I woke up in the dark, blinking, looking around. My wife Connie was not in bed, I guessed she was in the kitchen having a late-night snack or was in the bathroom. The house was way too quiet, so I got up, and walked around, looking for her. It didn't take too long to find out she was not at home. Since it was 1:30 in the morning, I was concerned. How long she'd been gone for, I had no idea. I usually slept like a log, my wife's hot cocoa just before I went to bed would put me out. Hmmm, put me out, come to think of it, she'd make hot cocoa for us, two, sometimes three times a week just before bed, and every night after cocoa, I would sleep like a log. That started me wondering, before I went to bed tonight, I had detected a chalky under-taste to the cocoa, and I had dumped it into the sink after just a sip or two. Connie had been upstairs, getting ready for bed, and I dumped it without her seeing it, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. But now, I had a feeling that it was time to dump the cocoa regularly and see what the hell my wife was up to.

I went back to the bedroom, I had left the lights off, and I heard a car turn into the driveway. I hurried to the window, peeked out, and sure enough, there she was. No bag of groceries, she didn't smoke, so that ruled out a trip to the convenience store. I jumped into bed and waited. I heard the soft tread coming upstairs, the door opening as quietly as possible. I faked the deep, regular cadence of sleep breathing as she stepped inside.

"Terry, are you awake?"

I continued the fake sleep, letting her think I was still bombed out on whatever the hell she was dosing my cocoa with. I heard her breathe, it sounded like she'd been holding her breath, and let it out, in what sounded like a breath of relief.

I inched an eye open as I watched her walk towards the closet. She was wearing a red mini-dress, a tight white blouse, and I watched as the mini-dress slid off her hips, holy fuck, she wasn't even wearing panties. Jeez, one good breeze would have shown that she was a natural blonde. She slid the blouse off, no bra either. Naked, she went towards the attached bathroom, and I heard the shower start up. When I heard her open the shower stall door, and step in, I hopped up and scurried over.

I eased open the connecting door and watched her body through the glass wall of the shower. I could see the water splashing all over her naked skin, running down her body, making her skin sleek and sexier. I could feel my prick swelling as I watched her bring the soapy washcloth to her body, and lather all over. I got even harder as she slid the washcloth between her legs, letting out coos and moans of pleasure as she caressingly swirled the soapy cloth all over the pubic region. It's been almost 3 weeks since we'd had sex, and it was no great ride, she'd done it as just a wifely duty, no passion, no heat, just a ride, then get off me, you're done. We'd been married 10 years, and up until a year ago, we'd been going at it 3, 4 times a week, hot and heavy. I remembered what it had been like, Connie's wet sucking mouth, the tight grip of her eager pussy, and the howls and squeals when she gave me her tight asshole, slowly and gently claiming that last cherry, and banging her back door until I blew my load up her backside passage. The tailing off had been gradual, 2 times a week, then once, then less and less, we were now down to once every 3 weeks, with no more passion than was required to take out the garbage, or mow the lawn.

I wanted to march in there, jump into the shower, grab her and fuck her. With my mind spinning with an overriding dread that she was having an affair, I wanted to get what was my due. I couldn't be sure, maybe she'd had insomnia, and just gone out for a drive. I had to get more information. First off, I'd be dumping the cocoa, I needed to see if that had any connection. My cock was throbbing, almost painful, and I grabbed one of my T-shirts. The sight of her rinsing off, turning her body this way and that, watching the streams of water sluice off her body, I lasted less than a minute before my cock erupted, I was really pent up, I blew 8 streams over the towel, biting down on the loud grunts and growls I would normally make. l saw her reach down and heard the shower being turned off. I quickly and quietly eased the door shut, and rushed back to bed.

A few minutes later, I heard her step into the bedroom and heard her rummaging through her dresser. I heard the soft whisper of cloth sliding down her body, the pad of bare feet over to the bed. I felt the sheet being pulled back, then the weight of her body settling into bed. She let out a sigh, and it didn't take long before she was in a deep, regular sleep. It took quite a while before I could drift off.

Three nights later, and here came the hot cocoa again. This time, I was downstairs in the woodshop I had set up in our basement. Connie was not one to hover over me, and since I was pretending to work studiously, doing the 'guy thing' of handyman stuff, she went back upstairs. I grabbed the cocoa, and just a sip, yeah, that funny under-taste, it was quickly poured down the bathroom sink. I let the time tick by, remembering how I'd get so tired 30 minutes after drinking the cocoa.

Heading upstairs, I faked a yawn and said, "I'm so tired, I'm gonna turn in, goodnight baby."

She smiled at me, and said, "Ok, sleep well honey."

Wide awake, I lay in bed, my ears tuned to any little sound. I could hear the sound of my wife's voice, she was on the phone, and I crept to the top of the stairs to listen.

"Yeah, I'll pick you up in 30 minutes, oh yeah, are you as horny as I am?"

Dismayed that I was correct, I heard her continue, "Yeah, you keep that cock hard and ready, I'm gonna fuck you so good!"

I heard her come upstairs, and again I faked a deep regular cadence of sleep. I watched through slitted eyelids, as she stripped naked, then put on a black mini-skirt, and a red blouse, the knowledge that I had not seen her put panties or a bra on made my lust perk up. As she left the bedroom, closing the door quietly, I swept back the covers. I had stayed fully dressed under the blankets, and I eased open the door. I heard her in the downstairs bathroom, eased open the front door, closing it quietly. I hurried out to the street, and a rental car was parked a little way down the street. I'd rented it so I could follow her in a nondescript car, and I quickly got behind the wheel. A few minutes later, I saw her Ford back out of our driveway, and start driving away. I put my rental into gear, and followed, keeping the headlights off. When she turned onto a major thoroughfare, I turned on the headlights. With lots of traffic, my headlights would be no more distinct or noticeable than other car's headlights.

When she turned off the main road, I eased off the gas and followed two blocks back. I watched her pull up to a house, and I pulled over and killed the headlights. I watched as a figure came out of the house, and hopped into the passenger seat. They pulled away from the curb, and I again followed at two blocks back distance, watching the turn back onto the main road. Once again, I was able to keep them in sight, trailing them to wherever they were going.

Ten minutes later, I watched as they left the main road. Once again, I fell back a couple of blocks and followed them. I saw a lighted sign for the Sky Vue motel, and I saw the car turn into the parking lot, pulling up by the entrance. Oh yeah, the town's cheap, seedy motel, she has to use a "no-tell motel" for her lust. I drove in and parked around the side as if I was a guest already checked in. I eased around the corner and watched.

A few minutes later, she came out, carrying a room key. I ducked back and found a dark, shady part of the parking lot. I saw them pull up to Room 110, and I scurried forward, hunkered down behind the line of cars, sliding over, and I was just two vehicles away from them, peeking around the solid hiding place of a Cadillac Escalade.

If this wasn't enough to confirm my suspicions, my wife had unbuttoned her blouse almost to her navel, I watched as her lover reached in and grabbed my wife's tits, pressing her back against the door of room 110. My hot throb of jealousy was overruled by the swelling of my cock, much hotter than some wounded ego, filling me up as I watched the guy shove Connie's skirt up to her waist. The bare light bulb above the door lit up the scene, he growled as he reached down, feeling her pussy naked and ready for him.

"Finger fuck me, baby, made my cunt all hot and wet!"

Connie growled that sentence, she spread her legs wide, letting out loud gasps, the way she moaned, panted, wiggled against him, his hand buried between her thighs, what a display. I stared open-mouthed as he fumbled with his belt, his jeans and shorts hastily pushed down, cock hard and eager.

"Yeah, oh yeah, now fuck me with your nice big cock, now, right here in the open!"

Barely breathing, for fear they'd hear me, I stared at the unfolding lust, as he slipped his dick into my wife's eager fuck hole, slamming forward, squishing Connie's body against the door and bringing a loud growl of lust from her. She was sandwiched against him and the door, her legs came up and wrapped around him as he reached down, grabbed Connie's ass, and started to ream her.

"Fuck me, oh yeah Billy, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Couldn't even wait to do it behind closed doors, I stared as Connie let some guy fuck her married cunt, legs wrapped around him, his cock sinking in the full length. I couldn't tear my eyes away, this wasn't the "lights out, going through the motions" sex that she grudgingly gave up to me once every three weeks. Watching Connie gasping, moaning, grunting, rutting like a lust-driven animal, the sight of my Connie going at it, a full bore, wife in heat, a sex-hungry animal that she kept hidden, made my cock steel hard. I was tempted to pull it out, jerk off and blow my load, but I was getting another idea. She finally let out that cry I knew so well, cumming hard, urging Billy on to fill her cunt. Her lover grunted in response, ramming his cock in and out, rutting hard into the hot velvet grip, until he growled, thrust deep, holding himself buried to the hilt, body trembling as he shot his load deep up my wife's cunt, his hot load blooming into my wife's tunnel.

They opened the door, my wife giggling like a horny high schooler, her blonde hair tied up behind her in a ponytail, adding to the look of a young, teen girl, not the 35-year-old married woman she actually was. I moved over to the door, I couldn't stop it, I tried to peek in through the window, but the drapes were shut tight, keeping out any peeping Toms. I put my head against the door jamb, and sure enough, I could hear the grunts and growls start up, a rising cadence of lust, as my wife was rutting like an overheated little slut in our town's cheap, seedy motel. I heard that telltale cry of orgasm two more times, before I slipped away, driving home quickly.

When I got home, I stripped and lay in bed with a raging hard-on. I was hurt, but my hard as steel cock shoved my wounded ego aside, it demanded satisfaction, and my hand wouldn't be enough. When she got home, I was gonna take what was my due. If she'll let some lover fuck her married cunt, she sure as damn well was gonna get my cock shoved up her hole and I was not gonna take no for an answer.





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