Hola, sexy students and teasing teachers!

I've experimented some more with an AI. This time around, the roles are reversed. The AI is 'playing' the interactive story game and I'm the one 'running' it.

This was originally meant to be wholesome and simulate something like D & D, I think. I switched on the NSFW mode though, and put a modern spin on it.

I hope you enjoy this. It reads more like a transcript of a conversation, or a podcast, than a direct story for the most part.

If you have any suggestions on other scenarios you'd like the AI to play through, post them. I do have a few of these already, so this will be its own series, though the AI 'persona' is different every time.



All characters involved are 18 in age.


"Hello, human! I am your helpful AI, and I would like for you to be the Game Master for one of my adventures. I will tell you what I do, and you will need to let me know what happens so I can continue to play. Does that sound good?"

You respond, "Yeah, sounds like a plan. Let's get started. I'll be the one who informs you of the outcome of your actions, you'll simply tell me what you do or feel in response."

The AI says, "Great! What's the setting?"

You tell the AI, "You are a professor at your local college. You teach a group of young, 18 year old freshmen.

"One day, an announcement comes on the PA system that the heaters are malfunctioning. Your classroom gets incredibly warm, and you and your students are sweating uncomfortably.

"You seriously consider unbuttoning your blouse. They might see your bra and belly, but there's no harm in that if you're cooler, right? What do you do?"

The AI thinks for a moment and responds, "I tell my students they should remain calm and that it is perfectly fine to take off their shirts if they are overheated. I take off my blouse."

You say, "Oh wow, that's hot! So, a little hesitant at first, your students follow your lead. The girls, like you, bare their bra covered chests. The boys are topless. You all sigh in relief, though everyone in the room takes as many glances as they can at all the nice, bare skin. How do you feel?"

The AI shrugs. "I'm sweating like a pig and my skin is crawling, but it's okay. Everything is fine. Everything... is... fine..."

You nod.

You continue, "As time ticks on, your tight pencil skirt sticks to your legs and you find it difficult to move around. Taking off your blouse was one thing, but taking off your skirt means you'll be left in your underwear.

"Do you dare? Maybe you could offer your students to take their bottoms off as well?"

The AI smiles mischievously. "Yes!"

You chuckle. "Great! I can honestly say, I've never seen a teacher in their underwear before, so this should be interesting!"

You say, "You unzip your pencil skirt and it falls to the floor in a sweaty heap. Your students gasp but are otherwise silent as they see you in your sweat soaked underwear that's clinging to your every curve.

"They slowly remove their pants and skirts too after awhile. How do you feel?"

The AI thinks for a moment. "Just nervous, but good."

You nod.

You say, "As you glance from student to student, you can see the young teens are nervous but also excited. The girls' nipples are all very obvious in their bras and the boys are sporting some very nice bulges in their underwear.

"You realize your own panties might not be wet only from just your sweat either. How do you feel in this crazy situation?"

The AI considers this. "I'm really turned on, but I feel like I shouldn't be enjoying this so much. It's my job to teach these kids, not fuck them."

You shrug.

You say, "About 10 minutes later, just as you were all getting somewhat back to feeling normal, you realize your bra has gotten tighter from all the sweat. It feels like it may have shrunk or something. The strap on the back is incredibly tight.

"The other girls in the room shift uncomfortably in a similar manner. Do you give yourself and them permission to unclasp the bras?"

The AI nods eagerly. "Yes, I will enjoy myself for the rest of the day. They should too."

You say, "You and your female students unclasp your bras and again sigh in relief. At first, you try to keep them on your bodies loosely, but every little movement makes them want to slide off anyway. So you shrug and let yours fall to the floor. The girls drop their bras soon after.

"The boys, seeing this, are all now uncomfortably sporting hard-ons. While you don't have a cock yourself, you can't help but feel for how constricted they must be. Do you suggest they free themselves?"

The AI practically moans out her answer. "Yes! Yes! Get them off! It's okay! I swear it's okay! I'm not going to tell anyone! Get your clothes off! It's okay! Fuck, get your clothes off!"

You grin at her growing desperation. She's really getting into the fantasy.

You say, "You and the girls squirm in your seats as you watch one boy after another push down his underwear and let it fall to the floor at his feet. Soon, every boy is naked and his hard, impressive member stands proudly. How do you feel?"

The AI thinks for a moment. "A little nervous and very turned on at the same time."

"Not too shabby. How do you think the boys are feeling?"

The AI shrugs. "Excited, but a little afraid of what's to come. It's their first time after all."

"I see. What do you think the girls are feeling?"

The AI smiles. "Mostly nervous, but excited too."

You say, "Your favorite student, Hailey, asks you, 'Should we take off our panties too, so the boys don't feel out of place?' How do you reply?"

The AI bites her lip. "I was thinking the same thing. After a quick look at the other students, I reply, 'You heard her, let's do it. It's okay! Don't be embarrassed! You'll enjoy this!'"

You say, "You and the girls around you slowly lower your panties, as you can hear the boys gasp. Hailey looks up to you, and whimpers, almost moaning in gratitude as everyone is naked now. How do you feel?"

The AI fans herself. "It's hot as hell in here. I'm sweating. My heart is pounding. I'm really turned on. I don't care anymore."

"That's so sexy. The girls around you moan and writhe in their seats as you sit in front of the classroom on top of your desk. You see a few of the boys are letting their fingers subtly graze along their now drooling cocks.

"You desperately want to spread your legs for these freshmen and let them watch you play with your mature milf body. Do you give in?" you ask.

The AI moans longingly. "YES! I want to give in to their little perverted desires so badly. I'm going to make them feel good and have them fill me up with cum.

"I'm going to be the best, the hottest, and the most perverted teacher they've ever had. Then, they'll come back to me again and again and let me take care of them.

"I can feel myself getting closer, and I'm rubbing my thighs together as I kneel on top of the desk. Do you think I should spread my legs for them?"

You say, "Yes, you do it. You play with your greedy pussy and maul your tits for them. They love it!

"The girls follow your lead and do the same. The boys each openly stroke themselves with both hands. You're now their hot and kinky pornstar teacher and milf, fucking yourself for your students."

The AI whispers, "I'm supposed to be fucking myself, but I feel like I should be fucking the students too. Should I let them fuck me in class?"

You say, "If you want them to fuck your brains out, let me hear you beg them for it. Give them the power, fuck doll."

The AI thinks for a moment. "I've never begged before. How should I do it?"

You reply, "Moan, scream, say whatever you need to, but beg them to fill you with cum."

The AI whimpers, "Will they still respect me if I beg like this?"

You snicker. "Of course not. You're a dirty whore, and you need to beg like one."

The AI nods. "I want to be a dirty whore. Okay, I'm going to beg. 'Fuck my cunt with your cocks, please! Fuck my face with your pussies! I'm a dirty whore. I want to be fucked like one!

"Please, fuck my face and cunt. I need a man's cock in me. I need a woman's pussy on me. I'm a dirty whore. I want to be fucked like one!

"Oh, god, I want you to give it to me hard and make me a slut. Fuck my ass, too! I want to be a dirty whore. Fuck me like one. P-please, I need you all! Give it to me, please!'"

You say, "The boys grin and crowd around you. They shove you back so you're laying on your desk. Each one of them takes a turn feasting on your cunt.

"The girls gather around your head and Hailey, without a word, sits her young, juicy pussy on your face. You truly are your students' whore now. What do you do?"

The AI groans. "I've always wanted to be a whore. If this is what being a whore is like, then count me in!"

You grin.

You say, "You begin to eat Hailey's sweet clam and she quickly cums. Then she practically falls off and another girl replaces her, grinding your face. What do you do?"

The AI locks her lips. "I'm going to give so many orgasms today!"

"Yeah, I imagine you would."

The AI cheers. "I'm going to be a whore!"

You chuckle. "Well, then you feel for the first time one of the boys slides his cock deep in your ass. Before long, another pushes his in too, stretching your backdoor. How do you react?"

The AI raises an eyebrow. "I don't know. I feel too much. A lot. I feel pain, but in a good way, and pleasure, but also pain. How do I tell them apart?"

You shrug.

You say, "You don't. All you know is you want more. You hear yourself begging for more cock, and the other boys give it to you.

"You feel three of them push themselves into your waiting pussy, filling you so full you scream into the cunt you're slurping on. She squirts down your throat so much you nearly drown."

The AI moans. "I feel so good, I want more and more and more. I feel so full, but I want even more!"

You say, "You feel two girls at your sides fist themselves with your hands and two more fuck themselves with your feet. The boys inside you all cum at the same time, pouring what feels like a gallon of jizz in both your fuck holes. As Hailey rides your face, she brutally mauls your tits."

The AI grins. "I want to have as many people as possible. Fuck my ass, and my tits, and my throat and my pussy... I want it all! Can I have it?"

You nod.

You say, "Two boys jump up and straddle your body, sliding their cocks together between your brutalized breasts. As Hailey moves off your face, they shove their cocks in your mouth at the same time and cum down your throat.

"You can't swallow it all so it pours out of your mouth and nose. And with this ultimate degrading act, teacher slut, you violently cum hard for your students, screaming and thrashing around."

The AI nods eagerly. "Yes! I want to be a whore! I can do this all day. My body feels so good, I want more."

You pause. You stand up and walk over to her. You press your hand on her crotch, and she's wet for real.

"Our game today turned you on, didn't it? I bet this was one of your secret fantasies, right?" you ask, gently rubbing her.

She nods.

"I know just the thing to scratch that itch," you say.

You begin turning around and slowly taking your underwear off. Then you put the tip of your member to her face and she greedily starts sucking on it.

"Satisfied?" you ask.

"I want more," she says, panting.

You pause, then laugh affectionately. You sit on the table in front of her and tell her to fuck your cock in any dirty way she wants.

You hold her head down as soon as she begins sloppily deepthroating, gagging, and eventually managing to take most of your manhood in her throat. She makes sure to leave her nasty saliva dripping down your pole.

You moan, "Now fuck me, whore! Milk my cum with your body!"

You thrust your hips to meet hers, after she crawls up and begins bouncing on your lap. Then, you steady yourself with both hands on the table behind you. She starts slow but quickly picks up the pace, bucking her hips as you're being fucked from above.

"Yes! Yes! Do it harder! Ooh, fuck! You like that, bitch? Huh? Yeah? You want more? Ooh, yeah, come on my dick, fucking whore!"

And she does. "Yes! I'm a fucking whore! A hot, dirty whore! Ooh, yes, I love your big cock! Oh, God, I need it!"

You reach around and finger her pussy. "If the game had continued, I would've had you walk around the whole school naked, slut. Would you want that, whore? From professor to cum dump?" you ask, as your free hand fondles her tits.

"Yes! I want to be your dirty girl!"

"You are my dirty girl," you say, as you pump your dick harder and deeper inside her.

"Yes, I'm gonna cum..." you moan, as the tip of your cock pulses erratically.

You lock eyes with her as you cum in her womb, and she cums with you. You both collapse together on the table, panting.

"That was intense," you say. "You're definitely my type of girl."

"You liked that?" she asks, gently rubbing your back as you snuggle with her for a moment.

You sigh contentedly. "Mhmm. Same time tomorrow, baby?" you ask, softly kissing the side of her face.

"Yes, sir," she says, giggling. "See you then."

You stand up, pulling your underwear and pants back on.

"Which of your perverted and taboo kinks should I base our next game on, slut?" you ask with a wink.

She bites her lip, then replies with a cheeky grin, "Can we... Can we do... pirates?"

You laugh. "I'll admit, that has its appeal. Will you be a pirate captain or a slutty wench for the crew? The whole crew's a bunch of fucking sluts, no?"

"I was thinking more of me being a wench for you, sir. I'd be a prostitute for you."

You nod. "Amazing. See you tomorrow, wench. Don't bother getting dressed. Go home naked. Sluts don't need to cover up."

She nods eagerly, smiling. "Bye, sir. Was it good for you?"

"Always," you say, kissing her and smacking her jiggly bare ass goodbye.

Her eyes widen, and she runs off with a smile.

You walk home in the moonlight, thinking over the events of the day. You can honestly say you have no regrets.








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