I was really excited to start this new job. I was one of three women working in an office full of men, so I was a bit nervous. I arrived on my first day and Carl was the first person I saw. Ours eyes met and heat went straight between my legs. He was tall...really tall, handsome, and so...fucking...sexy with that damn van dyke (Jeezus). To say there was an instant spark is putting it mildly. I blushed as he introduced himself and shook my hand, holding it maybe a little longer than he should have, but I didn't mind. The office manager who hired me hadn't arrived yet, so Carl offered to show me around, and I happily took him up on the offer.

Before we got very far along on the tour, the office manager arrived and, to my disappointment, took over and went about getting me settled. I spent my first few weeks learning the lay of the land and getting familiar with all my responsibilities. Since I was the office assistant, I interacted with everyone, all day, every day and interacting with Carl was definitely a highlight .

It started as casual flirting when I would walk by his desk or deliver his mail, but the attraction was strong and I found myself thinking of him as I masturbated in the shower. I had never even considered cheating before, but now, it did wander into my thoughts on more than one occasion. We were both married, so I knew nothing would EVER happen, but that didn't keep me from continuing to fantasize about him.

As the months went by, we continued to flirt but I came to realize that he did that with the other girls too. That was just how he was. Sweet, flirtatious and...married.

One night, after I'd been there almost a year, everyone was working late. Carl and I were both so focused what we each were working on, that we didn't realize that all our co-workers had gone home, and now just the two of us were left. By the time I looked at my watch, it was 9:00 and I needed to get home. Being the gentleman he was, he told me to wait so he could walk me out. As we got to my car, he leaned against it, folded his arms, and looked at me with a sexy smile and that fucking swagger that always sent heat straight to my center. I could feel the sexual tension in the air, but I played coy, "What are you smiling at?" He raised an eyebrow and that's when I knew. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him, and it was going to happen...tonight.

As I thought of what I wanted him to do to me, heat went straight between my legs and I was instantly soaked. I pressed against his thigh and his hands slid inside my skirt and down over my ass. I hadn't worn panties that day (something I did from time to time). When he realized, he moaned, and pulled me closer against him. "Jesus, Princess. Do you know how much you tempt me?" That nickname. He had started calling me that early on. It was a tease, at first, because I am quite girly, but then, it just became our thing.

I brought my face close to his, ran my bottom lip over his and he was done. He devoured my mouth and slid his hand around and between my legs, stroking my clit, gliding a finger inside. "You're so...wet...so tight." He pushed a second finger in and I rocked my hips against his hand. "Jesus!!" He pressed his thumb to my clit and I moaned into his mouth. I continued to grind as the orgasm that was building reached its peak, "Oh my God!!" and I came against his hand, the orgasm taking over every part of my body.

He pulled his hand from between my legs and slid his finger in his mouth, "So fucking sweet." At that moment, I realized he had been finger fucking me with his wedding ring finger and, as twisty as it was, it was also HOT AS FUCK!!

As I recovered, he took my keys from me, opened the back the door of my car and got inside. I got in and kissed him as I undid his belt and jeans. His cock was big and hard and I grasped it and began to stroke. He moaned as I looked him in the eyes and ran my thumb around the head. I got on my knees on the floorboards of my car and slid it in my mouth. I tasted the salty pre-cum as I ran my tongue along the length and drew it back into my mouth, loving the control I had over him. He gripped my head thrusting his hips and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Stroke after stroke, he fucked my mouth until finally, he called out my name and his orgasm exploded down my throat.

I swallowed every drop of his cum, pulled away and climbed on his lap. I let him taste himself on my lips and guided his cock inside me. His hands gripped my ass, moving me up and down on top of him and as I kissed him, I unbuttoned my blouse, took it off and slid my bra off as well. My nipples were hard and aching for his mouth to be on them. My back arched as he caressed my breasts, gently taking first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. He circled them with his tongue and sucked and bit just hard enough to bring the pleasurable pain I craved. I continued to ride him, loving the feeling of him thrusting in and out of me and before I knew it, another orgasm tore through my body. As my inner muscles clenched him, he asked, "Tell me Princess, am I better than "him"?" Without taking my eyes off his, I answered, "So...much...better." and at that, he groaned and I felt his warm cum shoot deep inside me.

Jesus, he WAS better and who knew...Carl was a bit twisty and I was TOTALLY into it.











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