Chapter 4 - Isabel Morillo

This is way too good to be real. A man appears just in time to save me from a bunch of assholes. Not only that, but he's a real angel. A truly handsome angel with golden hair and luminescent eyes. His face looks as if it was chiseled from stone and his body is perfectly carved completely made out of muscle. I must be dreaming. This couldn't be real. What makes it even more unbelievable is that he wants to build a holy city here on Earth and he wants me to be his high priest, whatever that entails.

I get a text, pulling me out of my thoughts. It's from Olivia. She's on her way over with Vance, Mercedes, and Jaclynn. My heart speeds up in my chest. Shit, how am I going to explain this Adonis-like god in my dorm room dressed in armor? I look at him as he stretches. "Could you possibly change into something more normal?"

"Normal? Why would I want to do that?" he asks, looking down at his armor.

"My friends are coming over and they'd be a little weirded out at a man in full armor sitting in my dorm room. They could also be possible disciples, but we should probably broach the subject lightly. It's a little shocking to know that angels exist, let alone one wants to create heaven on earth," I explain.

"I suppose you're right. Fine, I'll trust you since you're my high priest and all. What's normal?" he asks.

"Aren't you like, omnipotent or whatever?"

"Not exactly. I can read minds sure, but that makes things boring. I enjoy learning things through conversations. It makes things more exciting. My mother might be. She's what you call a divine holy primordial or whatever. My father might be one too, but he's not divine at all. Quite the opposite," he says. I quickly pull up my phone and search for the latest fashion for men and show him a picture.

Shit, we don't have time to go shopping... As if I had money to buy him clothes. I look up and gasp. He just changed his attire in a blink of an eye. How am I going to explain his golden glowing hair and luminescent eyes? "Your eyes and hair aren't exactly normal either..."

Just like that, the glow fades and his hair turns into a normal blonde color. His eyes turn into a greenish, yellowish hue. "How's that?"

'That's better," I say with a sigh of relief. Just then a knock on my dorm. I look over at him. He's a bit taller than average, but that's not too weird.

I rush over to open my dorm room. Olivia brushes past me and stops in her tracks. "Woah, who's the hunk?"

Vance, Mercedes, and Jaclynn all gape at him. "Uhh, I met him last night. His name is..."

"I'm Sarathel," he says with a great big smile. I slam my head. Shit, I didn't think of a regular name.

"He's not from around here," I say.

"Well, Sarathel, it's nice to meet you, I'm Olivia," she says, shaking his head. Mercedes, Vance, and Jaclynn fight to be the next one to greet him.

Vance pushes his way to the front. "I'm Vance. It's such a pleasure."

"Get out of the way," Mercedes says, elbowing him as she pushes her way to Sarathel. She brushes her blonde hair to the side and gives him her best smile. "I'm Mercedes."

"I... I'm Jaclynn," she says as she reaches over Mercedes to try and shake his hand.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all," Sarathel says with a big smile.

"Did you meet him at the club?" Olivia whispers to me.

I nod. "Something like that. He actually saved me from a bunch of transphobes."

"You are the luckiest girl alive right now," she says. Well, I'm not that lucky, I haven't actually slept with him yet... I can't even imagine what it'd be like to sleep with an angel.

"What happened to your neck?" Sarathel asks Jaclynn.

That's when I see the bruises around her neck. "Oh my god, was that from your client?"

She gives me a look of horror and as she gives me the keep quiet signal.

"Anyway, we were about to go smoke some weed at my place and chill before going out again tonight. We just came to pick you up, but you should definitely bring your guest," Vance says, smiling gleefully at him.

"I mean, we're kind of busy," I say.

"No we're not. That sounds like fun. What entails a night out here?" Sarathel asks. Great, I know he's going to do something I won't be able to explain. What if people start to find out he's an angel? Will the government get involved? There's a lot of questions I don't have answers to.

"Oh, it'll be so much fun!" Vance says.

"Yeah! After we smoke, we can go out and walk around in the snow. Maybe make some snow angels and have a snowball fight," Olivia says. "You have to come."

"A snow angel, you say? And how does one make a snow angel? Is this like a sacrament to our divine holiness?" he asks.

"Uhhh... Yeah something like that," Olivia says, giving me a sidelong look as if she's trying to ask where has this guy been. I only shrug.

"Let's just go," I say. I feel a knot tie in my stomach at the thought of all the things that could go wrong. I grab my jacket and we all head out. We all pile into Olivia's car. Sarathel has to sit in the front because he can barely fit in anywhere else.

It's not long before we're at Olivia's. We head inside and Vance starts rolling a blunt. Sarathel wanders around looking at various pictures and whatnot. He grabs a condom from Olivia's fishbowl where she has them stocked. "What's this for?"

I quickly snatch it from him. "That's nothing."

"Haven't you ever heard of a condom?" Mercedes asks, narrowing her eyes at him.

"And what is a condom used for?"

"For safe sex. You put that on your dick," Vance says. "Where are you from exactly?"

"Oh I'm from the holy city," he says as he picks up the tv remote. "What's this do?"

"Like, Jerusalem?" Mercedes asks.

"No, like..."

"Yes, that's exactly where he's from," I interrupt, giving Sarathel a sharp look. I grab his arm and tug him down the hall. "I need to speak with you privately for a second."

"And what do you want to talk about?" he asks.

"Look, if people knew angels exist, they'd probably lose their minds," I say.

"Well, they're going to find out sooner or later. I am building a city here on Dirt. Besides, we are after all the divine guardians of the celestials. For heaven's sake, who do you think keeps you safe from the rest of the astral and cosmic entities?" he asks.

"As good as that is, we don't need to red pill them right now. Let's just pretend that you're from Israel and that you're human for right now. Then later, we'll come up with a plan for your city and whatnot."

"I'm beginning to rethink anointing you as my high priest," he says.

"Just trust me for now," I plead.

"I suppose, but only because pretending to be human sounds kind of fun, but I won't put on this charade for long," he says. For being an angel, he sounds rather childish.

We head back into the living room as Vance finishes rolling the blunt. I lead Sarathel over to the couch and sit down next to Mercedes. Sarathel, squishes in between us and Mercedes gets nice and comfortable with him. I roll my eyes as Vance sparks the blunt.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" he asks before taking a huge hit.

"Well, I wasn't really feeling the place we were at last night. Let's hit up the gay club tonight," Olivia says.

"The Pride?" Vance asks.

"Yeah, that's the one," Olivia says, taking the blunt from Vance.

"Last time I was there, I blew a guy in the bathroom. Maybe I can get lucky tonight," Vance says.

"Eww, TMI," Mercedes says.

"Oh don't tell me you wouldn't suck some hot guy's dick," Vance says.

"Well, maybe the right guy," she says as her eyes wander over to Sarathel. "But definitely not in a public bathroom. That's gross. There's no telling the kind of germs that linger in a men's bathroom. I hate public bathrooms."

"This club you speak of, what goes on in these clubs?" Sarathel asks.

"Dancing of course. It's also a bar," Mercedes says.

"We mostly go there to get laid," Vance says. "It's a gay club, so you'll find mostly cis men and trans people. Are you into that?"

"If you're talking about coitus, I don't really have a preference as far as species go, but I'm not into arthropods or anything with pincers. I had a bad experience with a Lleander once and it left a bad taste in my mouth," he says. They all stare at him blankly.

"He's just joking," I quickly spit out and they all laugh awkwardly. I laugh along with them as I punch him in the arm. "Sarathel has such a weird sense of humor."

He gives me a sharp look with an eyebrow raised. "I do not joke... At least when it comes to where I put my holy rod."

I squeeze his arm and plead him with my eyes.

"I'm just kidding. Slimes are okay," he says with a big bright smile and winks at me. I slap my head so hard it causes my brain to bounce between my skull. I feel like it'd almost be easier to tell them the truth at this point. I take the blunt from Olivia and take a long hit off it before handing it to Sarathel. He looks at it before taking a hit himself. He blows out an o-ring and then a spear that zips through it. "This reminds me of the devil's grass I tried on Zeno Prime. Now that was some good shit. I was seeing all sorts of fucked up shit for hours."

For being an angel, he's pretty vulgar. He hands the blunt to Mercedes as everyone just stares at him. "I can probably get some for you all if you'd like to try it."

"Yeah, sounds like a lot of fun," Vance says.

We finish the blunt and get dressed to go outside. I try to get Sarathel to wear a coat, but he says the cold doesn't bother him. Olivia walks up to me as we head down. "You're friend's kind of weird. Hot. Definitely hot, but weird."

"Yeah, you don't know the half of it," I say.

"Where did you say he was from again?" she asks.

"Somewhere far away from here," I say.

She just nods as she gives me that look you give someone who you think is off their rocker. Sarathel watches Jaclynn as she tries to catch snowflakes with her tongue. He leans over to me. "What is that mortal doing?"

"She's trying to catch snowflakes with her tongue," I inform him.

"Is that a common practice?" he asks.

"Yeah, kinda," I say.

"I don't get it. It's just frozen water molecules, it's not that hard. Look, see," he sticks out his tongue and walks around as he tries to catch a few snowflakes. I can't help but snort out a laugh.

Then a glob of snow smashes against my back. I look back to see Vance and Olivia packing up snow in their hands. "Oh no you didn't!"

I grab a handful of snow and start to pack it into a ball and chuck it at Vance. He dodges and whirls a snowball at me. I duck and it pelts Sarathel right in the mouth. The blood drains from Vance's face as Sarathel eats the snow. He looks at me with a grin. "Did you see that? I caught like thousands of little frozen water molecules with my tongue."

I almost lost it laughing. He raises an eyebrow. Another snowball flies through the air and hits him in the chest. "Wait what's going on?"

"It's a snowball fight. You have to dodge them," I say as I try to stop laughing.

"Oh, it's on. Not many people pick a fight with me and survive to tell the tale," he says as he grabs a handful of snow. A sudden dread fills my lungs. This is not going to end well.

Sarathel winds up and the snowball leaves his hand like a canon. It knocks Vance off his feet. "Vance!" I shout as I run over to him. His eye starts to swell. "Are you okay?"

"I got him! That'll show him not to challenge me," Sarathel says, puffing his chest out.

"You idiot! You nearly knocked him out," I yell at him.

"Oh I can't see. How's it look? Am I hideous?" Vance cries out.

"Oh my god, you look awful," Mercedes says, trying not to giggle as she covers her mouth.

His eyes narrow at me as he walks over. He pushes me out of the way. "Let me see. Oh, it's just a scratch, he'll be fine. Here, this will help."

Sarathel rubs his hands together before putting them on Vance's face. I try to block Olivia, Mercedes, and Jaclynn from seeing as a bright light shines from his hands. That's going to be hard to explain. "Come girls, let's give him some breathing room."

Sarathel takes his hands off Vance's face and he completely heals him.

"Woah, what did you do to him?" Mercedes asks, blinking.

"Just a bit of divine energy, that's all," he says.

"Huh?" Jaclynn asks.

"Sarathel's like a monk," I try to explain. "He does some ancient practices."

"Not really. I just.." I stomp on his foot before he can finish his sentence. "What did you do that for?"

I glare at him and he sighs. "Yeah, ancient practices."

"Oookay," Mercedes says, rolling her eyes as she turns away.

"Let's make some snow angels," Olivia says.

"We don't need to make snow angels, we have me," Sarathel says and everyone snorts out a laugh.

"Cocky much?" Vance asks.

"Cocky? I mean, I have a cock, yes, and it's quite big," Sarathel says. I slap my forehead.

"It's a figure of speech. Cocky means arrogant," I say.

"Who are you calling arrogant?" Sarathel says.

"He was just kidding," I sigh.

"Oh... You, mortals, are confusing," he says.

"Why do you keep calling us mortals?" Mercedes asks.

"It's a figure of speech," I say. After we make some snow angels in which Sarathel is quite disappointed at what snow angels actually were, we head inside.

Chapter 5 - Sarathel

As strange as these mortals are, I still find them quite fascinating. Now they want to take me to some club to dance. I didn't know these earthlings knew how to dance. Didn't think they were capable of having fun. I'm excited to see what this club will be like. The stuff we all smoked in which they call weed, didn't have that much of an effect on me. It made me feel a little elated, but I suppose what affects these mortals aren't strong enough to fully work on astral beings.

The beautiful one named Isabel gets me to try on a buttoned-up shirt with what they call jeans. She came out wearing a dress that barely covered her thighs. I must say, she has a very tantalizing pair of legs. Smoothed and olive-colored. I would love to get her out of that dress.

The girls and Vance all start drinking. I tried their poor excuse for a drink, and it's far too weak to really make me feel any different. I wish I hadn't drunk all of my own divine firewater. After they're all good and buzzed up, they call a ride. They call it uber. We all pile into this mortal's strange looking ship and it takes us down to a lit-up building with people waiting outside to get in. We hang outside in the line for a bit, which is a bit insulting for a being like me. We don't ever wait in lines. We finally get in and they've got some weird music blaring out with a bunch of different kinds of lights streaming all over the place. People are dancing all over the floors, on poles, and even in cages. Mortals are truly animals. We manage to get a booth and Vance orders us a big bottle of clear liquid.

Isabel excuses herself to use the restroom. I watch her beautiful figure slid off into the crowd. Then I turn as her friend tugs on my shirt. She brings her lips to my ears. "You know, Isabel doesn't really enjoy this time of year. We have a hard time getting her out of her dorm around Christmas. Her parents died on Christmas Eve and then a year later she was kicked out of her uncle's house on the same day for coming out as trans. However, she seems rather fond of you. At the very least you provide her with a distraction from her normally gloomy holiday season. Please don't break her heart. She's truly the nicest person I've ever met."

"Is that so?" I ask.

She nods. "She's my best friend and I'm kind of protective of her."

"That's admirable," I say.

"You might want to go check up on her. Bathrooms are a real danger zone for us trans girls," she says.

I nod and get up to head off to where I saw her going. I find her walking out of a door. Her eyes meet mine and a smile flashes on her lovely face. I hold out my hand. "Would you like to dance?"

Her face flushes red and she takes my hand. I lead her onto the dance floor and lean into her ear. "I'm not quite sure how humans are supposed to dance, so you'll have to guide me."

She leans up and brings her lips to my ear as she wraps her arms around my shoulders. "Certainly, just place your hands on my waist."

I do as she says and wrap my arms around her tiny waist. She smiles at me. "We kind of just sway around like this."

We slowly shift our feet around, swaying from one side to the other. It's a rather slow type of dance, but I find myself enjoying it. I look around to see everyone else performing vastly different types of dancing. Really just looks like they're trying to have sex with their clothes on. I tell this to her and she laughs. "They call that bumping and grinding."

"Oookay. How strange," I say.

"How do angels dance?" she asks.

"It can be very intense for mortals. We usually do a lot of ariel acrobats and fly around. It's exhilarating," I inform her.

"That does sound like fun," she says with that gorgeous smile. I find myself very fond of this mortal. As the night carries on, I actually have a lot of fun with Isabel and her friends. I think I've made a good choice of choosing her as my high priest. My city is going to be so much better than the divine city. Way better.

As the night gets late, I take Isabel back to her dorm room. We head inside and she's a bit drunk. Way too drunk. I help her change into something more comfortable, but she's more interested in something else. Her hands are constantly feeling me up. Normally I'd be excited about this, but under the current circumstances, with me being sober and her being a little too intoxicated, I'd feel really guilty if I were to give her my blessing. Thankfully, she's too far drunk to be coordinated enough for sex. She stumbles into bed.

"Sharathel? I'm a baad girl. You'shoul punissh me," she says as I tuck her in.

"Maybe later, love. You're a bit too drunk for my taste," I tell her.

"Sharatshel? What'sh happen after I die?" she asks, her eyes half-open.

"Well, that was a cheap shot... You can't go asking a question like that after all the dirty talk. Well. Who says I'm going to let you die? You're my high priest, that's an eternity long service," I tell her.

She stares at me funny. Then she giggles. "I hueman. I can't be high priest forrreevver. I die sometime..."

I laugh. "Darling, I'm an angel. The things I can make possible are far beyond your comprehension. Whether you like it or not, I'm not letting my high priest die on me. I'm sorry, love, but you're stuck with me. Now get some rest. I'm going to do some searching around. I think it's about time I find a place I can make my base of operations," I say, leaning down and placing a kiss on her forehead, instantly putting her to sleep.

I head out and take flight into the air. After flying around for a bit, I find what looks to be an old abandoned church of some kind. Walking inside I find a statue of my brother. Ehhh. That won't do. I'm going to have to remodel this a bit and put a statue of me in here. I don't want to see my brother's face in my new establishment. I whistle out to my servants. After a few minutes Suriel and Sariel, two lesser angels who worship the ground I walk on show up.

"Ahh, there you two are," I say.

"Sarathel," Suriel says as she bows down. She's got golden hair and lively green eyes. Sariel quickly follows suit. He's her twin with short golden hair and green eyes. It'd be hard to tell them apart without the difference in their hair. Honestly, if I didn't know them well enough, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. "We were just looking for you."

"Yes, well I've got a job for the two of you," I say.

"Yes, anything for you," Sariel says.

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