Two weeks into the school year, Nick felt like he was on top of the world. At age 22, he was the star quarterback of his college football team, which was predicted to win the conference championship. If Nick could lead his team to victory, he would fulfill his lifelong dream and earn a spot in the NFL Draft.

At six foot, four inches with 215 pounds of solid muscle, Nick had the body of a professional quarterback. He was lean and tough and could pick any member of the college's cheerleading squad he wanted, but Nick settled for Jennifer Kim, a gorgeous woman who was half Italian and half Korean. Although Jennifer was a bit reserved in the bedroom, she was loyal and supportive of her quarterback boyfriend. Nick was the only person she had ever slept with and she hoped he would propose to her after graduation.

Nick prepared for Tuesday's practice just like any other day. He arrived to the training room early and started warming up. As Nick finished his routine, Coach Clark waved him over and said that a new freshman quarterback would be joining today's practice. Coach Clark had been trying to recruit this dude for months, but the kid was extremely late in committing. The coach had to beg this guy to join the team, and Nick had no idea what kind of agreement they'd agreed to, but he worried that the coach might have offered to give the young gun some of Nick's playing time as QB1.

Nick met Derek, the new QB, out on the practice field. Derek was a bit shorter, about five feet, eleven inches, but he was easily throwing a perfect spiral to the receivers. This kid is good, Nick thought. Even though Nick was a senior, he realized that he'd have to work hard to keep up his playing time for the NFL.

After practice, the team hit the locker-room showers. This was Nick's least favorite part of the day. He didn't consider himself small "down there," but it wasn't his pride and joy either. His imposing physique made his 2-inch softie look pretty small, but he assured his teammates that it grew to be enormous once it was hard. Since most of his teammates were 3-4 inches soft anyway, his 2-incher didn't look too out of place.

Nick was rinsing body wash off his chest when he looked over and saw that Derek, the new QB, was showering next to him.

"Hey," Nick said, "You did a nice job today in practice."

Derek turned toward Nick and said, "Thanks, you weren't too bad yourself. Are practices normally this short?"

Nick didn't hear what Derek asked him, because he was too busy staring at Derek's torso. As the young QB turned towards him, Nick nearly gasped at the big, thick piece of meat swinging between Derek's legs.

Waiting for Nick to answer the question, Derek noticed him staring at his crotch, so he glanced down at Nick's small manhood and chuckled.

Still completely flabbergasted, Nick felt embarrassed and turned so his penis faced the wall. "Sorry, what did you ask?"

"Oh nothing," Derek said. "I'm just used to really looooong practices," he emphasized." After all, we need to make sure that we win conference this year."

Still feeling pretty stunned, Nick managed to reply, "Definitely. I'll talk to coach about making our practices longer."

"Sound good, man. I'll see you later."

As Derek walked away, Nick soaked in the view of the young football stud's well-muscled ass, but he couldn't stop thinking about the freshman's low-hanging dick. Looking down at his own penis, it looked smaller than ever before and he'd clearly been out-gunned and out-manned by the cocky freshman.

The senior quarterback turned off his shower and quickly grabbed his towel. Jesus, he thought. This freshman quarterback is three years younger than me and his dick is bigger soft than mine is hard!

Nick tried to calm himself down and realize that dick size doesn't really matter. After all, Nick had a hot and loving girlfriend, he was an awesome quarterback, and he had a good shot at making the NFL. Nick relaxed and decided that this new competitor wasn't a threat. Or so he thought.


For the next few days at practice, Nick and Derek both did exceedingly well. They had a scrimmage on Friday versus a cross-town rival and Nick played the entire game. He scored three touchdowns and Jennifer invited him and a couple friends over to her cabin for the weekend to celebrate.

After the game, Derek congratulated Nick in the showers and told him that Jennifer had invited him and Stacey to join them at the cabin. In Nick's mind, Stacey was the hottest girl on campus. While Jennifer was beautiful, Stacey was fucking hot. She was the senior captain of the cheerleading squad, tan like a supermodel, and incredibly voluptuous. Although Nick loved Jennifer dearly, Stacey was the girl that he fantasized about most while jerking off.

Nick, Jennifer, Stacey, and Derek piled into Nick's car and drove an hour to Jennifer's cabin. After putting away their bags, Jennifer decided to warm up the hot tub so that they could relax their muscles after the game. Nick grabbed his swimsuit to go change when Stacey grabbed his arm, "Don't you think it'd be more fun to go skinny dipping?" she said, as she pulled her shirt over her head. Nick's mouth dropped as he saw her breasts spilling out of her bra and he nodded his head in affirmation.

Nick was incredibly aroused, but he silently cursed to himself. Here was his chance to be naked with his girlfriend and the hottest babe he'd ever met, but this 18-year-old stud with the enormous dick had to be here to ruin it.

As Stacey and Jennifer peeled off their clothes, Nick didn't have much of a choice. He dropped his boxers and jumped into the hot tub while Stacey's back was turned. She was staring directly at Derek as he pulled down his boxer briefs.

"Wow," she said.

"Wow yourself," Derek said, as Stacey took off her bra, revealing her large but perky breasts. As Stacey climbed into the hot tub, her breasts bounced right in front of Nick, whose penis quickly hardened underneath the bubbles.

Jennifer was the last one to get completely naked and hop in the tub, and Nick silently thanked himself that she hadn't yet seen Derek's cock, since her phone rang when he was removing his shorts.

The three seniors and a freshman relaxed in the hot tub for a while until Jennifer realized that they'd forgotten to get the wine from the kitchen. "Nick honey, can you go grab the wine?"

Nick was in a pickle. His thin penis was completely hard, but it was also concealed below the water. If he left the tub, then Stacey and Derek would see how he measured up.

"I'm too sore from scoring all those touchdowns," Nick said cockily, trying to make a joke. "Derek, can you go get the wine?"

"Haha sure thing, mate," Derek replied.

What seemed like a good idea quickly turned south as Derek stood up in the tub. Completely naked, his plump, flaccid dick hung down for all to see, tantalizing these girls just a few feet away.

Jennifer and Stacey both gasped and Nick cursed himself once again. When Derek returned to the tub with the wine, he kept standing up and moved at a glacial pace as he poured everyone a glass of wine—giving the girls an intimidate and prolonged view of his manmeat. As Jennifer and Stacey stared openly, Nick's own modest erection was still somehow hard as a rock beneath the hot tub bubbles.

After finishing the bottle of wine, everyone started feeling sleepy. Jennifer was the first one to stand up. Revealing her nakedness, she said, "Hey Nick, I'll be waiting in bed to give you your reward for the night. Don't take too long."

As Jennifer walked slowly away, Derek turned to Nick, "Damn dude, you're so lucky—look at that ass!"

"Hey sport," Stacey said, slowly standing up. "You might be getting lucky tonight too if you play your cards right. I'll see you in the room." Stacey winked at Derek and walked naked to her room with both of the guys staring at her perfect, shapely ass.

Derek turned to Nick and smiled. "You gonna leave your lady waiting?"

"I guess not," Nick replied.

"Well let's get going," Derek said, standing up and waiting for Nick.

Nick didn't really want to stand up since his penis was still somehow hard and turned on by this entire situation. But as his rival QB stared at him, Nick slowly rose out of the water, revealing to Derek his firmest erection.

The two quarterbacks now stood a foot apart and both looked downward. Even though Nick was taller and three years older, his rock-hard 4.5-inch erection was clearly dwarfed in both length and thickness by Derek's 6-inch softie.

Nick gawked silently at the depressing comparison until Derek turned away and started toweling off. As he walked towards the room where Stacey awaited him, the cocky freshman stud said "Have fun, dude -- hope you show your girlfriend a good time!"

Nick may have dominated at the football game, but Derek just got an ego boost that would give him the energy to fuck the hottest girl on campus all night long.


When Nick walked into his bedroom, Jennifer was waiting for him with covers partially on top of her. "It took you long enough," she said. "Were you admiring the not-so-little freshman?"

Nick tried to laugh but Jennifer could tell he was upset. "It's okay, sweetie," she said. "Size doesn't matter—it's all about how you use it. Your little penis gives me everything I need." She took his manhood into her mouth and started sucking it, but Nick couldn't help but notice that she had just insulted him. Somehow though, it made him even harder, and he came within a minute of her blowjob.

Jennifer swallowed and said, "Wow cowboy, you got a quick shooter. Let's see if you can ride me all night."

Nick had never heard Jennifer talk like this—she seemed unusually horny. He flipped her over and inserted his penis from behind, right when a loud banging and shouting started from the other room. "OH FUUUUUUCK! YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE! FUCK ME, DEREK, FUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Stacey's screams through the wall sent Nick over the edge and he came for the second time in three minutes. As soon as the orgasm wore off, he was stunned. How could this inexperienced freshman turn the hottest senior on the cheerleading squad into a total cock whore in less than five minutes?

The banging and screams continued and Jennifer was also intrigued by what was happening next door. "Honey, I'm still horny. Would you mind eating me out?"

Nick had so many conflicting feelings running through his head, but he complied and started tonguing Jennifer's clit and fingering her pussy. He timed his strokes to match Derek's next door, which sent Jennifer into a frenzy. She started moaning and screaming, but her shrills weren't nearly as loud as Stacey's next door. Stacey wasn't comprehensible—"UGH! FUCK ME YOU FUCKING FUCK...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

At that moment, Jennifer and Stacey both had an orgasm at the same time. Nick had never given Jennifer an orgasm by fucking her and was amazed that Derek could bring Stacey to the point of no return and still keep fucking her like a race horse. For the next 45 minutes, Derek kept up his break-neck pace while Nick ate out Jennifer and jerked his little cock.

An hour into it, Nick and Jennifer were exhausted but Derek was still going. Jennifer had come six times and Nick had shot four times, so they collapsed and simply listened to the show next door. Stacey had fallen silent after her eighth orgasm and Jennifer had no idea how she was still going. Jennifer imagined Derek's horse-hung cock in her head, thrusting in and out, as sweat dripped off his chiseled arms and chest. Nick's body was great, but Derek's was unlike anything she had ever seen. And that big cock protruding from his crotch just looked so...delicious.

Ninety minutes after he started the show, Derek finally climaxed and sent Stacey over the edge one more time. Completely exhausted, Stacey moaned, "That was the best sex I've ever had. Please come fuck me every day. I fucking love you."

Nick and Jennifer could hear every word she said and they both fell asleep dreaming of Derek's cock and sexual prowess.

The next morning, Jennifer went to the kitchen to cook breakfast while Nick went to the outdoor shower to clean up from the night before. He also felt the need to jerk off because he was still turned on from what had happened. The hottest girl he knew had received the fucking of a lifetime and Nick desperately wished that he was the one who gave it to her, but he knew it wasn't true.

As the senior quarterback started jerking off his 4.5-incher with two of his fingers, he imagined Stacey getting fucked as his thoughts drifted to Derek and what the cocky freshman had hanging between his legs.

Just then, Nick's concentration was broken as the door opened and Derek walked into the shower. "Oh shit, dude, I'm sorry to barge in on you!"

Seeing Nick jerking off, Derek smiled and asked if he was still thinking about last night. As Nick tried to turn away and hide his throbbing erection, Derek stepped into the shower with him and started washing off.

"It's okay man—you can keep jerking off," he said. "I don't blame you—both Jennifer and Stacey are so fucking hot."

With this, Derek shook his big, thick cock and started soaping it up, but it was still mostly soft. "You're so lucky to be dating Jennifer," Derek continued, "I'd seriously love to fuck her."

"I heard some screams coming from your room last night," Derek said, as he continued to touch his massive dick and it started to grow even bigger. "Did Jennifer have a good time?"

Nick was largely speechless as his own penis was still throbbing and untouched. "Umm, I think so," he finally replied.

The freshman quarterback then started washing other parts of his body—his bulging arms, sculpted chest, and washboard abs. His brown hair and green eyes were boyishly handsome, and Derek's legs were muscled and thick as tree trunks as he rinsed them with soap and water.

What still captured Nick's attention the most though was the insanely thick man-meat still hanging between Derek's legs. It had now fluffed up to seven or more inches but was still hanging straight down, which made Nick's penis feel even tinier.

Realizing that he was now staring unabashedly at his younger rival, Nick tried to ask a question. "Ummmm," he said. "How was Stacey last night?"

Derek smiled and said that Stacey was good. "She was honestly a great fuck, but not exactly my type."

"What do you mean?" Nick asked, shocked that anyone would say this about the hottest girl in the school.

"Well, she seemed a bit experienced, if you know what I mean," Derek said. "What I really love is to find someone who isn't broken in yet -- like a wild pony just waiting to be dominated."

"That's where the magic is," Derek continued. "You find someone who's a bit reluctant at first, but then I break them, ride them, and satisfy their deepest desires."

Derek finished washing off and stepped out of the shower, leaving Nick still turned on and stunned by his rival's words. He had never had a gay thought in his life but now he really wanted to see Derek break someone in. about

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