'We'll see,' Sam said with a smirk. 'Go and order two milkshakes, I don't care what flavour, and you can even keep your clothing in order for now. I'll tell you the rest when you get back.'

Sam waited patiently, allowing her heart rate to settle after her previous ordeal, though the thought of what she was going to make Lucy do next made it difficult to stay cool, which she felt was ironic. Simply watching her friend walk in the dress she'd chosen made it difficult to stay cool, in fairness, though. Sam had long considered herself open-minded, curious even, but something about Lucy made her want to put thought into practice.

Whatever it was, Lucy brought it back with her a couple of minutes later when she strutted back to the table along with the two milkshakes.

'Here you go,' Lucy said, putting them both on the table. 'One banana, one strawberry. Take your pick.'

'They're both for you,' Sam replied with a wicked grin.

'What would I want with two whole, large milkshakes?'

'It's your dare. Empty one into your knickers, the other into your bra.'

Lucy looked stunned for a moment. 'Y-you're serious?'

Sam just nodded.

'Oh my God. My underwear can't hold all that,' Lucy laughed. It'll go everywhere!'


'Sam, come on.'

'We can just say I won if it's too much.'

Lucy paused again, seeming to genuinely consider the prospect. 'Alright,' she said at last. 'Fine. I see how it is. Just remember - you started this.'

'No I didn't. It was your idea!'

'True, but I didn't get you messy. Not yet, anyway.'

Sam laughed now. 'So you were going to get me messy.'

'Well, of course. That's the whole point. But not like this. Not so... obviously.'

'Alright. You've made your point. Now are you going to do it or not?'

'I never knew you were so pushy,' Lucy joked. 'I said I'll do it. Here.' She picked up the banana shake in her right hand, using her left to pull the neckline of her dress even wider than it already was. Sam wasn't shy about enjoying the enhanced view - it was a bit late for being coy after what she'd just done. Lifting the cup, Lucy took a breath, gritted her teeth and upended it all over her chest. The lid immediately fell under the weight of the thick slime within, and yellow gunk splattered pleasingly across her naked flesh.

Lucy let out a high-pitched gasp, then sucked air in through her teeth and gritted them once more. She naturally wanted to gasp and shriek at the cold slime now sloshing around her breasts and down her tummy, but she knew better than to yell out and draw attention to herself. She settled for mouthing several obscenities while alternating between gasps and giggles as semi-melted ice-cream oozed down her stomach. Some pooled around her waist but plenty stayed where Sam had intended - Lucy's impressive, now slippery cleavage.

To the surprise of nobody, but the great enjoyment of Sam, Lucy's nipples were clearly visible now, jutting out through the skimpy, slimy clothing she wore. Lucy noticed Sam looking, but was cut off because she could make any kind of quip. 'Quit stalling,' Sam told her. 'You still have one to go.'

Lucy shot her friend a playful glare, but it was hard to maintain any expression that wasn't some mixture of discomfort and self-depreciating laughter.

'Alright, alright. Hang on.'

Lucy lifted the front of her dress, mimicking Sam's previous ordeal. It didn't take much lifting, thanks to the fact that it barely covered her matching white panties anyway. If anything, Sam enjoyed this view more than the previous one and enjoyed it just as brazenly. It almost seemed like a waste to ruin such pretty underwear - white silky material, edged with sheer lace - but they would look even better filled with milkshake, she knew.

After some understandable hesitation, Lucy poured the second cup and giggled loudly as soon as the slop hit. Sam couldn't blame her. She knew just how it felt, and knew she would have squealed and giggled just as much, if not more. Even Lucy couldn't keep her voice down this time, and attracted several quizzical looks from passers-by. When they looked down to see what she was squealing about, their expressions quickly change to something more like bafflement or, occasionally, excitement.

The knickers, beautiful though they had been, were no match for a large milkshake. They filled and began to sag in no time. About half of the soft ice-cream was oozing down Lucy's thighs and pooling on the floor around her feet. The other half was doing the same, but inside her tights, trapped against her legs and creating a pair of absurd-looking bulges around both of her knees.

'Ah,' interrupted Sam. 'Hold on.'

Relieved, Lucy stopped pouring. She thought for a second that Sam would let her off, since it was clear to everyone that her knickers could take no more.

'Put the rest in the back,' she added with a cruel grin.

'Oh, you bitch,' Lucy shot back, but it was clear from her expression that she had already resigned herself to this messy fate. After all, what was half a cup of strawberry milkshake at this point?

She shifted position in order to reach behind herself with the cup still in-hand. It was much more awkward this way, but Sam offered no help at all. Eventually, Lucy settled for holding her tights and panties open with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, and propping the cup between them with her left. It meant the cup was almost perfectly vertical. Instead of a steady, manageable flow of slime, the remains came out in one heavy blob, eliciting from Lucy the latest and loudest in a long line of squeals.

Despite the awkwardness of the positioning, her aim had been unfortunately perfect: ice-cream oozed right between her full, fleshy cheeks, coating them both, but also dribbling down the gap between them. Everything between her waist and her thighs was coated in milkshake and her knickers sagged under the weight. In her eagerness to keep it all in one place, she let the elastic of her tights and panties snap back into place and regretted this immediately when ice-cream squelched against her tingling pussy, soft buttocks and everything in between.

'How's that feel?' Sam cooed, her gaze swapping between Lucy's everchanging expression and her messy, bulging underwear.

'I don't even. I can't. Oh my.'

'Alright. Well done. You can stop.'

'Obviously I can stop,' Lucy replied, still a little more high pitched than usual. 'I've run out of milkshake!'

'You almost sound upset about it. You can always go get more.'

'Ha,' said Lucy. 'Not a chance. I think one knicker-full is enough for one day, thank-you very much.

'You're welcome.'

'Funny. We'll see who's laughing after your next dare.'

'Probably both of us,' smiled Sam.

'Probably,' Lucy agreed. She shifted awkwardly as she spoke, this way and that, trying to figure out the best way to move while causing the least amount of unwanted goo motion. Nothing seemed to work, and she soon gave up, accepting that she would have to settle for being constantly reminded of her slimy knickers at every turn.

'You can't just use Maccies again,' Sam interrupted. 'We'll have to go for a wander while you make your mind up.'

'Oh, you bitch,' Lucy laughed, knowing full well that Sam was deliberately trying to make this is as awkward for her as possible. 'Fine, come one. I know where we'll go.'

'Great, lead on. I'll be right behind you.'

'Yeah, I bet you will,' Lucy replied, shaking her hips playfully to make her ass jiggle. She regretted it when the ruined milkshake jiggled and squelched too. 'Oh, god, I wish I hadn't done that.'

Sam, nearly bent double, was too busy laughing to reply with anything sensible.

Even Lucy, usually so full of beans, had nothing to add. She set off across the food court instead, squelching with every step. Sam followed, her eyes begrudgingly leaving her friend's shapely, slimy bum every so often to check she wasn't walking into anything.

Still, it was Lucy who eventually broke the silence: 'judging by the look in your eyes, you must be hungry.'

Sam had the good grace to look embarrassed at being caught gawking, but she smirked playfully. 'I have been staring at some tasty-looking jelly for a while. Can you blame me?'

'Not at all. But didn't Queen Elizabeth once say "I don't think you're ready for this jelly?" Pretty sure it was her, anyway.'

'Sounds about right.'

'I heard you're quite fond of noodles, so...' Lucy trailed off, nodding sideways at a little noodle bar by the name of Naughty Noodles. 'How very appropriate.'

'How did you hear about that?' Sam asked, but quickly realised it was a stupid question. 'Frank.'

'He's very talkative around me for some reason. I can't possibly imagine why.'






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