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Chapter 8

Tim was on the bridge with the three girls, "Sarha, could you ask Madlyn to come to the bridge for a moment?" Tim asked.

Madlyn walks onto the bridge, "Tim, did you need me for something?" She was looking for a place to sit.

"First of all? How is Jeanne doing?" Tim asked, turning to look at Madlyn.

"She is doing well, a couple more days and she'll be up moving around; thank You."

"We are two days out of the Shayeland Shipyard; Do you know what you are wanting to do?" Tim asked, looking at her with an understanding look.

"Tim. What are our choices?" Madlyn asked. She now has a sad look on her face.

"First, we can get Jeanne and you off at the shipyard; the Military Hospital will take good care of both of you; 2nd, you both can stay on this ship until Jeanne gets better, then you can leave when you want to. 3rd, Jeanne, and you can become members of the crew." Tim states

"If you both or one of you want to leave, the information about this ship must stay a secret," Tim said.

"Tim, if we are going to stay and become members, what do you think our jobs will be?" Madlyn asked. She now has a smile and a questionable look. Thinking, 'She really wants to stay, but the years of medical school all gone to waste.' You guys don't need a full-time doctor.

"We could use a doctor occasionally, but with your ability and intelligence, you could come up with devices to help the sick and disabled," Tim reassured her.

"You don't have the equipment to do the testing, as well as other things needed!" She replied.

"We can get whatever you need to do the work. This ship is becoming a ship of hope for anyone's future." Tim replied.

"Madlyn, do you have someplace to go? Do you have something you need to do?" Tabitha said, looking at Madlyn with her kitty cat eyes. "Is there Someone you need to be with?"

Madlyn, now with an even sadder looking face, "For each of the questions you asked, the answer is NO."

"Well then, I guess that means Jeanne, and you are staying aboard this ship as our new crew members," Tammy said.

"Are you girls sure you want this old lady as a crew member?" Madlyn asked.

Tabitha, Tammy, and Pauline went over and gave Madlyn a group hug, laughing and saying, "Welcome aboard."

Tim stepped out of his chair, walking over to the group, and embrace everyone, said, "Just like the girls said, welcome to the crew."

Everyone was talking and laughing; they did not hear the bells and the intercom.

"Tim, you have a call from Colonel Joe Timberside; Do you want to take it in the debriefing room?" Sarha said.

"Yes, ask him to wait one minute, and I'll be right with him." Tim was heading to the debriefing room, taking his seat in front of the viewscreen.

Tim looks at the viewscreen, "How are you doing this morning, Jim?"

"Tim, I have a question? Do you have a Ghost Ship?" Jim replied.

"What do you mean?" Tim, with a unique look on his face.

"Well, the pirates that were brought back to us, Said, their ships were destroyed by a ship that was not there. One of them was looking out the viewscreen and watched the first three vessels being blown up entirely. The fourth ship only lasted two minutes more. He said, "He did not see any traces of fire lines or anything going to the last ship. It merely just blew up."

"What did Commander Tom Newhope say in his report? Did he see my ship?" Tim said

"Yes, Tom, said He has seen your ship but could not believe you did all that. But there were no other ships in the area." Jim said.

"By the way, the pirates confirmed. There were 30 crew members for each ship, with four ships, 120 crew members, and 10,000 credits each. You have a total of 1,200,00 credits." Jim stated.

Tim, with a surprised look on his face, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, the government last year, offered 10,000 credits per each pirate, dead or alive. With the pirates telling how many there were, it gives you the credits. Do you wish to just add it to your account?" Jim stated.

"Yes, if that is OK? And Jim, I'll be coming into the shipyard in two days, with the Kirenium ore." Tim said.

"Tim, what kind of ship will you be in? That way, I'll have a bay open for you," Jim asked

"The same ship I've been in all the time! It is a corvette. Its transponder is tagged Regal 1." Tim replied

"I'll see you in two days, have a good day," Jim said, the viewscreen faded away.

"Sarha, could you have the girls come back to the bridge, Please," Tim asked, just sitting there, cannot believe what just happened? Finally, getting up and walking down onto the bridge.

The girls, all four of them now, are standing, waiting around for Tim. Tim was walking to his seat, still shocked. Merely sitting there for a moment, with a stunned expression on his face.

"Tim, what happens in the debriefing room just now?" Tabitha asked.

"Ladies, please sit down someplace," Tim said, still with a stunning look.

"OK, but please tell us, it's not bad news." Tammy and the rest of the girls are now sitting on the edge of their seats.

"NO, it is not bad news; the pirates that were holding Madlyn and Jeanne, Well, the government just transfer 1,200,000 credits over to my accounts, as a reward," Tim mumbled.

The girls were now just as shocked as Tim. Everyone just sits there with a very bewildered look. No one said a word.

"Tim, will this change all your plans?" Sarha asked for an AI. She now had a sad face, hoping the answer would be NO.

"And I just joined the crew, and now what?" Madlyn said. She sits back in her seat, did not know what to say or do, so she just sat there.

"Tim, what are you going to do with all those credits?" Tammy asked.

The girls were now just as shocked as Tim. Everyone just sits there with a very bewildered look. No one said a word.

"Tim, will this change all your plans?" Sarha asked for an AI. She now had a sad face, hoping the answer would be NO.

"And I just joined the crew, and now what?" Madlyn said. She sits back in her seat, did not know what to say or do, so she just sat there.

"Tim, what are you going to do with all those credits?" Tammy asked.

Tim sat up straight, looking around, seeing everyone looking at him. "First of all, the credits belong to everyone, Not just me. Each of you helped in the fight; Madlyn and Jeanne got the wrong end of the deal. So, from now on, each will have a say in how we spend the credits."

"OK, I want to buy a new spaceship for my very own." Tammy jumps up and pretending to drive it around the bridge, laughing.

Tabitha said, "Tammy, stop that, quit being silly." Tammy is now sitting back down, with her lower lip being pushed out and moping.

"May I make a declaration? Why make any decisions, Now. You have two days before you get to Shayeland Shipyard. Why not wait until then?" Sarha asked.

Everyone agreed. Still not believing everything that had been said. Each girl was thinking about what to do. Did they want to stay on the ship and keep the adventure going? Or Take some credits and go on their way alone.

Tim was sitting on the bridge; the three girls had just left. Tim was thinking, 'Madlyn has been silent since they talk about her nightmares. Was she still having them?' Tim really thought about what had occurred when they were talking about it. He started to become stiff, and no girls to help him out.

While attempting to sleep, Madlyn was lying in bed; she would close her eyes and see the three pirates coming at her again. But the difference lies at this time. It is the pirate monster trying to stick it into her ass. Tim demonstrated to her what the first Olsha had done, and he was making it feel so much better. Now, if she could get him to help with this.

"Sarha, where is Tim?" Madlyn asked. She is getting out of bed, slipping a T-shirt on, adding a housecoat. Since she had been on this ship, she dressed in a way that felt good for her. Not wearing underwear going commando felt really nice.

"Tim is on the bridge by himself. The girls have gone to bed." Sarha replied.

Madlyn, "Thanked her." She was going to try getting a good night's sleep, somehow. Walking up to the bridge, she had to hope Tim was in a listing mood.

"Tim, I need your understanding again; I need to start getting some sleep; every time I close my eyes, I see the second four-armed monster coming after me." She walked over to the XO chair and sat down, turning it to face Tim.

"Madlyn, do you want to talk about the nightmare?" Tim replied, "I'll be willing to listen." Madlyn was sitting in the XO chair, finished turning and facing him; her legs started spreading apart.

"Tim, I want you to show me. What his big dick looked like, just like before." Madlyn asks, "Will you please help me understand what I am afraid of?" She was now starting to rub her tits, and her legs got further apart.

With her legs starting to spread further, Tim could see she had no underwear on this time. The housecoat was split in the center and sliding down both sides of her legs.

Tim could see her nice clean hairless pussy. She was already wet, with a glittering glow. Just remembering the other night, his dick was starting to harden. He tried to start thinking of other matters, but the glittering kept his eyes and mind on her pussy.

Madlyn sees that her pussy had Tim's Attention and started thinking about Tim's big dick inside her the other night. With that thought, she began to become even wetter. The fluid started coming out in a little stream. She spread her legs just a little further apart.

Tim was not trying to look; he looked up into her eyes. Seeing the sad and frightening glance in those eyes, he realized the state of mind she was in. She needed his help, Not the sex, but the soft and gentle understanding.

She said, "Tim, you do know what I need, don't you?" Her hands were now playing with her tits. Her legs kept getting further apart, the fluid kept coming out. Now making a small puddle between those soft, smooth legs. The glimmering pussy, its lips were enlarging and turning a red color.

Tim thinks, 'How do I help her, without sticking my big dick up her ass? If I do that, it will Shirley be tearing her ass up.' Remembering how she told him about the size and how it looked. If I could make it look right for her, but then enter her with a smaller size and make it grow, after her body was adjusted to the size, then enlarging it a little at a time.

Madlyn still plays with her tits, "Tim, I'm needing you now. Just start by showing me, What I need, Please!" Her face was beginning to look like someone had been slapping her around. She started to turn Red, and had a frightening look in her eyes, like seeing the monster repeatedly. She was starting to shake and could not control her hands.

Tim reassured Madlyn, "Let me remove my clothes. Then you can see it. OK?" Slowly removing the pants. With his mind, thinking, 'Dick be 14 inches long and 5 inches diameter.' Has he removed his underwear? His dick appeared just like he wanted it. Finished removing all his clothes and standing before Madlyn.

Madlyn eyed his dick; now, with a frightening look, her mind went back to the Hospital ship and the time it all started. She started shaking and fell to the floor. She looked up at Tim but seeing Olsha's dick. Reaching for the dick, saying, "Please, NO! ... OK, I'll do it, just don't hurt her anymore, please!"

Standing up and turning around with her ass towards Tim's dick, placing her right hand on his dick and placing it next to her asshole. Placing her left hand into her pussy and getting it really wet, thinking it was still full of the other Olsha's cum, rubbing it on the head of his dick. She was about to push herself back onto his dick.

Tim realizes she was not herself, just stood there. As she rubbed the wetness all over his dick? He thought, 'Dick, went I think small, you get to 1 inch in diameter, fast.'

Madlyn, now ready to place the dick into her ass, ready for the pain, trying to relax her asshole, but still knowing it will hurt. She pushes back with all her might to make the pain disappear faster.

The dick was sliding into her asshole, just stopping after entering. Letting her asshole muscle relax a bit. She started to move his dick in and out of her body. She started to feel it getting more extensive. Madlyn realized it was not the monster, but Tim, she was feeling.

Madlyn stopped moving, looking over her shoulder, smiling at Tim. She said, "Thank You." And started pumping her body a little faster now. She was back to being herself now.

Tim was relieved she was back, now he was feeling good. He could enjoy her ass without fear of hurting her. Placing both hands on her hips and started pumping away.

Madlyn, now knowing who was fucking her ass, "Tim, could you make your dick bigger, please. I want to know how it feels to have that big dick back there, but knowing it belongs to a friend. It does feel nice, keep it up and going."

Tim doesn't want to hurt her but wanting to help, making his dick a little bigger with each deep thrust back into her ass. Hearing the soft moans and the ass bucking back at him. He knew she was enjoying this; his dick was up to about 3 inches in diameter. Her body was still expecting it.

Madlyn purring contentedly, "Tim, please keep making it larger. I need it. It is making me feel fuller and wet. With me rubbing my clitoris, I'll be coming real soon. Please keep pumping harder and faster." Her breathing was getting heavier, the sighs were becoming louder and more substantial.

Tim was saying, "Madlyn, let me know when you are ready." Tim was telling his balls, 'he wanted to give her a full load again.' Recall the last time the bots had a time cleaning up that mess. Tim moved his hands to her shoulders for more of the final push.

Madlyn was now pushing back harder than ever, trying to drive his dick deeper. She was getting closer, having already had three or four small orgasms. She was feeling a sequence of orgasms coming. "Tim, fill me up with your cum; I'm going to have a tough time. Holding still, because here I come." Her eyes rolled back under her eyes, lids. She was now having a violent orgasm.

Tim knew she was ready when she tightened her ass around his dick and started to milk it. If he had been not ready, he soon would be; the grip her ass hole had on his dick was unbelievable. She was now in total control.

Madlyn looked back over her shoulder and smiled. "Are you ready to finish? Get hold of Something because it is going to be a rough ride."

Tim reached for her long white hair with his left hand and smacked her ass with the other, yelling. "Let's go?" He started trying to drive his dick in further, but she had the control. All he could do is watch her, ass, start moving like there was no tomorrow. His dick started getting bigger, and she just kept moaning and pushing back harder.

Finally, he felt his cum starting to rise in the long, waited released. At the same time, he heard Madlyn let out a scream and slide to the floor. He had to follow her. His dick was still in her ass. Falling on top of her, she now lost control of her tight ass. Giving him control again. He could now give her the final hard push and fill her ass with his cum.

Letting go of his body control, started filling her ass with his cum, at the same time hearing Madlyn scream, "Oh Yes, Tim, I feel your big dick, filling my ass. It feels so amazing,"

He moved to her side, holding her tight, Asking, "Do you feel better now, and do you think you will be able to sleep?"

Her reply, "Tim, you don't know how good it feels, knowing there is someone out there that cares for you and understands your needs. Even if it is the Captain of the ship." Still holding his arms tight around her.

She moves her ass back against Tim, "I think I'd better get up before I make a big mess right here." Getting up and heading to the lounge.

Tim was lying there, not hearing the bot. "You are dripping all over my clean floor." Tim was getting up and looking at the bot.

Sarha appears standing next to Tim. She is looking at the bot. "Millie, this is the ship's Captain. Please show a little respect,"

"Sorry Sarha, I will show respect, Sir, could you reframe from dripping your cum, all over my clean floor. If you could also ask your friend with the cumbucket to put a cork in it." Millie said.

"Sorry, Tim, they do get a little upset, sometimes. Millie, do your job quietly, or I will turn off your voice box." Sarha said.

"That is OK, Sarha. She is just doing her job." Tim was heading down to his quarters, and Madlyn headed for her, hoping to finally get a full night's sleep.


Tim was waking up, finding three Felines in bed with him. Tim asked, "How are we doing this beautiful morning, Ladies?" Looking at each one with a smile. Holding out his arms for them to curl up in them.

"Today, we will have to talk about the offer you put forth. But for right now, just hold us." Pauline said.

Tim was lying in bed with these three in his arms and thinking about the other two. 'How are they going to feel about the deal? But there is more. In the cargo bay of Tabitha's ship is ten tons of Kirenium. How will that add to the pot?'

The only thinking the girls wanted to do, how much they wanted to be with Tim. They simply would like to help with whatever Tim needed to be done. Hoping not to break up the crew. But if It came to that, they would take their ship and head home.

Pauline Thinking, 'I just got here. It has been a short ride. I feel good about these people. Happily, we can stay together.'

Madlyn was finally getting a decent night's sleep. I just wish Jeanne felt better, so she could help me with what is coming Today.

"Ladies, we need to start the day." Tim said, "I need everyone to meet me on the bridge in one hour, OK? Sarha, could you inform Madlyn of the meeting?"

"Madlyn has been informed of the meeting," Sarha replied. "She said she'll be there."

Tim got up and headed to the shower, "Any of you girls going to join me?" All three girls headed his way. After a quick shower of thirty minutes, enough time to soap each girl all over and check out any hidden holes. They headed to their quarters to get dressed.

Tim sat in his Captain's seat, waiting. When all the group was there, he started his meeting. "First things first, asking you what you want to do about, the money will have to wait for a few days. It seems I forgot about the Kirenium in the cargo bay aboard Tabitha's ship. We will have to add it to the pot."

All the girls felt a little better now. Each one knew how she felt. This will give them time to talk it over before Tim asked again.

Tim requested Tabitha to place a call to Shayeland Shipyard, ask for a landing bay. We will be arriving in a corvette type ship. Tim then asked Tammy to set-up their ship for departure.

Tabitha was calling Shayeland Shipyard control, "We will be arriving within the next 12 hours. We wish to have a bay to unload our cargo." "Tim, the dispatcher wants to know who is in command."

Tim has the call transferred to his control panel, "This is Colonel Tim Bodge retired on the Star Gladiator 1. By your request, please check with Lieutenant Colonel Jim Timberside" Tim waited for a few moments, in a short time.

"Sorry, Sir, for the delay. You are to dock in bay 13. It is ready for you now. Again, Sorry." Said the dispatcher. & book=141715,175656.msg997420.html#msg997420 & t=8401 & p=4661787

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