Part One:

At the age of 23, I had already lived a very erratic, sketchy life. I ran away from home at the age of 14 and joined The Lucky Stars Acrobatic Group as a contortionist. While I was doing my flexible and gravity-defying routines I was used to men howling at me in the audience. I remained professional and continued my journey onstage those nights, usually visited in the dressing rooms by one of my fans that evening.

But that's all ancient history.

At 18 I decided to give up that kind of objectified life and went to college to study Sociology with a minor in English Literature. I worked hard in school and I also maintained full-time work, but I couldn't get my parents to look at that part of my life. They looked at me as a failure with a screwy and checkered past -- something they just couldn't seem to forgive me for.

But when I graduated at college, I had trouble finding a job in the Social Services field that I wanted. That summer I was kind of at a loss at what to do with myself, except to keep working at my job in the bookstore and keep applying to difference organizations where I could employ my skills, or at least volunteer my time for the experience.

I felt like I had nowhere to go, but there was one savior in my life -- my grandfather. He had always been there for me, never judged me for whatever phase of life I was in and accepted my joys, disappointments, mistakes and uncertainty.

It was in the beginning of July that he called me and wondered if I'd like to come down to Florida for a visit. I was delighted! Of course I would, I told him. It had been so long since I had been to that part of the country and I was looking forward to seeing my favorite family member who loved me as much as I loved him. I could only afford to take a bus down to Florida, but he insisted he pay for a plane ticket to see him for a few weeks. I accepted.

After a very turbulent plane ride and sitting next to a lady who would not stop chewing gum, I was happy when the plane landed. I stepped off the aircraft and went down the long, winding hallway to the airport. I saw my grandfather.

He looked like he had aged a bit since I saw him last, but he still looked as handsome as ever. He had just celebrated his 78th birthday and his hair was white by this time. There were a few more wrinkles, but it looked like he had lost some weight since the last time we visited. He was very tall, standing 6'0".

"Gramps!" I yelled.

I ran over to him and dropped my bag. I gave him a hug and he squeezed me tightly.

"Look at you, little woman, you've really grown!" he said, holding me at arms-length, chuckling.

I laughed too, my face beaming with a smile. "How's it going, grandpa?"

"Very well, sweetheart. How have you been?"

We talked about my life and went to pick up my suitcases at the carousel and while we did that, I filled him in on the last few years; how I graduated and worked my way through school, but the struggle I was having trying to find the sort of job I wanted. He was happy for all my achievements and was compassionate when he needed to be.

We walked out to his car, my arm slipped in the crook of his as he struggled with my luggage. It was fair to say I had a slight crush on him -- I always had, but of course nothing had ever happened. I didn't think I wanted that type of relationship and wasn't really open to it. I put the subject out of my mind.

My grandmother had died a few years ago from an aneurism in her brain, leaving my grandfather devastated by the loss. He said it had only been in the last 9-10 months he felt like he had got his life back and was now weeding his way through the mourning and possibly seeing light and hope for his future.

We talked about all this and more as we picked up some McDonald's on the way to his house and chatted over lunch on his patio with a couple of sodas. We looked back on our memories (both good and bad) and we seemed to have a mutual understanding and acceptance.

I'd look at him when I thought he wasn't looking; he had beautiful blue eyes and white hair -- as I mentioned -- but I noticed, for the first time close-up, that it was starting to thin a little bit. I smiled to myself.

I may not have gotten my mother's huge breasts or my father's beautiful green eyes, but I wasn't any slouch myself. I had a dancer's body with small breasts and brown hair and brown eyes. My hair was long and wavy and I had naturally long eyelashes that rarely needed mascara. My acne and babyfat were gone now and, I think, I had grown into a very pretty young lady, standing at 5'2", my weight shifting between 105-110 lbs.

Grandpa and I talked a little bit about my job as a contortionist. I didn't mind talking about it with him, as he refrained -- unlike most men -- of being a complete swine about it. True, I had sometimes used my former career as a performer to attract men -- and then was completely disgusted when they took the bait. Women, women, women. Men were attracted to my physical attributes in the bedroom and my easygoing ways outside of it. But, now offstage, I was calling the shots in my relationships (or, my past relationships, as I wasn't seeing anyone at the time), and during the last 1-2 years had found my sexual inner being. To skip the doubletalk and bullshit, I was horny a lot and had finally found comfort in my excessive sexuality and skills.

Grandpa had been retired for about seven years now. He used to be a pediatrician, and a damn good one at that. But now, he said, he was getting tired of relaxing and wanted something to occupy more of his time. I told him maybe he could look for a part-time job or maybe get in to a new hobby. He looked somewhat interested in those ideas, but not completely devoted to them. I was exhausted from the jetlag and asked if I could take a nap in the guest room he had arranged for me.

"As long as you're staying with me, it's not a guest room, sweetheart," he told me. "It's your room to do with as you please. I don't ever want you to feel like you're a guest in my home. You're family, baby."

"Thanks, Grandpa." I smiled at him.

We cleaned up our lunch wrappers and cups and he showed me to my room. It was a beautifully decorated room with green-and-white plaid being the predominant theme of the covers and curtains. I could tell he had really fixed it up for me. It was very sweet and thoughtful.

He held the small of my back with his large hand. "You'd better get to bed, baby. I know you must be very tired." He left me to myself and I shut the door. I dressed down to my panties and t-shirt and crawled into the full-sized bed. It was so luxurious -- like sleeping on a cloud.

Little did I know what was in store for me during this trip.

Part Two:

I woke up about an hour later in bed, my hand in my panties, soaking wet. I had some sort of nasty dream and was playing with myself; I couldn't remember what the dream was, though. I had a vague recollection that it had something to do with my grandfather as the object of my affection.

The last time grandpa had seen me was almost ten years before. I had grown up and I knew he noticed it. This also made me feel very nasty and very naughty. I shook it aside and took a shower after my long trip. I dried off, dried my hair, put on some lipstick and a little bit of concealer and slipped on a new outfit: a tight pair of jeans and a snug shirt. Now made up for the rest of the day, I walked down the hallway to the living room where my grandfather was reading. He put down the newspaper and grinned.

"How was your nap?"

"It was great grandpa. What are your plans for the evening?"

"Well, unfortunately, I have to do some shopping a little bit later."

"What kind of shopping?"

"I have to pick up some new sheets and pillowcases. Nothing real exciting. Do you want to come with me?"

"Come with me, come with me, come with me," my brain chanted with arousal.

"Sure, sounds like something I could handle," I answered him. "What's wrong with your stuff now?"

"I think the sheets have shrunk in the wash. They're harder and harder to fit around the corners of the mattress."

"Harder and harder, harder and harder," my brain repeated.

It was then I noticed that there was a bottle of wine and an empty glass next to the couch where he was sitting. He got up and took my hand and lead me upstairs to his bedroom and showed me how his sheets always uncurled from the edges. I could tell he was a little high from the drinking.

"See what I mean?" he asked, sounding frustrated.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him, completely turned on by his distraction on such a silly subject.

"Grandpa?" I asked him coyly.

"What?" He answered me crankily, fiddling with the corner of the bed.

I started to unbutton my tight shirt, my tits straining against its confines. He looked at me for a moment, not knowing what to make of me. He raised his eyebrows in shock and then grinned slowly and knowingly. He rounded the bed over to where I was sitting. I finished taking off my top, looking up at him with lust in my eyes, sitting there in just my jeans and bra.

"Oh baby, don't do this to me. You know I haven't been with anyone since grandma." I reached around to where my bra hooks were and giggled. He sat beside me and spoke gently: "No baby, let grandpa do that for you." I dropped my hands to my sides and leaned back on the bed, enjoying his strong touch as he freed my tits from their trap.

"What do you think of them, grandpa?" I asked, purring.

"Oh baby, they're beautiful." He fondled them. They looked so tiny compared to his big palms and molesting fingers, his thumbs running over my erect nipples.

I could see a big lump in his jeans. I sat closer to him and ran my painted nails over the lump.

"God grandpa, it feels so big. Can I unwrap it?"

He groaned. "Of course you can, sweetheart. Grandpa loves it when you touch him."

I unzipped his jeans and searched around for his cock. It wasn't hard to find, as it was so big. I started to stroke him up and down and leaned over it, playing with it. My butt was up in the air as I fixated on his dick, my head down, gently nuzzling my face with his meat, his precum streaking my newly made-up and clean face.

"Mmm, it's so wonderful grandpa. It's so wet."

"That means I'm excited, baby. I'm so excited when you touch me."

He rubbed my ass with his hand and I spread my legs, wanting him to rub my pussy in my jeans. He did just that. His hand slithered down my butt, down to the opening he could feel in my pants. I was open and ready.

"Oh grandpa, it's so big and wet and wonderful. Can I suck on it for you?"

"Oh god, baby, of course you can." He stood up stepped out of his pants and underwear and I admired the way it stuck out so erotically. I stroked it and looked up at him. "Come on princess, suck it for grandpa."

"Let me show you something, grandpa," I spoke. "Here, step back a little bit." He did so and I lied down on the bed, my head at the foot of it. I steadied my hands behind my head, steadying the palms on the carpet, my head tilted upside down and hanging off the bed. I licked my lips hungrily. "Try me, grandpa."

"Oh my lord, baby."

He gently took my face in his heads and slid his hardness into my mouth. My mouth was warm, wet and willing to accommodate his manliness. I was honored to be sucking my grandpa's cock. Especially with an upside-down blowjob.

I had to open my mouth up more than what was comfortable for me in order to suit his dick size. I opened up wider and he took the hint. He held my face and began to fuck it, his balls slapping against my nose instead of my chin. He used me like a fuckdoll and I was loving every minute of it. I could tell he was too.

I was moaning and whimpering as he pounded my face. His beautiful hips and body were bucking in and out of my mouth, faster with each thrust. His fingers massaged my face as his eyes looked upwards to the heavens, knowing it was a sin, but neither of us caring. We just wanted to fulfill our lust.

My throat opened up and he cursed in excitement. He banged my mouth now, holding my face, his balls slapping into me. Tears were coming to my eyes as I was being used, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum," he could barely squeak the words out.

He thrust deeper and harder into my mouth, the velvet of my throat being used, so smooth and soft -- every man's dream-fuck. He suddenly held my face tight, his cock stuffed all the way into my throat and he froze and went tense for a moment. Without much warning, I could feel stream after hot stream of cum corrupting the sweet insides of my throat. I wrapped my lips around his dick more ferociously and was prepared to suck on him as though he were the last lover I might have. I wanted to whisper how good it made me feel, his dick buried deep inside me.

He withdrew his cock, now soft, and he gently wrapped his arms around my shoulders, helping me on the bed in an upright position. A few ropes of cum were streaking out the corners of my lips, simply because of gravity. That was fine with me. I wiped it up with my fingers and sucked on them. He tasted wonderful.

Spent, he walked quietly over to the center of the bed where I recovered, and he sat next to me and kissed me very softly. "Oh angel, you were wonderful. I've never had a little girl blow me like that before." We started to kiss more passionately, my face stained with his cum, my lipstick now smudged. He was sweating profusely, and I rubbed the drops over his naked thighs.

He held my face in his hands and looked at me, smiling softly. We looked at each other and laughed a little bit into one another's mouths, feeling very close.


"Yes, baby?"

"Is there any more of that wine left?"

Part Three:

Holding hands, we went downstairs and sat on the couch. The wine glass and half-empty bottle were still there, waiting for us to devour it. We were still half-dressed from our sex and I wanted to see him completely naked. I unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off and I crawled up on his lap, rubbing my hands along his aged -- but masculine -- chest. He watched my eyes as I studied it so innocently, playing with the white hairs. He chuckled.

"Come on baby," he poured a glass of white wine for me. "Drink this for grandpa." As I greedily gulped it down, I could feel his eyes all over my body, half-naked, his hands wandering over my skin, rubbing my svelte waist and playing with my tits. I could tell he really liked what he saw and felt. "Take off your jeans, baby," he instructed me and gave my butt a playful smack.

I put the wine glass down and stood up, slipping out of my jeans and panties. Now naked, my pussy was mostly hairless and very soft and tight. I straddled my grandpa's lap once more, both of us naked, his cock rubbing against my little slit. Though he wasn't in me, I started to hump against him.

"You like that, grandpa?" I teased.

"Oh, you bet I do, baby. Oh, what a sweet little pussy, baby. Is it all for grandpa?"

I took the wine glass once more and filled it up. I was already starting to feel a little tipsy. "Of course. It's all for you grandpa."

He chuckled. "After that blowjob, I imagine you've had your fair share of men, sweetheart."

I giggled. I was getting very wet and I could feel him getting hard once more.

"Jesus! Are you hard again?"

"Baby, I think I will always be hard around you."

"You are so nasty, grandpa," I taunted him.

He slid his finger in between our genitals and started rubbing my pussy. It was so wet and waiting. We both moaned then he slipped his finger inside. He then brought it up to my finger and I sucked on it. I tasted so delicious and I told him so.

"I know you've got to taste fantastic, baby. Come on, hop on grandpa's hard dick for him."

He was now fully erect once more and we were both ready to fuck. I sat on his cock, guiding it in with expertise.

"Oh grandpa, god you're so big. It feels wonderful."

"Ride me, baby. Ride your grandpa."

We watched one another's faces as I fucked him, swiveling my hips and taking all of him inside of me. God, it felt like heaven. We giggled together, granddaughter and grandpa fucking, fondling each other's bodies. We couldn't stop now even if we had tried. We didn't want to stop. We wanted to fuck.

"Oh god, grandpa. Oh fuck, this feels so good." I started to furiously rub my clit as I felt him fill me up faster and faster, my head tilted back in absolute pleasure.

He couldn't get over my tits, how small and pointed they were. I think he found them provocative and sexy. He kept touching them and praising them.

"Baby, you're so beautiful. You have such great tits, great little body. And such a nasty little cocksucker for grandpa."

"Oh god grandpa, I'm so close."

I rode him madly now, my tits bouncing up and down, my thighs slapping against his thighs. Our wet sounds and moans were filling up the room and without much time at all, I came twice all over his thickness. My head fell upon his chest, but I kept bucking my hips, hoping to get him off as well. I wanted him to fill my pussy up.

He froze like he did when he came in my mouth and he squirted his cum all over the insides of my pussy, some of it leaking down onto his cock. I moaned when I felt him squirt his seed inside his little granddaughter.

We sat there in each other's arms for a moment, trying to catch our breath. He chuckled, "Baby, you are so precious." He took my chin his hand, forcing me to look at him. I looked away, embarrassed. "Who would've thought my little granddaughter would be such a wonderful fuck? Hmm?"

"Oh, Grandpa."

He moaned. "Yes, baby?" He held me close to his chest.

"Let's have some more of that wine."

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