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Her heart raced as she scrambled from the pile of clothes at her feet. Her well-tanned body now fully exposed to him in person for the first time even though he had just spent the last half hour fucking her against the hotel dresser. She nearly leaped to the edge of the bed, turning to face him as she inhaled a breath so deep it pushed out her touch greater than palm sized breasts that were so beautifully accented by the dark perky nipples that continued to stand. She sat there still for a moment then spread her legs exposing her still soaked pussy.

He smiled as his eyes moved over her skin without discretion. His left hand still gripped around his hard shaft that glistened from the juices of her orgasm. His firm chest expanded with each breath being a touch heavier than a normal breath. His eyes then moved up and locked to hers, he tilted his head as if telepathically repeating the command he had given her a minute ago, 'go lay on the edge of the bed hold your knees to your chest, it is time I took that ass and I want to see your face when I do'. He stepped closer, still stroking his firm member.

Her eyes dropped closed for a moment as her desire to lean forward and take his engorged cock into her mouth made her body tingle and her mouth drool. What she would do to taste this man, to worship his cock and his body that she had such an insatiable thirst to please. The months of conversations, the texting, the long-distance interaction now all being pushed aside for an encounter that would change both lives forever. She opened her eyes again just in time to see his hands reach down and wrap all the way around her lean ankles. He pulled with force lifting her ankles up so high it rolled her back onto the bed. She let out a playful whimper that exposed her surprise at the actions.

"Second thoughts on giving me that little ass?" he asked in a tone that implied it was a question that needed no answer for he was going to take what he wanted.

"No Sir." She responded in a cute little voice and then she bit her lower lip as the anxiety darted through her body.

She slid her hands down the back of her legs gripping the back of her knees then pulling them up to her chest as she lay on her back. Her mouth opened and let out a loud breath as she felt a rush from exposing herself in a way nobody has ever seen. Her most intimate areas on full display, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession as her heart was beating into her throat. Second thoughts, second thoughts? There were no second thoughts she had never wanted anything more. She wanted this man to have more of her than she had ever given. She had surrendered herself to him long ago when she felt the intoxicating effect of making him smile, the effect of bringing him his wildest desires, the effect, and the right of passage of surrendering her ass for the first time to his throbbing cock. She moaned at the thoughts that raced through her mind as her back side became fully exposed and accessible.

He took one step over and reached to the nightstand for a small bottle of lube. He held it up on display as he let a string of the lube fall out to his cock as he continued to stroke lightly making a smacking noise as his shaft became well prepared. His eyes moved back to the one he wanted so badly. The amazing Jewel he had found without even looking. As if fate, lust, and desire had all combined to make this night happen. As if their souls had been plotting to arrange this heated exchange for years.

With two steps he moved up close to her. His hips pressed to the back of her thighs as she kept her legs drawn to her chest. His now lubed up cock slide over her swollen pussy lips spreading the slick lube between them like a hot dog in a bun. She instantly whimpered as her sex had not cooled off from the fucking it just took. His balls hung down mashing against her as he drove his cock towards her then pulled back teasing her soaked cunt.

"You sure you want this? You sure you are ready to be my little slut?" his eyes remained on her knowing that his teasing words would continue to drive her excitement.

They had only been face to face for less than a day and he felt he knew everything about her and he knew exactly what he wanted with her and it was far beyond her naked body that was being surrendered to him. Far beyond anything they would realize for years to come.

"Yes Sir, please...please take my ass." Her voice quivered.

Never had she surrendered her ass to anyone. Never had anything other than her own exploratory finger been inside her yet she felt compelled to give it to him. She ached for him to have it, perhaps a right of passage, perhaps evidence of an undying need to provide him pleasure. She ached to be his everything and she would spend a lifetime working to satisfy his voracious thirst for her.

Her hands moved down from her knees and gripped each ass cheek pulling it wide and displaying the tiny bud. Her body getting a wave of chills through it from the humiliation, the rush from the submissive act that would work to solidify his dominance over her mind, body, and soul.

His finger was now coated in lube and it reached under her toying around her rim as his cock continued to rub across her heavily aroused entrance. His finger then wiggled and started to intrude, expanding her rim and extracting a deep throaty moan from her at the same time.

"Relax." He said in a calm voice.

His finger then wiggled a knuckle deep and held while he was watching her face and calculating her tolerance. Her tight rim gripped and then started to retract allowing his finger to move some more lubing up the virgin entrance. He leaned over her and pressed his mouth to hers for an aggressive kiss at the same time his finger pushed deeper, now reaching depths she had never done herself. She let out nearly a scream into his kiss as her body tightened up involuntarily and then relaxed as her mind regained control of her functions. He pulled his mouth from hers before the kiss was completed and smiled.

"Good girl." He said in a soft comforting tone.

He then pulled his finger back, gripping the lube he reapplied to his thick veiny shaft in full view. Letting her see what was about to happen. There was a twitch of fire in his eyes, excitement on the power she was feeding him through her complete submission to his desires. He was a strong man, not just in physical stature, but his mind, his ambition, his ability, and she wanted nothing more than to feed his strength.

He aligned his puffy head to her rim and then looked at her eye to eye one more time as his head spread lube around her hole. Even with his projection of strength there was an undertow of compassion, he knew he would own this one and use her for his desire, but he would never hurt her in any way. He was honored to have such a gift and would respect, nourish, and appreciate the gift. For the bodies this was a lustful desire, for the soul it was the bonding that would create the foundation of a new life.

Her head thrashed to the side and her body wiggled as a debate raged within on whether to curl up and flex or relax and be taken. Her body's reactions battling her mind's desire she whimpered in the glazed over ecstasy she was reaching. He pushed his hips tighter and started to drive his large head into her small hole, the rim stretching wide to accommodate. The girth of his cock was of the size that it could not go everywhere. She would have to endure until she was fully trained to take him in. He pushed further in a slow motion with his eyes on her face resisting his primal desire to pound and split her wide with ferocious thrusts. He moved two fingers up to her mouth and she instantly took them in with a loud slurp sucking violently on them as his cock drew back preparing for another gentle push.

He could feel her entire body gripping his shaft, squirming as tolerating was shifting to extreme heat and arousal. He pulled back then thrust in with more force than before pushing a yelp out of her as she arched and started to push toward the assault. She had never felt this mixed feeling of pain and a unique pleasure that shivered through her bones. Her mouth was open, moaning constantly, her hand reached down between her legs to touch her clit which nearly made her cum instantly prompting her eyes to widen in shock.

"Sir...Sir." she yelped.

He smiled as he started to fuck her with more speed, her tiny hole now stretched as he pushed only half of his cock into her with each thrust. In and out, in and out. He understood continuous full thrusts would damage this experience and it would take time to reach such depths. In and out, in and out with slow steady pushes.

She continued to rub her clit with increasing speed as her eyes closed, her mouth open with constant loud moans as her rear entrance was probed over and over with the sound of the lube squishing and her body jolting with each thrust as she remained on her back. Her groans continued for seconds that felt like hours then suddenly her legs squeezed together out of pure instinct and she late out a wail.

"Ahhhhhhhh." She cried out as she lost control of her muscle contractions as her pussy exploded with a stream of hot liquid.

He immediately drove his cock all the way in for the first time, hitting so deep he felt her entire body flinch on his shaft at the same time she surrendered to a full body contraction that left her shaking.

His thrusts were now heavy and full stretching and pounding her little ass with a force that would have her well reminded of their encounter for days. His chest heaved with deep breaths as he groaned. His balls slapping against her with every push. Ugh...ugh...ugh..

She could do nothing but lay there in a cloud of ecstasy as her body was conquered a touch more with every thrust, her soul entangling with his driving all of her power to him building him to be more of a man than he already was. The touching of the souls would empower him and fulfill her purpose and desire creating a bond that is able to endure all perils that the world could offer. Her eyes closed and she came again with a low throaty moan, she could not stop.

He charged into her several more times, his cock throbbing and leaking into her ass as his balls slapped against her, his face became contorted as he got closer and closer. His body now covered in a thin layer of sweat as every muscle on his body was flexing and releasing as he pounded away.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck...yes.." he managed to mumble through his panting.

"Sir please, please give it to me." She cried aching to have him erupt in passion.

He thrust full deep thrusts three more times then he pulled his cock out instantly gripping it and stroking as the one-eyed head stared up her naked body. She curled forward struggling like a turtle flipped to it's back as she was wanting desperately to taste his seed. He stroked two more times then his hand slid to the base of his engorged cock, his back arched as his head tilted back and let out a roar that echoed throughout the room.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." His body jerked violently as he howled.

His cock then blasted a hot stream of cum that shot across her body from her stomach, over her tits, and to her face that was curled up with her tongue extended seeking a taste. He stumbled as the orgasm made him lightheaded and unstable for an instant causing him to inhale heavily as he tried to regain his balance. She reacted sliding down to the floor onto her knees. Her hands on his hips supporting his body as it swayed and her mouth took in his magnificent, exploded cock. Her perfectly rounded tits pressed to his thighs as she took as much of his now sensitive shaft into her mouth as she could with a deep moan as she lapped up each additional drip of cum sending sensations through his body.

He looked down and pet her head in approval as he watched her gently and skillfully work on his cock. All his thoughts of how perfect they would be together, now confirmed. His desire for her, now expanded into a need.

He had found a Jewel and he was going to keep her. iPod 4gen bottom of screen wont work after digitizer replacement.

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