Noah's cock was slowly sliding in and out of my vagina when I woke up and we kissed passionately and he brought us both to a parallel climax.

"Have you used that magic word yet?" I asked as we lay there recovering.

"Yes Oli, I have and I'm going to take you to the beach this afternoon and see how embarrassed you get when lots of people see you virtually naked."

I tried to think back to see if I could remember any word that he had said that seemed slightly out of place but I couldn't think of any. I decided to forget about it and ask him what he meant by 'virtually naked'.

"You're going to wear one of the bikini bottoms when we go to the beach, probably the G-string that's made of just strings of beads."

"The one that has no material, just strings?" I asked.

"I thought that they were all like that," Noah asked, "or did you sneak a normal G-string into the basket when I wasn't looking?"

"I would never do that Noah."

"Good, and I want you to wear those steel balls, those Ben Wa balls as well."

"Okay," I replied, thinking that I wouldn't be walking that far so they shouldn't do more than give me a nice feeling.

After we both did our thing in the bathroom I got us some brunch then I got our things together whilst Noah got the open top car out of the garage.

When I walked up to the car Noah said,

"That G-string frames your slit and clit quite nicely Olivia, it draws people's eyes to it and what isn't covered."

"Thank you Noah. But will I get into trouble being dressed in just a few beads?"

"Let me worry about that Oli."

The old man who was collecting the car park money had a good look over to me when Noah paid him but he didn't say anything. He wouldn't have been able to see my pussy but he will have seen my tits. I looked over to him and smiled but his eyes were a bit lower than my face.

Getting out of the car I asked Noah if he was sure that I'd be okay dressed like I was and he again told me not to worry about it.

I saw what he meant as we got down to the beach, there were quite a few topless girls but I couldn't see any bottomless ones although there were quite a few thong or G-string bottoms. I guessed that most people would look at me and see the strings of beads and assume that my pussy was covered just like the other girls there.

As we walked across the sand a few people looked at me but no one said anything.

Noah selected a spot near a couple of groups of young men, one of then being between us and the sea. I was sure that Noah wanted to show my naked body to them but that was what I signed-up for. After we'd spread our things and put sunblock on we lay on our backs to enjoy the sun.

"Do you think that any of those young men saw my pussy Noah?" I quietly asked.

"I'm sure that they did Oli, now spread your legs and keep your knees straight, you don't want white inner thighs."

I knew that I had to so I did and felt a little embarrassed. I wanted to ask Noah to use the magic word so that I wouldn't feel embarrassed but I knew that he liked me to be embarrassed.

My spread vulva was being tickled by the gentle sea breeze and it felt nice.

Noah had leant me a pair of his sunglasses and I kept looking towards the groups of young men and saw one of the young men who was looking up my legs nudge one of his mates and I thought I heard him say,

"She's getting wet."

Which was true, I could feel my juices increasing in volume.

I tried to ignore the young men and it was a bit easier when Noah told me to turn over. What I hadn't bargained on was Noah telling me to slide me right hand under me and to start playing with my pussy. My hand, and what my fingers were doing, was visible to all the groups of men between us and the sea because Noah had reminded me to spread my legs again.

"Keep going Oli," Noah said, "I want to see you cum."

"You want me to make myself cum, here on a public beach, with those guys watching me?" I asked.

"Olivia, there are only 5 of them, last night you made yourself cum in front of something like 100 people, this should be a lot easier for you."

It wasn't, the previous night I had been hypnotised out of embarrassment but I knew that I had to do it so my fingers got busier.

I have to admit that I did enjoy it and it wasn't that long before the orgasm started to build. When it arrived I could feel my body shaking and my vaginal muscles contracting and relaxing. There was no way that those guys didn't know that I was cumming.

Waves of pleasure having gone, I relaxed and enjoyed the sun. After a while Noah told me to turn over again and shortly after that one of the guys came over to us and asked us if we had a light for the cigarette that he was holding.

Noah told him that neither of us smoked then asked him what he thought of my G-string.

That threw the guy for a few seconds then I saw his eyes go from Noah to my crotch.

"It's cute, it sort of draws my attention to what it err isn't covering."

My pussy had been tingling all afternoon but when Noah invited him to look at my pussy my heart started beating a lot faster and my pussy got wetter.

"Open your legs a bit more Olivia," Noah said, "let the man have a proper look at the G-string and tell us what he thinks of it."

After a couple of seconds pause I spread my legs very wide so that they were nearly at 90 degrees to my torso. I was sure that I could feel the gentle breeze enter my vagina.

"Invite your mates over and let's hear their opinion." Noah said.

"Oh my gawd," I thought, "it's bad enough one of them getting a close-up look at my pussy but all 5 of them?" My face went redder.

Every one of them had some things to say about my G-string and pussy, and especially my clit, and all the comments were kind of compliments but I was still embarrassed but proud as well.

Eventually the comments ended and I was hopeful that my embarrassment would end but

"Make yourself cum again Olivia, the guys will get a better look now that they are nearly touching you."

My jaw dropped but I knew that I had to do it so I did. The guys all sat on the sand below my legs and watched as my fingers got to work and I admit that I was enjoying it, well my pussy was and maybe my brain, a little.

The orgasm built slowly then hit me like a train. I tried to keep quiet and I guess that if anyone outside the group surrounding me heard, then they didn't care. I'm not sure how much anyone saw of my body jerking but again, no one said anything. Not even when my vagina expelled on of the steel Ben Wa balls, much to the surprise of the young men.

Noah was watching and he asked one of the men to push it back inside me. Three hands went to grab the ball but the nearest young man got to it first. As the waves of my orgasm were going into history I watched the young man put it in his mouth then take it out and present it to my vagina.

I couldn't see his pushing it in but I heard him say,

"Did you see that, her pussy grabbed it and swallowed it without me even pushing it."

I'd heard of girls saying that their pussies grabbed things that were just entering them, but never really believed them. It looked like they may have not been telling little lies. Noah had told me to practice keeping them in, and expelling them, which I hadn't really had the time to do it yet, so I added checking to see if my pussy grabs the balls to my mental ToDo list.

"Thanks guys," Noah said, "I'm sure that Olivia would thank you as well, but as you can see, she'd still not quite back with us properly."

The guys all started asking Noah questions and I guessed that they wanted to hang around with us so that they could see more of my tits and pussy. At first I was a bit pissed as I wanted Noah to myself but I soon got used to it and started contributing to Noah's answers.

When one of the guys asked if anyone fancied a swim I was hoping that Noah would say no because I just knew that the sea would be cold. Whenever we went to the seaside back home it was always freezing. When I was little I didn't mind so much but now that I'm older I didn't really fancy the idea, I'd far rather swim in Noah's pool where it was warmer.

As we walked the few metres down to the water I was thinking how odd it must look, one virtually naked girl with 6 men in swimming shorts.

The water wasn't quite as cold as I expected but I felt my nipples, and my clit, get harder as my legs went deeper into the sea. Then a plastic football came flying towards me. Thankfully it missed me but a couple of the guys asked me to pick it up and throw it to one of them. A game of pass the ball ensued with is getting further away from the sand and therefore deeper in the water.

Soon, the game turned into pass the ball to the only girl whilst the nearby boys tried to intercept it. The inevitable happened and one of the guys accidentally ended up with one of my tits in his hand.

"Sorry Olivia." The guy said.

I was going to say that it was okay, and that it was an accident, but Noah beat me to it,

"That's okay mate she probably enjoyed it."

I was about to say what I had intended to say but then I didn't, thinking that it was actually nice having his hand on my tit with my rock hard nipple getting pressed against his hand.

Well, Noah's comment virtually gave the guys permission to grope me at every opportunity and grope me they did. Some of them tried to make it look accidental but others stood next to me and openly groped my tits or pussy under the water. I lost count of the number of times my rock hard clit got flicked or pinched, and I guess that my moans did sort of encourage them.

Eventually I think that some of the guys were getting cold and we all walked back to our towels. As we got close Noah said,

"When a guy goes in cold water his cock shrivels up and nearly disappears but have you noticed that when a girl goes into cold water her nipples, and her clit, get bigger and harder."

If the guys hadn't looked at my nipps and clit as I came out of the water, all 5 of them were staring at them as soon as Noah said that, and my face went red.

"Who fancies going for a walk, let the sun warm us up?" One of the guys said as we all towelled down. Two minutes later one virtually naked girl and 6 young men we were all slowly walking along the beach talking. All the guys eyes were going from me to other girls on the beach then back to me. Again I saw a few topless girls and some in thongs or G-strings. I remembered what Noah had told me and tried my best to pretend that my G-string was like the ones on the other girls and that my slit and clit weren't on display.

There were only a couple of people, that I saw, who stared at me and I wondered if they realised what they could see, and if they did, did they approve or were the disgusted.

As I warmed up my nipps and clit stopped throbbing because of the cold but were still throbbing because I was virtually naked on a public beach and Noah kept touching me. Not on my tits or pussy, but just him touching my skin in those circumstances was keeping me aroused.

The beach is a long one and the car park that we'd used was right at one end. At the other end is a small town and we were rapidly approaching it. I suddenly realised that I was the only topless woman as far as I could see so I suggested to Noah that we turn around and walk back.

"Just a bit further Oli." Noah replied.

"Don't worry Olivia," one of the other guys said, "we'll keep you safe."

Well I didn't doubt that 6 young men could look out for me, unless it happened to be the police that were trying to get involved but I didn't really want to be in that situation.

Noah's idea of 'just a bit further' was actually off the beach and walking along the main seafront of the town. As we stepped onto the tarmac Noah whispered,

"Be proud of yourself Oli, imagine that you are fully clothed."

"I haven't been fully clothed for nearly a week now Noah."

"Complaining are you Olivia?"

"Hell no, I've never been happier, it's just that I'm naked on a street in a town with lots of people around."

"But it's exciting for you."

I couldn't argue with that so I just kept walking and tried to stay in the middle of the group.

Thankfully, the vast majority of people who saw me didn't think anything of my attire, probably seeing the beads and assuming that there was some material covering my pussy. Those that did realise that I was topless and that they could see my slit and clit, just stared at me as we walked by.

As we walked along the street I realised that the steel balls had been doing what Noah said they would, slowly arousing me as they clunked inside me as I walked, and that arousal was making me less concerned that I was virtually naked on a public street.

I started to get a little concerned when the guys walked into an amusement arcade. I've never been a great fan of those places but there was no way that I was going to stand out on the street on my own, even in my aroused state, so in I went.

The place wasn't quite like the last one that I went into many years ago when my mum took me, then I was intimidated by the noise, the flashing lights and the young men acting like dick-heads. This time the place was smaller and seemed to be a lot quieter even though there were quite a few people in there.

There was a group of teenage boys there and they quickly realised that I was only wearing a G-string although the lighting in there wasn't very good so I didn't know if they could see that there was no material in between the strings. Nevertheless, they soon started following me around. Noah got me to turn around and face them and just stand there, pretending to look at something and I could feel my juices escaping and trickling down my inner thighs. My heart was going faster than normal and both my nipples and clit were tingling.

The youths were staring at me for too long for Noah's comfort even though my comfort had ended within one second of me seeing them, and Noah took my hand and led me away from the youths and to where a couple of the young men that came with us where.

"Olivia and I are heading back," Noah said, "see you back at the towels."

With that Noah led me outside. Still holding my hand we walked back towards the beach but we stopped at a kiosk selling ice cream. Noah got us both one but it took quite a while because the youth serving spent half the time looking at me. Noah had got me to stand about 2 metres back so that the youth could have a good look at me. What's more, Noah had told me to stand with my feet about shoulder width apart. He would have easily been able to see my protruding clit.

"Like him looking at you did you Oli?" Noah asked as he handed me my ice cream.

"Yes and no," I replied, "No because it was embarrassing, but yes because it made my nipples and clit tingle."

"Classic exhibitionists reactions. I bet that you want to go back and let him have another look at you don't you?"

"Yes and no."

"You are definitely and exhibitionist Olivia."

"Is that a bad thing Noah?"

"Hell no, it exactly what I want in a girlfriend."

"So I'm your girlfriend am I?"

"Do you want to be my girlfriend Olivia?"

"But you're my boss."

"Why can't I be both?"

"When mum and I were watching TV and a boss was hitting on an employee mum always used to say that it would end in trouble."

Noah took my hand again and replied,

"Well that was TV and this is the real word, will you be both Olivia?"

"Yes please Noah."

"Then it's official, you are both, but that doesn't mean that all your PA duties can be ignored."

"I didn't think for one minute that it did, I like your rules and I wouldn't want to change anything for the world, even though you do make me soo embarrassed at times. How many PA's would walk along a public beach, wearing only a few beads, with their boss?"

"Probably quite a lot if they had the opportunity, the problems being the weather, their location and the nerves of either of them to do it."

"Well I'm glad that you have the nerves to do it Noah."

"With me it's probably more of the lust that I have for your body."

"Are you saying that you like my body Noah?"

"I love your body Olivia, and I want the world to see it so that they know how lucky I am."

I squeezed Noah's hand and we walked through all the clothed people on the beach, me not even looking to see if any of them were looking at me.

Back at the towels Noah said,

"Pack the things Olivia, we're going somewhere where I can fuck your brains out."

I did, and together we walked back to the car with me not even looking at people to see if they were looking at me.

"Take the G-string off and squeeze the Ben Wa balls out Oli, you won't be needing them where we are going.

Taking the G-string off was the easy part, squeezing the balls out was more difficult. As Noah stood and watched me squat down beside the car as I struggled. After I managed to get the first one out Noah said,

"Do you know what kegal exercises are Oli?"


"Google them then start doing them every day. They strengthen your vaginal muscles so that you can do that easier. You're a tight fuck now Oli but those exercises will keep you like that."

That sounded good to me because I like the way I feel as Noah's cock going in me and I'd heard the jokes about people being able to drive a bus into a girl's pussy and I didn't want to end up like that.

I finally managed to squeeze the second ball out then got into the car still totally naked.

It was the hottest part of the day and the breeze felt nice all over my body as Noah drove us out into the countryside. We pulled off the road and went down a track to a clearing where I saw about 7 or 8 cars parked.

"What's this place Noah?" I asked.

"Have you heard of dogging Oli?"

"Isn't that where people have sex with strangers watching?"

"It is, and that's what we are going to do."

I was both nervous and excited. The excited part being that my nipples and pussy started tingling and I felt my juices flowing.

"You're going to fuck me here?"

"No, we're going to walk to that grassy area over there and you're going to play with your pussy until those car owners appear and watch you, then I'm going to fuck you."

"Oh, okay then. Do I need to put anything on to walk over there?"

"Did you bring any clothes with you Oli?"

"No, but there's the towels in the bag."

"Leave them and get out of the car."

"Won't those car owners want to fuck me, or is that your plan?"

"No that isn't my plan, there's an unwritten rule in dogging in that you only get involved if you are asked to and I'm not going to ask any of them to touch you, you are mine."

By then Noah had got out of the car and was stood beside me. I went up on my toes and kissed him whilst I wrapped my arms round him and hugged him.

"Plenty of time for that in a bit, go over there and masturbate standing up. I want you easily seen. Oh, and don't say anything to anyone except me."

I walked over to the grassy area while Noah hung back, presumably wanting to watch from a distance. After what he had said, and the fact that he was quite close, I didn't feel afraid, in fact I felt horny, I couldn't wait for him to fuck me.

When I got to the grass I was pleased to see that it was lush grass, not the sparse, rough grass that is all around back home. I went to the middle and looked all around, the only person I could see was Noah. I guessed that the people were hiding in the bushes and behind the trees

I took a deep breath, spread my feet, put my hands up in the air and put my head back so that the sun got every bit of my body. Taking another deep breath my left hand went to my right tit and my right hand went to my pussy, slowly running a finger up and down my slit and round and round my clit.

I felt alive and very natural, I was totally naked (Noah told me to leave my sandals in the car), it was a sunny day and life was good. I didn't think that I had ever been happier. I was totally relaxed but that was slowly changing as my fingers worked on my pussy and tits.

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