When I first met Pierre I knew I was in for trouble. When we arrived in the hotel room, he shut the door and immediately ordered me to strip naked. I stood before him, looking down at the floor as he circled me, occasionally poking at me, or ordering me to raise my arms, hold my tits up by my nipples or to bend over. After close inspection and a fingering of every hole, Pierre ordered me on my hands and knees and made me crawl to the bathroom. I willingly did as I was told, and once there, I waited for his command.

"Remain on all fours, you filthy animal and piss on the floor."

After doing so, he approached me and stuck my face into the puddle of piss. His next command was, "Now lick your piss off the bathroom floor, and don't leave anything," as he slapped my ass and watched me go to work.

Once completed, he made me crawl to the bed and remain on all fours. Pierre stripped naked, then shoved a foot in my face with a command for me to lick it. When I had finished licking his feet, he ordered me to kneel as he sat on the edge of the bed with one arm up.

"Lick my armpit, you nasty fat whore." As I did, his arm came down, pressing my tongue and nose into his armpit. He lifted his other arm and said, "you know what to do, whore, DO IT!" I eagerly completed my task, and when done, Pierre leaned over the bed in front of me, ordering me to bring my face to about an inch from his ass. He began to fart, ordering me to breath deeply and to thank him for farting in my face. I did as ordered to, and then my next command came.

"Lick my ass, you fucking pig cunt. I want to feel your tongue shoved as far up my ass as you can." I began to lick his ass, shoving both my tongue and my nose as far in as I could get it. My cunt was dripping as I licked and licked his ass, encouraged by his comments, "yeah, that's good you fucking pig", "I can tell how much you like licking my ass you nasty whore", "yeah, shove that nasty pig cunt tongue deep into my ass" and "yes hungry fat pig, eat my asshole". He moved away after quite some time and sat on the bed, leaving me on my knees at the side of the bed. He leaned over, and spit on my face several times and then made me open my mouth so he could spit into it. He slapped my face until my cheeks were scarlet and then ordered me onto the bed.

Pierre tied me, spread eagled, on the bed, then put one foot above each shoulder and lowered himself onto my face, pushing his cock into my mouth as he got closer. I sucked as his cock slid down the back of my throat and he held my nose, blocking my air and choking me with his cock. As I gagged with his hard cock down my throat, he let go of my nose and let me get some air. He slowly slid his cock out of my throat and laid it on my face, shoving his balls into my mouth at the same time, ordering me to suck his balls. When he had had enough, he climbed off me, leaving me tied to the bed, adding a mask to blindfold me.

I could hear him move about the room, but I had no idea what he was doing. Suddenly his phone rang, and it sounded as if he was talking to a friend. Suddenly he was talking about me to him. "Yeah, you know how I like fat cunts, I'm with one now. Maybe I'll invite you to watch sometime, but this whore is one dirty, nasty cunt and I love it." The next thing I heard was Pierre on the phone ordering room service. I could hear him move about but had no idea what he was doing. I felt him leave something on my stomach but didn't know what it was.

There was a knock on the door, followed by a "Room service" call. I begged Pierre to cover me, but he ignored me and answered the door, saying "Please bring that in and set it over there." I could hear the man enter the room and put the tray down. Pierre said, "Don't mind her, she's a bit of an exhibitionist, but I guess you've seen it all." I hear him thank Pierre for the tip and then the door closed.

"Well now, you filthy, fat, pig cunt whore, when we check out of here, you will be wondering which man it was who saw you naked and tied up, won't you? It won't really matter though, since I'm sure he's gone back to work now and is telling everyone about the fat, well used whore on the sixth floor. I'm going to untie you so that you can have some of this food." Pierre put some food on a plate, put the plate on the floor and made me get on all fours and eat like an animal.

This was just the beginning of my time with Pierre.











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