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** Elisha Edgars 01

"SAV, Savannah/Hilton Head Air Traffic Control, this is TWA 001, requesting a vector for landing."

"TWA 001, this is Savannah Control, proceed to the outer marker for Runway 28, winds from the east at 5 MPH. Welcome to the Hostess City, sugar."

Krystal liked that one: Sugar. She keyed the intercom.

"Five minutes to touchdown, sir. Please buckle in."

Ned fixed his seatbelt and watched the Low Country pass by as the jet descended. They landed smoothly and parked next to Gulfstream's on-airport facilities. They would take an extra day on the ground this time, get the Gulfstream folks to kick the tires, light the fires and give the G280 a preventative maintenance checkup. Arrangements complete, Krystal escorted Ned to the black town car waiting on the apron, opened the rear door, and seated her alpha male charge inside. It was a short trip as she wheeled the town car from the airport, down I-16 towards the Victorian Historic District.

Ned's assignment package had four black coed candidate summaries. It was a team interview assignment with three younger staff coach tutors. As the Coach Tutor Emeritus, it was his prerogative to get the first choice.

Shuffling through the glamour photos and resumes, he was repeatedly drawn to one particular young lady.

Her resume described Elisha as having gracious southern charms, prim and courteous manners, and the smarts expected of an upscale African American college student at SCAD, the local fine arts college. Her two years of fashion studies were completed and her finances were exhausted. She was being offered a full TWA Scholarship, anonymously, of course, to complete her junior and senior years elsewhere.

Elisha was made aware that her upcoming interview might be interracial. She was sexually experienced but had never been with a white man. She asked for advice from her white classmates, portraying the looming encounter as a blind date, which in part it was. But she held back that it was so much more. It was critically important to her future.

"Men are all alike. Be yourself and go with the flow. Enjoy the color contrast and the spicy intrigue."

Elisha hoped she was up to the challenge.

Ned met her at a back alley boutique teahouse in the afternoon. Their conversation was light; her social etiquettes filled with Southern charm. But he immediately sensed that the gracious etiquette was a cover. He suspected she had an untamed spirit beneath her posh cultured style.

He gave her some guidance on their evening. He expected her to be dazzlingly glamorous when he collected her from her off-campus apartment at dusk. Then he would escort her to the formal graduation ceremony, a pseudo cotillion with a more intimate private soiree later that evening.

And thus, when he arrived, she was festival ready for her big night: strappy heels, long lacy white cotillion dress, black shoulder-length dreadlock ringlets, face highlighting makeup, and silver jewelry, all set to thrill her man and her party cohorts. Her debutante style formal dress was a perfect complement to Ned's tuxedo.

Krystal drove the town car through the narrow streets, winding from Elisha's place to the convention hall venue in the Historic District of Old Savannah. She dropped them at the entrance with its white-gloved ushers, Greek revival columns, and Georgian façade.

Ned escorted Elisha inside to the main cotillion, where their entrance was announced along with the others in the line. He socialized with her friends and danced with her in the luxurious chandeliered hall.

The graduation announcements and diploma distributions wound down the evening, with champagne toasts, hugs, and congratulations. They eventually took their leave of the main company and joined a small group of her companions and their escorts.

The select group of four couples retired to a nearby Victorian bed and breakfast and settled into the landmark building's Drawing Room. Mrs. Brighton, the proprietress, wished them 'good evening' and left them to continue their affairs in private.

The men waited and watched. An aphrodisiac spiked champagne had been served to only these four young ladies at the graduation cotillion. The slow-building and long-lasting potion now kicked in. Its delayed reaction turned the supposed staid post-soiree gathering into an unruly mini-rave.

Elisha lay against Ned as they reclined in an overstuffed upholstered chair. She wiggled in his lap, her dark skin showing a flush as she sought Ned's amorous attentions. Her canoodling was interrupted by one of the other couples.

The first couple stood to room center near a long, wide padded hassock. Her chaperoning young alpha male zipped open her prom gown, exposing her frilly lingerie. He tossed the removed dress aside.

She took his cue and giddily strip danced out of her bra and panties, leaving her stockings, heels, coiffed hairdo, and jewelry intact.

Her alpha male escort laid her partially clothed but erogenously exposed body on the bench. He dropped his pants and exposed his rampant black cock. Mounting up on her spread hips and thighs, he swiftly penetrated her pussy. She cried out at the piercing and careened all the while he fucked her.

Elisha continued squirming in Ned's lap as they reclined. Her face and suckling lips pressed his neck, as his hands swept across her gowned hips and bare shoulders, petting her, building her emotions until it would be their turn.

He lifted her face and pointed it towards the second couple in action at room center, laying her head sideways on his chest.

"You're missing the show. Keep watch, see, and feel the other lovers' passions."

The sequential strip and fuck performances revealed each debutante had worn racy undies beneath the ball gowns. They had anticipated some intercourse with their escorts, hoping for an affectionate private fuck with the young black alpha male studs. This semi-public chemical-induced orgy wasn't foreseen.

The couples cuddled before and after their turns in the surrounding divans, snuggling and watching. The third couple cried out their orgasms and retired to their chair.

They all turned their focus to Ned and Elisha, the last couple and the only interracial pair. Ned's libido was driven to the max by the sexy sights and Elisha's amorous aphrodisiac fueled squirming in his lap. Her gown covered ass rubbed almost continuously against his cock, which was now uncomfortably swollen and constrained in the tuxedo pants.

They moved to center stage. Overwrought Ned was as much of a gentleman as possible when he briskly stripped Elisha out of her clothes. He dropped his pants and pressed her to her knees for some oral foreplay.

He heard the admiring remarks from the watching ebony girls, murmured comments on their first view of a white cock, or rather a pink one to some. He heard their thoughts on how the light skin tones brought to light the textured shaft's veins and the circumcised purple knob. It sounded a lot like a college art study.

Fully erect in Elisha's mouth, he drew her off and laid her on the cassock bench. His saliva wet cock lined up in full readiness and probed her dark-skinned labia. Her moisture flowed and they were both raring to go.

He plunged her depths and it was heavenly: snug, warm, and wet. He pumped quickly in his hyper-aroused state and relieved his balls of their pent up sperm.

The shared group couplings were accomplished and each man led his half-naked date to their individual bedrooms for sexual continuations.

Upstairs, Ned removed Elisha's lacy leftovers, climbed them both into bed, and resumed the lazy petting.

When he felt revived enough, he pulled her into a down doggy stance on the mattress. She turned her head sideways, pressing a cheek to the pillows, and lifted her wide black butt in the air.

He drilled in, focused only on his own pleasure. The domination scenario increased her angst and her uttered vocalizations unknowingly boosted Ned's machismo. He could have selfishly ignored her grunts of discomfort but instead, he gave in and diddled her clit. She peaked when he did.

As they cuddled in the afterglow, Elisha expressed her gratitude for being Ned's selection.

"I'm glad you picked me and not my twin sister."

Ned raised a quizzical eyebrow. She gave him a little dismissive hand wave, challenging his denial.

"Oh, come now. Didn't you notice? The other one with big boobs like mine?"

Ned had noticed the big boobs on another pretty debutante candidate but hadn't made the connection. His mind filled with future TWA Freewill Weekend possibilities, an interracial ménage a trois with the buxom ebony siblings. It perked his libido just imaging the pair sharing his cock.

It perked his libido enough to raise up his orgasmic need, and he rolled atop the immediately available sister and quenched his sudden lust in her cunt.

Morning brought more little cuddles before descending to breakfast on the rear sun porch. The surrounding backyard hedges shielded it from prying neighborhood eyes.

The men wore terrycloth waist wraps, the girls wore short translucent slips, nipples shadowing through. No panties; those had been forfeited last night to the alpha males as souvenirs.

Mrs. Brighton had returned earlier, fixed a traditional Southern breakfast of poached eggs, grits with bacon bits, and toast. She removed herself to the pallor and neatly hung the discarded gowns in clothes bags for collection by the pretty ladies when they exited her home later in the morning. It was her usual cleanup duty when hosting the annual well-paying TWA contingent. The extra money bought her silence and generated repeat business. She was not a gossip.

Over after-breakfast coffee, the men's blithe conversations compared the females' intimate details. The girls were silent, listening for lewd clues to their recommendation verdicts.

The men took out their checklist scorecards, preparing to grade the candidate females on the standard performance parameters. But Ned suggested a final session while they considered the coeds' scores. He ordered the girls under the table cloth. Before the men concluded their Evaluation Assessments, the candidates would retrieve some last pearly morsels of male virility.

The girls crawled underneath and shuffled around, the draping tablecloth hiding their identities and the random exchange of partners.

Ned felt plush lips surround his knob and they suctioned him in. Whoever it was, she had a good tongue and tonsil technique. Was she Elisha's sister?

The men filled out the forms during the anonymous blowjobs, pausing only to groan aloud at the culmination of the Evaluation Assessments. Ned was the last man to finish spewing into his fellatrix's mouth.

They all wearily agreed aloud that all four candidates would receive recommendations for enrollment at Total Woman Academy.

The announcement was met by triumphant girlish clapping and cheering from under the table.

The jet was still undergoing maintenance for another day and Krystal saw how tired Ned was from his energetic schedule these past days. A day off would do him good. She took him to a Tybee Island condominium for rest and recreation. She let him rest but also saw to his recreation. They strolled the family-friendly beach and enjoyed a Low Country boil for dinner. Lacking a female candidate for him to interview, she gave him her full attention, keeping him at a primed low simmer all day long.

Before this extended travel tour, she hadn't encountered Ned since her undergraduate days at TWA where he had been one of her many poise coach tutors. He had been her best sexual mentor and she learned many advanced techniques. That night, she gently showed him how much of his training she remembered, spawning his recovered memories of her sexual talents. In lieu of her panties, she hoped those recollections sufficed as his memento for their night together.

** Elisha and Evelyn Edgars 02

Karl waited impatiently in the rear cabin. He had read the outlines of his pending two candidate assignment. Dual recruitment of twin sisters had been affected and it would be his duty to deliver them safely to the TWA pre-enrollment site. TWA had made one of its limousines available for the journey and he was seated in the back, awaiting the arrival of his co-passengers in Savannah. A scheduled stop in Mobile would break up the long trek to San Antonio.

Krystal, his uniformed chauffer, was waiting outside when the girls strolled to the car, dragging one roller bag each. She tipped her driver's cap to welcome them and opened the rear door. The young ladies took her lead and ducked into the luxurious space. Krystal locked the passenger compartment and placed the two pieces of luggage in the truck.

'What a waste' she thought. Nothing they would ever see again. TWA would provide for their fittings and furnishings.

Karl introduced himself and the ladies replicated his courtesy.

"Welcome, ladies. We have a long ride ahead of us. Might as well get comfortable."

Karl wiggled around and took off his clothes. He reseated himself, his thighs spread immodestly, his long fat cock lolling freely over his gigantic ball sack.

"Now both of you, too. Go on, get comfortable."

The sisters looked at each other curiously, and back at the huge naked black man. His face scrunched into a frown.

"I said 'get comfortable'. NOW, Dammit!"

His voice carried authority and the sisters moved to comply. Soon enough, they were nude like their journey escort, facing him across the gap between the benches.

Karl leaned back, placed his arms atop the backrest, and eyed his trek mates' bodies. He mused his yearnings. Where to start?

"Evelyn, come kneel here at my feet."

Acknowledging the nature this encounter and journey was taking, she suppressed any resistance and did as told. It was obvious what he wanted. She shuffled forward and leaned in; with one hand steadying the priapic pillar, she descended her face and sucked Karl's cock.

He called softly to Elisha, patted the leather next to his right hip, and invited her to 'come hither'. She sheepishly settled close to his side. Karl maintained his attention on Evelyn's cycling lips as he deftly rested his arm on the seated sister's shoulder. His hand dropped leisurely to cup and fondle her big boob. His other hand halted the kneeling girl's cycles. She looked up and he bobbed his head, indicating his wish for her to rise.

"Straddle me."

She maneuvered up and posed to take his cock inside her pussy. He pulled her in for a kiss as she slid down the first stroke and rested at the bottom, hoping he would let her pussy stretch for his accommodation.

He let her sit still as he suckled her dark nipples, back and forth between the two. She braced herself by hugging his head to her big soft tits, gaining time for the discomfort of the vaginal expansion to recede. She nodded knowingly to her twin, glancing down at the genital conjunction.

Elisha leaned in and fingered Evelyn's asshole, slowly penetrating her sister's orifice as she moaned into Karl's left ear. Elisha moved her lips to his right ear and murmured supplementary praises to Karl's manliness.

As the strokes commenced and developed at their groins, Karl's breath huffed higher and higher. He liked the idea of team fucking and these two bodacious females seemed to know how to pool their sexual resources.

At the ultimate moment, Elisha probed Karl's ear canal with her tongue, simultaneously pressing the thin membrane between her embedded finger and Karl's embedded cock, boosting the intensity of the black man's spew and setting off her sister's matching orgasm. They juddered to a calm, releasing and untwining their limbs and intimate flesh.

The rest of the ride was a succession of naked cuddles and caresses until Karl found the energy to equitably fuck Elisha in missionary on the backseat bench. They arrived at their overnight stop in Mobile fully acquainted.

The beachfront resort was just the place where they could experiment with more night-time sucking and fucking.

The journey continued the next day. Karl was insatiable and the twins were hard-pressed to keep up, swapping sessions while the other regained her energies.

The limousine rolled into the San Antonio hotel reception canopy and disgorged a trio of barely dressed travelers.

The ride may have ended, for now, but not the playtime. Karl enjoyed another night of girlish, giggly 'catch me' games, including boob and ass whacks, bronco busting cowgirl fucks on the floor, and sudsy bath time tit-jobs. All in all, it was just what he expected when he accepted this candidate transfer assignment and he was very pleased and satisfied with the results.

** Imminent Graduation

Elisha and Evelyn got to be close friends with their other co-ed classmates.

They all liked the curriculum of intelligence, beauty, and poise, and enjoyed the friendly competition and cooperation for higher Evaluation Assessment scores.

They assumed their senior roles as Undergraduate Advisors and tended to the next class of coeds, just as they had been tended to by the previous seniors.

Now it was the culmination of their TWA undergraduate studies and the looming Father-Daughter Weekend.

Campus lore told that the alpha male fathers should be primed and then cooled from their ardor by the classmates before the main incestuous event with their female progeny. That would lead to less feverish actions and enable them to tranquilly engage in prolonged, multi-orgasmic reunions with their offspring and enjoy the rewards of their substantial scholarship support.

** Elisha and Evelyn Edgars 03

Evelyn and Elisha were inseparable and many of the staff and guest coach tutors liked it that way. The twin coeds were often teamed up for paired sessions with one coach tutor or many other times participated in doubled scenes with two men at once.

Their tutoring workouts evolved into a series of exercises to perfect their vaginal cock massages. Each sister was run through the exercises necessary to develop her expertise. Hip rolling was a recurrent aerobic drill, using a sensory equipped dildo to master the moves that stimulated the probe's coronal notch with her juicy cunt walls. After days of practice, a staff coach tutor ran interim tests to gauge progress. It was a sterile lab-based procedure where he lay prone, and they used his stiff cock to penetrate themselves and substantiate her flexibility and effectiveness.

"Roll your hips, bitch, in time with my drawbacks."

Evelyn tried but the coach tutor was unsatisfied with her efforts. He ordered more practice.

"Both of you need more time at the gym working on your core strength."

Now their senior UA's facilitated them through the exercises. Days became weeks as they exercised to gain strength and flexibility. In addition to all the other activities they needed to accomplish as part of the campus curriculum, they spend an hour a day in the anatomy laboratory seated upright on instrumented dildos. They stroked the probes with increasingly forceful ass twists and torques, watching the wall-mounted enunciator board light up their results.

The bottom tier of yellow lights showed progress, the higher up green stack showed better efforts, and a bright green flashing light at the top indicated maximum, and acceptable efforts.

These practicums were intermingled with evaluation assessment sessions performed by various coach tutors. While a coach tutor plunged her pussy in missionary, her twin whispered encouraging hints and tips while urging her to try harder at these required cock massage skills. & id=488354

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