"Stop it Noah or I'll climb over this table and ride your cock into submission. You know, I never really thought about my clit before yesterday, of course I've rubbed it and made myself cum but I never realised how big it was, you don't see these things when you're masturbating in bed late at night.

"So does my offer sound inviting?"

"It does, but there's just a couple of things that I'm not sure about."

"No time to discuss it further at the moment, get a towel and some sunblock and go and start your all-over tan, and don't forget to keep your legs wide apart so that the insides of your thighs get brown."

"Yes boss."

"Not yet my love."

I cleaned up in the kitchen then I did what Noah had told me to while he went to his study to do some work. After about an hour of tanning I decided to have a dip in Noah's pool. Wow, swimming in the nude is a whole new ball park for me. The sensations of the water rushing passed my nipples and pussy are just out of this world. I thought that I was going to cum just swimming around.

I didn't, but I couldn't resist playing with my pussy when I got back to the sun lounger. I made myself cum twice before I had to have a rest. The second time I tried to imagine people watching me and I have to say that the thoughts did make me cum quicker, and the orgasm was more intense than the first time, maybe Noah was right, that I am an exhibitionist.

Anyway, after another tanning session I thought that it would be a good idea to phone my mum to let her know that I was settling in nicely and that I'd had my first job offer.

Mum was so thrilled for me and asked me what the job was. All I told her was that it was a personal assistant to a businessman and that I should find out if I got it in the next couple of days. I could have told her that it was for Noah but I didn't want to risk more questions. I also didn't tell her what some of the job description requirements were.

Mum also asked me how Noah and I were getting on and if we'd had any disagreements and if I needed to find a place of my own. I didn't tell her that there was every chance that we would become lovers and that we'd already fucked. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be, Noah being my stepbrother.

I told her about Noah's house and his sports car and mum asked me if I'd need to learn to drive and get a car. I told her that transport wouldn't be a problem.

At that point Noah appeared and sat on the edge of the sun lounger. I was trying to talk to my mum as Noah played with my clit. I managed to tell mum that I had to go just before Noah brought me to an orgasm.

"You did that on purpose didn't you Noah?"

"Yes I did. All part of your getting used to being naked all the time."

"That's assuming that I accept your job offer."

"You will."

"You're not planning on putting something in the contract that says that I have to masturbate and orgasm in public are you?"


"Oh my gawd Noah, what are you trying to turn me into?"

"A beautiful, sexy, scantily clad, efficient personal assistant who is good in bed."

"Oh, so you'd let me wear clothes while I'm working."

"I didn't say that, but there will be times when you have to come with me to visit clients or go to exhibitions and I'd let you wear maybe a dress or a skirt and top."

"No knickers then?"

"Not ones that cover your pussy."

"Okay. So was it coincidence that you appeared out here when you did?"

"No, I've been watching you all the time."

"You saw me masturbate then?"

"Oh yes, and an amazingly beautiful sight it was."

"Thank you Noah, I think. So have you finished work for the day then?"

"Unfortunately not, another hour or so."

"Then you'll come and fuck me?"

"Try and stop me."

As I lay there enjoying the sun and waiting for Noah to come and fuck me I wondered if I was turning into a sex maniac, but could I really masturbate with lots of people watching me? I didn't think so, but there again, 48 hours ago I could never in this world have imagined me doing what I had done since I got there. I wondered if I needed to go and see a shrink.

Noah finally came back outside and told me that he'd finished for the day. I got up off the sun lounger and got down on my hands and knees with my head nearly touching the grass. As I waggled my butt at him I said just 2 words,

"Fuck me."

Thirty minutes later we were again sprawled out on the grass in post coital bliss.

"We have things to do and to talk about Oli, how do you fancy a pizza?"

"That sounds good to me Noah."

Noah ordered the pizza whilst I went up to the shower and was joined a few minutes later by Noah who got my pussy all wet again. Once dry we went downstairs with one of Noah's laptops ready to do some work.

The first thing that we did was order a sewing machine, Noah insisting that we get an all singing and dancing one. We also ordered cotton and other things that I'd need.

Next Noah ordered a Laser Hair Removal Tool and I managed to get him to agree to me using it on his pubic area, He agreed when I said that it was unfair that I had to have bald pubes and he didn't. Also I told him that I'd got one of his pubic hairs stuck in my throat the last time that I gave him a blowjob.

Noah also ordered some more clothes for me, including, and surprisingly, a leotard, although it is made of a very fine mesh and is very see-through.

Then we started on the PA's job description. Noah wanted all sorts of things in it but the more interesting things were:-

The PA will be naked at all times that she is on company property.

The PA will open the door to every caller as directed by the CEO.

When the PA is off company property she will wear only what is designated by the CEO and said clothing whenever the CEO directs her to.

The PA will wear any sexual stimulation device that the CEO directs her to and will allow anyone to controls said devices who the CEO permits.

The PA will sexually stimulate the CEO whenever and where ever the CEO directs her to.

The PA will sexually stimulate herself whenever and where ever the CEO directs her to.

The PA will allow the CEO, or any other person named by the CEO, to sexually stimulate her in any way that the CEO wishes, whenever and where ever the CEO directs her to.

The PA will make every effort to reverse the habit of crossing her legs every time that she sits and will get into the habit of manspreading.

The PA will allow anyone permitted by the CEO to photograph or video her as they wish.

The PA will take part in any physical exercise that the CEO deems appropriate.

The PA will entertain any guest on company property as directed by the CEO.

The PA will carry out any off site work as directed by the CEO.

The PA will submit to any physical punishments that the CEO deems appropriate.

The PA will work all hours that the CEO requests.

The PA will accompany the CEO on all trips that he request her attendance.

The PA will have 2 days a week off. These to be specified by the CEO and may not be that same 2 days each week.

The PA will carry out all household tasks as specified by the CEO.

The PA will agree to any body modifications that the CEO deems appropriate.

The PA will agree to the addition of any further items to this list of duties.

We were about half way through compiling and agreeing these items on the job description when the doorbell rang.

"That will be the pizzas Oli, go and get them off the delivery guy, they're already paid for."

"But I'm naked, he will see me."

"I believe that we've just covered events like this, off you go, it will be good practice for you."

Noah was right I had just agreed to answer the door naked. I got to my feet and nervously walked to the door, realising that my pussy was tingling and getting wet. I wondered if Noah knew me better than I did.

The delivery guy's face was a picture and I wasn't sure which of us was more nervous, but that didn't stop him looking at me or me getting very aroused. I bet that he wished that he had to collect the cash and be able to stare at me for longer.

When I carried the pizza boxes over to Noah he asked me if I'd enjoyed answering the door and being seen by the pizza boy.

"Well I was very nervous and a little embarrassed. My pussy got all wet so does that answer your question?"

"Yes Olivia, it does, you did enjoy the experience. We might just get takeaway every evening."

I wasn't sure that I was happy about that but I guessed that my brain would get to like it as much as my body obviously did.

As we were eating the pizza Noah had to remind me to uncross my legs and to sit with my knees open. He also said that if I forgot too often he'd invoke the part of the agreement where he can punish me. When I asked what the punishment might me he said spanking. Well I'd never been spanked before and I wondered how painful it would be. When I told Noah that he told me that some girls actually have an orgasm whilst being spanked.

He also said that it would hurt him to have to spank me but that some girls need to be spanked occasionally just to keep them inline and remind them who the boss is.

I asked Noah if he could spank me one time soon just so that I would know what I had to avoid.

After I had agreed to the last 2 on the above list I said,

"Noah, I have just agreed to basically be your slave and to let you do whatever you wish to my body, is it worth us discussing this any further? I'll just sign the document giving my body and soul to you, although I'd rather think of it not as being your slave more as a job with benefits."

"I prefer to think of you not only as my employee with a lot more than benefits Olivia, but also as my submissive lover."

"Are you saying that you love me Noah?"

"I think that it's probably a bit soon to say that I love you Oli, but things are certainly going in that direction."

"Well you may be pleased to hear that I feel the same, I have never met a man anything like you and I have to say that I am liking what I see and have experienced so far, although you do push my limits."

"Are you admitting that you are a submissive exhibitionist then Olivia?"

"I really am starting to think that I am, and that I'm liking it."

"Don't worry lover, I may, no, I will stretch your limits but I would never make you do anything that I believe that you don't really want to do."

Noah gave me a long, passionate kiss whilst fondling my tits then my pussy making me even wetter than I already was.

Noah did a little bit more work on the document then printed it.

As I signed it I said,

"Noah, I'm just signing my life over to you, I do hope that I am not making a mistake and that you will not make me regret it."

"No Olivia, I will love and cherish every second of our time together. You are everything that I always wanted. No man could want more."

"Some men only want girls with big tits."

"Well it's a good job that I don't like big tits, I feel sorry for women who need a bra for support." Noah replied as he tweaked one of my nipples.

"Now my new employee, come to bed, it's been another long day and I need to fuck you then get some sleep."

"As your new employee, your wish is my command sir, may I start by giving your a blowjob?"

"Only if it's with us in the 69 position."

After about an hour of passion we both fell asleep whilst in post coital bliss.


I woke early feeling very happy and wide awake. I looked down and Noah's naked body complete with morning woody and wanted to climb on him and ride him until he woke, but instead I got up and went and put the kettle on.

Five minutes later there were 2 mugs of coffee on the bedside table and one morning woody still pointing to the ceiling belonging to the still sleeping Noah, so I gently climbed on and rode it until the owner woke up.

"Morning boss," I said when Noah's eyes opened, "or should I call you Master if I am now your slave."

"You are not my slave and I am not your master Olivia, I'd prefer it if you just called me Noah, or occasionally Boss. Now keep up that rhyme."

Five minutes later we were in the shower soaping each other and teasing each others genitals, but not to more orgasms.

As we were getting dried Noah told me that I was to spend some time with him in his study learning things about his business and what some of my PA's duties, the ones that your average PA does.

We talked about that some more over breakfast then Noah went and got dressed whilst I cleaned up. I met him in his study and we got on with my education and my duties. When we got to his calendar I discovered that he had to go to London on the Friday for a meeting and on the Saturday evening he was to attend the Summer Ball of the local Round Table at a nightclub in the city.

"Do you have to dress as knights of the round table, swords and helmets and ride in on a horse?" I asked.

"No Olivia, but there may be serving wenches there."

"Lucky you."

"Lucky you as well Oli, the invite says Plus One and you are the lucky Plus One."

"I can't be, I haven't go anything to wear?"

"Yes you have, there's those 2 long dresses that I got you."

"Aren't they too sexy for a formal do like that?"

"Absolutely not. With you on my arm I will be the envy of all the men there."

"You say the nicest things Noah, but I haven't properly tried those dresses on yet, and what if they need shortening or something?"

"Your sewing machine should be here tomorrow, if it hasn't arrived in time you'll have to do whatever by hand. Let's wait and see. If you can't get it sorted before the ball you'll have to go in one of your other new dresses."

"When can I try them on Boss?"

"Right now Oli, go and get them, and a pair of your new shoes. And whilst you are at it bring all your new clothes and try them on."

"Okay boss."

I went and got them and went back to the study. Noah was working away on his computer as I stood almost behind him and put on the first of the long dresses.

"What do you think Noah?" I asked.

It was the long dress that is backless with the halter part only big enough to cover my areolae and a little bit more.

"Nice Oli, give us a twirl."

I did, the skirt part revealing that I was naked under the dress.

"I like how your nipples make those tents Oli, put a pair of heels on and do that again."

I did, and the skirt part lifted even more.

"It needs to be a few centimetres shorter." I said.

"Okay, try the other long dress."

I changed as Noah did a bit more on his computer.

"Ready." I said.

This dress has an extra split at the front middle, right up to my pussy and when Noah told me to sit on the chair behind him the split appeared to be right up to my waist. The material of this is also very thin and also slightly see-through. When I held a panel of it up to the bright sunlight it was like I had sunglasses on.

"Hmm, decision time." Noah said, "I think that you'll wear the second one."

"Okay, do you want me to try on the other clothes Noah?"

"Yes Oli, the light in that shop wasn't as bright as the sunlight coming through the window so we'll see just how see-through they all are."

"Well the knickers can't get any more see-through, there's no material in them."

"Still put them on and model them for me."

As Noah was saying that I noticed that he turned his monitor, with his webcam on the top, a little to face where I would be modelling the clothes.

"Are you going to video me changing Noah?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, I signed the contract that has a clause in it saying that I agree to being photographed and videoed."

"You did indeed Oli."

Over the next 15 minutes or so I tried on each item and walked a little and twirled in them. When I had a skirt or dress on Noah told me how much he wanted them shortened by and after the last one I just knew that there was every chance that people would be seeing my butt and pussy when I was wearing any one of them.

That was even more so when I modelled the knickers and bra that he had bought me. The ones intended as a bikini have material that is so thin that you can see literally everything, and the knickers with their total lack of material frame my pussy and attract your attention to it complete with my protruding clit.

Back to being totally naked I stood beside Noah and asked him if he was happy with his purchases. Noah's response was to click on a minimised window on his computer. The Zoom window that popped up showed 3 men all staring at their monitors.

"You didn't did you Noah?"

"I did, meet James, Harry and John."

All 3 said hello and I said hello back.

"Did they see everything?" I asked.

"Yes we did." Harry replied, "and we are all looking forward to meeting you in the flesh."

"Err yes, me too." I replied.

"Guys," Noah said, "Olivia is my new PA, a PA with benefits. I'll bring her with me the next time that I need to be there, but sorry guys, she'll be wearing some clothes. You could come here instead and I promise that she'll be dressed as she is right now."

"Send us your address Noah." John said.

"Okay guys, I think that we covered everything that I wanted to talk about, do you have anything else?"

"Only to ask you if I can keep the video recording of the best part of this call" James asked.

"That's very polite of you to ask James, yes you can, and I'm sure that Olivia won't mind if you share it with others."

"Thanks Noah." James replied then all 3 terminated the call.

"You could have warned me Noah."

"Why, what would you have done differently? Play with yourself?"

"I would have if you had told me to."

"Okay Oli, put those clothes away then you're free to do whatever you like for a couple of hours. Sunbathe, explore the garden or the woods at the back. Go for a walk down the road if you like, but no clothes on this property or the woods"

"You think that I'd go out onto the public road naked?"

"You will do sometime."

"Will I now?"

"The woods are very tranquil at this time of the year and the path that you'll see is circular."

"Do you own the woods?"

"No but you very rarely see anyone on the path, especially mid week, you'll be okay without clothes."

"Well see."

I put the clothes away then went out into the back garden. It was another glorious day and I was feeling a bit restless so I did wander around the garden. First the back one, then I felt a bit brave, or stupid, and went round to the front of the house. Noah was right, I couldn't see another house anywhere.

Noah's front garden was a bit boring, and still feeling a bit brave I went to the font of the drive and looked down the road. Everything was deadly quiet so, with my heart starting to race a bit, I started walking. I'd got about 50 metres when I thought I heard a car so I turned and ran back. I'd just got back onto the drive when a little red van pulled up outside the gate.

I wanted to run and hide but at the same time I knew that I had to receive deliveries for Noah. With my heat pounding I just stood there with my hands at my sides waiting for the postman to appear. And appear he did, I didn't see him until he got to the back of his van which is when he saw me.

"Hello there young lady, it's a nice day out." He said as he opened the back door of his van.

I could see him looking at me between the van and the open door as he took his time getting the package for Noah. Finally he backed out, shut the van door and started walking towards me.

"I didn't know Noah had someone living here with him." The postman said.

"Yes, I'm Olivia and I've only been here a few days, I'm Noah's step, err personal assistant."

"Well Noah is a very lucky man to have found a personal assistant like you, I'm sure that you'll make him very happy."

"Thank you, I'll do my best. Just the one package, I was hoping for more."











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