I wasn't the best player on the on my high school football team but I was the most dedicated. Thanks to my supportive but strict parents and steady girlfriend I avoided the drink/drugs/delinquency that befell many of my team mates and peers including our start quarterback Butch.

At college I continued to play and was part of the team that won the college bowl that year. I graduated and got picked in the NFL draft, married my high school sweetheart and lived happily ever after - almost.

Actually I had a promising first year and was on the verge of becoming a first team regular at the start of my second year when I picked up a serious injury in training and lost most of that season to recovery. Thanks to some bad form and hard work on my part I managed to force myself back into contention for a starting place towards the end of my third season, but at the start of the fourth we got a new coach and signed a bunch of new players and I knew my time was up.

Thus began a nomadic career that lasted another ten years until I hung up my boots at the ripe old age of 35. By this time we had two kids Max (14) and Mike (13) and we settled down in my old home town. I got a job as an estate agent, coached football and did some after dinner speaking. My wife got a job as a teacher back at our old high school.

Fast forward five years, Max (19) and Mike (18) are at college and my wife Stacy and I are still happily married. I was lucky enough to make some smart investments and with my classic all-American good looks I managed to keep some sponsorship deals after my career finished so we were comfortably well off, being back in my home town also had the perk of being treated like a minor celebrity. Life was good.

Except for Butch. Butch and I started off as friends in middle school, we lived nearby and had the same taste in music and movies. When we went to high school we both joined the football team and Butch became our star quarterback. As the popularity went to his head, his girlfriend Stacy dumped him and she started going out with me. Our friendship suffered to the point where we ended up as enemies. Butch never got over Stacy leaving him and never forgave me for going out with her. Even though it was clear that he was cheating on her as well as becoming an abusive asshole and the biggest bully in school so everyone understood why she left him. We were so good together that most of our mutual friends quickly forgave me for my 'betrayal'. Thanks to his partying he barely graduated high school, never made it to college and had to watch as the town hero-worshiped me thanks to my college bowl victory and NFL career.

History repeated itself with our sons, his son Zak and my son Max were friends during high school. Max had inherited my blonde hair, blue eyes and athletic figure, Zak had his fathers' black hair, dark brown eyes and constantly had to watch his diet to keep his weight down. This time though Max was the football hero and Zak stole his girlfriend Jessie. Actually Zak got Jessie drunk at a party, filmed himself fucking her while she was black out drunk , uploaded the video to several porn sites and sent it all round school. Max was heartbroken and couldn't bring himself to forgive either Jessie or Zak, the old rivalry was reawakened and while the majority of the town was on our side there were a few who still supported Butch and Zak.


Back to the present and Max and Mike are home from college for the holidays. Most of their old friends from high school have moved or got jobs and can't meet up to hang out during the day so much to my surprise Max starting hanging out with Zak again. Zak worked as a courier most days, which left him with plenty of time to smoke weed and play video games when he wasn't driving round town.

Time had not been kind to Butch, he had gone to seed in a big way. His hair was crew cut short and greying at the temples, he had bruises under his eyes and stubble all over his jowls and double chin. He had always fought a battle with his weight when he was younger and it was clear he'd given up that fight years ago. Unless you had a fetish for borderline obese forty somethings with a foul breath and a worse temper he was no one's idea of attractive.

There were glimpses of the old magnetic personality, flashes of the killer charm but it was hidden under the fat, the smell of sweat, engine oil and cigars and the roughness of working a thankless, low paid job for 22 years, with nothing but a string of failed relationships and a son that would never live up to his own warped memories of his faded glories.

First Friday night with a full house again and we all sat down to dinner as a family, it felt just like old times, banter, squabbles and all. Then Max called a cab to head into town and Mike headed upstairs to do some gaming or streaming or something and my wife and I settled down to popcorn and a movie.

After the movie finished I messaged Max to remind him about the midnight curfew and he messaged back saying he'd been invited to an after party and was crashing there, I smiled thinking back to my college days, locked up and went to bed.

Saturday morning rolled round and Max still hadn't returned, I wasn't too worried as he was probably sleeping off his hangover on a couch somewhere, swearing he'd never drink again. He finally returned just after lunch, stinking of booze and looking like death warmed up. I made him drink a glass of water mixed with rehydration salts, several aspirin and ibuprofen and gave him the gel filled sleep mask I keep in the fridge and sent him up to bed. We didn't see him for the rest of the day but considering the state he had come back in, none of us were worried, he'd wake up Sunday morning, take his telling off like a man, eat two breakfasts and go for a run as usual.

Sure enough Sunday morning Max came down the stairs very sheepishly, apologised for staying out all night, ate two breakfasts and went for a long run with his brother. My wife Stacy went out for the weekly shop and I had arranged a round of golf with a few of my buddies, unfortunately they began to drop out one by one until my plans for a morning at the golf club were cancelled on me. With all the notifications going off I missed one from a number I didn't have saved. Once the dust had settled on the golf plan there was still one unread message, curious I opened it.

It was from an unknown number, it said "I'd like to discuss your son's future."

Fear and dread suddenly filled my gut like a lead weight. I messaged back "who is this??" The unknown number replied "an old friend that has your family's best interests at heart."

"Who are you? What do you want??" I sent.

"Be at this address in 30 mins, come as you are, the door will be open."

I looked up the address, it would take 30 mins to get there. I messaged back asking for more time to allow myself to get ready and compose myself. The mystery number just replied "20 mins now, tick tock."

I drove over bare foot in my dark blue satin pyjama suit that I had slept in the night before, hair still damp from the shower.

I practically ran to the door and was just about to knock on it when it opened and there stood Butch, that same wide cocky smirk, that same malicious gleam in his eye.

He closed the door and said "head on into the kitchen old buddy"

I stomped into the small kitchen, the air filled with the smell of coffee and bacon. Butch saundered in and went to the fridge "beer?" he casually asked, I shook my head confused by this unexpected turn of events.

Thoroughly disorientated, I didn't resist when Butch handed me a shot glass of bourbon, "to old times" he said and we chinked glasses and downed the shots.

Another shot followed.

Butch opened his beer and said "before we get into what brought you over here, let me give you the tour of the old homestead first".

Butch then wrapped one big beefy arm around my neck and half dragged me into the lounge, it was sparsely decorated with one giant leather couch in the centre of the room with reclining seats and a 60" TV on the wall opposite.

Butch sat uncomfortably close to me in the leather recliners, it was clear he hadn't showered this morning as the spicy/sweet/rank smell of sweat and musk was strong, and pressed play. I watched as a naked muscular blonde with shoulder length hair pulled into pigtails, wearing puppy dog ears and a thick black leather collar around their neck appeared and started to dance seductively. They bent over twerking their fine ass for the camera in time to some hip hop before going down on their hands and knees, arching their back and pushing their ass out as far as they could.

It was obvious the blonde was male, I looked at Butch in dazed confusion but he just smiled, winked and handed me another shot. I was curious about what was going to happen. Male or no, that was a seriously hot ass and the slut knew how to work it, so I drank up and didn't say anything.

The bourbon was beginning to work its magic and I relaxed further into the recliner.

Strong fingers reached back, spreading their ass cheeks wide and they gaped their ass hole open and closed. A black leather flogger whistled down and hit the puckered ass hole with a crack. The blonde flinched and yelped, then pulled their ass cheeks open again. Ten more hits with the flogger and that fine ass was red, the yelps had turned to long moans of pleasure and the hole now very red, very puffy and very wet. An intimidatingly wide butt plug with a dog tail attached, glistening with lube was handed to the blonde who made a show of teasing it in and out then slowly fucking their ass with long, deliberate strokes, moaning like a total whore. Once the plug was firmly secure, they made it wag like a excited puppy before crawling towards a naked pair of legs.

It was definitely a guy but they really put on a show with that butt plug and those moans were sexy as fuck, so I carried on watching my dick starting to get hard.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Butch slip a hand into his pants and begin to slowly stroke himself. He caught me looking and winked, I blushed as I watched him stroke himself, I don't know how long I stared at him, his deliberate rhythm was hypnotic and the obvious length and girth of his cock was impressive, I guessed it was close to 10" based on the length of the stroke being more than two hands. Watching Butch stroke himself was making my dick leak precum, staining my pyjama pants.

My mouth was suddenly dry and still staring at his cock I slowly licked my lips and moaned in arousal. Butch stopped stroking himself and handed me another shot, scooting closer so we were hip to hip and draped his big arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer. I was enveloped by the warmth and smell of his body, my face now very close to his hairy, sweaty arm pit.

His hand still in his pants, he leered at me and said "here's where the fun begins" nodding towards the TV.

The blonde spread the chubby legs wider and leant towards a semi-hard, thick white cock and a pair of big heavy balls, taking a long, deep sniff and exhaling in delight before nuzzling closer and sniffing again. Then there were unmistakable wet licking sounds followed by a lip smacking swallow and a sexy "mmmm" noise, the tail butt plug wagging in delight. A voice off camera said "beg doggy, beg"

"Please let me suck your cock sir, I'll be the best cocksucker you've ever had, oh pretty please with a cherry on top, I need your cock in my mouth, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!" I recognised the voice hoarse with desperation in horror.

I was about to get up and storm out when Butch forcibly held me in a headlock, we struggled but the alcohol had gone to my head and I was easily overpowered.

Laughter rang out on the TV and a voice said "looks like that cherry's been popped plenty already!" and a different voice said "guess we should give the doggy a bone!"

I watched on paralysed between horror, rage and deeply perverted arousal.

My cock was now rock hard and oozing pre-cum. Butch moved my head so my nose and mouth were in his arm pit, his wet hair coating my lips in his sweat, I breathed deeply and my head swam, I moaned submissively and breathed deeply again, my head spinning with the smell. I felt like I had been electrocuted, every nerve was vibrsting, I felt like I would cum any second.

I continued to breathe his body odour deeply and moan, without thinking I started to lick his arm pit. The taste was even more powerful than the smell, my eyes were glazing over in lust, my brain was melting with perverted sensory overload.

Butch pulled me closer so I was cuddled up to him on my side, my head now resting on his considerable beer belly. He took one of my hands and told me to fondle his balls while he continued to leisurely stroke himself, his other hand stroked my lower back, working its way down until his fingers were spreading my cheeks apart and playing with my virgin ass hole.

The camera moved closer and showed Max's face in profile, his good looks distorted by lust. A voice said "suck bitch" and my son groaned in pleasure as he gratefully opened his salivating mouth and swallowed every achingly thick inch of that huge white cock.

My free hand had now worked its way into Butch's pants, stroking his cock, marvelling at the sheer size of the beast.

"Good boy" muttered Butch and my ass hole opened on its own to welcome Butch's thick finger inside. I moaned and pushed back on the finger, spreading my legs to give him better access. He withdrew his hand, grabbed the bottle of bourbon and poured some of the liquor over my ass as a sort of lubricant, then worked two wet fingers into my needy hole.

He rubbed his thumb over my sensitive perineum as he continued to play with my ass, teasing my ass lips, squeezing my balls, sometimes just pushing the tip of one finger in, sometimes working two thick fingers into the knucle, then pouring more bourbon in to keep things nice and wet as he fingered me like a cheap date.

On the TV Max pushed his face forwards, audibly gulping, throat distended as he took all 8" of that thick white cock, until his full lips pressed to the guys public hair. Max somehow managed to stick his tongue out to slobber at the egg sized balls, as he started to slowly face fuck himself, while a hand roughly patted his head and a voice said "good boy." Max sucked that cock better than any pornstar, he hit the sweet spot between putting on a show for the audience, sating his very obvious cock lust and making that cock cum so hard it looked like an automatic shotgun.

The clip ended.

The video was five minutes at most but it felt like five hours of perverted sexual torment.

Butch wrapped his hand in my hair and gently pushed me down, his masterful fingers had fucked the fight out of me, while I watched my sons degradation spellbound.

I pulled his brutally thick 10" cock free of his pants and moaned as I french kissed it. The taste of his unwashed cock flooded my mouth, I should've been repulsed but the taste just turned me on more, a depraved part of me wanted to submit to anything Butch wanted me to do.

"Good boy" he muttered again, my hole milked his fingers as they continued to fuck my ass, I opened my mouth and swallowed that cock down to the pubes just like Max had done in the video. Butch let out a low moan of appreciation "must run in the family" he chuckled and I pushed my ass back starting to fuck his fingers. I pulled my head back so I could let the copious amounts of spit and pre-cum run down his shaft and used it as lube to stroke his cock with both of my hands while I lapped and tongued the head of his cock.

Butch let me stroke him off for a few minutes, then his grip tightened on my hair indicating he wanted more. I rubbed the head all over my face, marking it with his pre-cum then swallowed his cock back down my throat, reveling at the way it forced my throat wider than it had ever been before.

There was a depraved, submissive pleasure in feeling my body alter to accept his cock. It turned me on knowing that my throat was being moulded around it, reshaped to worship it, that it was being changed with every thrust into a sex toy designed purely make him cum. The soreness was making my own cock harder than it had ever been before in my life, every time his cock left my throat there was a maddening itch that could only be scratched by it stretching me open again and again and again.

I was so lost in the sensation that I didn't notice when Butch's hand untangled itself from my hair, the only thing that mattered was forcing that incredible cock in and out of my throat. I sucked his magnificent cock like it was the most important thing in the world, swallowing it into my throat and making it bulge obscenely was more important than breathing. I don't know how long I sucked him, my muscles were burning from the strain but it just added to my twisted arousal.

His cock was oozing pre-cum constantly, it was bitter and tangy and the finest thing I had ever tasted in my life. His cock seemed to grow impossibly bigger and thicker than when I had started.

Butch had stopped playing with my now sloppy hole, seemingly satisfied that it was ready for whatever he had in mind. He pulled me off his cock with a very wet slurp.

Butch shoved me off him and I hit the floor with a thud, then he pulled my pants all the way off leaving me bare assed and dragged me by the hair to my knees between his legs. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock and I leant forward to get it back into my mouth when he stopped me. I looked up at him in hurt confusion, why had he stopped me? I was panting in lust, he put a little brown bottle under my nose and pinched one nostril closed. I took a deep sniff, then he swapped and I sniffed again.

I felt dizzy, I felt like I was having the biggest head rush of my life, the room started spinning in lazy circles. "That's a good boy" said Butch patting my head and he put the bottle of bourbon to my lips, tilting it back, making me take a big gulp, some of the liquor ran down my lips staining my pyjama shirt. Butch tore my shirt off me, sending buttons flying everywhere, then the little brown bottle was back and I inhaled as deeply as I could and almost collapsed.

Butch caught me and pulled me back upright by my nipples. I groaned in a perverted mix of pain and pleasure, the sensations were making my mouth drool and my ass gape open and closed, both holes now desperate to be filled again. He wrapped a thick white leather collar tightly around my neck and pulled on the leash, I excitedly crawled forwards and took his huge cock into my drooling mouth, moaning in pleasure.

This time Butch controlled the pace, it was clear he wanted to cum and at that moment my sole purpose in life was to make him cum. The smell and taste of his unwashed cock was intoxicating, it felt like he was fucking my mind as well as my face, reprogramming me to worship his cock with every thrust. Every time my dick leaked pre-cum my brain leaked out too, leaving me nothing but a happy mindless cock zombie.

He tensed and with a deep grunt he came in my mouth, I desperately tried to swallow it all, but there was so much and it was so thick that some cum leaked out of my mouth and down my chin. He pulled out so the next four powerful shots covered my face, then he pushed his softening cock back into my mouth and I lovingly sucked and licked it clean, pathetically grateful to have his cock back where it belonged.

While I was tongue bathing his cock, Butch put that little brown bottle under my nose again and I took two big hits, the taste and feel of his softening cock in my mouth suddenly got way more intense and I nearly came.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Butch grabbed some things from behind his chair and put on some earphones with cute white floppy dog ears on my head, white dog paw gloves with white leather wrist cuffs on my hands and pulled on over the knee white socks before strapping white leather ankle cuffs on my feet. He spat on a butt plug, it was 4" long, eye wateringly thick and had a cute white fluffy doggy tail attached. Butch stared at me while I slobbered on the plug to get it wet, then he pushed the tip into my hungry ass hole. His eyes widened in surprise as my ass muscules grasped the plug and sucked it home, I moaned in satisfaction as my hole was filled.;area=summary;u=23148

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