"Gotta catch me!" Serrah giggled, and started running down the hall. The three soldiers looked at each other, and quickly reached an understanding. The king be damned. They chased her.

Stan appeared from the shadows, and quickly made his way to the door.


"Are you hard, yet, my strong king?" Queen Yulia purred. "I need a big, hard cock inside me soooo bad!"

Now topless, she kneeled in front of him, and started to unzip his pants. What was taking them so long?

"Of course, my little slut!" he said, and slowly raised his fat ass to help her remove them. For some reason it took him a lot more effort than usual.

"The biggest in the kingdom!" he grinned, and Yulia giggled. His head was swaying gently back and forth now, but he managed to keep himself up.

"Let's see it, then!" she said, and pulled his underwear off. His dick popped up, standing proudly to attention.

"Oh, my king!" Yulia said, and King Assertos' grin got even wider.

"I knew you'd like it," he boasted, "all my tributes say it's the biggest they've ever seen."

"It's so... it's so cute!" the stunning blonde continued.

"What did you say?"

The king couldn't believe his ears. He tried to get up, but somehow his body wouldn't react to his will.

"Hahahaha, it's tiny!" she laughed and wrapped her hand easily around the small penis.

The king's mood suddenly changed, his face turning beetroot red. He wanted to slap her, but his arms felt so heavy.

"How dare you speak to King Assertos like that!" he yelled, but to no avail. His new wife just laughed at him.

"Did you really think *that* was going to satisfy a sexy woman like me? It's...", she searched for the right word.

"Pathetic, just like the rest of you!"

Unable to move, the King could only watch as she slowly jerked his rock hard stick between two delicate fingers.

"What is it, like three, maybe four inches long? Look! It's as thin as my thumb!" she giggled as she put it up against her digit.

"Simply unacceptable by galactic standards."

"You fucking traitor!" the King screamed. "I shall have you executed by sunrise! Nobody disrespects the King like this!"

"I'm afraid you're not going to do that," Yulia replied.

"GUARDS!" he yelled.

The door creaked open and shut again, and the king sighed in relief. However, Yulia continued:

"Change is coming to this kingdom."

"First of all, you're never going to touch these," she said, and cupped her big, beautiful tits.

She let them loose and shook them in his face. The heavy, firm globules swinged from side to side.

"Look at them! Aren't they nice?"

The king grunted, wanting to grope her so much, but found it impossible to even lift his fingers.

"Ooh, and my nipples are sooo sensitive. Look at how stiff they are!"

The king wanted to scream again, but it was as if all the air had left his lungs.

Stan took this as the confirmation that the drug worked, and stepped into the large room. Yulia and the king turned to him as his steps became louder.

The royal chambers were surprisingly cosy, he noted, and not at all as cold as he would have guessed from the stone walls and high ceiling. There was a big, automatic fireplace in one end. The sparkling wood burned bright, and candle lights added to the romantic mood. On his home planet, there was a death sentence for cutting down trees. This was luxurious.

The king and his new queen were located next to the large bed, with the king slumped over in a reclining chair, his pants on the floor. As Stan came closer, Yulia turned and welcomed him with a wet, passionate kiss, and put her hand on the bulge of his pants.

"Mmm... that's more like it," she purred, and looked back at the king.

"Wasn't man enough for you, the dictator?" Stan rhetorically asked.

"Not at all, but let's make sure he gets the best possible view!" she said, and slipped her hand down his pants.

"Definitely. After all, he's the king. It's only fair he gets the best view."

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed, as Stan felt her grasp around his semi-hard snake. "I had almost forgotten how thick it is..."

The blonde bombshell dropped to her knees, then pulled his pants down. She wrapped her soft, feminine hand around the half-erect cock and stroked it slowly.

"Look, my king!" she teased, "he's not even hard yet, and already more than twice as big as you! But how can it be? You said you had the biggest in the kingdom?"

The king looked like his head was about to explode, but he had to remain silent.

"Didn't you claim that all your tributes -- the girls you rape -- say you have the largest they've ever seen?"

Yulia demonstratively spit in her hand and applied to it to the thick shaft, stroking back and forth. Stan grunted and felt the blood rushing to his groin. It still surprised him to see his cock growing to its new full length, and he was sure he never would forget how small it used to be. Still, there it was, his thick, nine-inch long pussy-pleaser, rock hard and throbbing.

He praised the gods and grinned as Queen Yulia, the emperor's hot, 18-year-old, newlywed daughter stuck her tongue out and licked the bulbous head. She caught his eye and grinned back, before slipping the cock inside her warm mouth. With her expert hands twisting in opposite directions around the massive rod, the gorgeous blonde wrapped her lips around the tip. Stan grunted deeply as she sucked and slobbered all over it. She was amazing. He let his hands run over her thick, blonde braid and pulled her closer, making his cock slide deeper inside her mouth.

"Wow, you know, your new wife is an amazing cocksucker!" he said to the king, lying motionless in his chair.

"Oh-!" he added. "I guess you didn't know? That's too bad."

The king looked pissed, but unable to speak or turn away, he was a helpless witness to his blonde wife bobbing up and down on the majestic dick.

Yulia let it slip out of her mouth with a big pop.

"And he never will." she added, and stood up. "That pathetic little pig is never touching me, or anyone else, again, man or woman."

The voluptuous vixen turned her gaze to one of the dark corners of the room.

"Isn't that right, Laena?"

Out of the shadows, a petite, young redhead approached them nervously, in a tight-fitting skirt and a more feathery top.

Stan had only heard about Laena through the captain, and was almost mesmerized by the beauty of the ginger-haired girl. He'd never seen a natural redhead in real life before.

"Y-yes," the girl said, her eyes locked on the king. "Are you sure this is safe?"

"Yes, he can't move or speak for at least twelve hours," Stan replied, "that's what Serrah said." The redhead's bright, blue eyes met his for the first time, and he felt shivers running through his body. Something was... wild... with this one.

Yulia and Stan were silent spectators as the redhead walked over to the king and spat him in the face.

"Fuck you!" she spat. "I hate you, I fucking hate you. Everyone hates you, you fucking asshole!"

"Okay, okay, that's enough!" Stan said, pulling her away.

"We will have lots of time for that later. Now we need to focus on the mission. If you two could take his legs, I'll grab his torso. On three..."

The three of them lifted the obese king together, but mostly it was Stan who had the strength. They tossed him onto the spacious bed.

"Hah, look! I think he already came!" Yulia laughed. The tiny, royal penis was still hard as wood, a side effect of the immobilizer drug, but a few drops of cum had dripped down the shaft.

"Fucking loser!" Laena laughed.

The king was paralyzed, except for his eyes, and they were going back and forth between the other people in the room. He still seemed angry, like he was fighting it internally. Laena, now more calm, remembered the plan and went back to pick up the visual recording tool she had brought.

"My King, I have some good news and some bad news," Yulia said. He turned his eyes towards her. She gave him a huge smile and clapped her hands.

"I'm going to have a baby! Yay!"

Stan grinned. She was so mean, but didn't the brutal dictator deserve it?

"That is the good news. When they thawed me from several months of stasis, my body reacted just like female bodies always do when they go through that procedure. Yes, it's true: I'm ovulating as fuck."

She rubbed her flat belly.

"Finally, after all these years, you're going to get a wife pregnant, and she'll bear you an heir to the kingdom. Praise the void! An heir!"

Stan noticed, in his side vision, Laena peeking down at his huge cock, and gave her a wink. The petite redhead jerked her head back and focused on the queen's monologue.

"The bad news, of course, is that it's technically, sort of, like, not really yours. Oh no!"

She made a pout and dried her non-existant tears.

"It's his," she said and pointed at Stan. "Thank goodness. But we'll make everyone think it's yours."

Laena continued the explanation:

"And that's where I come in. I will record everything with this VidCap, and produce very convincing, visual evidence of the king having sex with his new queen and spilling his seed inside her over and over again. After all, the king has a legendary cock, and we both know that nobody in this solar system will dare to claim otherwise. It will be all the proof we need to legitimize the baby as the true heir."

The king's eyes flared angrily, and he seemed desperate to move his body.

"That's right, Laena," Yulia said and smiled. "You probably didn't know this, since all you do is objectify and abuse these young women, but she's a very talented movie morpher back on her home planet. She can easily replace Stan's face with yours in the footage."

"But there's more," Stan continued. "You see, we will of course also make another, secret cut that will reveal what really went on in this room tonight. So if you do anything to stop us, we will release it and show the kingdom what a loser you really are. But hey, it's up to you, really."

Now the king's eyes looked panicky. It was almost too bad they couldn't hear his thoughts.

"So without further ado..."

Yulia nodded to Laena, who turned on the VidCap. She pointed it at the king, and got a good view of him lying on the bed. She barely managed to swallow a chuckle before Stan pulled down Yulia's soaked lace panties, leaving the gorgeous blonde in nothing but her white wedding stockings in front of the King. He reached around and found her dripping pussy.

"Oh dude, she's so hot and wet! I bet her pretty princess pussy feels incredible."

Yulia pushed her ass back onto him, grinding his cock up and down between her bubbly cheeks while he played with her stiff little clit.

"Only one way to find out!" he continued, and picked Yulia up from the floor. Even with her voluptuous, fit figure, she felt light as feather. He could thank his new physique for that. She giggled as he threw her on the bed in front of the king.

"No, no, I'm the queen. I'm in charge!" she said when he approached, and nudged her stud over on his back. Now the two men were lying right next to each other on the bed, each one with his dick throbbingly erect. That was the only similarity, thought Yulia. The sexy, muscular young man, put the fat, ugly old king to shame. His epigenetically enhanced monster cock was just the dot on the i, really.

The king actually surprised them with an audible whimper as he witnessed his new, gorgeous wife lower her pretty, almost clean-shaven pussy down onto the huge cock.

"Mmmm, so thick!" she moaned, "just what I need!"

Stan groaned as his massive cock finally entered the warm, wet vagina of the emperor's daughter. Slick with spit, it slid in quite easily, but the way she clamped down on it and squeezed revealed an expertise far beyond her young age. Laena bent over to record close-ups of the insertion, and Stan could swear he saw her biting her lip in his side vision.

"Oh yes, that's it!" Yulia moaned, having worked about seven inches inside.

"Nnngh!" Stan groaned in reply. The princess -- no, queen -- straddled her boy toy and began to ride him. He watched her in awe; she was perfection both by birth and advanced bioengineering. Deep, dark blue eyes you could lose yourself in; long, braided blonde hair and a light sprinkle of skin stars around her nose. She ground her hips gently on him while Laena filmed.

Stan reached out and cupped Yulia's left boob. It was just perfect. Big and soft, yet so firm and warm. He squeezed it, rolling her erect, beige nipple between his fingers, and she moaned.

"Mmm, your dick is nice and big, just the way I like them," Yulia said and giggled, "so long... and hard... and thick... and very, very hot..."

The young woman fucked him confidently, smiling and moaning lightly. She bent down to kiss him and he responded hungrily. Their passionate kiss caused another whimper from the immobilized king, and the queen laughed.

"His cock feels so good inside me!" she said, smiling wickedly to the evil dictator. "You could never have satisfied me like he does!"

Stan felt Yulia's pussy clamping down on his thick shaft, and her hot juices flowed down on his heavy balls in response. She leaned back again, spreading her lips as if to demonstrate to the king how Stan's large penis slid in and out of her lavishly lubricated vagina. The delicate patch of hair above her labia underlined the perfection of her pussy. Stan groaned. What a life!

Yulia closed her eyes and cherished their amazing, deep pressure his cock was giving her.

"By the queen's tits, it is so nice to feel full again," she moaned, realizing just how much she had needed it.

Her father, the galactic emperor, had put a sudden end to her legendary parties when he had agreed to marry her off, so it had been almost a year now since the last time she'd had dick remotely like this.

She felt her stud's hands roaming over her body, but unlike the king's, his touches were confident, and that turned her on so much. Once he grabbed her hips, she let him gradually take control over the motions, while she enjoyed the big cock sliding in and out of her.

Stan just couldn't help himself. He admittedly loved the idea of a woman on top, in charge -- and also the spectacular view -- but his enhanced male instincts were overwhelming him, and soon he just had no choice but to take control. He grabbed her ample ass in his hands and began to pound her hard from below.

"Oh lord, yes!" she moaned as she felt his cock slamming deep into her pussy over and over.

Most men were afraid of her to some degree, she knew, either because of her status or because of her strong personality. Or both.

Not Stan. He treated her like a simple astromining woman, and she loved it.

"Fuck yeah, that's more like it!" she cried. "Laena, are you getting this?"

"Yes, your highness," the redhead replied, standing right behind her with the recording device pointed at the queen's puffy lips, enveloping the thick shaft.

Laena made sure to capture everything as good as possible, in a way that would make her post-production job easier. So, this meant that most shots were taken without Stan's face, or with focus on other body parts, so she could easily swap it with the king's. Despite being just 18, she had been doing this for a while back on Yalen-2, swapping out celebrity faces with their stunt doubles for the most popular farcaster physical game shows. She really knew her stuff, and with the incredible processing power of imperial escape pod's navigational computer, this would be a quick enough job.

The young redhead really tried to be professional, but the sight of the gorgeous blonde straddling the hung stud was getting her excited. The queen looked so pretty, wearing nothing but the traditional white stockings and garter belt. The man was even hotter, with his strong, lean body, chiseled face and huge cock. It truly was enormous. Laena had almost gasped when she saw it. She couldn't believe how effortlessly the queen was able to take it, and it made her really curious what something so big would feel like. She'd have guessed it would be quite painful, but the louder and louder moans of pleasure coming from the queen suggested otherwise.

Turning away for a moment to try to calm down, she noticed the angry, desperate eyes of the king, and gave him a defiant grin. Time to focus on the loser again. She made sure to capture his face from many angles. His contorted face could easily be interpreted as his sex grimaces and would be easy to edit in.

Stan fucked the queen with all his fury, drilling her hot pussy with his thick rod. He gave it to her fast, with long strokes, making her feel his full length sliding out before plunging back in. Her slick cunt felt amazing, and he'd never fucked any girl before with this kind of control over her vaginal muscles, making her feel so tight even though her pussy had easily welcomed his girth and length.

"Oh man, your pussy is on fire!" he said, and Yulia grinned.

"You're stoking that fire just right," she replied, "keep going and you might just make me cum."

The old Stan Irutian would never have heard a galactic princess say that to him outside a daydream. The new Stan Irutian took it for granted.

"Of course," he said, "you love the king's cock!"

"Oh yeah!" she replied with a sparkle in her eyes. "My big, strong king! You fuck your new queen so well!"

Laena gave them a silent thumbs up. With a small pitch adjustment she could make Stan's voice match the king's, and the raunchy dialogue would increase the supposed veracity of the video.

"Ah, ah, ah! Oh lord! Ah, ah, ah! " the queen moaned.

Yulia began to feel a flush of heat coming over her, and knew she was close. Stan groaned when he felt her pussy squeezing even harder around his thick shaft, but resisted his instinct to go even faster. He kept it up, fucking the new queen hard and fast from below.

"Oh lord, I'm gonna come!" she said, "Oh shit, oh shit!"

The blonde dug her nails into his chest and he gritted his teeth and slammed his cock even harder into her pussy in response. He felt her pussy beginning to convulse, but kept going, stroking her pussy with his thick, long rod while her hot cunt clamped down repeatedly on it.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed. "Oh lord! Aaah! I'm cuuuumming!"

The blonde collapsed on top of him, her soft tits cushioning the fall on his chest.

"You liked that, huh?" he grinned.

"Fffuck, I needed that, like so bad," she replied. He kissed her, and she lazily responded, still lost in her post-orgasmic bliss.

"I couldn't wait for you!" she giggled, sliding off to the side and to calm down.

Stan caught the eye of Laena, who was staring at him.

"Hey, like, wouldn't the king definitely invite a tribute or two into his bed for the wedding night?" he asked.

Yulia grinned.

"Mmm, definitely! After all, he's the king of a large empire," the new queen replied and turned to Laena. "Why don't you give me that thing, girl, and you can... let's say... clean him up for me?"

Laena nervously handed the VidCap to Yulia, then hesitated. Stan realized that he didn't want her to misunderstand.

"Only if you want to," he whispered reassuringly, "nobody will be forced to do anything for the king anymore; be it the real one, or the stand-in."

The petite redhead bit her lip, and looked at the stud's cock.

"It's just... my boyfriend... I honestly thought he had a very big... thing, but that..." she pointed, "that thing probably has its own gravitational field."

Yulia smiled reassuringly to her.

"I get it. You're nervous. Let me teach you everything I know," she said, then passed the recorder onto Stan. She jumped out of bed and walked over to the nervous girl. Stan made sure to record everything, and grinned at the king when his new wife leaned close to the redhead and kissed her lips.


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