"There's no one here," Jasper said quietly, with a hint of urgency in his voice. "You don't need to be so closed off here."

"It's not really something I can control," Sienna responded. But it seemed true, what he said. She didn't feel the usual pressure on the edges of her consciousness that signified the presence of other people. If her walls did miraculously come down, she probably wouldn't be flooded with outside emotions. A comforting thought.

"Come downstairs with me. I'll lock the front door. This place is boarded up tight. Once we're in the basement, no one will be able to come within 50 feet of us for weeks if we wanted."

Jasper led Sienna past a heavy door that latched behind them, and down an old industrial steel staircase. At the bottom of the stairs was a fairly open room, probably an old storage area for machinery and whatever else the loading door was originally used for. Off to the left side was a relatively clean, but disheveled-looking mattress sitting directly on the concrete floor. Attached to the single electrical outlet was a small television and an extension cord sporting a microwave and basic coffee pot, all crammed together on a small wooden chest of drawers.

There really wasn't much there, but it was clear that Jasper had stayed here before. There were enough supplies to spend a few days in relative comfort, assuming there was a bathroom somewhere down here. But you probably wouldn't want to actually live here. Well, maybe she could get used to the quiet.

"Want some popcorn?" Jasper asked. "It's basically that or stale coffee right now. This was never really intended to be a guest-friendly place."

"I'm okay for now," Sienna replied. She didn't really have much of an appetite, and definitely didn't trust the coffee.

Jasper pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket, and held one in his mouth as he tilted the pack toward Sienna and dug around for his lighter. Sienna shook her head to decline. Jasper shrugged, and flicked his lighter while taking a deep pull of his cigarette.

"Sorry, I don't have much in the way of furniture, but you're welcome to take a seat on the bed." Jasper said as he tucked the lighter back into his jeans.

Sienna, still swirling with nerves, sat down gingerly on the edge of the mattress, knees bundled together against her chest.

It was nice to be away from people for a change, though. And she was glad that Jasper had refrained from invading her mind again, even though she could feel a yearning building up inside her. It had been so long since she'd felt anything at all---having those emotions flood through her psyche had been terrifying and intoxicating all at once. Sienna wasn't sure she was ready to experience it again. But then again, she had followed Jasper to this dingy hole in the ground, despite her better judgment.

"What are you thinking?" Jasper asked, after a few moments of observing Sienna's reverie with interest.

"You can't tell?" Sienna asked with a smile that conveyed both trepidation and a hint of playfulness.

"I can't read you without coloring your emotions with my own," Jasper responded. "My curse!" he proclaimed loudly with exaggerated drama. "Heisenberg and King Midas know naught of my suffering, never to touch without corrupting."

Sienna giggled uncomfortably. He was clearly intending to joke, but she could hear the twinge of some deeper truth as he spoke, something that sent a shiver down her spine.

"Anyway," Jasper continued, quickly moving past the slight awkwardness of his dramatic interlude. "I figured it would be more polite if I asked first this time."

After a few moments, Sienna responded, "I'm... conflicted."

"Conflicted about what? About me?" Jasper asked.

Sienna felt that pull again as he spoke. Her heart was thumping so prominently she was sure he must be able to feel its vibrations through the concrete floor.

"I guess so," she finally answered.

"What's the conflict?" Jasper prodded, pacing slowly a few feet away from the bed. He had a neutral look on his face, but something about his body language was predatory.

"That thing you did. Yesterday. In the coffee shop," Sienna said with difficulty. "It was... intense. I don't know if I'm ready for that again," she continued. "And... it scares me that you can do that, and I have no way to stop it. It's a lot." After she got the first few words out, Sienna found that they started flowing a bit more freely. "I'm not used to having my defenses broken down so easily. I didn't even know it was possible to ever experience that kind of intensity again, until you showed up. It's been a long time since I've had to deal with any of this stuff. I—"

"Don't you miss it, though?" Jasper pressed, with barely concealed excitement, lunging forward into a crouch near the foot of the bed. "That flood of feelings that aren't yours? It's the best high there is." He took another deep drag of his cigarette.

"For you, I guess," Sienna said. "You seem to be able to control it better than I ever could, even before..."

"Let me try," Jasper whispered, twisting the cigarette into the concrete as he looked at her. "Let me try to help you. You don't even have to use your power, I'll do all the work. Let me show you how I feel. There's no one else around, all you'll feel is me, even if those walls come down completely."

Sienna closed her mouth tightly, sucking her bottom lip between her teeth. She felt a wave of fear flash through her, her heart pounding in her ears again. But also a twinge of some deeper urge. She closed her eyes too, and furrowed her brow, trying to push the feelings down, but they just got stronger. An itch was forming in every crevice of her mind.


That word was all Jasper needed. Immediately, Sienna felt a penetrating force flood through her mind. Anger, deep anger, flashed through her psyche. Quickly whisked away by pride and a trembling sense of glee. Sienna knew that these were not her feelings, but she was nevertheless swept away by them. Emotion after emotion crashed through her, until she could not physically hold herself upright anymore. She fell backwards, her legs still dangling together off the bed, her torso and arms splayed across the mattress as Jasper's mental states rushed past the barriers in her mind, snaking through every corner.

His energy coursed through her, searching for a weakness, until he found the itch that had been gnawing at the back of her mind. His need intensified as he found that spark of urgency that matched his own.

There. He planted the seed of hunger and watched it grow, her need morphing and twisting with his until completely unrecognizable. He saw her body prone, collapsed in a heap against his bed, as their mutual longing rose to a crest.

As she laid there, Sienna heard Jasper rise from his crouch at the foot of the bed. She felt a stab of fear. Her own fear! Jasper felt it too---she could feel him in her mind as he took her fear and violently stripped it away to a core of excitement and arousal. Despite her awareness that this transformation was imposed on her, Sienna let herself be pulled along, the rush of emotion too intense to ignore.

Fear again. Sienna had not felt arousal in a very long time, and with it came a flood of memories and a wave of terror. Jasper's voice cut through the din. "Let me take over. Feel me."

Sienna could feel Jasper's arousal coursing through her mind and body. She opened her eyes to see Jasper standing above her, panting and staring intensely into her eyes.

Their eyes locked, Sienna watched as Jasper's hands moved downward in her peripheral vision. She saw him start to rub the bulge forming in his black denim jeans. She felt a jolt run through her as his cock twitched, as though she were experiencing it directly. Suddenly she wanted more. She nodded at Jasper, begging him through their mental connection.

Seeing his own hunger mirrored in Sienna's eyes, his eyes glued to Sienna's, Jasper unbuckled his leather belt and unzipped his pants to release his fully engorged and throbbing member. He began sliding his hand up and down along his length. Every touch and stroke he gave to himself sent shivers through Sienna. As his arousal grew, so did hers. He stood over her motionless body, frantically working his hand along his shaft, his eyes never leaving Sienna's.

As Jasper stroked himself closer and closer to climax, Sienna realized that her arousal was growing, but her body was not moving as quickly towards release as Jasper's was. She was sharing the mental component of Jasper's arousal, but not the physical. Her building desire turned to frustration as she recognized the mismatch as lack of physical stimulation. Jasper, noting her frustration, smiled.

"You want more?" he asked. He kept his hand slowly pumping his cock, but slowed the pace to pull back from his impending release.

Jasper's excitement at Sienna's frustration flooded her with another wave of arousal. She could feel Jasper penetrating her mind and feeding that frustration, all the while growing more and more aroused.

Her own breath in a pant, she could not speak. She was completely at Jasper's mercy, heaving and exhausted beneath him as he continued to slowly stroke his cock.

Jasper, still stroking with one hand, picked up his other to lift the hem of Sienna's dress, carefully pushing it past her hips. But as soon as he reached her panties, Sienna's walls flew back up, halting all progress and emotion. A flash of fear and memory, Sienna's mind flung Jasper out.

She was closed.

She was empty.

Jasper, reeling from the contrast, stuffed his rapidly deflating cock back into his pants as he sat down next to Sienna. Sienna, sitting up on the bed, looked up at Jasper numbly. She could tell she should feel embarrassed or afraid, but those feelings were like whispers muffled by miles of insulation in her brain. She couldn't access them, and couldn't even access to the desire to try.

"Too far, huh?" Jasper said.

Sienna couldn't quite muster the energy to speak, so simply nodded, brushing her hair behind her ears as she looked away.

Jasper reached out gently, taking Sienna's chin in his hand and turning it back to face him.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, you know," he said.

That sentence struck a chord in Sienna. She could feel that her emotional walls were weakened, and despite the sudden numbness she could feel the twinge of tears beginning to well up in response.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Jasper asked carefully.

"I don't really know how," Sienna responded weakly. "I'm not ready for that, I think. For sex, I mean. There's some stuff, from my past, it brings up... I can't..." she struggled to get a coherent sentence together.

"Okay," said Jasper. "No sex," he continued, "no problem."

He paused. "I obviously find you pretty attractive though. Hard to hide that kind of desire in a mind-meld situation," he said. "And honestly, that's the part you seem to be responding to. I want to help you experience how amazing that gift you have can be. You've felt it before---you have to know what you're missing," he continued, with an undercurrent of increasing urgency.

"I think I find you attractive too," Sienna said, choosing to ignore the last few things Jasper said.

"You only think?" Jasper said, half-joking.

Sienna could feel the desire to feel something starting to flicker again in the back of her mind. "I know I want something from you," she said. "I just don't really understand what I'm feeling. I'm still pretty blocked."

"What do you want from me?" Jasper asked, barely concealing his own flaring hunger. Sienna's eyes darted down to Jasper's crotch, where she could see the clear outline of a now fully erect dick.

"I want to feel," she said, not quite meeting Jasper's piercing black gaze. A catch in her voice developed as she continued, "I want to feel what you feel," she said, the lust in her voice clearly pushing through again. Their eyes locked once again, and Jasper suddenly stared deep into Sienna, permeating her mind and violently pushing past her mental walls once again.

The first thing Sienna felt, again, was a rush of white-hot rage. But it quickly dissipated and was replaced by unabashed desire. Her face flushed and her muscles weakened.

Overcome with need to feel even more, she started to reach out for Jasper with her mind. With the emotional barrier already weakened by his previous intrusions, she found that she could feel his emotions on her own too. And what she found there was unbridled lust.

As Sienna accessed Jasper's mind, she felt that lust grow in her as well. Just like before, Sienna found herself in a feedback loop with Jasper, where her echo of him fed back into his experience until it became nearly unbearable.

She closed her eyes and leaned back on her elbows as she heard the unmistakable sound of Jasper's zipper once again.

Jasper's weight shifted on the bed, and Sienna opened her eyes to see that he had slid off the bed entirely, propped up only with his left arm. His cock tightly in his right hand, Jasper was kneeling at the edge of the bed, his left thumb sliding along the outside of Sienna's knee. He pried between her knees and spread her legs apart. He dipped his thumb below the hem of her dress, and he pushed it back up to her hips.

Sienna's eyes went wide at this, but at the same moment, Jasper thrust his hips into his left hand, held firm against the edge of the bed, forcing his cock through his fist up to the hilt. That motion sent such waves of pleasure through both Jasper and Sienna that she closed her eyes and again collapsed backwards fully onto the mattress.

As Jasper continued to massage his cock, now wet with pre-cum, Sienna felt his other hand exploring below her dress. His hand reached up to her belly and slowly meandered down toward her panties once more. But this time, Jasper was aware of her waiting trauma response. He was careful to find the trigger in Sienna's mind. He held it, and quieted it, soothing Sienna's fear response while still fanning her arousal. He slowly pulled down her panties, pushing them past her knees and down to the floor.

With Sienna now completely exposed, Jasper knelt between her legs and began kissing her at the ankle. He let his tongue graze her calf and swept upward in one motion from ankle to knee, causing her to quiver and shake with anticipation.

Sienna moaned, back arched, as she felt Jasper's soft tongue caress her inner thigh. He worked his way upward, his breath warm on her skin and his fingers dancing lightly across her hips. All the while slowly gliding his other hand along his glistening cock. Their mental link now working both directions, the intensity of each sensation heightened to a new level, almost vibrating the air around them.

As his mouth reached the outer folds of Sienna's exposed pussy, he paused, letting his warm breath flow over her. Sienna was dripping with anticipation, and Jasper's redoubled efforts to feed her frustration were building at the edges of her mind. As she became more frustrated, Jasper became more aroused, which in turn fueled Sienna's own arousal. She felt pressure building deep within her, the seeds of humming violence pushing out ready to explode.

They stayed here in this loop, frustration fueling arousal fueling frustration, Jasper teasing Sienna with gentle kisses and feather-light touches, for as long as they could stand it. Sienna could no longer tell whose feelings were whose, lost to pure craving.

"Beg me" Jasper huskily demanded.

Sienna, overwhelmed with need, both her own and Jasper's, readily complied. "Please."

As soon as that word left her lips, Jasper plunged his tongue into the depths of Sienna's warm pussy, while simultaneously thrusting his own cock through his ready fist. Pumping his cock in time with the movements of his mouth, Jasper pleasured himself while licking Sienna. He twisted his hand around in a swirling motion around the head of his cock as he encircled her clit with his mouth and tongue, and again, Sienna had a difficult time telling which sensations were hers.

Intoxicated by her aroma, Jasper became even more aroused, and began thrusting and lapping more vigorously. Sienna, completely at his mercy, felt her own pleasure building along with his. This was what she needed. Fully inside her mind, Jasper knew exactly where to touch her. And fully in control of her reactions, Jasper could let his urges drive Sienna's.

Head buried in the folds of Sienna's labia, Jasper quickened his pace as he felt his orgasm building, with Sienna pulled along every ebb and flow of his pattern, both of them moaning with ever-increasing need. Pulsating and shivering, her mind and body humming with sensation, Sienna clenched her thighs and rode Jasper's face to climax as he erupted in a thick geyser. Their aftershocks completely in tandem, Jasper continued to spurt onto the mattress. Sienna gasped as spasms jolted through her, finally able to release her thighs from around Jasper's head as he milked the last drop of cum onto the floor below.

Sienna's entire body relaxed and her eyes gently opened to gaze aimlessly at the industrial ceiling. Sienna felt a wave of serene calm wash over her. The tension she had held for years was suddenly released and she could finally breathe without strain. The realization of relief brought with it a cascade of tears, her emotions fully her own now.

She could feel.

Herself, and Jasper.

He was still there, calmer now after his own release, but still a raging current coursing through her.

After a few more minutes of contented bliss, Sienna lifted herself up onto her elbows and looked down between her legs to see Jasper still kneeling, his chin resting on her knee as he stared up at her. Sienna could tell that Jasper was far from content. That predatory glint still flickered behind his eyes as he lifted his hand and once again offered her the open cigarette pack.

Sienna decided to see where this would go. She took the cigarette and leaned forward into his waiting flame.

End of Chapter 1











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