gag even more than the first one.

Lucky burst into laughter as her husband continued to gag; it was music to her ears. He was eating cum and had no clue. It was no use; her laughing took away her arousal.

"Stop! Stop! I got the giggles." she laughed. "Let me get dressed, and we can start moving."

Dan was relieved she stopped. He didn't want to acknowledge what was leaking out of her pussy, but the taste was familiar from his high school days. Before Lucky dismounted, she purposely smeared her wet pussy over his nose, sliding back and forth, before letting him go.

"Lucky! That was rude!" Dan complained.

"So was all your gagging! Because of you, I didn't get to come!" Lucky retorted. "How would you like it if I kept gagging while I sucked that tiny cock of yours?"

"I'm sorry," Dan said, caving in quickly. "You're right." He wanted to ask her about the taste of her pussy, but he didn't have the nerve, especially when she brought up the size of his cock.

Lucky stormed off the bed in a fake huff, pretending she was angry at her husband. She picked out a tight outfit, hoping Bubba would like it. "I can't believe how insensitive you are to my feelings," she continued. "You never hear me complain about you having a small cock!"

"Please don't be angry. I'll try harder. I promise!" He bit his tongue to keep from saying more. Every time Lucky mentioned the size of his cock, it felt like a knife to his guts.

"Okay, but no more gagging when you go down on me!" Lucky asserted. "It makes me think you don't love me anymore!"

"You know I love you! Right?" Dan said, timidly looking at the ground.

After fucking Bubba and his monster cock, Lucky gave Dan a questioning look, wondering what she ever saw in him. "Yeah," she finally said, wanting to tell him he deserved what she did to him. "I forgive you this time."

Like a switch had been thrown, Lucky suddenly burst into moving mode. "Let's do this! I can't wait to get out of this fucking dungeon and into Bubba's palace!"

The loading didn't take long; they didn't have much, except for all of Lucky's clothes. Dan and papa made trips back and forth to his beat-up truck and her economy car.

Dan's papa cornered her in the closet, and she let him feel up her breasts, even returning his passionate kiss. "Thank you, papa, for not telling Dan on me. I wish we had more time last night; you're a better lover than your son."

Lucky's praise went straight to Eduardo's cock, and he pushed against her body, grinding his cock into her ass. "Me too, baby-girl, I never got to finish in your ass." His hands didn't want to let go of her tits, and he squeezed them harder. "I love your big soft tits! Maybe we can do it again?"

"Maybe," Lucky said just as Dan walked in. She pretended she fell into the corner of the closet. "Thanks, papa, I lost my balance." Thankfully it didn't appear that Dan caught on as she passed him some clothes.

When the last of their items were loaded, Dan headed off in his truck, unable to meet his mama's last pleading look.

Lucky and Eduardo stood by her car as Marie watched out the window. Lucky gave Marie the finger and pulled papa tight to her body, placing his hand on her breast, giving him a lingering French kiss.

Eduardo squeezed Lucky's ass, lifting her in the air as her legs wrapped around him. Lucky dry-humped him as she passionately kissed him back. He didn't know when, but he would fuck his daughter-in-law again. As Lucky drove off, the astonished look on Marie's face made him laugh so hard he had a coughing fit. Now he could finally give his mistress the good news that he was leaving his wife.


Bubba heard the gate alarm go off; damn, the kids must be anxious. He rolled over and looked at the time; it was barely eight am. The monitor showed Dan's beat-up truck and their meager belongings; Lucky followed closely behind in her car, completely overloaded with clothes. No wonder Dan was always broke; the girl liked to spend money on looking good.

Bubba stayed out of sight; the hidden cameras in the suite allowed him to watch them on his computer screen as they unloaded all their possessions. He left a bottle of red wine on the kitchen table, along with a note welcoming them to their new home.

"See," Lucky enthused. "I told you Bubba was a nice man."

Dan didn't want to be impressed, but it was a kind gesture. "Yeah, if you say so. I still don't like that you will be spending so much time alone with him. You saw the way he looked at your breasts; the guy scares me. What if he makes a pass at you?"

"Oh, don't be silly!"

"I'm not silly. What if Bubba does make a pass? You could never protect yourself from him!" The worried look on his face was partly for her concern, but mostly for him. The thought of Bubba taking advantage of Lucky's innocence was driving him crazy with worry. She would be spending time alone with the intimidating man, and from the large lump in his shorts, it looked like the Bubba had a huge cock.

"Then, I'll tell him I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world! That's what I'll do." She didn't trust her face, so she quickly left to hang her clothes in the master bedroom closet, in the process taking up the whole space.

Dan fretted about Lucky, mentioning he had a small cock twice this morning; maybe he would offer to go down on her again. He carried the last few items from her car, and as he walked in the patio door, Lucky was waiting for him, naked. He dropped the box on the floor and rushed towards her.

"Oh, no! Is my big strong husband going to fuck my pussy?" Lucky ran, screaming down the hall as Dan chased her.

He caught her in the bedroom and held Lucky from behind, with both hands caressing her massive tits as he kissed her neck. He noticed there was a large bruise on her neck. Did he do that last time? His cock felt like it could explode any second; he needed to slow down and make it last.

"You want me to suck you first?" Dan felt guilty for this morning. Even if her pussy tasted off, he wanted to make up for his gagging this morning.

"Will you!" Lucky exclaimed in anticipation, twisting loose and jumping on the bed. She rolled over and spread her legs wide open. "I promise not to laugh this time. Hurry; I need your magic tongue!"

Dan undressed then nestled between Lucky's legs. Her swollen pussy sported nasty abrasions, even more than yesterday. He knew Lucky liked to finger her pussy; maybe now that they had privacy, she wouldn't have to anymore. His fingers pried open her meaty lips, and he licked her hole. She still tasted salty and different than usual.

"Oh, god! I love your mouth! Yes, suck my clit!" Lucky moaned. She pulled his head up until she could see his eyes. "Babe, I have a surprise for you! I know how much you want to fuck my ass; if you promise to suck my pussy every morning when you come home from work, at the end of the week, I'm going to let you fuck my ass!"

"Really? I can fuck your ass?"

"Yeah, if you do what I want!"

"Deal!" he exclaimed. Lucky squirmed in his arms as he went down on her. He gagged when he swallowed a hidden lump, but her moans and Lucky's grip on his head kept him going; that, plus the thought of being able to fuck her ass.

Bubba sat at his computer upstairs, he couldn't stop laughing as the hidden cameras showed the action. Dan was eating his cream-pie out of Lucky's cunt. He ordered her not to clean herself out after he fucked her last night, and from her husband's gagging, it looks like she kept her word. Now, he would leave the kid a new load each morning, and Lucky would make him eat her out.

"Oh, oh, it's a big one!" Lucky screamed, clutching his head to her pussy. "Keep sucking if you want my ass!"

Dan held on as Lucky rode his face. After she came, Lucky released him and collapsed on the bed. He had to say something. "You taste different," he said hesitantly. "How come?"

Lucky panicked; what should she tell him? "Um, maybe it's because of my new vitamins; they contain testoster-something. I take them for my headaches."

"You get headaches? Why didn't you tell me?"

"You do so much for me; I didn't want to worry you. And now my pussy tastes so bad you'll never want to please me again!" The fake sobs and tears flowed freely. "You don't love me anymore!"

"Don't cry; I'll always love you. Your pussy does taste different, but it's not that bad."

"Really? Oh, thank you, thank you!" Lucky sniffled, wiping the tears off her cheeks. "You want to fuck my ass, don't you?"

"Oh, Lucky! You know, I do! I want to do it right now!"

Penny got on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass, teasing him. "You have to promise. Will you suck my pussy every morning?"

Looking at her small back hole almost left him breathless. The thought of fucking her ass would be a fantasy come true. "I promise!"

"No matter how bad I taste?"

Dan hesitated, if he didn't know better he would have sworn Lucky had a man's cum in her pussy. He hoped the new taste was from the pills.

Lucky panicked; she needed to give her husband more encouragement. "Push your finger in my ass! At the end of a week, you can use your cock!"

"Really?" Lucky never let him touch her there. He pushed his finger in her ass. "Wow!" Dan exclaimed as his finger went deeper. "It feels amazing!"

Bubba howled with laughter; his daughter was more depraved than he imagined. The cheating slut had no loyalty; he would remember to keep that in mind. He watched as Dan fingered Lucky's ass, promising to eat her cunt every morning, no matter what. The kid was a wimp; eating cum was his new daily breakfast, and if he complained, then he would never get to fuck Lucky's ass.

Lucky moaned in pleasure. "I can't wait to feel your cock there!" she exclaimed, hoping the enticement would be enough to get him to clean out her pussy every morning. She liked this new arrangement, having two men to satisfy her needs.

"Suck me. I want to come in your mouth," Dan said as he crawled up beside his wife.

Damn, she thought, now she wouldn't get to come again. "Sure, babe, if that's what you want." He wouldn't take long, maybe twenty or thirty seconds. Why did he have to come so quickly? Didn't Dan know she needed more? She took his tiny hard cock in one gulp, running her tongue around the skinny shaft.

"Wow, your mouth is incredible!" Dan squirmed on the bed, trying his best to hold out as long as possible. "FUCK! I can't hold back! Soon, I'm so close. Yes! Right now!"

Lucky held his small load in her mouth, trying not to laugh as his tiny cock immediately went limp; she knew he would be soft for hours now. That must have been a new record, maybe under ten seconds. She scooted up the bed depositing the cum into Dan's open mouth. Smirking that her sissy husband didn't put up a fuss. Compared to Bubba, her husband was a total wimp.

"Wow, you came a big one, stud!" Lucky praised falsely. "You get some sleep now, and I will sort out our things."

Dan swallowed his cum quickly, as his wife watched him with an eagle eye. "See," he said, opening his mouth. "I swallowed it all! Thanks, Lucky, you're the best wife ever!"

"I know!" she exclaimed, wondering how a man could be such a wuss. All she could think about was running upstairs to Bubba's big cock, a 'real' man's cock; to put out the fire in her cunt.

Lucky covered Dan up and grabbed some clothes. It felt so nice to have her own space and walk around naked. She took a hot shower; unaware Bubba was watching her every move through the hidden cameras on his computer. She scrubbed herself clean, making sure she washed out her pussy.

Lucky knew it would be at least six to eight hours before Dan woke up. She touched her thumb to the keypad and the hallway door unlocked. Bubba set up the security system so only her and not Dan could come and go upstairs quickly. Softly she tiptoed up the stairs and lightly knocked on daddy's door.

Bubba smiled as he opened the door for her; there was no reason to say anything. He pointed at the basket inside the door and walked away. He knew Lucky would obey and take all her clothes off.

"Morning, daddy," Lucky smirked as she entered his living room naked. 'My husband did it; he sucked your cum out of my pussy." She didn't tell him that Dan's papa also left a load in her.

"Did your husband notice?" Bubba laughed.

"Yeah, but I made him do it anyway." She smiled at Bubba, proud of herself, and how quickly she thought of an excuse. "I told him the taste was from my new vitamins. I promised he could fuck my ass at the end of the week if he sucked my pussy every morning."

"Are you still horny? Your nipples are huge." It was time for her to learn that he decided when they would fuck. Lucky probably thought he would attack her the moment she undressed.

Lucky was more than horny, even after fucking papa in the middle of the night, Dan got her all worked up again, and she only got to come once. "Yeah, I need you to fuck me!" she breathed out in a sexy voice.

He towered over his daughter's naked body, admiring her low hanging tits, flicking her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, laughing at how she wiggled her shoulders. The urge to throw her down and fuck her savagely coursed through his body. He spun her around and spanked her tight ass. "Clean up the kitchen; if you do a good job, I might let you suck my cock. Now, get!" He spanked her ass again, even harder, propelling her towards a room full of dirty dishes.

Lucky was in shock; daddy expected her to clean his house; she thought it was only a ploy to get her husband on board. A quick look at his face made her choke on the words about to come out of her mouth.

Bubba went to the den and opened his computer to check on Dan. He was sleeping peacefully, unaware his wife was upstairs naked, begging to be fucked. He switched to the kitchen camera; Lucky was standing in the middle of the kitchen with her arms crossed above her massive tits. He laughed as she kept looking around at the mess, shaking her head no. She took one last look back at the entry, then gave a big huff before moving over to the sink.

Lucky couldn't believe what a mess the kitchen was. Who lives like this! Now, if she wanted to keep fucking Bubba, she had to be his maid as well. She emptied the sink and filled it with hot water and soap. The view out to the pool calmed her as she washed the dishes. Daddy's beautiful cock had turned her into a horny slut, well maybe not, she laughed, but he was the first man who could keep up to her.

An hour later, Bubba stood undetected at the entrance into the kitchen; Lucky was bent over wiping the table, her tits swayed like those balls you see on a string, side to side in perfect harmony. He wanted to reach out and slap them to go faster. "Not bad," Bubba said. He laughed as Lucky jumped in the air at being startled, changing the direction of her tits.

"Fuck! You scared me!" Lucky wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand. Bubba was naked like her, and his large cock hung down halfway to his knees, tempting her. She gave up feeling guilty about cheating on Dan; if he couldn't please her, then it was her husband's fault, not hers.

"Mouth, cunt, or ass?" he asked. "I'm giving you a choice seeing as it's your first day in my house. But don't expect me to ask in the future."

Lucky's edge was gone; all the cleaning took away the lingering desire she felt when she first came upstairs. She was scared to give daddy her ass; last night, papa's small cock let her know she was out of practice; daddy's cock strained her mouth, so she decided on her cunt. "Fuck my cunt." With her husband, she has a pussy, but with daddy, she has a cunt.

"Follow me," he said, turning back to the living room.

Bubba stepped out onto the covered patio overlooking the pool and desert. He lowered one of the deck lounge chairs to a level position and laid down. Lucky was at the door, hesitating to come out into the open air. He knew the risk of being naked outside would heighten her arousal.

"Quit fucking around and get over here!" he yelled.

Lucky covered up her tits with both hands, shyly looking around to see if any of the neighbors had a view. There was one house on a hill way off to the side, but unless they had a telescope, she was safe.

Daddy's cock was semi-soft; she knelt and stroked him. His smile made her tummy flutter. She opened her mouth, and his hand directed her head to his thick cock. She loved looking at his beautiful cock.

Bubba had several options, force, blackmail, or let Lucky's desire lead the way. He decided to see how far his daughter would go on her own. Her earlier oral attempts were below average, but as she adjusted to his size, she showed improvement. Her mouth was taking more, going deeper, without as much gagging.

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