April was excited, after masturbating for Sir in the bathroom she found him gone, filled with disappointment until she received his note summoning her to his house. Now she impatiently waits for 6 o'clock when the shop closes.

Finally it's closing time, she rushes outside and takes a taxi to Sir's house. She can feel herself getting wet with excitement and anticipation, she pulls up her skirt, she's not wearing panties and the motion of the car seat rubbing against her pussy is making her wetter, she smiles to herself thinking of the stain she is leaving on the taxi seat.

The taxi stops outside a large three story house, it's a mansion. She rushes up the driveway to the front door, ringing the doorbell, the door was opened by a mountain of a man, he was about 6'5 tall, bald, probably about 220 pounds of pure muscle and black, a very impressive man. "Come this way Madam," she followed him upstairs, he took her to a bedroom, "Please shower Madam and put on this dress." Without another word he turns and leaves.

She picks up the dress, holding it against her body, it's is barely going to cover her looking around she couldn't find any underwear. There was a note on the bed, "Leave your clothes and underwear outside the door for James."

Getting undressed she leaves her clothes outside as instructed and goes to the shower. After the shower she returns to the bedroom, walking to the bed she picks up the dress. "Hello April," jumping she turns around, sitting in the corner is Sir, holding her wet panties from earlier. "Put on you dress, it's time for dinner." He gets up and leaves.

As she feared the dress didn't fit, not even close, it sat just below her nipples and just above her pussy, there was no way to wear it that hid anything. There was a knock on the door, it was the man that let here in, she assumed this must be James, he stood there staring at her, no emotion on his face. "Please follow me Madam, they are waiting for you in the dining room," he said.

"Who are they?" she asked.

He didn't reply, just turning around he headed down the hall, she quickly followed after him.

Entering the dining room she saw six other people sitting around a large table with Sir at the head of it. Looking at the other people all the ladies were sitting together on the opposite side of the table to the men, the ladies were dressed the same as she was. "Come sit beside me," Sir said pointing to a chair.

"Yes Sir," April replied.

"We are amongst friends here, you may call me Daddy." Sir said.

"Yes Daddy", April replied.

James served the dinner, it was a delightful three course meal, accompanied by a very fine wine. The men all chatted freely amongst each other while the women sat quietly only speaking when spoken to. After the meal Daddy got up, "James please organise the port and cigars, I'll show April to her room."

Taking April back to her room he said, "Your clothes are clean over there, James will take you to work in the morning and pick you up in the afternoon, I will no longer be going to your coffee shop." He turned around and left her heading back down the hall.

Looking around the room she saw her work clothes neatly hanging in the corner, on the bed lay a silk nightie. Changing into it she climbed into bed, crawling between satin sheets she was suddenly feeling tired, a large meal and drinks can do that, she quickly feel asleep.

The next morning she was awoken by knocking on the door, it opened James was standing there, "Breakfast is in 10 minutes Madam," he door closed.

She was going to go down stairs in her nightie until she realised it was completely see thru, she quickly changed into her uniform and headed to the dining room. Other than James bringing her food she saw no one, when breakfast was finished James drove her to work. That night when she was finished James was parked outside waiting for her, as she approached the car he climbed out and opened the door for her to get in. Daddy was in the back.

"Hello Daddy", April said climbing in.

"Take off your panties," Daddy said, "Don't wear panties to work again April."

"Yes Daddy," April replies.

April took off her panties handing them to Daddy, He put them on the seat beside them as he pulled up the front of her skirt, her legs were open giving him a view of her pussy. Running his hand over her mound and pussy he said, "Please shave every morning before you go to work." Turning to James he said, "Take the long way James."

"Yes Sir," James replied.

The long way home took about 30 minutes, for the whole trip Daddy fingered her pussy. She was sitting in the middle of the back seat, with her legs spread wide, she knew that every time James looked in the rear mirror he got an eyeful of her pussy with Daddy shoving his fingers into it. The thought of this while she was getting finger fucked made her come twice.

When we got home James took to her to the bedroom, "Please shower Madam, tonight dinner will be at the pool, your swim suit is on the bed."

Hearing a noise she looked out her window, her room overlooked the pool area, the guest from last night are already there. She glances at the swimmers as she heads to the shower, shaking her head she thinks, "They didn't waste any money on fabric."

April had just put on the swimmers as James knock on the door and opened it, the top barely covered her areolas with a small hole in the middle for her nipples to stick out, the bottom was basically a piece of string that sat between her butt cheeks and pussy lips. She followed James to the pool area, the other women were dressed the same as she was.

After dinner the men moved to lounges with their port and cigar beside the pool, after they settled the women got up, taking April's hands they walked her into the pool. They moved her in front of the men, the water came up to her hips, as she stood there two of the women moved either side of her playing with her nipples, first with their fingers then their mouths and tongues. The other woman stayed behind her, sliding her hand down April's stomach to her pussy, she then started playing with April clit. Daddy was smiling as he watched.

After a while they picked April up sitting her on the edge of the pool, the two women that were playing were her nipples got out of the pool beside her, removing her top they laid her on the ground and resumed playing with her nipples. The other women took of April's bottoms spreading her legs, she began eating her pussy. As she licked and sucked April's clit she slide two fingers into her pussy, within a matter of seconds she found April's magic place, it only took a few minutes for her to have her first orgasm for the night. Looking up she could she the four men staring at her, smiling and nodding as they watch her.

The women took turns with her, each one knowing exactly where to rub inside her pussy for maximum stimulation. She couldn't remember how many orgasms she had or how long they fucked her, she has never experienced anything like that before. When they had finished with her they left her lying on the side of the pool, they headed to a room near the pool, as she tried to get up James appeared. He picked her up, as he carried her pass the room she thought she heard moaning and grunting coming from it. James placed her on her bed and left, she quickly dropped off to sleep.

Next morning she was woken by James, had breakfast and was driven to work. That afternoon James picked her up, took her home, sent her to her room to shower. When she got to her room there were no clothes to wear, she thought they would be waiting for after the shower but when returned to the bedroom there was still no clothes. James opened the door and came in.

"James I don't have any clothes," she said/

"You don't need any Madam," James replied.

Going into the dining room April notice the women sitting around the table were also naked. After dinner April was told to climb on the table and lie down, as she lay there the other women started fucking her, fingering her pussy, licking and sucking her clit and nipples. She was again having multiple orgasms from their attention, a pool of cum forming between her legs, One of the women was given a dildo, they started taking turns using that on her. Her pussy was aching by the time they finished, she has never been fucked for that long before. When they had finished with her the men and women went into a room adjoining the dining room. As Daddy stood up he said, "Lick the table clean before you get off it."

April was on her hands and knees on the middle of the table licking up her cum as James walked in, he stood in the corner watching. She could her noises coming from from the other room, moans and grunts, she wanted to know what was going on. When she finished licking the table she climbed down, moving towards the door, she stretched her hand towards the handle.

"This way please Madam," she jumped, it was James, she completely forgot he was there. She obediently followed him to her room.

The next couple of weeks played out the same, up, off to work, back home, dinner naked, fucked by the women at dinner, bed and sleep. Then one night the routine changed, everyone was sitting at the table when two of the men got up, walking to one of the women they took her arms making her stand, it looked like she has been crying and as they lead her away, her head bowed, April could hear her softly sobbing, they took her into the adjoining room. There was no talking, everyone sat around the table in complete silence, the women had their heads down looking at the table. After a while she heard noises coming from the room.

The men returned after about an hour, they walked up behind April standing either side of her, she was feeling nervous. They picked up her chair turning it around to face them, unzipping their pants they removed their cocks, she glanced at Daddy, he nodded.

Reaching out she took at cock in each hand, slowly moving her hands up and down the shafts, leaning forward she took a nob of one of the cocks in her mouth, working her tongue around it, with her hands she continued stroking their shafts. She moved from cock to cock, as she sucked them her saliva ran down the shafts lubricating them for her hands. They got harder as she took more cock in her mouth, soon they were grabbing her hair pulling and pushing her head up and down their cocks, forcing them down her throat, she thought they would give her whiplash as they violently jerked her head back and forward between them. When she tasted precum she knew they were close, they stopped sharing her mouth, she was able to focus on one cock at a time with her mouth, the other she kept hard with her hand. The first man came in her mouth, she normally doesn't swallow and as he came she let the cum dribble out of her mouth over her chin and tits. As soon as the first man finished she took the second man cock in her mouth, sucking it until he came.

The men put their cocks back inside their pants and sat down at the table. The two women then got up, moving in front of April they proceeded to lick the cum off her face and body, as they did one of them whispered in her ear. "Next time swallow it all." When the were finished they returned to theirs seats and dinner was served. That night James took her directly to her room.

The next night the third women was back, April thought she could she marks on her wrists. After dinner April was again laid on the table, she looked at the women waiting for them to get up, this time only the third women got up, April noticed she was wearing a strap-on. Moving between April's legs she forced the strap-on inside her and started fucking her. April was finding it painful, the woman had long fingernails and they were digging into April as she held her, the strap-on ramming into her as hard as the woman could force it. A hand grabbed her head twisting it to the side, she saw another strap-on, the woman grabbed her nose forcing her to open her mouth, the strap-on was shoved down her throat. Her head was held down as her throat was fucked , her jaw was aching from being forced open, it felt like her pussy was being ripped to pieces, they kept fucking her until she thought she was going to past out.

Next morning she woke in her room, she doesn't how she got there, her pussy and face ached. James didn't come and get her today and she was happy to stay in bed, recovering. That night James brought her dinner to her room. After dinner two of the women came to her room, they laid her on the bed face down, she felt liquid hitting her back, hands were then gently massaging her body, rubbing oil over her, caressing her whole body. They start massaging her ass, fingers rubbing between her cheeks, sliding over her anus, she can feel an orgasm building. A finger slides into her ass, she jumped, it's slides in and out, she moans with pleasure, she's about to come and they stop.

Rolling her over, they massage her front, arms and legs first, then breasts, she moans as they touch her. Their hands moved between her legs massaging her clit and pussy, fingers slide and out of her, she moans loudly, her whole body shaking with an orgasm. The women leave her, she drops off to a sound sleep, content and satisfied with the world.

Next morning she wakes up to find Daddy standing over her, handing her an envelope he says, "This will be your final day at work." After Daddy leaves she looks in the envelope, there is a letter it advises that she is finishing her employment effective immediately.


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