"Top three places you've had sex in?" Trisha asked me.

Girls' book club always took a naughty turn when the wine started flowing.

"That swanky hotel in Paris...Luke's parents' summer house and ... on Luke's car bonnet" I laughed as I sipped my Merlot.


Luke and I had only been dating for a couple of weeks, and I can honestly say that he's the best sex I've ever had. Both of us are pretty adventurous when it comes to sex, especially when trying new things. So for the past few weeks, we've been exploring each other's fantasies just to see how far we could go.

We were actually on our way back from a friend's party, both lightly buzzed from the few extra drinks we had. Luke was driving, and for some reason, he decided to take the long way home, the one that went through the woods. At first, I assumed that he'd made a mistake, but soon after I realized that he was up to something.

He looked at me with those mischievous eyes, the ones that meant trouble was on its way.

"Take off your panties, and give them to me" he demanded.

I wasn't really thinking straight, but I did as he asked. I shimmied my lace thong down my legs and handed them over to him. He smiled, took a sniff and tug it into his pocket. Then he spat on his left hand and traced my upper thighs until he landed his fingers on my slit. He used his index finger to tease me, knowing very well that it was my weakness.

The vibrations from the road and Luke's fingers melted into the perfect combination of foreplay. I could feel myself starting to get wet, and Luke was rather pleased about it too. I started squirming as his fingers began to circle my clit until it hardened and took the shape of a swollen bead.

"Lean back and open your legs so I can feel just how wet you are" he ordered.

My aroused pussy was now fully exposed, pulsating with the need for attention. He glided his fingers, appreciating how wet he made me, and started to finger me slowly. Thank god, for automatic transmission because I was not going to let him stop before finishing what he started. His fingers thrusted deeper into me, and his thumb was playing over my clit.

I couldn't wait to make it home just so I can pull down his pants and have his cock pop over. I wanted to do so many things to it, but as I peeked my head up, I noticed that he was driving away from our apartment and heading to our favourite beach.

In the morning the beach would be flooded with people, but at night it became deserted and quiet. The perfect spot for an outdoor fuck.

Luke parked the car and scouted out the area, there was a group of people having a BBQ at the far end of the beach, but now else was around. He leaned over to my side of the car, pushing my seat further back and look directly at my lips as he pushed his fingers in even more. He clutched my hair in his fist, and I gasped with excitement as a thrill took over me.

He planted his lips onto me, kissing me so passionately. Biting my lip, my neck, my ear, and then making his way up again to taste my lips with his tongue. It felt like I was about to explode, but Luke was not merciful. The wetter I got the more ferociously he fingered me, inserting another finger and flicking at my bead.

For some reason, fingering always made me orgasm faster than fucking. It's probably because of the way he stimulated my sensitive lips, how he rubbed the juice around my lips, flicked my clit and then plunged his fingers back into my sloppy wet pussy.

My clit had turned into a hard nub by now. I pressed my hand over it, intensifying the pleasure as he entered my again and again. I wanted to cum. Right there. At that very moment. And as my mind cried for climax, my body shivered into it. I felt the release come over me, but I wasn't satisfied just yet. I pleaded him to take me home so that we could push his cock into me and fuck me.

I knew that if we went home, I'd get to have kinky sex and shattering orgasms. But Luke had other plans.

Seeing me, all bothered and horny, yearning for much much more, he ordered me to get out of the car and wait for him. What the hell was he doing? Couldn't he see how I was begging for him to take me home and fuck senselessly?

He got out a small picnic blanket he always kept in his car and laid it over the bonnet of the car. Then, he grabbed me by the waist and swung me onto the bonnet. Wrapped his hand on the back of my neck and started to kiss me again. I felt the other hand outlining my thigh make its way to my exposed pussy, still sensitive and dripping from the orgasm I'd just had.

He resumed his finger fuckery, toying with my engorged clit and slipping in three fingers into me. My heart was beating so fast. What if someone on the beach turned around and saw us? What if there was someone in a parked car looking at us?

Yet, then again, I had always fantasized at the idea of someone watching me get fucked. As Luke took hold of my legs and draped them around his hips to get closer to me, I pulled him closer and started tugging at his shirt. He pulled it off and threw it behind me. I reached down to undo his zipper, and his erection sprang into my hands.

I spat into my hands and started rubbing, matching his speed, edging myself closer to another orgasm. I moaned against his lips, rocking my hips with delight, and he moved his soaking wet fingers into my mouth. I knew that watching me suck on his fingers and tasting my juices turned him wild.

He pulled up my skirt, put his hand around his hard cock and directed it straight to my opening. He nudged his head into me, slipping in slowly, whilst still keeping his eyes on my mouth, sucking his fingers. He gently pushed me down onto the bonnet until I was splayed out and open for him and started to move his dick into me.

I took a moment to gaze at the stars and appreciate the beauty under which I was getting fucked. I couldn't fathom how such an innocent and romantic setting felt so naughty and erotic. By then, luke had pulled down my top and my bra, and my hard nipples were fully exposed to the cold air. He started to play with both of them, pulling, pinching, and rolling them between his thumbs. Sending shivers of light pain and pleasure down to my throbbing pussy.

Luke continued his timely drilling and as I reached down to circle my clit, I could feel my third orgasm building up. We met each other with the thrusts, listening to the music wafting from the BBQ and inhaling the cold night air that lingered around us. Then he reached to my neck, lightly choking me and I came. Feeling a puddle of my own cum pooling under me onto the blanket.

I was feeling spent already as I squirted all over the blanket. My orgasms were taking me up to the stars I was seeing above me, and I couldn't think I could handle anymore. But Luke wasn't having it yet. He turned me around, pushing me down so that I was leaning onto the bonnet and placed himself at my entrance.

"Tell me how you want it," he said, but before I could catch my breath let alone, say anything, he pushed himself into me, stretching me out with every thrust.

He was cautious and moved slowly, making sure to be nice to my raw pussy. I relished how full I felt when he was entirely inside me, till his balls were touching my sensitive clit. How I could feel the head of his dick brushing against my vagina and how delicious it felt every time he moved in and out of me.

Luke was a visual guy, and every time we fucked, he would take time to savour in the gaping hole that his cock made in my pussy. He loved spreading my cheeks apart just to see how far his cock was buried. And as he did that, I felt my pussy milking his hard cock, and build into another orgasm.

I slid off the bonnet and knelt down in front of him,"I want you to cum in my mouth," I said.

I took his engorged dick, tasting both myself and his precum and started sucking him, as he pulled back my hair and moaned softly. I knew he was close to finishing and picked up my blowing speed, whilst rubbing my spent clit to make myself have one final orgasm. He pushed my head further into him, till I almost had all his dick inside my mouth and I knew this was him getting close to the edge.

I saw his eyes darken, his face all scrunched up and soon enough, felt his hot liquid spurting into my mouth, at the back of my throat. As he moaned out his orgasm, I came too. He pulled me up, sat me on the bonnet again and started eating me up, licking away at my juices till I was numb. He always ate me out after I came, a thing which I loved about him.

Finally, we took a minute to catch out breaths. Both of us exhausted from all the excitement and delight. Then we reached into his car, wiped our selves off with tissues and drove back home.

I was ready to cuddle up in bed with him and doze after we showered when I heard him say

"Did you enjoy that?"

I didn't know how to reply. I wanted to say that I loved every second of that thrill, but I didn't want to sound too obvious. After all we were still pretty new to each other.

"And to think that I got all of that recorded" he giggled.


"The dashcam babe. It was recording so we can watch our sneaky performance again anytime we want."

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