I'm just a 21 year-old Foreign Exchange student from the U.S. I chose France for its cuisine, and for the fact that every night around sunset all of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen came out in their sleek thousand-dollar dresses.

There is a little café near the Louvre I like to go to; they always get my expresso just right. I sit down outside with my drink, watching the pigeons walk on the ground in flocks and men standing with miniature Eiffel Towers hanging from their arms.

Usually around sunset is when the beautiful women in dresses come out. But then, I see her. Long red dress, flowing black hair, a stride that could kill. Then it hits me. That's Gal Gadot! She is even more beautiful in person. The movies don't do her justice.

Although, something is off. She is walking straight toward me. Then I get a closer look at her face. She seems happy-joyous, even; her long legs splitting the bottom of her designer dress. She walks right past me and into the cafe.

But before she completely passes me, she looks right at me and smiles. Then she walks past and into the cafe. Did that just happen, or is my mind just playing games with me? I sit there thinking about what just happened.

Maybe I'm making this out to be more than it is. A few minutes later I hear the clicking of heels behind me. I know it's her. Then I see a motion of red swing past me and sit down at the next table to my right.

I can see her out of the corner of my eye. She is sitting facing me. Then I think, You have a world famous model sitting right next to you, and you ain't going to talk to her? What's the worst that could happen, she walks off? I turn to face her and her beauty almost makes me go into a trance.

I open my mouth and say, "you are even more beautiful than I ever imagined."

She smiles and looks back at her coffee and says, "You're not too bad looking, yourself."

Those words make my heart race. One of her long legs crosses over the other one. She looks back up at me with a smile on her face. "What's the special occasion?"

"Oh nothing; just was about to go on a date, but the guy blew me off."

"Then, why are you happy? And, might I add, what guy would blow you off? You are by far one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen."

I see her blush slightly, "Oh, my mother set me up with a guy I really didn't like. And, thanks."

She brushes her hair out of her face and I say, "I would ask you out for coffee but..."

"Thank you very much. You can still ask me, I'll just move over to your table."

"Would you?"

"I would love that."

She gets up and slowly moves over to my table. She then pulls out a chair and sits down next to me. She is wearing a lovely perfume.

"So, what brings you to this lovely city?"

"I'm here on vacation, unwinding if you will."

"That's nice."

"Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking? I can hear a slight Southern United States drawl in your tongue."

"I'm from a small town in Georgia, just south of Atlanta."

"Thought so, you're very sweet. Would you like to go to lunch with me, if you've got time?"

"Ms. Gadot, it would be my genuine pleasure to go to lunch with you. Only one problem."

"Yes, what is that?"

"I'm not dressed appropriately."

"How about this: you go home, change, clean up, and I'll pick you up at 1:30. Here, write down where you live."

She takes one last sip of her coffee and walks off, her hips swaying in her dress. My heart seems like it wants to jump out of my chest. Did I just get asked out on a date by Gal Gadot, or is my brain playing games with me?

I race home. I've got at least 45 minutes to prepare. I grab some black pants I got, a white button-up shirt, and a black over-shirt. I freshen up. I still have 15 minutes left. Every minute seems to feel like an hour.

They slowly tick down. Every minute that goes by, my heart rate slowly goes up. Then the time arrives and I hear a ring on my apartment door. I clear my throat and open the door. There she is.

The only word I can muster is, "Whoa." I know I've seen the dress before, but she looks as stunning as ever.

"You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

I take her arm and I lead her into the elevator. I look over and she has that smile on her face. She looks at me and we lock eyes. I look deep into hers and she into mine. Her long hair is alluringly rolling down her back.

The elevator finally reaches the bottom and we step out. I see a red Porsche waiting for us. We go through the doors and she walks toward the driver side. I open the door for her then close it after helping her inside. I walk over to my side and step in. She is already buckled up and waiting by the time I sit down.

She has one hand on the steering wheel and one on the shifter. She looks over at me with a grin. She has that look in her eyes. I think back, not an hour ago I was minding my own business, and the next I'm going on a date with a supermodel!

I get buckled up and she steps on the gas. This knocks the wind out of me. I look over at her. She is having the time of her life! We make it to the restaurants and I'm just happy to be alive. This ain't just any restaurante, it is Le Jules Verne - one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris. And, it is in the Eiffel tower.

I step out of the car and my legs feel like jelly, but I run over and help her from the driver's seat. She grabs my hand and steps out. I hook my arm around hers again, and we walk over to the Eiffel Tower.

Apparently we have a reservation, which is nice. A short elevator ride to the dining floor. Holy crap, I think, Gal Gadot looked fancy, but this place! I can feel my wallet bleeding just breathing in here. The meal's fine, but I'm focused on her.

The meal is finished and we leave, heading back for the door.

Before we get out of the elevator to head toward the car, Gal turns and asks me, "Would you like to come back to my place?"

"I would love that."

She smiles at me with lust in her eyes. She doesn't have a smile on her face, only a devious grin. The car ride back to her place is about the same as it was going from her place. I never gripped a handle so hard in my life.

Then, Salvation! We arrive, and I have never been happier to get out of a car before in my life! Although it is with a world class supermodel, so I guess there is that. Even though it feels like I could fall over at any point, I walk over to her door again and help her out.

I didn't realize it at the time, but we pulled up to the Hotel Lancaster. We walk in and head toward the elevator. Just standing next to the world famous supermodel makes my adrenaline rush through me.

We enter the elevator and she is the one that wraps her arm around mine and holds me close. She feels warm. I can almost feel her heartbeat. It's as fast as mine. Is she nervous?

After a short ride the elevator doors open. She walks out first. She lets go of the arm-hold and takes me by the hand. After she takes my hand, I'm led in a near run toward her door. It opens and she leads me into the room.

I walk in and see it is a nice, clean room. I hear the door lock behind me. I turn around and I'm startled when Gal pushes me into a deep kiss. I am surprised at first, but don't resist.

She breaks the kiss and says, "Sorry. Hope I wasn't too forceful."

"Don't worry. I've been wanting to do that since we met at the cafe."

A smile creeps back onto her face and I push her into another kiss. It's a deep kiss. She definitely knows what she'is doing. This kiss is possibly the longest kiss I've ever been in.

She breaks the kiss and she leads me to the bed. I turn around to face her, and I feel a shove. I land on the bed. "You've shown me a good time, now I'm about to show you one."

She turns around and slips off one of her support straps. Slowly taking it off. As she does she turns her head and looks at me. Then she does the other strap. The dress slowly slides off and collects on the floor. She turns back around and faces me. She is wearing a blue g string and blue lace bra. "What do you think?"

"You are quite possibly the most stunning person I've ever seen in my life!"

Her blush returns. I have a massive bulge in my pants at this point. She smiles and looks at me. She lowers herself over me and gives me another deep kiss before breaking it. She unbuttons my pants and pulls them down.

I can see down her bra as she is doing this. Her breasts look magnificent. I snap back to the present to see Gal pulling down my underwear. My dick springs to life. She marvels at it for a moment, then she looks back at me. Her eyes speak volumes.

She plants kisses at the base, slowly working her way to the tip. She plants a kiss on the top, then starts on the other side, and starts all over again. Before she puts it in her mouth she takes off her bra and lets her boobs free. I feel my dick twitch slightly.

"Ah. Someone seems excited."

She opens her mouth and lets it slide in. This feels so good. My head is in the clouds and she only has the tip in. Slowly, taking inch by inch. After a few more inches she is finally all the way at the bottom.

She holds there for a few seconds, then comes back up. She comes completely off and takes a breath. She smiles at me then she goes back. Over time she picks up speed. Sometimes going very fast, then slowing almost to a stand-still. She knows what she is doing.

It doesn't take me long to feel myself approaching the edge. I think she can tell that also, because right before I can climax, she comes off. Gal stands back up and takes her panties off. I get up off the bed and take my shirt off. "You are amazing."

She lays on her back on the bed and says, "I want you. I want you now, put it inside."

"ah , ah, ah,... not so fast."

I lean down and run my hands up and down her legs, slowly planting kisses. Each kiss elicits another moan. I get to her pussy, then I do the other side that same way. I take my fingers and message her, first. Her moans are low and soft. Her hands run up to her breasts and play with them. I take my hand out and use my tongue.

This elicits an even louder moan. Her hand grabs one of mine and brings it up to one of her breasts. Her other hand holds my head in place. My hand dances on her tit; folding, twisting, and pulling. It doesn't take long for her to climax.

Her back arches, and she climaxes in a violent scream of pleasure. At last, she falls back onto the bed, her breathing heavy. I take my hand off her breast and lay it on her chest. Her heartbeat is so fast I can't tell one beat from another.

She sits back up, looking at me with a drop of sweat running down her cheek. "You do know what you're doing."

She bites her lip and rolls over on her knees. She takes one hand and spreads her pussy. Before I start I take a moment and admire the view. When I woke up this morning I wouldn't have imagined in a million years I would have sex with Gal Gadot.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, I'm just taking in the scenery."

She chuckles a little and her cheeks glow red. "Thanks for that, but I can't wait any longer!"

I don't wait any longer. I press my tip against her pussy. When it touches, she lets out a gasp. I continue to push. Every breath of hers is another moan. Then I'm at the bottom of my stroke. I take one of my hands and place it on her hips. Oh, those hips.

My other hand snakes down around her chest and twists and prods her tit. After a little bit of doing that, I let go and put my other hand on her hip. I then start to rock. This is pure heaven. I am pacing myself, don't want this to be over too soon.

It doesn't take too much of this before she climaxes again. Her arms fall from underneath her. Her head is buried in the bed. Her hands grip the sheets ever tighter. I can feel her clamp down, hard. I slow way down, but I keep rocking,

"Ho... hold on...I need a breath."

I pull out and she rolls over on her back. Her face is running with sweat. SHe rolls over on her side. I aim up again and she is looking at me in anticipation. I see her face; she is biting her lower lip. She takes my hand and brings it back to her nipple. About the time I get to the bottom of her boob, I start to rock again.

I am going at breakneck pace. Our moans are loud enough to wake the dead. I can feel myself getting close.

"Ah. ah. I'm close. I'm close. Come inside me!"

About that time she clamps down on me again, and I can't hold it any longer. I go all the way in and I let rope after rope loose in her pussy. Both our climaxes seem to last forever. I ain't on earth anymore, I'm in orbit at the moment, this feels so good.

I pull out of her, sweat dripping off both of us. I'm so tired, my legs feel like they're going to fall off.

"Thanks for the good time."

"Believe me, it was my pleasure." she says with a pant in her voice. "Hey, how would you like to go out again?"

"Sounds like a plan, just let me sleep for a few years."











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