There was a mix of nervousness and excitement in the air as Lance and Rebecca drove to pick up the kids from camp. They didn't speak much during the ride, but held hands tightly, often trading smiles back and forth. For the first time in a long time, they both felt sexually charged at the same time.

Rebecca chatted with the kids as they rode home, asking them about their day. Jax went on and on about a kickball game while Monee practiced her singing. Life was back to normal despite their adventure on the beach no more than an hour ago.

"Why don't you fix supper for the kids. I need to go downstairs and clean up a bit. It's a disaster," Lance said as he collected the vacuum and cleaning supplies.

"Downstairs? Why?" Rebecca asked as she bustled around the kitchen.

"Well, don't we need... umm... don't we need a place to go? That's not upstairs near the kids?"

Reality crept in for her as she was reminded that tonight wasn't any old get together. She would be having sex with another man. In front of her husband. Yes, it was a good idea to prep the basement. "You're right, honey. I'll take care of dinner."

The basement was large and spacious. The kids play area doubled as a home gym. Next to that was a sitting area with a wrap around couch and a small kitchenette. In the corner was a pool table that was barely ever used, currently serving as a laundry folding station.

Lance cleaned up the entire area. He made sure to take all the kids' toys and put them in the closet. He and Rebecca didn't need to see any visual reminders during what they were about to do with Ray. As Lance cleaned the space, he couldn't help but imagine that what they were going to do wasn't real. That it was all in fact just a dream.


"Long time no see!" said Rebecca as she opened the door for Ray. He was wearing dark jeans and a v-cut black t-shirt. His chiseled arms and chest were barely contained by the shirt. The tight jeans gave way to an obvious bulge in his crotch area. He looked like a Calvin Klein model.

"Thanks for having me!" he said, handing Rebecca a bottle of Malbec. They half-hugged and air-kissed each other. He then followed Rebecca into the kitchen. She clutched the wine bottle as she walked. Unsure of what to wear for such an occasion, Rebecca settled on a black dress with a low cut top, accentuating her generous breasts. Her sexy back was left exposed, giving Ray plenty to look at as she walked him into the kitchen.

Lance stood at the kitchen island, sipping a bourbon on the rocks, wearing jeans and a t-shirt like Ray. He waved when he saw him enter. "Heya, Ray."

"Your house is beautiful. I really like the entrance architecture. Spanish eclectic?"

Lance laughed and shrugged. "It's whatever all the houses in this development are."

"Can we get you something to drink, Ray?" Rebecca asked. She had a certain nervousness in her voice. "I see you brought a Malbec. We also have some reds, whites, beer, whiskey. What do you fancy?"

"Ya know what, I think I'll have what Lance is having here," Ray pointed to the bottle of Bulleit Bourbon sitting on the counter. "Good choice," said Lance as he fetched a glass and poured him a drink. Rebecca poured a glass of wine.

"To our new friend, Ray," said Lance as the three of them clinked glasses.

For the next hour, the three of them had surprisingly casual and free-flowing conversation. They talked mostly about Rebecca's challenging career of Director of Personnel at the local University. Ray was an expert conversationalist, consistently taking a keen interest in what Rebecca was saying and asking plenty of good questions. He showed genuine interest.

To Lance, he felt at ease as they got comfortable together as a group. Everyone knew what the intent of tonight was, but he appreciated the fact that the young man was making an effort to ease everyone's tension. Still, Lance's stomach probably never housed so many butterflies before.

"So when do your kids usually go to bed?"

"Nine," answered Rebecca. "They've been asleep for two hours now. They're both great sleepers."

"Where shall we move our party to?" Ray asked, taking charge of the night's activities.

"Oh, we're going downstairs. They won't be able to hear anything down there," Lance said as he took a sip.

"Great idea! Shall we pour a fresh drink and head down?" Ray was ready to get the evening going.

Downstairs, Rebecca put on some music before taking a seat on the couch next to Ray. Lance sat on one end of the couch so that he was facing them. It was as if they all assumed the most reasonable position for what was to come.

"I just want to throw this out there again," said Ray as he leaned forward supporting himself by his elbows on his thighs. He placed his drink on the coffee table in front of him. He looked at Lance first. "At anytime... And I mean anytime. If what we do here becomes a problem.." he then turned to Rebecca. "We stop. No questions asked. It's over. I go home."

Lance nodded quietly. He looked at Rebecca. She smiled slightly and nodded. "Of course, Ray."

"What about you guys? Any rules?" Ray asked.

Rebecca shook her head, "No rules-"

"No kissing," Lance interjected as they both turned to him. "I don't want any kissing, please."

"Of course, Lance. No kissing," Ray agreed. "Great. Shall we get started then?"

Ray took Rebecca's hand and guided her to a standing position. She stood in front of him, unsure where to go from here. "Rebecca, why don't you start by undressing and showing me that beautiful body of yours."

Lance grabbed his drink and got comfortable. Something told him this was not Ray's first time doing this as he watched the way he directed traffic. It was difficult at first to watch Rebecca be seduced by Ray, but after all, this was for her. He didn't want to ruin anything.

Rebecca crossed her arms and lifted her dress up from the bottom. She slowly revealed her black panties and matching black bra. Her breasts were perfectly cradled in the lingerie, displaying nearly perfect cleavage. Ray used both of his big hands to become acquainted with her body, slowly navigating the fine lines of her stomach muscles, gently pinching them at times.

"You are in phenomenal shape," he said. "You're truly a work of art, do you know this?"

Rebecca blushed as she tucked her hair behind her ear. "So I've been told," she turned and winked at Lance who smiled back at her.

Next, Ray leaned forward more so he could reach her breasts. Rebecca accommodated by moving closer. She placed her hands on the back of Ray's head as he groped her orb-like tits. His head came closer and closer until his face was pressed firmly between her breasts. He licked the area between them ever so slightly.

The warm sensation of his tongue sent shivers throughout Rebecca's body. She let out a soft moan and closed her eyes. Lance watched as Ray moved his hands to Rebecca's backside, helping himself to a handful of each butt cheek and squeezing. Lance felt his penis stir at the sight. He responded by repositioning his jeans.

Ray got a little bolder. As he squeezed her ass, he slipped one finger deeper into the crevice, out of sight but most certainly reaching her vagina. Rebecca moaned again at first contact. Ray teasingly withdrew, running his fingertips gingerly down the back of her thighs. She opened her eyes and smiled down at him as they made eye contact. "This is fun," she whispered, but loud enough for Lance to hear.

Ray reached up and unclasped her bra. He masterfully unhinged it in seconds as her bra fell to the floor freeing her magnificent breasts. He immediately devoured them with his hands and mouth. Rebecca responded, shooting her head back and moaning. She pulled his head in tighter as he sucked on each nipple, one at a time.

Ray pulled back, seductively looking up at her. Next, he stood up and switched positions, gently lowering her down onto the couch. Lance's view was obstructed now, but he knew what was about to happen. Without looking, Ray beckoned Lance over to sit next to Rebecca. He slowly stood up and walked over, briefly pausing before sitting down. Rebecca smiled warmly at him and held his hand.

Ray slowly lowered her panties down her smooth legs and over her sexy and petite toes. He kissed each foot before gradually parting her legs and glaring at her pussy. She instinctively covered it with her hand, slightly massaging herself in the process. Ray licked his fingers and joined her. Rebecca ultimately removed her hand and grabbed onto the couch cushion as she moaned.

Ray knelt down and began to eat her out. He licked her soaking wet pussy with long and gradual strokes of his tongue. He used his hand to rub her clit as he plunged his tongue inside. The slurping sounds and aromatic smells of her vagina filled the air. She closed her eyes as she inhaled through her nose, digging into the couch with one hand and holding on tight to Lance with the other.

Ray was a master in fellatio. His tongue worked rhythmically while his fingers did the rest. Lance watched in amazement as Ray quickly brought his wife to orgasm. Her moans increased in pace and intensity. He feared her volume was reaching a level that may even wake the children. But he let it happen as his own cock had grown so hard it was uncomfortable to be clothed. He massaged his cock head over his pants as he watched.

"Mmmmmmm fuck!" shouted Rebecca, who was clearly cumming now. "Oh God that feels so fucking good, Ray!"

Her legs were spread wide, one of them resting on Lance's lap. He watched as her red painted toes curled with every orgasmic pulse of pleasure.

Ray slowly withdrew, smiling up at her as he opened his eyes. She was out of breath, in shock, but begging for more. He slowly stood up, revealing a bulge the size of a baseball bat tenting out under his tight jeans. Lance compared it to his own tent. Easily twice the size.

He stepped closer, guiding Rebecca's small hands to his belt buckle. She happily began to undress him. He helped her by removing his shirt, revealing his rock hard muscles the two of them were well aware of by now. Rebecca couldn't help herself as she paused from unbuckling his belt to indulge in his abdominal muscles, running her fingers slowly down his washboard stomach. "My God," she whispered to herself.

Next, she resumed unbuckling his belt, but could not quite get it figured out. She giggled. "I may need some help here."

Ray laughed. "It's a tricky one," he said as he easily undid his belt for her. She eagerly took control again as she slid the belt apart and undid his jean button next. Before proceeding, she paused to run her hand down the massive bulge running down his left leg. "It's so hard," she said. "Fuck, it's thick too."

Lance shifted in his seat. His cock was nearly exploding as he rubbed it over his jeans.

Next came the zipper. She struggled to get it down because of the pressure, but ultimately succeeded, revealing a substantial bulge underneath his bright yellow briefs. The outline of his cock was now clearly visible as Rebecca helped him lower and step out of his jeans. She excitedly tossed them aside before staring at the bulge in front of her.

"Would you look at this?" she said, turning to Lance. They both noticed at this moment that Lance was rock hard and fondling himself as he watched. He nodded in agreement. "It's pretty big," was all he said.

Rebecca rubbed his cock through his briefs first, before slowly reaching up to his waistband. The moment was here. She delicately lowered his underwear, revealing one glorious inch at a time of his ten and a half inch penis. When it was completely revealed, Rebecca first sat in shock. She stared helplessly at it, unsure of how to even approach such a monster.

"Damn," Lance said. They both turned to him and burst out laughing. Rebecca turned back and took hold of the mighty dick by the base. "This is incredible. This is the biggest dick I've ever seen."

Ray didn't say anything as he watched Rebecca, and Lance, admire his rock hard dick. He purposely let her approach it any way she wanted. He stood with his hands on his hips looking down at her as she stared in fascination. This was always his favorite part when he was with a woman, or a couple for that matter.

"Jesus," Rebecca whispered as she leaned her head in. "Here we go."

She first stuck her tongue out, closed her eyes, and licked the underside of the shaft just below the head. She repeated this a few times, making sure to hold onto the base tightly with her hand. Next she took a deep breath and opened her mouth as wide as it would go. The head nearly filled her entire mouth as she began stroking with one hand up and down the thick column of meat.

Lance watched as she closed her eyes and moaned while blowing him. She was enjoying this. He released her other hand only to watch as she immediately buried it in her crotch, fingering herself as she sucked him. As he watched, he resumed rubbing his own penis from over his pants. Ray took notice of this, and simply nodded in Lance's direction. It would be ok for him to masturbate.

Lance slowly and carefully removed his pants and underwear, freeing his strained cock from its confines. It felt strange to be exposed considering only Ray could see him from the current angle. But his overpowering arousal in the midst of the sexy situation allowed him to freely masturbate comfortably enough.

Rebecca bobbed her head up and down. Although she was probably not taking any more than two or three inches of Ray's bloated cock in her mouth, she more than made up for it with her hand. "Oh my God, that's good," said Ray as he gently held her head as she moved forward and back. "She can suck a dick, huh?" he asked Lance.

Lance, busy jerking himself off, was caught a bit off guard, but nodded. "That she can."

"Maybe she could use some encouragement," Ray said.

"Oh, right. Umm... Suck that... dick, babe. Suck that cock."

Ray laughed. "We can work on that, bud!"

Lance, embarrassed, was happy to not have to verbally participate and instead resumed stroking his cock as he watched. Rebecca was so into it, she moaned repeatedly as she blew him. She slurped as his cock popped out of her mouth. She stroked his cock while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Oh my God, Ray. You're humongous. You're absolutely massive. I can't even get half of it in," she said giggling up at him.

"You're doing great, honey," Lance said. She turned to him and her eyes immediately went to his cock. "Thanks, sweetie," she winked at him, looked at his cock once more, and then returned to blowing Ray. This time she engulfed a lot more, hungrily attempting to reach the halfway point.

Lance got a little bold. He leaned forward in his seat, trying to get a better view. Ray responded by removing his hand and placing it behind his back. Lance frantically jerked off as his face was now a mere inches away from Rebecca.

"Holy shit, Beck! You've nearly got half of him in there!"

She opened her eyes and winked at Lance as she continued to blow Ray mercilessly. Ray motioned for Lance to stand up, which he did instantaneously. Both men stood in front of Rebecca as she sucked the chrome off Ray's big dick. Lance jerked off faster as he started to grunt.

"Oh my God, babe!" he belted out as he thrusted his pelvis forward. "Oh fuck! Oh my God!" Lance shot a thick load of cum directly onto Rebecca's cheek.

"Oh shit, man!" Ray said as he pulled his cock out to get out of the way. Lance kept stroking as another load dropped onto Rebecca's forehead. She quickly engulfed Lance's entire cock with ease as he continued to erupt in her mouth. Her hand maintained a rhythm on Ray's dick while Lance came.

""Fuck!" Lance shouted out, his head rolling back, in a daze. He started to laugh as his orgasm concluded and he pulled his cock out. Rebecca opened her mouth wide for both men to see the puddle of cum in the back before she swallowed it all.

She focused back on Ray, but hesitated before sucking him again. "Do you mind?"

Ray smirked. Without responding he shoved his cock back in her mouth. She aggressively resumed the blowjob, determined to coax out a huge load from Ray. "Ohh fuck, that's it. Oh my God that feels good," said Ray.

Lance could do nothing but watch as he stood next to Ray looking down. He wondered if he should go sit somewhere else now. His penis was back to its two inch flaccid state. He fiddled with it with his index finger and thumb as he watched Rebecca bring Ray over the edge.

"Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Oh my God!" Ray squeezed his balls as Rebecca brought him closer and closer. "Just like that. Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum now!"

Ray opened his mouth, but made no sound. Lance could see his thick cock pulse and balls tighten as he was no doubt unleashing inside Rebecca's mouth. She moaned along with him, closing her eyes as she accepted the thick and goopy load. The inside of her mouth was caked in the hot liquid as Ray orgasmed deep down her throat.

"Oh God!" he shouted as he stamped his feet in immense pleasure. Rebecca had no choice but to withdraw. It was simply too much cum. She pulled his pulsing cock out of her mouth just in time to be pelted by a seismic blast from the tip of his cock to her face, square between the eyes. Another one followed, splashing her in the face with so much force, it bounced back hitting Lance on his stomach.

Ray had complete control over his cock now as he stroked with both hands. His knees were bent, legs braced, as he came all over Rebecca's breasts. She looked down admirably as he came, rubbing his juice all over her body.

Lance was speechless, powerless really as he stood there watching another man cum endless blasts all over his wife. It was a truly unbelievable sight.

Ray stepped back, nearly falling over as he burst out laughing. Cum was everywhere and it was still dripping out of his cock as his orgasm came to an end. Rebecca laughed too, examining the mess left all over her chest, her stomach, and arm. Some on her legs and some more on the ground in front of her. She looked up at Lance and noticed even he had some on his arm and a little on his stomach.

"My God, Ray!" she said. "It's everywhere! That was even more than at the beach! How on Earth do you cum that much?!"

He was laughing so hard he could barely respond. "I don't know, guys! I always do!" Ray regained his composure enough to walk back over and inspect Rebecca.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I've made a mess here," he said as he tried to help clean her off. "I should get a towel or something."

"They're upstairs," said Lance. "I'll be right back."

As Lance ran up the stairs naked, Rebecca and Ray continued to chuckle as they looked at the cum dripping from everywhere. "That's a whole lotta cum, Ray!"

Ray sat down next to her and laid back. Rebecca was still leaning forward on the couch, but she turned back to face Ray. He affectionately rubbed her lower back. "That was incredible."

"I'm glad you liked it," she smiled. "You clearly did!" she said as she noted his cock was still hard, resting against this stomach. "Will it go soft?"

Ray picked his cock up so it stood straight up. "Maybe, but probably not. You're amazing."

Rebecca frowned skeptically. "I am? Look at you! I've never seen anything like this in my life!" she said as she pointed out the massive cum globs on her chest.

"Come here," said Ray as he pulled her closer. He leaned forward and brought his face back to her boobs. He stuck his tongue out and licked up a huge glob of his own cum from her tit, encircling her hard nipple in the process.

"Whoa!" said Rebecca, stunned. Ray grinned as he leaned back again. "You're dirty!" Rebecca whispered.

Lance could be heard coming back down the stairs. He was carrying several towels. "This oughta do it!" & area=3 & name=board1 & topic=17 & action=view

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