A winter holiday in the midst of a pandemic. How one very liberated family celebrated.

I. Thanksgiving

She'd been looking forward to the holiday for months. Ordinarily, Erin had mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. On the one hand, it meant good eating and warm family time, but in the time of Covid-19, only her sister and her sister's new boyfriend would be coming. She'd do the cooking with Emily and they'd have a fine meal, but with her mother unwilling to trust air travel and her father having been lost to the pandemic, it wasn't an especially festive time. Ordinarily, her father would smoke the turkey and the kitchen would belong to Erin, Emily and their mother. This year, Emily's new boyfriend and Scott, Erin's husband would be spending their time watching football in Scott's man-cave.

The two sisters knew that this would be a difficult holiday without their parents present — the first such Thanksgiving in their lives. They only got to see one another a few times a year. Erin and Scott lived in Northern California and Emily and the new guy lived in Washington State, not close enough for frequent visits but near enough to travel to on holidays like this. And then there were the work commitments each of them had.

Erin and Scott had looked forward to having company. Fortunately, they got along well with Erin and were assured that they'd just love Dennis, the new boyfriend. Emily had been married before to a man that neither Erin or Scott could tolerate. He was abusive and arrogant alcoholic who made everyone around him want to be somewhere else. Emily promised that Dennis was the exact opposite; laid back, respectful and one hell of a lover. The last quality was especially important — each of the sisters had a very strong sex drive.

Since their youth, both Erin and Emily were quick to share their sexual adventures and misadventures with one another. Only a year apart in age, they'd discovered the wonders of sex in their teens and had no problem masturbating in front of one another and comparing notes afterward. Once both of them started having sex, it wasn't taboo to them to do it in the same room and afterward they'd compare their lovers' performances. So, it wasn't out of the ordinary for Emily to give a complete rundown to her sister regarding Dennis' abilities as a lover.

Although Erin and Scott had a great sex life, Erin couldn't help but to fantasize one she heard about the size of Dennis' big, thick cock, his patience, his sexual kinks and his bullish sex drive. Each phone call brought another report from her sister about their sexual adventures: where they fucked, how they fucked and who they fucked. Like Scott and Erin, theirs was an open relationship and they often included other men and women in their adventures. Erin found herself wondering, "I wonder if ..." about being the third in their sexual triangle, but she didn't have the courage to share this fantasy with her sister as she had with her husband, who gave her the "go ahead" if the opportunity presented itself.

"All I expect," he told her, "is for you to tell me about it if you do it together." Erin promised she would and they incorporated that into their shared sexual fantasies. Erin knew that Scott sometimes jerked off thinking about Emily's tight gymnast's body and what he'd do to it given the chance.

Once the couple arrived at Erin and Scott's home, Erin could see why her sister was attracted to Dennis. With his tall, muscular build and his mop of sandy blonde hair, Erin felt a twinge in her pussy that was unmistakable. She wanted him and her sister could see that she did. Emily grabbed Dennis' arm and pulled herself closer to him, "And he's all mine," she stated, bringing a smile to all involved.

"Can I at least give him a 'hello' kiss," Erin asked.

"Be my guest."

So, standing on tip toes, Erin gave him a kiss on his cheek, making sure that she managed to kiss the corner of his mouth as well. And he smelled so good!

Once dinner was done, Scott and Dennis loaded the dishwasher, cleared the table and stored leftovers in the refrigerator while the two sisters went out for a walk in the crisp, fall air.

"So? What do you think?" Emily asked her big sister.

"Wow! I can see why he has you so hot and bothered and why you want him all to yourself," Erin said.

"The first time we fucked, I knew. Not only is he good, he keeps on going and going like the Energizer bunny. He fucking wore me out."

"He's hot. Even Scott said so when we were alone in the kitchen. I think he caught me staring."

"And he's so open to just about anything. He's okay with me being bi and doesn't mind of I spend a night or two with a girlfriend as long as I come home and give him some ... and tell him all about it. We've had a few threesomes with some of my girlfriends and we've just had one with his buddy, Chad."


"Chad was okay but nowhere near as good as Dennis. He said he liked watching me get fucked by Chad. I can understand that because I liked watching him fuck my girlfriend Tiffany ... you know, the redhead I work with?"

"That must have been hot. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall or better yet, a fly with a camera."

"Have you ever done that?"


"You know, filmed yourself and Scott or taken pictures of you and one of your many girlfriends doing it?"

"Scott's tried doing that but it came out lousy. All we had was our cheap cell phone camera. Now, if I had a good camera and maybe a tripod. I'd be happy to shoot you with Dennis."

"You've seen me in action more than once."

"True. But that wasn't with someone you were really hot for," Erin teased.

"He is hot, isn't he? And by the way, I've been meaning to ask you, what's the game plan for Christmas. I'd invite you guys up to my place but it's so small you and Scott would have to stay in a motel."

"Now that would be a shame. I'm assuming nothing's going to change by then and that mom still won't want to travel, so it'd be just the four of us assuming you're still with Dennis."

"I hate the idea of Mom spending the holidays alone. I do too, but there's not much we can do with her being on the East Coast and all."

That night everyone went to bed feeling full of turkey and crisp autumn air. Erin was asleep with Scott, having had a great session of 69 with her husband. She was nearly asleep when she heard the ruckus Emily were making in the guest room. The bed was slamming against the wall and Emily was groaning loudly. Erin looked at Scott. He was fast asleep, snoring gently as she sat up and, without bothering to get dressed she tiptoed past the guest room to hear better. The door was open about six inches and, if she was quiet, she could look into the dresser mirror and see everything that was going on.

Her sister and Dennis were in the classic missionary position and she could clearly see Dennis' hard, thick cock pistoning in and out of her sister's pussy.

"Give it to me baby. Give it to me," she begged. "Fuck me hard. Show me how you want to fuck Erin. Do it." She watched as they kissed and fucked, holding one another in almost desperate passion.

Im-fucking-possible! Erin was in shock, the handsome guy who was fucking her sister wanted her? Edging up to the doorway, she pinched the hard tiny nipples on her small breasts until they ached. She wanted him. Hell, she wanted them. Both of them. She reached down to her trimmed pussy that was oozing fluid down her muscular thighs. Two fingers toyed with the fluid, then with her clit and finally entered her hot, wet canal where they sought out her G-spot. It was almost too much: the thought of Dennis' cock in her sister, in her, the thought that she wanted her, the squelching sound of her sister being royally fucked by this stud almost made her lose consciousness. She leaned against the door frame and gave in to the feeling, had a thunderous orgasm that she kept as quiet as possible and then, tearing herself away from that erotic scene, she tiptoed unsteadily back to bed, but that night, sleep was hard to find.

As hard to find as it was for her sister and Dennis.

II. Christmas is Coming

Emily and Dennis drove down from Seattle in a blinding snowstorm that had the western part of the country under nearly a foot-deep blanket of snow. In spite of the four-wheel drive vehicle, the slipped and slid the whole way south. To say that they were relieved to finally reach Scott and Erin's home safely would have been an enormous understatement.

They rang the bell and Erin came to the door in yoga pants and a red Christmas-themed shirt and the sisters hugged and kissed, Dennis standing in the falling snow behind his girlfriend. "Don't forget about me," he pleaded, awaiting Erin's kiss.

Erin had been fantasizing about this moment. Her last kiss was just a peck on the corner of his mouth. This time she threw her arms around him and planted a kiss directly on his lips and with a fair flash of her tongue, her boldness having come from the two glasses of wine and one cup of egg nog at the neighbor's house.

"Where's my brother-in-law?" Emily inquired, as she parked her coat on a peg in her sister's mud room.

"Leave it to Scott. He missed his plane and now the airport in Denver is socked in. So much for Christmas Eve with Santa's sexiest elf. He promised he'd be here tomorrow morning.

Dennis ran out to the car in his flannel shirt in order to bring in the gifts they'd purchased for Erin and Scott as well as for each other. Emily, looked like an elf herself in green yoga pants and a red, scoop-necked cotton sweater as she placed all their gifts along with those already stacked neatly beneath the lower limbs of her sister's balsam tree.

Erin and Emily placed a video call to their mother as they sat on the floor among the gifts in a pose just like the photos of them taken at so many Christmases when they were young. The women were shocked when their mother told them that she had a guest tonight, Fred Butler, the next door neighbor who had lost his wife two years ago on Christmas Eve. Though surprised, the women were glad that their mother wouldn't be alone and that she was moving on with her life after losing their father.

Their daughterly duty having been performed, they said, "To hell with the dinner dishes. We'll do them tomorrow." Erin had the gas fireplace warming up the sitting area and the three of them settled down on the sofa with Emily leaning on one of Dennis' shoulders and (not wanting to be left out) Erin on the other to watch IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. She couldn't help herself as she sniffed out whatever scent he was wearing and rested one hand on his muscular thigh.

The warmth of the fire, full bellies, the long ride for Emily and Dennis and a day of cleaning for Erin conspired to make them all drowse off. When the movie ended and the credit music rolled, they awoke even drowsier than before and and they all agreed to call it a night.

Erin was tired but once she heard the telltale sounds of her sister and Dennis making love, all signs of sleep disappeared. She reached under her nightgown and began to run her fingers teasingly up and down her thighs, intentionally avoiding any touch of her pussy and clit. At last, she couldn't take the self-tease any longer. In her mind, she was picturing the two of them as she'd seen them on Thanksgiving, his thick cock sluicing wetly into her pussy as she rode him up and down, up and down and she began to duplicate the motions with her slender fingers. In and out, in and out. Dripping fingers. First two and then three, reaching for her swollen G-spot. Dennis was inside her, stretching her. Emily, in her fevered imagination, was sitting at the foot of the bed, watching her lover plunge into her sister's drenched pussy. She realized the sounds of lovemaking had stopped but the fantasy hadn't. Now her sister was watching intently, her breast in one hand, her other hand between her muscular thighs, rubbing her clit like a madwoman. "How long have I been doing this," Erin asked herself. She couldn't stop as she looked first into Dennis' handsome face and then in to Emily's. Finally, unable to separate reality from fantasy, she came over and over again, eventually passing out only to awake — alone. Was it her imagination, or did she hear a male footfall heading down the stairs to the guest room?

Just as it was when they were kids, Erin and Emily woke up at 6:30 and exchanged Christmas gifts. Not fifteen minutes later, the phone rang. It was Scott calling from his hotel in Denver.

"Let me guess. You and your sister are the only ones awake and you've already exchanged gifts. Am I right or am I right? Did she like the Icelandic sweater we gave her," he asked.

"Loved it," she told him. "And you'll never guess what she gave me."

"Knowing your sister either a year's worth of yoga pants or a dildo."

"No, but you're close. She gave me a great camera that takes stills and movies."

"You've been wanting one of those. No more crummy cellphone cameras for you. Now we can make porn in style. Be sure to take some clothing optional ones of your sister, will you?"

"Shhhh. She's right next to me so she hears every word you're saying. And what about Dennis," she joked. "Won't he feel left out?"

Erin's face turned scarlet as her sister grabbed the phone from her hand. "We won't leave him out but I didn't know you were into guys," she teased. Enjoy the snow. I hear it's still coming down there. Here's your wife ..."

"Honey, they're saying no flights out today either. I promise to get the first plane out. We can exchange gifts when I get home."

When they ended the conversation, Erin's face was still red. "You should see your face, sis," Emily joked.

"You weren't kidding when you said that, were you? About taking photos of you and Dennis ... together?"

"Of course not. Why should we work so hard at keeping our bodies in shape if we're not going to share them?

"I mean ... together?"

"Dennis works hard, too, you know. He's got a great body. Why not show Scott what he was missing?"

"It would be nice if you asked Dennis, too, you know." Erin chastised.

"Look, we know you saw us the other night and on his way to the bathroom, Dennis saw you, too. He wants to. I want to. And I hope you want to also, so why not? We even bought you a tripod!"

3. 'Twas the DayAfter Christmas

None of them wanted to dig out the cars, so all three of them, Erin, Emily and Dennis hung out all day in pajamas and robes, eating leftovers and watching movies. In the late afternoon, Erin asked her sister if she wanted to go outside with her to photograph the winter snow, but Emily — no big fan of the cold or of snow — begged off, instead stripping off her robe and then her pajama top, "Let's do our photo shoot indoors."

Dennis took a seat on the sofa and watched as Erin posed his girlfriend in one provocative pose after another. The three took some time to critique Erin's work and all of them agreed that her work looked damned provocative. The combination of Emily's toned body and Erin's ease with her new camera had yielded some very sexy results, so much so that Emily stripped off her bottoms as well and willingly let her sister pose her so that not only her musculature but her waxed-clean pussy and ass were on full display as well. Dennis was having a difficult time disguising his hard cock, so he finally ended up letting it also get into the pictures.

It wasn't very long before Emily joined her boyfriend on the sofa and asked her sister to photograph her sucking Dennis' cock. Hesitant at first, Emily threw off her robe and her top and got into the spirit of things, photographing her sister swallowing her boyfriend's large cock, leaving it slick with his pre-cum and her saliva. Just when she sensed that Dennis was about to cum, Emily stripped off his bedclothes and sat on his cock just as she had when her sister had spied her. The camera followed the two bodies, recording the slick traces of bodily fluids as they dripped from Emily's excited pussy. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, she didn't see her sister reach into her silk pajama bottoms to stroke her own soaking pussy. With one hand on the camera and one on her pussy, she continued photographing them shot after shot after shot until at last Dennis came inside his girlfriend.

Erin, by now close to cumming herself lowered herself down and licked Dennis' cum as it leaked from inside her sister's soaked pussy.

While drinking wine an hour later, they put their heads together to look at Erin's work, all three of them glad that they were no longer impeded by the limits of a roll of film.

"Damn, Sis," Emily told her sister, "those are hot. You could do that professionally, you know. I mean it."

"Well, with two hot models like you, how could I miss?"

"Who are you kidding, with all the yoga you do, you have a fantastic body two. In fact, I'd love to try my hand at shooting some shots of you."

Her face reddened and started to say, "But what about Dennis?" but she thought again. So, she began posing for Emily.

Dennis watched hungrily as Erin posed for her sister and then he exchanged a questioning look with Emily, who shook her head affirmatively. At the moment, Erin was on her back posing with legs apart, her finger on her clit and ecstasy distorting beautifully her lovely face. Dennis bent down over her and kissed her deeply, his tongue against hers. In shock, her eyes flew open but she did not interrupt the kiss as Dennis settled his body atop hers.

With a groan, she parted her thighs, looking for permission from her sister, who once again nodded in assent. The cock which she had fantasized about was at the opening of her pussy, pushing slowly inside her. Her legs wrapped around Dennis' , drawing him deeper and deeper into her, his thickness spreading the opening wider and wider. Never had she felt so full as they began to move in concert with one another. Her heart was pounding crazily as she once more looked over at her sister who, by then had all four of her fingers buried in her pussy. She smiled as she watched Erin climb the ladder to orgasm on Dennis's cock.

And then, all too soon, she came, followed shortly afterward by his orgasm. She trembled, shook, vibrated again and again as he withdrew his cock and its place was taken by her sister's mouth, licking every drop she could of her lover's

cum and her sisters as they trailed wetly down the cheeks of Erin's ass.

Just as she was about to cum again under her sister's mouth, her phone rang. It was Scott. "Hi babe," he greeted his winded wife, "Guess what? I got an early flight. Can you guys come pick me up?"

"We'll have to shovel out. We didn't expect you until tomorrow."

"Take your time," he told her, "I made a new friend I'm bringing home with me ... a redheaded holiday orphan."

"Always room for one more," Erin told him excitedly. "I'll need to recharge my batteries, though."











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