Erika was excited when Mr. Smith told her that Bethany Crister had again been caught smoking marijuana. Now it was the third offense, and the headmaster told her what punishment a third offense entailed. Erika felt her cunt juice up as she heard the details. Then Mr. Smith got a sly look in his eye and asked Erika if she would like to participate. He explained to Erika what he had in mind, and Erika was more than ready to participate. Mr. Smith told her to be in his office 5 minutes before the last bell, and to hide in the closet, and to leave the closet when he told Bethany to bend over the desk.

Erika was fidgety and excited all afternoon. With 5 minutes left, she arrived at Mr. Smith's office, and he let her in, and she took her place in the closet. Leaving the closet door just slightly ajar, she could see his desk.

Five minutes after the last bell, and he led Bethany Crister in. She looked subdued, realizing what she was going to get.

"Miss Crister, you've been punished twice, and yet here we are again, for a third offense. Drop your panties Miss Crister, and bend over my desk, you need more caning!" he barked at her.

As she did so, Erika silently stepped out of the closet. Mr. Smith handed her the cane, and she felt a thrill as she prepared to give Bethany's ass her punishment. Oh fuck, Erika's cunt was practically gushing with excitement. Bethany bent over the desk, her skirt flipped up, Bethany's white, perfect cheeks, draped over the desk, made her almost crazy horny. Mr. Smith stood behind her and told Bethany to brace herself.

Erika's arm swung back, and she whipped the cane forward. It connected solidly, and Bethany's howl of pain filled the air as she felt the impact. Erika drew back and again gave it to her. Bethany's second yell of pain made Erika's pulse pound and turned her panties into a damp sodden mass, her cunt was pulsing and gushing with excitement. Fired up, Erika swung the cane, over and over, whipping Bethany's ass, listening to her shrieks of pain, and watching the red marks criss-cross her ass. Off to the side, Mr. Smith was naked, his cock hard, stiff, and ready. Erika silently counted out the strokes, giving Bethany 3 sets of "six of the best", as Bethany felt her ass become a burning, stinging red nest of painful whips. After 18 hard, painful strokes, Erika tossed the cane aside and quickly retreated back into the closet. She watched, eyes glowing and cunt throbbing, as the headmaster stepped forward to administer the second phase of punishment.

Mr. Smith stepped forward, and said, "Stay right where you are Miss Crister, for your third offense, you need a slight change."

He pulled apart her ass cheeks, placed his well-lubed cock against her tight asshole, and slammed it in. Bethany howled as she lost her asshole virginity, she had been planning to let her boyfriend take her ass virginity, but Mr. Smith had changed her plans. His 9 inches drove in, painfully parting the tight walls of her virgin asshole, until he was buried in, right to the balls. Grabbing her tightly by the hips, he pulled back and drove in again, Bethany's howls of pain filling the room as Mr. Smith slammed against her well-whipped ass cheeks as she got her ass raped.

Erika was stroking her cunt wildly, it took just a few moments before she had exploded, doing her best to stile her cries of pleasure. She rubbed herself wildly, cumming again and again as she watched Bethany getting butt fucked.

Mr. Smith savored the fuck, in, out, in, out, he grunted with pleasure as he fucked her, raping that incredibly tight teen asshole, her shrieks spurring him on as his cock started to throb and swell up. He gave out a loud grunt as he exploded, his cock gushing out thick ropes of spunk, pouring his load deep into Bethany's no longer virgin asshole.

As Mr. Smith got dressed, he lectured Bethany about what step 4 would be, if she refused to change her ways. She was still draped over the desk, dazed by the ass whipping and the busting of her asshole virginity.

"Miss Crister, you are stepping on very dangerous ground. A fourth offense would be your last one. You would get stage four punishment, then you would be expelled, and your parents, who have paid a lot of money, would be most displeased. Think about that, and I urge you to change your ways. I take no pleasure in having to discipline you severely, I am trying to steer you away from a path that will bring you unhappiness and misery in later life."

He led her out to the nurse's office, and after attending to her, he returned to find Erika completely naked, draped across his desk just like Bethany had been. Her cunt was on fire, fuck, she needed to be fucked, then caning, and then being fucked again, and she needed it now!

"Fuck, my cunt feels like it's gonna explode! Fuck me, then cane me and fuck me again!" Erika growled.

In a few moments, the headmaster was naked and got into position, his cock hard, stiff, and ready. Erika felt his nudge against her gushing opening, then his hands grabbed her by the hips, and he slid his cock in, in one long, continuous motion. Erika squealed with pleasure as her cunt walls felt the stretch of his 9-inch log splitting her open, filling her up, and grunted as he buried his cock balls deep in her slippery, slick heat. He pulled back and slammed it in again, and Erika's overheated well quickly raced back to imminent climax.

"Fuck, yes, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, yes, oh yes, fuck YES!!"

Her howl of pleasure filled the room as she felt her tight teen cunt explode, a giant burst of pleasure that rocked her body and made her breathless. Mr. Smith's cock was still working up the next load, and as he continued to ram her squelchy center, she felt another one start, quickly slamming into her, drawing another cry of orgasmic delight, then another and another, fuck, she felt like she was cumming her brains out as she was hit, rapid-fire style, with orgasm after orgasm, until after countless orgasms, Mr. Smith grunted, and she felt him squirting deep inside her, pouring a hot, juicy load into her gripping tightness.

In a few moments, Erika was once again howling with pleasure, as Mr. Smith wielded the cane, tanning her ass cheeks with practiced strokes, Erika's ass getting the stinging, burning, whipping pleasure she needed, the hard strokes starting the fire going in her horny cunt once again. She urged him on to give her as many strokes as Bethany got, and 18 hard strokes punished her ass. This time, his office was filled with shrieks of pleasure, making her almost delirious. Erika realized that Mr. Smith might need a bit of help to get it up again so quickly, and taking to her knees, she quickly swallowed his cock, sucking, licking, and bobbing her hot mouth up and down, feeling his cock start to grow back to life, enjoying the feeling of his cock starting to fill her mouth with his length. She sucked him up to another full, hard 9 inches, and told him what to do.

"Just like Bethany got, that's what I want. Fuck my ass, I'm an ass virgin, and I want it busted open!" she grunted, as she draped herself back over the desk, reaching back, grabbing her cheeks, and pulling them apart so her ass could be fucked.

She felt his well-lubed cock press against her, and the pain as his cock forced its way in. She howled, a mix of pain and pleasure as her virgin asshole got its first fuck. The feel of that 9-inch log splitting her open, and driving in until it was buried balls deep in her asshole almost made her go crazy, she was beyond coherent speech, only able to make grunts and howls of pleasure as Mr. Smith fucked her ass, in and out, over and over, making her head spin. She shoved her hand into her drenched cunt, and furiously masturbated until her cunt exploded, gushing wildly, she was in another world of mind filling pleasure, dimly aware as Mr. Smith grunted, and the tight clamp of her ass around his cock sucked his load out, as he blew a juicy load deep inside her ass.

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